Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Discoglossidae > Genus: Discoglossus > Species: Discoglossus jeanneae

Discoglossus jeanneae Busack, 1986

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Near Threatened (IUCN)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Atlantic - Unknown
Mediterranean - Unfavourable-Bad
Protected by EU Habitats Directive and 2 other international agreements
Natura 2000 sites 91 are designated for this species
Most preferred habitats
  • rivers and lakes
  • wetlands
May also occur in
  • grassland
  • heathland and shrub
  • woodland and forest
Natura 2000 species code 1195


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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2007-2012 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
ES0000011 Spain Monte de El Pardo Map
ES0000031 Spain Sierra de Grazalema Map
ES0000034 Spain Lagunas del Sur de Cordoba Map
ES0000049 Spain Los Alcornocales Map
ES0000062 Spain Obarenes-Sierra de Cantabria Map
ES0000064 Spain Peñas de Iregua, Leza y Jubera Map
ES0000065 Spain Peñas de Arnedillo. Peñalmonte y Peña Isasa Map
ES0000067 Spain Sierras de Demanda, Urbión, Cebollera y Cameros Map
ES0000115 Spain Hoces del Río Duratón Map
ES0000119 Spain Carrizales y sotos de Aranjuez Map
ES0000140 Spain Bahía de Cádiz Map
ES0000142 Spain Cortados y cantiles de los ríos Jarama y Manzanares Map
ES0000265 Spain Sierra del Molino, Embalse del Quipar y Llanos del Cagitán Map
ES0000266 Spain Sierra de Moratalla Map
ES0000285 Spain San Juan de La Peña y Peña Oroel Map
ES0000297 Spain Sierra de Moncayo - Los Fayos - Sierra de Armas Map
ES0000302 Spain Parameras de Blancas Map
ES0000304 Spain Parameras de Campo Visiedo Map
ES0000305 Spain Parameras de Alfambra Map
ES0000308 Spain Parameras de Pozondón Map
ES0000309 Spain Montes Universales - Sierra del Tremedal Map
ES2110011 Spain Zadorraren sistemako urtegiak / Embalses del sistema del Zadorra Map
ES2110014 Spain Salburua Map
ES2110018 Spain Arabako hegoaldeko mendilerroak / Sierras meridionales de Álava Map
ES2110019 Spain Izki Map
ES4120025 Spain Ojo Guareña Map
ES4120030 Spain Montes Obarenes Map
ES4120049 Spain Bosques del Valle de Mena Map
ES4120051 Spain Riberas del Zadorra Map
ES4120052 Spain Riberas del Ayuda Map
ES4120089 Spain Hoces del Alto Ebro y Rudrón Map
ES4120090 Spain Embalse del Ebro - Monte Hijedo Map
ES6120002 Spain Cola del Embalse de Bornos Map
ES6130002 Spain Sierra Subbética Map
ES6140004 Spain Sierra Nevada Map
ES6170003 Spain Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes Map
ES6170004 Spain Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Map
ES6170006 Spain Sierra de Las Nieves Map
ES6170007 Spain Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Map
ES6120015 Spain Acebuchales de La Campiña Sur de Cádiz Map
ES4160084 Spain Riberas del Río Duratón Map
ES2420037 Spain Sierra de Javalambre Map
ES2420122 Spain Sabinar de El Villarejo Map
ES6200018 Spain Sierra de la Muela Map
ES2420118 Spain Río Algars Map
ES2420120 Spain Sierra de Fonfría Map
ES4170116 Spain Sierras de Urbión y Cebollera Map
ES4170083 Spain Riberas del Río Duero y afluentes Map
ES5233009 Spain Sierra del Negrete Map
ES6120013 Spain Sierra Líjar Map
ES2420136 Spain Sabinares de Saldón y Valdecuenca Map
ES4120071 Spain Riberas del Río Arlanza y afluentes Map
ES2420142 Spain Sabinar de Monterde de Albarracín Map
ES2420135 Spain Cuenca del Ebrón Map
ES4120094 Spain Sierra de la Tesla-Valdivielso Map
ES2430028 Spain Moncayo Map
ES2420129 Spain Sierra de Javalambre II Map
ES4120092 Spain Sierra de la Demanda Map
ES4120066 Spain Riberas del Río Nela y afluentes Map
ES4120072 Spain Riberas del Río Arlanzón y afluentes Map
ES6140007 Spain Sierras del Campanario y Las Cabras Map
ES6170010 Spain Sierras Bermeja y Real Map
ES4160109 Spain Sierra de Guadarrama Map
ES3110006 Spain Vegas, cuestas y páramos del sureste de Madrid Map
ES6170016 Spain Valle del Río del Genal Map
ES3110002 Spain Cuenca del río Lozoya y Sierra Norte Map
ES2410061 Spain Sierras de San Juan de La Peña y Peña Oroel Map
ES3110003 Spain Cuenca del río Guadalix Map
ES2430110 Spain Alto Huerva - Sierra de Herrera Map
ES4170057 Spain Sabinares del Jalón Map
ES2420140 Spain Estrechos del Guadalaviar Map
ES2420111 Spain Montes de La Cuenca de Gallocanta Map
ES4120059 Spain Riberas del Río Ebro y afluentes Map
ES4160104 Spain Hoces del Río Riaza Map
ES6130015 Spain Río Guadalquivir -Tramo Medio Map
ES6200041 Spain Rambla de la Rogativa Map
ES6200017 Spain Sierra de Villafuerte Map
ES4170135 Spain Cañón del Río Lobos Map
ES6180007 Spain Arroyo de Santiago, Salado de Morón y Matabueyes/Garrapata Map
ES2420121 Spain Yesos de Barrachina y Cutanda Map
ES2420126 Spain Maestrazgo y Sierra de Gúdar Map
ES6170011 Spain Sierra Blanca Map
ES4140026 Spain Las Tuerces Map
ES6140005 Spain Sierras del Nordeste Map
ES6160008 Spain Cuencas del Rumblar, Guadalén y Guadalmena Map
ES4180070 Spain Riberas del Río Cega Map
ES4170148 Spain Altos de Barahona Map
ES4170029 Spain Sabinares Sierra de Cabrejas Map
ES2430109 Spain Hoces de Torralba - Río Piedra Map
ES4120091 Spain Sabinares del Arlanza Map
ES2420039 Spain Rodeno de Albarracín Map

Protected sites

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Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Discoglosse méridional French EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Sapillo pintojo meridional Spanish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
No synonyms available.

Other resources

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External data

No external data sets available for this species
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