Description (English)

Downstream part of a river valley, subject to the tide and extending from the limit of brackish waters. River estuaries are coastal inlets where, unlike 'large shallow inlets and bays' there is generally a substantial freshwater influence. The mixing of freshwater and sea water and the reduced current flows in the shelter of the estuary lead to deposition of fine sediments, often forming extensive intertidal sand and mud flats. Where the tidal currents are faster than flood tides, most sediments deposit to form a delta at the mouth of the estuary.
Baltic river mouths, considered as an estuary subtype, have brackish water and no tide, with large wetland vegetation (helophytic) and luxurious aquatic vegetation in shallow water areas.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 1130)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Marine Atlantic - Unfavourable-Bad
Marine Baltic - Unfavourable-Bad
Marine Black Sea - Unfavourable-Inadequate
Marine Mediterranean - Unfavourable-Bad
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 371 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2007-2012 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Favourable: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Unfavourable-Inadequate: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Unfavourable-Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Phragmites australis
Flowering Plants Ruppia maritima
Flowering Plants Sarcocornia perennis
Flowering Plants Spartina maritima
Flowering Plants Zostera noltii
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Phragmites australis Flowering Plants
Ruppia maritima Flowering Plants
Sarcocornia perennis Flowering Plants
Spartina maritima Flowering Plants
Zostera noltii Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
BE2100026 Belgium Valleigebied van de Kleine Nete met brongebieden, moerassen en heiden Map
BE2300006 Belgium Schelde- en Durmeëstuarium van de Nederlandse grens tot Gent Map
BE2500001 Belgium Duingebieden inclusief Ijzermonding en Zwin. Map
BG0000100 Bulgaria Plazh Shkorpilovtsi Map
BG0000116 Bulgaria Kamchia Map
BG0000143 Bulgaria Karaagach Map
BG0000242 Bulgaria Zaliv Chengene skele Map
BG0000271 Bulgaria Mandra - Poda Map
BG0000574 Bulgaria Aheloy - Ravda - Nesebar Map
BG0001001 Bulgaria Ropotamo Map
BG0001004 Bulgaria Emine - Irakli Map
BG0001007 Bulgaria Strandzha Map
DE0916391 Germany NTP S-H Wattenmeer und angrenzende Küstengebiete Map
DE1316301 Germany Godelniederung / Föhr Map
DE1542302 Germany Recknitz-Ästuar und Halbinsel Zingst Map
DE1719391 Germany Untereider Map
DE1747301 Germany Greifswalder Bodden, Teile des Strelasundes und Nordspitze Usedom Map
DE1934302 Germany Wismarbucht Map
DE1941301 Germany Recknitz- und Trebeltal mit Zuflüssen Map
DE2018331 Germany Unterelbe Map
DE2030392 Germany Traveförde und angrenzende Flächen Map
DE2031303 Germany NSG Dummersdorfer Ufer Map
DE2049302 Germany Peeneunterlauf, Peenestrom, Achterwasser und Kleines Haff Map
DE2306301 Germany Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer Map
DE2316331 Germany Unterweser Map
DE2323392 Germany Schleswig-Holsteinisches Elbästuar und angrenzende Flächen Map
DE2350303 Germany Uecker von Torgelow bis zur Mündung Map
DE2417370 Germany Weser bei Bremerhaven Map
