Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Mollusca > Class: Gastropoda > Order: Stylommatophora > Family: Vertiginidae > Genus: Vertigo > Species: Vertigo geyeri

Vertigo geyeri Lindholm, 1925

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Alpine - Unfavourable-Inadequate
Atlantic - Unfavourable-Inadequate
Boreal - Unfavourable-Bad
Continental - Unfavourable-Bad
Protected by EU Habitats Directive and 1 other international agreement
Natura 2000 sites 273 are designated for this species
Most preferred habitats
  • grassland
  • wetlands
Natura 2000 species code 1013


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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2007-2012 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
DE2847304 Germany Platkowsee-Netzowsee-Metzelthin Map
DE3648302 Germany Triebschsee Map
DE3752302 Germany Unteres Schlaubetal Map
DE4426301 Germany Seeanger, Retlake, Suhletal Map
DE7330301 Germany Mertinger Hölle und umgebende Feuchtgebiete Map
DE8229301 Germany Elbsee Map
DE8233301 Germany Moor- und Drumlinlandschaft zwischen Hohenkasten und Antdorf Map
DE8329303 Germany Sulzschneider Moore Map
DE8331303 Germany Trauchberger Ach, Moore und Wälder am Nordrand des Ammergebirges Map
DE8332301 Germany Murnauer Moos Map
DE8429302 Germany Alpenrandquellseen Map
DE8430301 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Bannwaldsee' Map
DE8430303 Germany Falkenstein, Alatsee, Faulenbacher- und Lechtal Map
DK003X297 Denmark Jægerspris Skydeterræn Map
DK004X219 Denmark Tryggevælde Ådal Map
DK005X221 Denmark Sejerø Bugt og Saltbæk Vig Map
DK005X222 Denmark Udby Vig Map
DK00DX319 Denmark Kastbjerg Ådal Map
DK00EX141 Denmark Rosborg Sø Map
DK00EX142 Denmark Bredsgård Sø Map
DK00EY134 Denmark Lovns Bredning, Hjarbæk Fjord og Skals, Simested og Nørre Ådal, samt Skravad Bæk Map
DK00FX115 Denmark Kærsgård Strand, Vandplasken og Liver Å Map
DK00FX123 Denmark Nibe Bredning, Halkær Ådal og Sønderup Ådal Map
DK00FX126 Denmark Rold Skov, Lindenborg Ådal og Madum Sø Map
DK00FX127 Denmark Lundby Hede, Oudrup Østerhede og Vindblæs Hede Map
DK00FX128 Denmark Kielstrup Sø Map
DK00FX318 Denmark Villestrup Ådal Map
EE0040001 Estonia Väinamere Map
FI0200010 Finland Hyyppärän harjualue Map
FI0200052 Finland Åvensorin lehto Map
FI0200190 Finland Nautelankoski Map
FI0200192 Finland Vuorelanmäki Map
FI0306003 Finland Tiirismaa Map
FI1300701 Finland Teuravuoma-Kivijärvenvuoma Map
FI1300904 Finland Luiron suot Map
FR4301280 France Bassin du Drugeon Map
FR4301308 France Lac et tourbières des Rousses, vallée de l'Orbe Map
FR4301309 France Tourbières et lacs de Chapelle-des-Bois et de Bellefontaine les Mortes Map
FR4301313 France Grandvaux Map
IE0000147 Ireland Horn Head and Rinclevan SAC Map
IE0000197 Ireland West of Ardara/Maas Road SAC Map
IE0000396 Ireland Pollardstown Fen SAC Map
IE0000576 Ireland Fin Lough (Offaly) SAC Map
IE0000623 Ireland Ben Bulben, Gleniff and Glenade Complex SAC Map
