Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, Version EUR 15 / 2

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Title Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, Version EUR 15 / 2
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Source European Commission
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Created 1999-01-01
Publisher DG Environment, Brussels
Is Replaced By Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, EUR 25
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Source Annex I: natural habitat types of community interest whose conservation requires the designation of special areas of conservation

Habitats related to this reference

1130 Estuaries
1150 Coastal lagoons
1170 Reefs
1180 Submarine structures made by leaking gases
1220 Perennial vegetation of stony banks
1310 Salicornia and other annuals colonizing mud and sand
1320 Spartina swards (Spartinion maritimae)
1410 Mediterranean salt meadows (Juncetalia maritimi)
1430 Halo-nitrophilous scrubs (Pegano-Salsoletea)
1510 Mediterranean salt steppes (Limonietalia)
1610 Baltic esker islands with sandy, rocky and shingle beach vegetation and sublittoral vegetation
1620 Boreal Baltic islets and small islands
1630 Boreal Baltic coastal meadows
1640 Boreal Baltic sandy beaches with perennial vegetation
1650 Boreal Baltic narrow inlets
2140 Decalcified fixed dunes with Empetrum nigrum
2240 Brachypodietalia dune grasslands with annuals
2250 Coastal dunes with Juniperus spp
2340 Pannonic inland dunes
3110 Oligotrophic waters containing very few minerals of sandy plains (Littorelletalia uniflorae)
3210 Fennoscandian natural rivers
3240 Alpine rivers and their ligneous vegetation with Salix elaeagnos
5320 Low formations of Euphorbia close to cliffs
6150 Siliceous alpine and boreal grasslands
6240 Sub-Pannonic steppic grasslands
6270 Fennoscandian lowland species-rich dry to mesic grasslands
6280 Nordic alvar and precambrian calcareous flatrocks
6420 Mediterranean tall humid grasslands of the Molinio-Holoschoenion
6450 Northern boreal alluvial meadows
6530 Fennoscandian wooded meadows
7160 Fennoscandian mineral-rich springs and springfens
9020 Fennoscandian hemiboreal natural old broad-leaved deciduous forests (Quercus, Tilia, Acer, Fraxinus or Ulmus) rich in epiphytes
9030 Natural forests of primary succession stages of landupheaval coast
9040 Nordic subalpine/subarctic forests with Betula pubescens ssp czerepanovii
9050 Fennoscandian herb-rich forests with Picea abies
9060 Coniferous forests on, or connected to, glaciofluvial eskers
9070 Fennoscandian wooded pastures
9080 Fennoscandian deciduous swamp woods
9140 Medio-European subalpine beech woods with Acer and Rumex arifolius
9170 Galio-Carpinetum oak-hornbeam forests
9180 Tilio-Acerion forests of slopes, screes and ravines
9190 Old acidophilous oak woods with Quercus robur on sandy plains
91D0 Bog woodland
91H0 Pannonian woods with Quercus pubescens
91I0 Euro-Siberian steppic woods with Quercus spp
91J0 Taxus baccata woods of the British Isles
9210 Apeninne beech forests with Taxus and Ilex
9220 Apennine beech forests with Abies alba and beech forests with Abies nebrodensis
9230 Galicio-Portuguese oak woods with Quercus robur and Quercus pyrenaica
9240 Quercus faginea and Quercus canariensis Iberian woods
9270 Hellenic beech forests with Abies borisii-regis
9280 Quercus frainetto woods
9290 Cupressus forests (Acero-Cupression)
92B0 Riparian formations on intermittent Mediterranean water courses with Rhododendron ponticum, Salix and others
92D0 Southern riparian galleries and thickets (Nerio-Tamaricetea and Securinegion tinctoriae)
9320 Olea and Ceratonia forests
9350 Quercus macrolepis forests
9360 Macaronesian laurel forests (Laurus, Ocotea)
9370 Palm groves of Phoenix
9380 Forests of Ilex aquifolium
9410 Acidophilous Picea forests of the montane to alpine levels (Vaccinio-Piceetea)
9420 Alpine Larix decidua and/or Pinus cembra forests
9430 Subalpine and montane Pinus uncinata forests (* if on gypsum or limestone)
9510 Southern Apennine Abies alba forests
9520 Abies pinsapo forests
9530 (Sub-) Mediterranean pine forests with endemic black pines
9540 Mediterranean pine forests with endemic Mesogean pines
9550 Canary Island endemic pine forests
9560 Endemic forests with Juniperus spp
9570 Tetraclinis articulata forests
9580 Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods
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