Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Passeriformes > Family: Corvidae > Genus: Corvus > Species: Corvus cornix

Corvus cornix Linnaeus, 1758

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Not evaluated (IUCN)
Protected by EU Birds Directive
Natura 2000 sites 26 are designated for this species
Natura 2000 species code A615


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Threat and conservation status

This species has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
IT1330213 Italy Conglomerato di Vobbia Map
IT1330905 Italy Parco dell'Antola Map
IT1331019 Italy Lago Brugneto Map
IT20B0009 Italy Valli del Mincio Map
IT4020021 Italy Medio Taro Map
IT4050001 Italy Gessi Bolognesi, Calanchi dell'Abbadessa Map
IT4050022 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Medicina e Molinella Map
IT4060001 Italy Valli di Argenta Map
IT4060002 Italy Valli di Comacchio Map
IT4060008 Italy Valle del Mezzano Map
IT9210165 Italy Monte Alpi - Malboschetto di Latronico Map
IT9210120 Italy La Falconara Map
IT9210250 Italy Timpa delle Murge Map
IT4020024 Italy San Genesio Map
IT9210070 Italy Bosco Vaccarizzo Map
IT9210185 Italy Monte La Spina, Monte Zaccana Map
IT9210025 Italy Bosco della Farneta Map
IT9210075 Italy Lago Duglia, Casino Toscano e Piana di S.Francesco Map
IT9210245 Italy Serra di Crispo, Grande Porta del Pollino e Pietra Castello Map
IT4020022 Italy Basso Taro Map
IT9210145 Italy Madonna del Pollino Località Vacuarro Map
IT20B0017 Italy Ansa e Valli del Mincio Map
IT9210040 Italy Bosco Magnano Map
IT4020027 Italy Cronovilla Map
IT4050031 Italy Cassa di espansione del Torrente Samoggia Map
IT4050032 Italy Monte dei Cucchi, Pian di Balestra Map

Protected sites

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Common names and synonyms

The species has no common names
No synonyms available.

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Summary of derogations for species

EU member states are required to report derogations from protection efforts of species.

4 items found, displaying all items.1
Region From Until Justification Activity Impact
Pomorskie 2014-11-28 2016-12-31 The numer of individuals is difficult to determine Deliberate disturbance, scaring away No impact on population
Slaskie 2013-01-24 2014-04-30 Difficult to assess the total population of licensed species. Falconry non impact on population
Mazowieckie 2009-11-30 2012-12-31 The licence does not specify the number of individuals, because it was impossible to determine. Deliberate disturbance, scaring away The derogation is not detrimental to the maintenance of the population of the species.
Mazowieckie 2009-03-02 2009-03-15 The licence does not specify the number of individuals, as the applicant has not provided this information in the application. Deliberate disturbance, scaring away The derogation is not detrimental to the maintenance of the population of the species.
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