Valley mires

English name: Valley mires

Description (English)

Topogenous wetlands in which the peat-forming vegetation depends on water draining from the surrounding landscape. Most valley mires are habitat complexes including poor fens, transition mires and pools. Acid valley mires (D2.11) often have vegetation resembling that of bogs (D1), especially in those parts relatively distant from flowing water. Basic and neutral valley mires (D2.12) support mainly poor-fen vegetation (D2.2), but in large mire systems, this is accompanied by acid wet grassland (E3.5), large sedges (D5.2) and reeds (D5.1). Sphagnum hummocks form locally and transition mires (D2.3) or littoral (C3.2) and spring (D2.2C) communities colonize small depressions. Excluded are rich-fen valley mires (D4.1).

Source: EUNIS habitat classification

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EUNIS habitat type code D2.1

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Name Definition Other names Reference
Ericion tetralicis Schwickerath 1933 Moist peaty heathlands on gley and podsolic soils within oceanic areas in Western and Central Europe Calluno-Sphagnion papillosi Tx. in Tx. et al. 1972; Droserion longifoliae Julve 1992; Narthecion ossifragi Vanden Berghen 1958; Scirpion caespitosi Oberd. 1957; Ulici-Ericion tetralicis (Schwickerath 1933) Tx. 1937; Erico mackaianae-Sphagnion papillosi (Fernández Prieto et al. 1987) Rivas-Mart. et al.1999; Trichophoro-Ericion tetralicis (Schwickerath 1933) Duvigneaud 1947 Schaminee et al, 2012
Caricion lasiocarpae Vanden Berghen in Lebrun et al. 1949 Mesotrophic sedge fens of wet sites on peat and mineral soils of Europe Acrocladio-Caricion Succow 1974; Caricion diandrae Palczynski 1975; Eriophorion gracilis Preising in Oberd. 1957; Junco acutiflori-Caricion lasiocarpae Julve 1993; Junco subnodulosi-Caricion lasiocarpae Julve 1993; Stygio-Caricion limosae Nordhagen 1943 p.p.; Caricion chordorrhizo-lasiocarpae (Vanden Berghen in Lebrun et al. 1949) Julve 1993; Meeseo-Caricion limosae (Preising in Oberd. 1957) Passarge 1978; Carici lasiocarpae-Eriophorion vaginati Voroiov et al. 1997 Schaminee et al, 2012
Oxycocco-Ericion tetralicis Nordhagen ex Tx. 1937 Oligotrophic vegetation on bogs and acidic fens in oceanic and suboceanic regions of Europe Carici-Sphagnion papillosi Malmer 1964; Erico-Sphagnion papillosi Moore 1968; Oxycocco-Ericion tetralicis Nordhagen 1936; Sphagnion europaei Schwickerath 1940; Calluno-Sphagnion papillosi (Schwickerath 1933) Tx. in Tx. et al. 1972 Schaminee et al, 2012

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Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
CORINE Land Cover 4.1.1. Inland marshes n/a
Phase 1 habitat classification (UK) 1993 E31B Fen: valley mire, basic narrower
Phase 1 habitat classification (UK) 1993 E31 Fen: valley mire same
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Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200410 D2.1 Valley mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200308 D2.1 Valley mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200202 D2.1 Valley mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 199910 D2.1 Valley mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 199811 D2.1 Valley bogs same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 199712 D2.1 Valley bogs same
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