DE2424302 Germany Mühlenberger Loch/Neßsand Map
DE2507301 Germany Hund und Paapsand Map
DE2507331 Germany Unterems und Außenems Map
DE2516331 Germany Nebenarme der Weser mit Strohauser Plate und Juliusplate Map
DK005X223 Denmark Åmose, Tissø, Halleby Å og Flasken Map
DK00AY176 Denmark Vadehavet med Ribe Å, Tved Å og Varde Å vest for Varde Map
DK00CY163 Denmark Ringkøbing Fjord og Nymindestrømmen Map
DK00FX122 Denmark Ålborg Bugt, Randers Fjord og Mariager Fjord Map
EE0010129 Estonia Pakri Map
EE0040002 Estonia Väinamere Map
ES0000020 Spain Delta de l'Ebre Map
ES0000025 Spain Marismas del Odiel Map
ES0000085 Spain Ribadeo Map
ES0000086 Spain Ría de Ortigueira e Ladrido Map
ES0000087 Spain Complexo intermareal Umia - O Grove, A Lanzada, punta Carreirón e lagoa Bodeira Map
ES0000144 Spain Urdaibaiko itsasadarra / Ría de Urdaibai Map
ES0000176 Spain Costa da Morte (Norte) Map
ES0000243 Spain Txingudi Map
ES0000258 Spain Costa de Ferrolterra - Valdoviño Map
ES0000313 Spain Complexo litoral de Corrubedo Map
ES0000317 Spain Penarronda-Barayo Map
ES0000318 Spain Cabo Busto-Luanco Map
ES0000319 Spain Ría de Ribadesella-Ría de Tinamayor Map
ES0000372 Spain Costa da Mariña occidental Map
ES0000373 Spain Ría de Foz Map
ES0000375 Spain Esteiro do Miño Map
ES1110001 Spain Ortigueira - Mera Map
ES1110002 Spain Costa Ártabra Map
ES1110005 Spain Costa da Morte Map
ES1110006 Spain Complexo húmido de Corrubedo Map
ES1110007 Spain Betanzos - Mandeo Map
ES1110008 Spain Carnota - Monte Pindo Map
ES1110010 Spain Estaca de Bares Map
ES1110011 Spain Esteiro do Tambre Map
ES1110012 Spain Monte e lagoa de Louro Map
ES1110013 Spain Xubia - Castro Map
ES1120002 Spain Río Eo Map
ES1120011 Spain Ría de Foz - Masma Map
ES1120012 Spain Río Landro Map
ES1120013 Spain Río Ouro Map
ES1120017 Spain Costa da Mariña occidental Map
ES1140001 Spain Sistema fluvial Ulla - Deza Map
ES1140002 Spain Río Lérez Map
ES1140003 Spain A Ramallosa Map
ES1140004 Spain Complexo Ons - O Grove Map
ES1140007 Spain Baixo Miño Map
ES1140010 Spain Costa da Vela Map
ES1140016 Spain Enseada de San Simón Map
ES1200006 Spain Ría de Villaviciosa Map
ES1200016 Spain Ría del Eo Map
ES1200022 Spain Playa de Vega Map
ES1200055 Spain Cabo Busto-Luanco Map
ES1300003 Spain Rias occidentales y Duna de Oyambre Map
ES1300004 Spain Dunas de Liencres y Estuario del Pas Map
ES1300005 Spain Dunas del Puntal y Estuario del Miera Map
ES1300006 Spain Costa central y Ría de Ajo Map
ES1300007 Spain Marismas de Santoña, Victoria y Joyel Map
ES1300008 Spain Rio Deva Map
ES1300010 Spain Río Pas Map
ES1300012 Spain Río Agüera Map
ES1300015 Spain Río Miera Map
ES2120004 Spain Urolako itsasadarra / Ría del Urola Map
ES2120009 Spain Iñurritza Map
ES2120010 Spain Oriako itsasadarra / Ría del Oria Map
ES2120018 Spain Txingudi-Bidasoa Map
ES2130003 Spain Barbadungo Itsasadarra / Ría del Barbadun Map
ES2130007 Spain Urdaibaiko itsasertzak eta padurak / Zonas litorales y marismas de Urdaibai Map
ES2130010 Spain Lea ibaia / Río Lea Map
ES2130011 Spain Artibai ibaia / Río Artibai Map
ES5213025 Spain Dunes de Guardamar Map
ES5232007 Spain Riu Xúquer Map
ES6120003 Spain Estuario del Río Guadiaro Map
ES6120006 Spain Marismas del Río Palmones Map
ES6150003 Spain Estero de Domingo Rubio Map
ES6150005 Spain Marismas de Isla Cristina Map
