Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Actinopterygii > Order: Clupeiformes > Family: Clupeidae > Genus: Sprattus > Species: Sprattus sprattus > See subspecies
Scientific name Source
Sprattus sprattus balticus (Schneider, 1908) Fishbase (2002)

Brisling - Sprattus sprattus (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)

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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

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IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
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Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2007-2012 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Natura 2000 sites

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Legal status

Not listed in legal texts

Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Alatxa Spanish Fishbase
Amelette French Fishbase
Amploya Spanish Fishbase
Breitling German Fishbase
Brisling English Fishbase
Brisling French Fishbase
Brisling Norwegian Fishbase
Brislingur Icelandic Fishbase
Çaça-platika Turkish Fishbase
Ceacea Romanian Fishbase
Ciacia Romanian Fishbase
Collaca Spanish Fishbase
Espadilha Portuguese Fishbase
Espadin Spanish Fishbase
Esprot French Fishbase
European sprat English Fishbase
Garvie English Fishbase
Garvock English Fishbase
Harenguet French Fishbase
Kilohaili Finnish Fishbase
Koparka Bulgarian Fishbase
Lacci Maltese Fishbase
Lacci kahla Maltese Fishbase
Lacha Spanish Fishbase
Lavadilha Portuguese Fishbase
Melette phalérique French Fishbase
Menuise French Fishbase
Oeillet French Fishbase
Palatika Turkish Fishbase
Papalina Italian Fishbase
Papalina Serbian Fishbase
Papalina Slovenian Fishbase
Papaline Albanian Fishbase
Russian sardine English Fishbase
Russische Sardinen German Fishbase
Russlet English Fishbase
Sarda kahla Maltese Fishbase
Sardella Greek Fishbase
Sardeluta Romanian Fishbase
Sardina Maltese Fishbase
Sardina Spanish Fishbase
Sardina friska Maltese Fishbase
Sardina hadra Maltese Fishbase
Sardinella Maltese Fishbase
Shprot Bulgarian Fishbase
Shprot Russian Fishbase
Skarpsill Swedish Fishbase
Sprat English Fishbase
Sprat French Fishbase
Sprot Dutch Fishbase
Sprot Romanian Fishbase
Sprott German Fishbase
Sprotte German Fishbase
Sprut Romanian Fishbase
Szprot Polish Fishbase
Szprot baltycki Polish Fishbase
Szprot sródziemnomorski Polish Fishbase
Tata Romanian Fishbase
Trancho Spanish Fishbase
Tritzona Bulgarian Fishbase
Tzatza Bulgarian Fishbase
Vassbuk Swedish Fishbase
Voileipäsilli Finnish Fishbase
Whitebait English Fishbase
Synonym Author
Clupanodon phalerica Risso, 1827
Clupea latulus Cuvier, 1829
Clupea papalina Bonaparte, 1846
Clupea schoneveldii Krøyer, 1846
Clupea sprattus balticus (non Schneider, 1908)
Clupea sulinae Antipa, 1904
Meletta vulgaris Valenciennes, 1847
Spratella pumila Valenciennes, 1847
Spratella serdinka Nikolsky, 1923
Clupea sprattus Linnaeus, 1758
Sprattus sprattus phalerica (Risso, 1827)
Sprattus sprattus phalericus (Risso, 1827)
Sprattus sprattus sprattus (Linnaeus, 1758)

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External data

Landings of fishery products

Shows Eurostat statistics on landings on this species in tonnes product weight per country per year. The query combines the Eurostat datasets: fish_ld_be, fish_ld_bg, fish_ld_cy, fish_ld_de, fish_ld_dk, fish_ld_ee, fish_ld_es, fish_ld_fi, fish_ld_fr, fish_ld_gr, fish_ld_ie, fish_ld_is, fish_ld_it, fish_ld_lt, fish_ld_lv, fish_ld_mt, fish_ld_nl, fish_ld_no, fish_ld_pl, fish_ld_pt, fish_ld_ro, fish_ld_se, fish_ld_si, and fish_ld_uk. (Currently a proof of concept query)

63 items found, displaying all items.1
Country Year Landed Unit
Denmark 1992-01-01 161213 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1993-01-01 231540 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1994-01-01 345562 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1995-01-01 384858 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1996-01-01 341226 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1997-01-01 394045 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1998-01-01 360600 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 1999-01-01 379647 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2000-01-01 366026 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2001-01-01 331839 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2002-01-01 297459 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2003-01-01 353138 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2004-01-01 370475 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2005-01-01 436912 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2006-01-01 289138 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2007-01-01 268719 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2008-01-01 247707 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2009-01-01 337017 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2010-01-01 300412 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2011-01-01 251581 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2012-01-01 172490 Tonnes product weight
Denmark 2013-01-01 168274 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2005-01-01 63333 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2006-01-01 54397 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2007-01-01 53130 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2008-01-01 55643 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2009-01-01 43765 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2010-01-01 40662 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2011-01-01 31315 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2012-01-01 34106 Tonnes product weight
Latvia 2013-01-01 36585 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2005-01-01 2473 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2006-01-01 821 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2007-01-01 1042 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2008-01-01 313 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2009-01-01 64 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2010-01-01 10 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2011-01-01 52 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2012-01-01 124 Tonnes product weight
Lithuania 2013-01-01 132 Tonnes product weight
Norway 1995-01-01 35746 Tonnes product weight
Norway 1996-01-01 57262 Tonnes product weight
Norway 1997-01-01 6745 Tonnes product weight
Norway 1998-01-01 35207 Tonnes product weight
Norway 1999-01-01 13284 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2000-01-01 4134 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2001-01-01 9161 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2002-01-01 1875 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2003-01-01 2348 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2004-01-01 9180 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2005-01-01 1299 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2006-01-01 11204 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2007-01-01 12806 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2008-01-01 3768 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2009-01-01 16135 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2010-01-01 23896 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2011-01-01 14229 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2012-01-01 9907 Tonnes product weight
Norway 2013-01-01 2204 Tonnes product weight
Portugal 1995-01-01 1 Tonnes product weight
Portugal 1996-01-01 0 Tonnes product weight
Portugal 2009-01-01 0 Tonnes product weight
Portugal 2010-01-01 0 Tonnes product weight
Source: Eurostat
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