Palaearctic Habitats. PHYSIS Data Base. 1996, last updated 1999.

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Title Palaearctic Habitats. PHYSIS Data Base. 1996, last updated 1999.
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Source Devillers, P., Devillers-Terschuren, J. and Vander Linden, C. [edited ETC/BD]
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Created 2001-01-01
Is Version Of Palaearctic Habitats. PHYSIS Data Base. 1996, last updated 1999.

Habitats related to this reference

A1.141 Association with Lithophyllum byssoides
A2.511 Atlantic saltmarsh and drift rough grass communities
A2.512 Atlantic saltmarsh driftline annual communities
A2.513 Mediterranean saltmarsh driftlines
A2.521 Atlantic and Baltic brackish saltmarsh communities
A2.5211 Pearlwort-saltmarsh grass swards
A2.5212 Baltic Carex paleacea swards
A2.5213 Baltic Carex mackenziei swards
A2.5214 Baltic salt basin Agrostis-Triglochin swards
A2.5215 Baltic Deschampsia bottnica swards
A2.522 Mediterranean Juncus maritimus and Juncus acutus saltmarshes
A2.523 Mediterranean short Juncus, Carex, Hordeum and Trifolium saltmeadows
A2.524 Mediterranean Elymus or Artemisia stands
A2.525 Mediterranean Juncus subulatus beds
A2.526 Mediterranean saltmarsh scrubs
A2.5261 Creeping glasswort mats
A2.5262 Shrubby glasswort thickets
A2.5263 Glaucous glasswort thickets
A2.5264 Shrubby seablite thickets
A2.5265 Mediterranean sea-purslane-woody glasswort scrubs
A2.5266 Mediterranean Halocnemum scrub
A2.527 Atlantic salt scrubs
A2.5271 Silver scrubs
A2.5272 Atlantic creeping glasswort mats
A2.5273 Atlantic shrubby seablite scrubs
A2.5274 Atlantic shrubby glasswort scrubs
A2.528 Mediterranean Limoniastrum scrubs
A2.529 Canary Island saltmarsh scrubs
A2.531 Atlantic upper shore communities
A2.5311 Atlantic Juncus gerardii saltmeadows
A2.5312 Atlantic Plantago maritima saltmeadows
A2.5313 Atlantic Festuca rubra-Agrostis stolonifera swards
A2.5314 Atlantic thrift swards
A2.5315 Atlantic Carex distans beds
A2.5316 Atlantic Carex extensa saltmeadows
A2.5317 Atlantic sea lavender meadows
A2.5318 Atlantic Blysmus salt meadows
A2.5319 Atlantic Eleocharis salt meadows
A2.531A Atlantic Juncus maritimus beds
A2.531B Atlantic sea wormwood salt meadows
A2.531C Atlantic Potentilla anserina carpets
A2.531D Atlantic sea-heath communities
A2.531E Atlantic upper schorre sea aster beds
A2.531F Atlantic strawberry clover swards
A2.531G Atlantic black sedge salt meadows
A2.531H Scandinavian bogrush shore communities
A2.531I Northern Agrostis-Festuca-Leontodon communities
A2.531J Fenno-Scandian Calamagrostis stricta-sedge swards
A2.531K Baltic Carex scandinavica swards
A2.532 Mediterranean halo-psammophile meadows
A2.533 Upper shore arctic salt meadows
A2.534 Sulphurous arctic salt meadows
A2.541 Atlantic saltmarsh grass lawns
A2.542 Atlantic lower shore communities
A2.5421 Sea purslane-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5422 Sea aster-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5423 Glasswort-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5424 Atlantic stalked orache beds
A2.5425 Pelvetia-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5426 Catabrosa-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5427 Glaux-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5428 Plantago-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.5429 Limonium-saltmarsh grass meadows
A2.543 Mediterranean coastal-saltmarsh grass swards