IE0000633 Ireland Lough Hoe Bog SAC Map
IE0000859 Ireland Clonaslee Eskers and Derry Bog SAC Map
IE0001090 Ireland Ballyness Bay SAC Map
IE0001482 Ireland Clew Bay Complex SAC Map
IE0001626 Ireland Annaghmore Lough (Roscommon) SAC Map
IE0001922 Ireland Bellacorick Bog Complex SAC Map
IE0001932 Ireland Mweelrea/Sheeffry/Erriff Complex SAC Map
IE0002006 Ireland Ox Mountains Bogs SAC Map
IE0002147 Ireland Lisduff Fen SAC Map
IT3110017 Italy Parco Naturale Vedrette di Ries - Aurina Map
IT3110029 Italy Parco Naturale dello Sciliar - Catinaccio Map
IT3110036 Italy Parco Naturale Monte Corno Map
IT3110049 Italy Parco Naturale Fanes - Senes - Braies Map
IT3110050 Italy Parco Naturale Tre Cime Map
LV0200300 Latvia Sliteres nacionalais parks Map
LV0302100 Latvia Abavas senleja Map
LV0302200 Latvia Salacas ieleja Map
LV0302800 Latvia Engures ezers Map
LV0305000 Latvia Zvardes mezi Map
LV0507800 Latvia Liepajas ezers Map
LV0525600 Latvia Zvarde Map
SE0110003 Sweden Tullgarn, ost Map
SE0110038 Sweden Malmsjön Map
SE0110113 Sweden Riddersholm Map
SE0110139 Sweden Kornamossen Map
SE0110228 Sweden Stormaren-Lillträsket, Gisslingö Map
SE0110238 Sweden Kvicksalshagen-Igelsjön Map
SE0110242 Sweden Karlberg Map
SE0110251 Sweden Maran Map
SE0110287 Sweden Södersjön Map
SE0110294 Sweden Västerängen Map
SE0210023 Sweden Florarna Map
SE0210049 Sweden Edskärret Map
SE0210212 Sweden Billudden Map
SE0210222 Sweden Ängskär, Bondskäret Map
SE0210258 Sweden Bokaren Map
SE0210270 Sweden Slada Map
SE0210271 Sweden Strönningsvik Map
SE0210273 Sweden Lerorna Map
SE0210274 Sweden Grundsjön Map
SE0210275 Sweden Bölsjön Map
SE0210276 Sweden Mararna Map
SE0210281 Sweden Tångsåmurarna Map
SE0210292 Sweden Saxmarken Map
SE0210316 Sweden Romsmaren Map
SE0220011 Sweden Bärstakärret Map
SE0220021 Sweden Sjösakärren Map
SE0220072 Sweden Stampmossen Map
SE0220103 Sweden Pilgöljan Map
SE0220122 Sweden Västra Djupvik Map
SE0220151 Sweden Igelbålen Map
SE0220333 Sweden Nya kärren Map
SE0230038 Sweden Pålsbo äng Map
SE0230048 Sweden Åsabackarna Map
SE0230067 Sweden Tåkern Map
SE0230069 Sweden Örbackens kalkkärr Map
SE0230079 Sweden Kärna mosse Map
SE0230087 Sweden Sjöbo-Knäppan Map
SE0230126 Sweden Svensksundsviken Map
SE0230144 Sweden Hagebyhöga Map
SE0230149 Sweden Ombergsliden Map
SE0230150 Sweden Ostmossen Map
SE0230244 Sweden Västra Karlsbo kalkkärr Map
SE0230250 Sweden Lagmansro källmyr Map
SE0230254 Sweden Omberg Map
SE0230258 Sweden Sjöstorpsmyren Map
SE0230297 Sweden Hovanäs kalkfuktäng Map
SE0230298 Sweden Borghamns kalkkärr Map
SE0230299 Sweden Marstad Map
SE0230302 Sweden Stentorpsmyren-Svarthagen Map
SE0230312 Sweden Rinnamyren Map
SE0230348 Sweden Hilltorps kalkkärr Map
SE0230386 Sweden Södra Freberga-Jerusalemsviken Map
SE0230392 Sweden Lera Kalkkärr Map
SE0240024 Sweden Näsmarkerna Map
SE0240029 Sweden Brunstorpskärret Map
SE0240053 Sweden Herrfallsäng Map
SE0240133 Sweden Venakärret Map
