Subcontinental Calluna - Genista heaths

Description (English)

Relatively thermophile, subcontinental Calluna vulgaris heaths of Central Europe, in central and southern Germany, eastern France, the Czech Republic, Austria, with Genista germanica, Genista tinctoria, Chamaespartium sagittale (Genista sagittalis), Vaccinium myrtillus and, in peri-Alpine habitats, Lembotropis nigricans (Cytisus nigricans), Chamaecytisus supinus (Cytisus supinus), Polygala chamaebuxus, Vaccinium vitis-idaea. They have their main area of distribution in the Thuringian and Franconian ranges, the Upper Palatinate hills, the Danube-Isar hills, the Swabian Alb, the Baar plateau, the eastern Black Forest, the Rhenano-Burgondian hills, the foothills of the Bayerischer Wald, the hills and low mountains of the Bohemian uplands, in the Bavarian and Austrian Danube basin, in the southeastern foothills of the Alps, in Carinthia and Styria; they irradiate northward, in thermophilous enclaves, in the Elbe basin.

Source: EUNIS habitat classification

Quick facts

EUNIS habitat type code S4222

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Not available

Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Calluna vulgaris
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Calluna vulgaris Flowering Plants

Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 2007 (revised descriptions 2012) F4.222 Subcontinental Calluna-Genista heaths same
For relation to plant communities (syntaxa), see Vegetation types


Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type Comment
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200410 F4.222 Subcontinental Calluna-Genista heaths same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200308 F4.222 Subcontinental Calluna-Genista heaths same
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