ES6150006 Spain Marismas del Río Piedras y Flecha del Rompido Map
ES6150014 Spain Marismas y Riberas del Tinto Map
ES6150018 Spain Río Guadiana y Ribera de Chanza Map
ES6150028 Spain Estuario del Río Piedras Map
ES6150029 Spain Estuario del Río Tinto Map
FI0100062 Finland Vanhankaupunginlahden lintuvesi Map
FI0100074 Finland Porvoonjoen suisto-Stensböle Map
FI0100078 Finland Pernajanlahtien ja Pernajan saariston merensuojelualue Map
FI0100081 Finland Kullafjärdenin lintuvesi Map
FI0200033 Finland Kasalanjokisuu Map
FI0200037 Finland Tapilanlahti Map
FI0200076 Finland Pooskerin saaristo Map
FI0200079 Finland Kokemäenjoen suisto Map
FI0200083 Finland Kiskonjoen vesistö Map
FI0401001 Finland Kymijoki Map
FI0408011 Finland Nummenjoen suu Map
FI0800054 Finland Petolahdenjokisuisto Map
FI0800056 Finland Vassorfjärden Map
FI0800057 Finland Södra Stadsfjärden-Söderfjärden-Öjen Map
FI0800064 Finland Lapuanjokisuisto-Bådaviken Map
FI0800112 Finland Lapväärtin kosteikot Map
FI0800135 Finland Närpiön saaristo Map
FI0800136 Finland Kokkolan saaristo (SCI) Map
FI1000005 Finland Rahjan saaristo Map
FI1000010 Finland Maakannuskarinlahti ja Viirretjoen suisto Map
FI1000012 Finland Kalajoen suisto Map
FI1000057 Finland Lestijoki Map
FI1100600 Finland Hiastinlahti Map
FI1100601 Finland Iijoen suisto Map
FI1101203 Finland Kiiminkijoen suisto Map
FI1102200 Finland Liminganlahti Map
FI1103004 Finland Oulujoen suisto Map
FI1105202 Finland Siikajoen lintuvedet ja suot Map
FI1300302 Finland Perämeren saaret Map
FI1301911 Finland Pajukari-Uksei-Alkunkarinlahti Map
FR2200346 France Estuaires et littoral picards (baies de Somme et d'Authie) Map
FR2300121 France Estuaire de la Seine Map
FR2300137 France L'Yères Map
FR2302006 France Iles et berges de la Seine en Seine-Maritime Map
FR2302007 France Iles et berges de la Seine dans l'Eure Map
FR2500077 France Baie du Mont Saint-Michel Map
FR2500079 France Chausey Map
FR2500080 France Littoral Ouest du Cotentin de Bréhal à Pirou Map
FR2500081 France Havre de Saint-Germain-sur-Ay et Landes de Lessay Map
FR2500082 France Littoral ouest du Cotentin de Saint-Germain-sur-Ay au Rozel Map
FR2500088 France Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin - Baie des Veys Map
FR3100479 France Falaises et dunes de Wimereux, estuaire de la Slack, Garennes et Communaux d'Ambleteuse-Audresselles Map
FR3100480 France Estuaire de la Canche, dunes picardes plaquées sur l'ancienne falaise, forêt d'Hardelot et falaise d'Equihen Map
FR3102005 France Baie de Canche et couloir des trois estuaires Map
FR5200621 France Estuaire de la Loire Map
FR5200626 France Marais du Mès, baie et dunes de Pont-Mahé, étang du Pont de Fer Map
FR5200627 France Marais salants de Guérande, traicts du Croisic et dunes de Pen-Bron Map
FR5200653 France Marais Breton, baie de Bourgneuf, île de Noirmoutier et forêt de Monts Map
FR5200654 France Côtes rocheuses, dunes, landes et marais de l'île d'Yeu Map
FR5200657 France Marais de Talmont et zones littorales entre les Sables-d'Olonne et Jard-sur-Mer Map
FR5200659 France Marais Poitevin Map
FR5202011 France Estuaire de la Loire Nord Map
FR5202012 France Estuaire de la Loire Sud - Baie de Bourgneuf Map
FR5300004 France Rivière le Douron Map
FR5300008 France Rivière Leguer, forêts de Beffou, Coat an Noz et Coat an Hay Map
FR5300010 France Tregor Goëlo Map