SE0240159 Sweden Bromängen Map
SE0310020 Sweden Store mosse nationalpark Map
SE0330167 Sweden Vanserum-Bäck-Övetorp Map
SE0330197 Sweden Svartvikskärret Map
SE0340033 Sweden Botes källmyr Map
SE0340145 Sweden Gildarshagen Map
SE0340157 Sweden Kvie Map
SE0340174 Sweden Backhagen Map
SE0340175 Sweden Nyhagen Map
SE0340179 Sweden Bopparve Map
SE0420043 Sweden Åraslövs mosse Map
SE0420047 Sweden Norra Mosslunda Map
SE0420129 Sweden Simris strandängar Map
SE0420130 Sweden Bäckhalladalen Map
SE0420131 Sweden Benestads backar Map
SE0420132 Sweden Örupskärret Map
SE0420232 Sweden Bjärekusten Map
SE0420235 Sweden Lyngsjön Map
SE0420249 Sweden Djurrödsbäcken Map
SE0420254 Sweden Åsumallet Map
SE0420256 Sweden Björkhäll Map
SE0420267 Sweden Siesjöområdet Map
SE0420291 Sweden Slottet Map
SE0420292 Sweden Ledtorpet Map
SE0430030 Sweden Kungsmarken Map
SE0430044 Sweden Dagstorps mosse Map
SE0430092 Sweden Kullaberg Map
SE0430114 Sweden Högestads mosse Map
SE0430127 Sweden Vitabäckskällan Map
SE0430130 Sweden Sularpskärret Map
SE0430142 Sweden Zackows mosse Map
SE0430144 Sweden Liaängen Map
SE0430145 Sweden Hunneröds mosse Map
SE0430159 Sweden Stora Harrie mosse Map
SE0510174 Sweden Tjuvhultskärret Map
SE0520150 Sweden Tanumskusten Map
SE0540063 Sweden Kinnekulle Map
SE0540104 Sweden Mularpsbäcken Map
SE0540111 Sweden Kleven Map
SE0540123 Sweden Skogastorpskärret Map
SE0540150 Sweden Hene Map
SE0540170 Sweden Gullakrokssjöarna Map
SE0540196 Sweden Ökull Map
SE0540211 Sweden Ingvaldstorpskärret Map
SE0540216 Sweden Skebykärret Map
SE0620009 Sweden Drevfjällen Map
SE0620250 Sweden Lindänget Map
SE0620288 Sweden Norrviken Map
SE0630028 Sweden Harkskärsfjärden Map
SE0630158 Sweden Igelsjön Map
SE0630160 Sweden Gustavsmurarna Map
SE0630161 Sweden Matyxsjön Map
SE0630195 Sweden Bultbomurarna Map
SE0630231 Sweden Nätsjöbäcken Map
SE0630241 Sweden Håmansmaren Map
SE0630242 Sweden Grinduga Map
SE0630257 Sweden Långhällskogen Map
SE0710062 Sweden Storkälen Map
SE0710152 Sweden Stornäset Map
SE0720092 Sweden Odensalakärret Map
SE0720131 Sweden Vackermyren Map
SE0720202 Sweden Öjsjömyrarna Map
SE0720301 Sweden Grånmyran Map
SE0720338 Sweden Stenflon Grenåskilen Map
SE0720346 Sweden Bleksjön Räcksjön Map
SE0720348 Sweden Strandkärret Kårgärde Map
SE0720397 Sweden Slåttflon-Bodflon Map
SE0720401 Sweden Storsundet Laxviken Map
SE0810359 Sweden Blylodmyran Map
SE0810368 Sweden Småtjärnslåtten Map
SE0810369 Sweden Rörmyran, Paulund Map
SE0810370 Sweden Stockbäcksmyran Map
SE0810371 Sweden Sandsele Map
SE0810372 Sweden Tjickuträskbäcken Map
SE0810373 Sweden Kyrkbergstjärnen Map
SE0810374 Sweden Dikasjön Map
SE0810375 Sweden Malgomajlandet Map
SE0810376 Sweden Rörmyran, Grankulltången Map
SE0810385 Sweden Rövattsliden Map
SE0810397 Sweden Södra Gardfjället Map
SE0820120 Sweden Pieljekaise Map
SE0820201 Sweden Padjelanta Map
SE0820204 Sweden Kaitum fjällurskog Map
SE0820261 Sweden Abisko Map