A2.544 Lower shore arctic salt meadows
A2.551 Salicornia, Suaeda and Salsola pioneer saltmarshes
A2.5514 Salicornia veneta swards
A2.5515 Black Sea annual Salicornia, Suaeda and Salsola saltmarshes
A2.5516 Low-shore Mediterranean glasswort swards
A2.552 Mediterranean coastal halo-nitrophilous pioneer communities
A2.553 Atlantic Sagina maritima communities
A2.554 Flat-leaved Spartina swards
A2.555 Spartina densiflora swards
A2.611 Mainland Atlantic Zostera noltii or Zostera angustifolia meadows
A2.612 Macaronesian Zostera noltii meadows
A2.613 Pontic Zostera marina and Zostera noltii meadows
A2.621 Eleocharis beds
A2.6211 Eleocharis parvula beds
A2.6212 Bothnian Eleocharis acicularis beds
A4.26 Mediterranean coralligenous communities moderately exposed to hydrodynamic action
A4.32 Mediterranean coralligenous communities sheltered from hydrodynamic action
A5.531 Cymodocea beds
A5.5311 Macaronesian Cymodocea beds
A5.5312 Lusitanian Cymodocea beds
A5.5313 Mediterranean Cymodocea beds
A5.532 Halophila beds
A5.5321 Canary Island Halophila beds
A5.5322 Mediterranean Halophila beds
A5.5332 Mediterranean and Pontic Zostera noltii beds
A5.5334 Mediterranean Zostera hornemanniana beds
A5.5341 Middle European Ruppia and Zannichellia communities
A5.5342 Tethyan marine Ruppia communities
A5.535 Posidonia beds
A5.543 Vegetation of brackish waters dominated by Ranunculus baudotii
A5.627 Baltic mussel beds in the infralittoral photic zone
A6.733 Oceanic ridge without hydrothermal effects
A6.82 Deep-sea trenches
A6.9111 Cold seep benthic communities of hadal zone
A7.82 Mesopelagic zone in unstratified full salinity water
A8.1 Sea ice
A8.12 Permanent pack-ice
A8.13 Ice floes
A8.2 Freshwater ice
B1.11 Boreo-Arctic sand beach annual communities
B1.12 Middle European sand beach annual communities
B1.121 Baltic sand beach annual communities
B1.13 Tethyan sand beach driftline communities
B1.131 Western Tethyan sand beach annual communities
B1.132 Pontic sand beach annual communities
B1.133 Pontic sand beach perennial communities
B1.21 Unvegetated sand beaches above the driftline
B1.23 Boreo-arctic sand beach perennial communities
B1.231 North Sea sand beach perennial communities
B1.232 Baltic sand beach perennial communities
B1.233 Boreo-Bothnian sand beach perennial communities
B1.234 Icelandic sand beach perennial communities
B1.3 Shifting coastal dunes
B1.31 Embryonic shifting dunes
B1.311 Atlantic embryonic dunes
B1.312 Western Tethyan embryonic dunes
B1.313 Pontic embryonic dunes
B1.32 White dunes
B1.321 Atlantic white dunes
B1.322 Western Tethyan white dunes
B1.323 Canario-Saharan white dunes
B1.324 Pontic white dunes
B1.33 Young boreo-arctic dunes
B1.41 Northern fixed grey dunes
B1.411 Crested-hairgrass dune communities
B1.412 Grey-hairgrass dune communities
B1.413 Mouse-ear dune communities
B1.42 Biscay fixed grey dunes
B1.43 Mediterraneo-Atlantic fixed grey dunes
B1.44 East Mediterranean fixed grey dunes
B1.45 Atlantic dune Mesobromion grassland
B1.46 Atlantic dune thermophile fringes
B1.47 Dune fine-grass annual communities
B1.48 Tethyan dune deep sand therophyte communities
B1.49 Dune Mediterranean xeric grassland
B1.4A Thermo-Atlantic succulent and semi-fixed dunes
B1.4B Pontic fixed dunes
B1.4B1 Western Pontic fixed dunes
B1.4B11 Southwestern Pontic fixed dunes
B1.4B12 Northwestern Pontic fixed dunes
B1.4B2 Eastern Pontic fixed dunes
B1.4B3 Southern Pontic fixed dunes
B1.4C Boreo-arctic grey dunes
B1.51 Empetrum brown dunes