FR5300011 France Cap d'Erquy-Cap Fréhel Map
FR5300012 France Baie de Lancieux, Baie de l'Arguenon, Archipel de Saint Malo et Dinard Map
FR5300015 France Baie de Morlaix Map
FR5300017 France Abers - Côte des légendes Map
FR5300024 France Rivière Elorn Map
FR5300026 France Rivière Scorff, Forêt de Pont Calleck, Rivière Sarre Map
FR5300028 France Ria d'Etel Map
FR5300029 France Golfe du Morbihan, côte ouest de Rhuys Map
FR5300030 France Rivière de Penerf, marais de Suscinio Map
FR5300034 France Estuaire de la Vilaine Map
FR5300043 France Guisseny Map
FR5300045 France Pointe de Corsen, Le Conquet Map
FR5300046 France Rade de Brest, estuaire de l'Aulne Map
FR5300059 France Rivière Laïta, Pointe du Talud, étangs du Loc'h et de Lannenec Map
FR5300061 France Estuaire de la Rance Map
FR5300066 France Baie de Saint-Brieuc - Est Map
FR5400424 France Ile de Ré : Fier d'Ars Map
FR5400429 France Marais de Rochefort Map
FR5400430 France Vallée de la Charente (basse vallée) Map
FR5400431 France Marais de Brouage (et marais nord d'Oléron) Map
FR5400432 France Marais de la Seudre Map
FR5400438 France Marais et falaises des côteaux de Gironde Map
FR5400446 France Marais Poitevin Map
FR5400469 France Pertuis Charentais Map
FR7200677 France Estuaire de la Gironde Map
FR7200724 France L'Adour Map
FR7200774 France Baie de Chingoudy Map
FR7200785 France La Nivelle (estuaire, barthes et cours d'eau) Map
FR7200811 France Panache de la Gironde et plateau rocheux de Cordouan (Système Pertuis Gironde) Map
FR9101405 France Le Petit Rhône Map
FR9101463 France Complexe lagunaire de Salses Map
FR9101486 France Cours inférieur de l'Hérault Map
FR9301590 France Le Rhône aval Map
FR9301592 France Camargue Map
FR9301627 France Embouchure de l'Argens Map
FR9400586 France Embouchure du Stabiaccu, Domaine Public Maritime et îlot Ziglione Map
FR9400615 France Delta de l'Oso, punta di Benedettu et Mura dell'Unda Map
FR9402010 France Baie de Stagnolu, golfu di Sognu, Golfe de Porto-Vecchio Map
FR9402013 France Plateau du Cap Corse Map
FR9402015 France Bouches de Bonifacio, Iles des Moines Map
HR3000126 Croatia Ušće Cetine Map
HR3000171 Croatia Ušće Krke Map
HR3000432 Croatia Ušće Raše Map
HR3000433 Croatia Ušće Mirne Map
HR4000030 Croatia Novigradsko i Karinsko more Map
HR5000031 Croatia Delta Neretve Map
IE0000077 Ireland Ballymacoda (Clonpriest and Pillmore) SAC Map
IE0000197 Ireland West of Ardara/Maas Road SAC Map
IE0000208 Ireland Rogerstown Estuary SAC Map
IE0000335 Ireland Ballinskelligs Bay and Inny Estuary SAC Map
IE0000343 Ireland Castlemaine Harbour SAC Map
IE0000455 Ireland Dundalk Bay SAC Map
IE0000458 Ireland Killala Bay/Moy Estuary SAC Map
IE0000622 Ireland Ballysadare Bay SAC Map
IE0000627 Ireland Cummeen Strand/Drumcliff Bay (Sligo Bay) SAC Map
IE0000696 Ireland Ballyteige Burrow SAC Map
IE0000697 Ireland Bannow Bay SAC Map
IE0000781 Ireland Slaney River Valley SAC Map
IE0001058 Ireland Great Island Channel SAC Map
IE0001090 Ireland Ballyness Bay SAC Map
IE0001230 Ireland Courtmacsherry Estuary SAC Map
IE0001957 Ireland Boyne Coast and Estuary SAC Map
IE0002070 Ireland Tralee Bay and Magharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane SAC Map
IE0002162 Ireland River Barrow and River Nore SAC Map
IE0002165 Ireland Lower River Shannon SAC Map
