What are the easy searches

The easy searches enable you to access the data in the EUNIS database, even if you don't have any previous knowledge about the structure of the database.

The structure of the query, the parameters to be checked and their combination logic are already built inside the system.

You need to specify only the actual value of each parameter for the specific query you want to launch.

The query build is supported by 'smart selectors' (on-the-fly lists of parameter values, given a starting string of the desired item, possibly with some constraints), glossaries and on-line specific helps. Such functions can be reached directly from the various easy search forms present in the application. Easy searches are available for Species, Habitats types and Sites.
Easy searches groups the common search criteria like: scientific name, taxonomy, country, biogeographic region, altitude, coordinates etc.


The query (built using the tools available in the input panel) is detailed on top of the page in a quasi-natural language: this allows the user to easily check (and understand) the results compared with his/her request.

The results are shown as a matrix or as a long list according to the mode selected on the input panel.

The columns of the tables or the rows of the long list of the output are headed with a short title, describing the reported data. However, for sake of clarity, such short titles are expanded in longer definitions, shown on the page just before the data themselves.

The number of results retrieved is also available at the beginning of the page.

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