Habitat types key navigation

You can use the 'key navigation' function to identify a specific habitat by answering a set of questions. Starting from first question to next questions you select one of the possible answers. Here are samples of possible answers:
  • No ( 002 ) - Leading to question named '002'
  • Yes [ G ] - Leading to another questions subset of level G
  • No Factsheet icon[ E6 ] - Links directly to factsheet for E6
Additionally the diagram may be used for reference.

Category : (J3 )Extractive industrial sites
Diagram : Diagram icon

Question j06 :   Subterranean?
   Subterranean extractive industrial sites are distinguished (path = Yes) from open-cast mining and quarrying carried out at the ground surface. Note that detritus heaps and dump sites associated with extractive industries are categorised under J6 and disused subterranean sites are classified under H1.
Yes Factsheet icon [ J3.1 ] No (Question j07 )

Question j07 :   Active?
   Above-ground mineral extraction sites in active use are distinguished (path = Yes) from recently abandoned sites. Note that disused quarries and other above-ground extractive sites with natural or semi-natural communities are characterised elsewhere. Note also that ruderal or pioneer communities invading these habitats are included with E5.1 Anthropogenic herb stands.
Yes Factsheet icon [ J3.2 ] No Factsheet icon [ J3.3 ]

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