IE0002170 Ireland Blackwater River (Cork/Waterford) SAC Map
IE0002287 Ireland Lough Swilly SAC Map
IT1315719 Italy Torrente Nervia Map
IT1315720 Italy Fiume Roia Map
IT1324909 Italy Torrente Arroscia e Centa Map
IT1332717 Italy Foce e medio corso del Fiume Entella Map
IT1343502 Italy Parco della Magra - Vara Map
IT3270017 Italy Delta del Po: tratto terminale e delta veneto Map
IT3270023 Italy Delta del Po Map
IT3330005 Italy Foce dell'Isonzo - Isola della Cona Map
IT4060003 Italy Vene di Bellocchio, Sacca di Bellocchio, Foce del Fiume Reno, Pineta di Bellocchio Map
IT4060004 Italy Valle Bertuzzi, Valle Porticino - Canneviè Map
IT4060005 Italy Sacca di Goro, Po di Goro, Valle Dindona, Foce del Po di Volano Map
IT4070005 Italy Pineta di Casalborsetti, Pineta Staggioni, Duna di Porto Corsini Map
IT4070009 Italy Ortazzo, Ortazzino, Foce del Torrente Bevano Map
IT51A0039 Italy Padule della Trappola, Bocca d'Ombrone Map
IT6010018 Italy Litorale a nord ovest delle Foci del Fiora Map
IT6040025 Italy Fiume Garigliano (tratto terminale) Map
IT7222216 Italy Foce Biferno - Litorale di Campomarino Map
IT7228221 Italy Foce Trigno - Marina di Petacciato Map
IT8010028 Italy Foce Volturno - Variconi Map
IT8010029 Italy Fiume Garigliano Map
IT8050010 Italy Fasce litoranee a destra e a sinistra del Fiume Sele Map
IT8050047 Italy Costa tra Marina di Camerota e Policastro Bussentino Map
IT9220055 Italy Bosco Pantano di Policoro e Costa Ionica Foce Sinni Map
IT9220080 Italy Costa Ionica Foce Agri Map
IT9220085 Italy Costa Ionica Foce Basento Map
IT9220090 Italy Costa Ionica Foce Bradano Map
IT9220095 Italy Costa Ionica Foce Cavone Map
IT9310044 Italy Foce del Fiume Crati Map
IT9320095 Italy Foce Neto Map
IT9320302 Italy Marchesato e Fiume Neto Map
ITA010007 Italy Saline di Trapani Map
ITA010011 Italy Sistema dunale Capo Granitola, Porto Palo e Foce del Belice Map
ITA010028 Italy Stagnone di Marsala e Saline di Trapani - area marina e terrestre Map
ITA050001 Italy Biviere e Macconi di Gela Map
ITA050011 Italy Torre Manfria Map
ITA050012 Italy Torre Manfria, Biviere e Piana di Gela Map
ITA070001 Italy Foce del Fiume Simeto e Lago Gornalunga Map
ITA070029 Italy Biviere di Lentini, tratto mediano e foce del Fiume Simeto e area antistante la foce Map
ITB020040 Italy Valle del Temo Map
ITB023037 Italy Costa e Entroterra di Bosa, Suni e Montresta Map
ITB033036 Italy Costa di Cuglieri Map
LTSIU0012 Lithuania Kuršių marios Map
LTSIU0013 Lithuania Nemuno delta Map
NL1000001 Netherlands Waddenzee Map
NL2007001 Netherlands Eems-Dollard Map
NL9803061 Netherlands Westerschelde & Saeftinghe Map
PLH220021 Poland Piaśnickie Łąki Map
PLH220032 Poland Zatoka Pucka i Półwysep Helski Map
PLH220044 Poland Ostoja w Ujściu Wisły Map
PLH280007 Poland Zalew Wiślany i Mierzeja Wiślana Map
PLH320017 Poland Trzebiatowsko-Kołobrzeski Pas Nadmorski Map
PLH320018 Poland Ujście Odry i Zalew Szczeciński Map
PLH320019 Poland Wolin i Uznam Map
PLH320041 Poland Jezioro Bukowo Map
PLH320059 Poland Jezioro Kopań Map
PLH320068 Poland Jezioro Wicko i Modelskie Wydmy Map
PTCON0009 Portugal Estuário do Tejo Map
PTCON0011 Portugal Estuário do Sado Map
PTCON0012 Portugal Costa Sudoeste Map
PTCON0013 Portugal Ria Formosa / Castro Marim Map
PTCON0017 Portugal Litoral Norte Map
PTCON0019 Portugal Rio Minho Map