SE0820293 Sweden Norra Torneträsk Map
SE0820617 Sweden Vännijänkkä Map
SE0820620 Sweden Pältsa Map
SKCHVU008 Slovakia Horná Orava Map
SKCHVU028 Slovakia Strážovské vrchy Map
UK0012884 United Kingdom Corsydd Môn/ Anglesey Fens Map
UK0012891 United Kingdom Tulach Hill and Glen Fender Meadows Map
UK0012894 United Kingdom Morrone Birkwood Map
UK0012957 United Kingdom Beinn a`Ghlo Map
UK0014778 United Kingdom Asby Complex Map
UK0030039 United Kingdom Eller`s Wood and Sand Dale Map
UK0030187 United Kingdom Corsydd Llyn/ Lleyn Fens Map
LTIGN0026 Lithuania Rūžo ežeras Map
SI3000285 Slovenia Karavanke Map
EE0080524 Estonia Võrtsjärve Map
LTPLU0009 Lithuania Žemaitijos nacionalinis parkas Map
DE2638305 Germany Fließgewässer, Seen und Moore des Siggelkower Sanders Map
SKUEV0191 Slovakia Rašeliniská Bielej Oravy Map
SKUEV0256 Slovakia Strážovské vrchy Map
PLH120016 Poland Torfowiska Orawsko-Nowotarskie Map
DE8430372 Germany Kalktuffquellsümpfe und Niedermoore im Ostallgäu Map
DE8330371 Germany Urspringer Filz,Premer Filz und Viehweiden Map
DE1842303 Germany Tal der Blinden Trebel Map
EE0040443 Estonia Mullutu-Loode Map
SKUEV0238 Slovakia Veľká Fatra Map
SE0430177 Sweden Smedjebacken Map
LV0508500 Latvia Dunezers Map
LV0508000 Latvia Rucavas ivju audze Map
DE8431371 Germany Ammergebirge Map
DE8324341 Germany Moore und Weiher um Neukirch Map
SKUEV0112 Slovakia Slovenský raj Map
LV0521300 Latvia Dillu plavas Map
LV0531400 Latvia Apsuciema zalu purvs Map
DE8226341 Germany Feuchtgebietskomplexe nördlich Isny Map
DE8225341 Germany Weiher und Moore um Kißlegg Map
DE2132303 Germany Stepenitz-, Radegast- und Maurinetal mit Zuflüssen Map
DE7923341 Germany Federsee und Blinder See bei Kanzach Map
LV0531900 Latvia Popes zalu purvs Map
DE7832371 Germany Ampermoos Map
DE8224341 Germany Feuchtgebiete bei Waldburg Map
LV0302000 Latvia Talsu pauguraine Map
SKUEV0310 Slovakia Kráľovohoľské Tatry Map
DE8324342 Germany Obere Argen und Seitentäler Map
DE8325371 Germany Hammermoos bei Heimenkirch Map
DE8237371 Germany Leitzachtal Map
DE8124341 Germany Altdorfer Wald Map
EE0040334 Estonia Nedrema Map
EE0040002 Estonia Väinamere Map
PLH120026 Poland Polana Biały Potok Map
DE8429371 Germany Pfrontener Wasenmoos und Moore bei Hopferau Map
LV0528000 Latvia Rauza Map
LV0303000 Latvia Numernes valnis Map
LV0513800 Latvia Daiku ivju audze Map
LV0521800 Latvia Kirbas purvs Map
DE8032372 Germany Moore und Wälder westlich Dießen Map
LV0530400 Latvia Jecu purvs Map
DE7237371 Germany Sallingbachtal Map
DE8332372 Germany Moränenlandschaft zwischen Staffelsee und Baiersoien Map
DE8324343 Germany Untere Argen und Seitentäler Map
DE8323342 Germany Argen und Feuchtgebiete südlich Langnau Map
LV0531700 Latvia Platenes purvs Map
LV0536600 Latvia Lubana mitrajs Map
AT2122000 Austria Ratschitschacher Moor Map
AT2117000 Austria Turner See Map
AT3201014 Austria Wallersee-Wengermoor Map
AT2103000 Austria Hörfeld Moor - Kärntner Anteil Map
