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Statistical information for: Estonia

Country information

Original country name: Eesti Capital: Tallinn
English country name: Estonia Surface(km2): 45100
ISO Three Letter Code: EST Population number: 1340194
ISO Two Letter Code: EE Population density:  

Biogeographic regions:

Biogeographic region name Percentage(%)
Boreal 100

Total number of sites: 17162

Source data set CDDA National European diploma Natura 2000
No. of sites16595   0   567   
No. of species0   0   379   
No. of habitat types68   0   60   
No. of sites/km20.360.0 0.01
Percent number of sites with surface data available94.370.0 100.0 
Total area (ha)2385167.660.0 1955548.10
Average area(ha)152.290.0 3448.93
Standard deviation for sites area2213.750.0 18961.24
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