PTCON0020 Portugal Rio Lima Map
PTCON0058 Portugal Ria de Alvor Map
PTCON0061 Portugal Ria de Aveiro Map
PTZPE0001 Portugal Estuários dos Rios Minho e Coura Map
PTZPE0010 Portugal Estuário do Tejo Map
PTZPE0011 Portugal Estuário do Sado Map
PTZPE0015 Portugal Costa Sudoeste Map
PTZPE0017 Portugal Ria Formosa Map
PTZPE0018 Portugal Sapais de Castro Marim Map
ROSCI0066 Romania Delta Dunării - zona marină Map
SE0210212 Sweden Billudden Map
SE0330127 Sweden Virbo med Ekö Map
SE0330210 Sweden Viråns vattensystem Map
SE0330218 Sweden Alsteråns vattensystem Map
SE0410089 Sweden Sonekulla Map
SE0410128 Sweden Mörrumsån Map
SE0430147 Sweden Jonstorp-Vegeåns mynning Map
SE0430148 Sweden Lommabukten Map
SE0430162 Sweden Saxåns mynning-Järavallen Map
SE0510058 Sweden Kungsbackafjorden Map
SE0520043 Sweden Nordre älvs estuarium Map
SE0520147 Sweden Sannäsfjorden Map
SE0520171 Sweden Gullmarsfjorden Map
SE0520172 Sweden Idefjorden Map
SE0520175 Sweden Åbyfjorden Map
SE0520177 Sweden Jorefjorden Map
SE0630165 Sweden Testeboåns delta Map
SE0630166 Sweden Axmar-Gåsholma Map
SE0630178 Sweden Sörsundet Map
SE0710224 Sweden Indalsälvens delta Map
SE0810011 Sweden Skeppsviksskärgården Map
SE0810491 Sweden Umeälvens delta Map
SE0820321 Sweden Riekkola-Välivaara Map
SE0820703 Sweden Kraaseli-Selkäkari Map
SE0820704 Sweden Rånefjärden Map
SE0820712 Sweden Riekkola Map
SI3000238 Slovenia Strunjanske soline s Stjužo Map
SI3000239 Slovenia Kanal Sv. Jerneja Map
SI3000240 Slovenia Sečoveljske soline in estuarij Dragonje Map
UK0012642 United Kingdom River Wye/ Afon Gwy Map
UK0013007 United Kingdom River Usk/ Afon Wysg Map
UK0013025 United Kingdom Solway Firth Map
UK0013027 United Kingdom Morecambe Bay Map
UK0013030 United Kingdom Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren Map
UK0013031 United Kingdom Drigg Coast Map
UK0013111 United Kingdom Plymouth Sound and Estuaries Map
UK0013112 United Kingdom Fal and Helford Map
UK0013116 United Kingdom Pembrokeshire Marine/ Sir Benfro Forol Map
UK0013117 United Kingdom Pen Llŷn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau Map
UK0013690 United Kingdom Essex Estuaries Map
UK0016618 United Kingdom Strangford Lough Map
UK0017072 United Kingdom Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast Map
UK0019806 United Kingdom Dornoch Firth and Morrich More Map
UK0019808 United Kingdom Moray Firth Map
UK0020020 United Kingdom Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries/ Bae Caerfyrddin ac Aberoedd Map
UK0020025 United Kingdom Glannau Môn: Cors heli / Anglesey Coast: Saltmarsh Map
UK0030059 United Kingdom Solent Maritime Map
UK0030076 United Kingdom Alde, Ore and Butley Estuaries Map
UK0030131 United Kingdom Dee Estuary/ Aber Dyfrdwy Map
UK0030170 United Kingdom Humber Estuary Map
UK0030202 United Kingdom Y Fenai a Bae Conwy/ Menai Strait and Conwy Bay Map
UK0030292 United Kingdom Tweed Estuary Map
