EUNIS habitat classification 2012 > X - Habitat complexes > X34 - Anchihaline caves

Anchihaline caves

English name: Anchihaline caves

Description (English)

Caves which are usually coastal, with different salinities in their water-body profile, from freshwater at the water surface to saline water (usually sea water) on the bottom, with biocenoses typical for each of them. They are influenced by outside climatic conditions and to differing extents by the sea. They occur on karstic substrates and are inhabited by specific communities of anchihaline stygobionts, e.g. copepods Acanthocyclops gordani, Diacyclops antrincola, thermosbaenaceans (crustaceans) Monodella argentarii and amphipods Hadzia fragilis, Niphargus hebereri, Niphargus pectencoronatae, Niphargus salonitanus, Pseudoniphargus adriaticus, Rhipidogammarus karamani, Salentinella angelieri.

Source: EUNIS habitat classification

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EUNIS habitat type code X34

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