PLH200026 Poland Źródliska Wzgórz Sokólskich Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
cetrzobu pumpurgliemezis Latvian Latvian NRC
Kalkkärrsgrynsnäcka Swedish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Vierzähnige Windelschnecke German EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Synonym Author
Vertigo genesii geyeri Lindholm, 1925

Other resources

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GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Habitats Directive Art. 17-2006 summary
ITIS search Interagency Taxonomic Information System
NCBI search National Center for Biotechnology Information
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External data

Reportnet deliveries

Files delivered through Reportnet with relevance to this species.

24 items found, displaying all items.1
Released Coverage Envelope File
2013-12-29 Lithuania Third LT report on Art.17,2007-2012 LT_species_reports-131230-135438.xml
2013-12-29 Sweden Report on Implementation Measures (Art.17.1)_delivery 2013 SE_species_reports-131230-111623.xml
2013-12-16 Slovakia Art 17 report for the period 2007 - 2012 - second delivery SK_species_reports-131217-132945.xml
2013-12-08 Poland Habitats Directive Art. 17 Report PL_species_reports.xml
2013-12-03 Italy 3rd Italian national report 2013 IT_species_reports.xml
2013-10-18 Latvia LATVIA_2007-2012 LV_species_reports-131018-113252.xml
2013-10-10 United Kingdom Habitats Directive Article 17 2013 2nd submission UK GB_species_reports-13925-15297.xml
2013-10-07 Finland Habitat directive reporting (FI) 2007-2012 FI_species_reports.xml
2013-09-17 Estonia Eesti2013 EE_species_reports-13917-14855.xml
2013-08-23 Czech Republic CZ_Rep_HDArt17_2013_2nd_submission:corrected CZ_species_reports.xml
2008-04-14 Estonia eesti Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2008-04-10 Germany German national report Vertigo geyeri
2008-03-20 Slovenia Article 17 Report Vertigo geyeri
2008-03-02 Lithuania Buveiniu direktyvos igyvendinimo ataskaita Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2008-02-25 Denmark DK Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2008-02-24 United Kingdom UK_submission Vertigo geyeri
2008-02-21 Austria Article 17 report Austria Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2008-02-21 Slovakia report under habitats directive Vertigo geyeri
2008-01-10 Ireland Habitats Directive Article 17 report Vertigo geyeri
2008-01-10 Finland Suomi virallinen Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2007-10-02 Latvia LATVIA 2001-2006 Vertigo geyeri
2007-10-02 Sweden Report on Implementation Measures (Art.17.1)_delivery 2007 Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2007-10-01 Poland Report on Implementation Measures Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
2007-10-01 Czech Republic Species and Habitats Species questionnaire for Vertigo geyeri
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