UK0030311 United Kingdom Firth of Tay and Eden Estuary Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Relation to habitat classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A4.3 Atlantic and Mediterranean low energy circalittoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A3.3 Atlantic and Mediterranean low energy infralittoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A4.2 Atlantic and Mediterranean moderate energy circalittoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A3.2 Atlantic and Mediterranean moderate energy infralittoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.5 Coastal saltmarshes and saline reedbeds overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A7.3 Completely mixed water column with full salinity overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A7.2 Completely mixed water column with reduced salinity not defined
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 X01 Estuaries same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.12 Estuarine coarse sediment shores wider
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A3.36 Faunal communities on variable or reduced salinity infralittoral rock wider
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A3.7 Features of infralittoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A1.4 Features of littoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.7 Littoral biogenic reefs overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.1 Littoral coarse sediment overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.4 Littoral mixed sediments overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.3 Littoral mud overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.2 Littoral sand and muddy sand overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.6 Littoral sediments dominated by aquatic angiosperms overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A1.3 Low energy littoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A1.2 Moderate energy littoral rock overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A7.1 Neuston overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A7.4 Partially mixed water column with reduced salinity and medium or long residence time overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.6 Sublittoral biogenic reefs overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.1 Sublittoral coarse sediment overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.5 Sublittoral macrophyte-dominated sediment overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.42 Sublittoral mixed sediment in variable salinity (estuaries) wider
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.4 Sublittoral mixed sediments overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.3 Sublittoral mud overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.32 Sublittoral mud in variable salinity (estuaries) wider
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.2 Sublittoral sand overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A5.22 Sublittoral sand in variable salinity (estuaries) wider
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A7.8 Unstratified water column with full salinity overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A7.5 Unstratified water column with reduced salinity overlap
German Federal List of Biotopes D2a Ästuare (Fließgewässermündungen mit Brackwassereinfluß u./od. Tidenhub eingeschlossen werden not defined
German Federal List of Biotopes 050105 Brackwasserwatt des Ästuare an der Nordsee not defined
German Federal List of Biotopes 050106 Süßwasserwatt im Tideeinfluß des Nordsee not defined
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