B1.52 Calluna vulgaris brown dunes
B1.521 East Anglian ling coastal dune heaths
B1.522 French ling coastal dune heaths
B1.523 British bell heather coastal dune heaths
B1.524 French bell heather coastal dune heaths
B1.525 French Dorset heath coastal dune heaths
B1.526 Iberian green heather coastal dune heaths
B1.527 Iberian Dorset heath coastal dune heaths
B1.528 Northern ling coastal dune heaths
B1.6 Coastal dune scrub
B1.61 Coastal dune thickets
B1.611 Hippophae rhamnoides dune thickets
B1.612 Western nemoral mixed dune thickets
B1.62 Salix arenaria mats
B1.63 Dune Juniperus thickets
B1.631 Dune prickly juniper thickets
B1.632 Lycian juniper thickets
B1.633 Rufescent juniper thickets
B1.634 Common juniper dune thickets
B1.64 Dune sclerophyllous scrubs and thickets
B1.8 Moist and wet dune slacks
B1.81 Dune-slack pools
B1.82 Dune-slack pioneer swards
B1.83 Dune-slack fens
B1.84 Dune-slack grassland and heaths
B1.85 Dune-slack reedbeds, sedgebeds and canebeds
B2 Coastal shingle
B2.1 Shingle beach driftlines
B2.11 Boreo-arctic gravel beach annual communities
B2.12 Atlantic and Baltic shingle beach drift lines
B2.13 Gravel beach communities of the mediterranean region
B2.31 Baltic Crambe maritima communities
B2.32 Channel Crambe maritima communities
B2.33 Atlantic Crambe maritima communities
B2.41 Euro-Siberian gravel bank grasslands
B2.51 Euro-Siberian gravel bank heaths
B3.21 High Arctic sea-cliffs and rocky shores
B3.22 Atlantic low Arctic sea-cliffs and rocky shores
B3.23 Temperate Atlantic sea-cliffs and rocky shores
B3.24 Unvegetated Baltic rocky shores and cliffs
B3.25 Subtropical Atlantic sea-cliffs and rocky shores
B3.26 Mediterraneo-Pontic sea-cliffs and rocky shores
B3.31 Atlantic sea-cliff communities
B3.33 Tethyan sea-cliff communities
B3.331 Western Tethyan sea-cliff communities
B3.332 Pontic sea-cliff communities
B3.3321 Western Pontic herbaceous sea-cliff communities
B3.3322 Western Pontic sea-cliff Ficus thickets
B3.3323 Western Pontic low cliff communities
B3.3324 Eastern Pontic sea-cliff communities
B3.3325 Southern Pontic sea-cliff communities
B3.34 Canary Island and Madeiran sea-cliff communities
B3.35 Azorean sea-cliff communities
B3.36 Coastal lagoon cliff communities
B3.361 Pantellerian lagoon cliff communities
B3.362 Pontic saline lagoon cliffs
C1.11 Benthic communities of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.12 Rooted submerged vegetation of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.13 Rooted floating vegetation of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.131 Oligotrophic pondweed communities
C1.14 Charophyte submerged carpets in oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.141 Chara carpets
C1.142 Nitella carpets
C1.15 Peatmoss and Utricularia communities of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.21 Benthic communities of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.22 Free-floating vegetation of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.221 Duckweed covers
C1.222 Floating Hydrocharis morsus-ranae rafts
C1.223 Floating Stratiotes aloides rafts
C1.224 Floating Utricularia australis and Utricularia vulgaris colonies
C1.225 Floating Salvinia natans mats
C1.226 Floating Aldrovanda vesiculosa communities
C1.23 Rooted submerged vegetation of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.231 Large pondweed beds
C1.232 Small pondweed communities
C1.24 Rooted floating vegetation of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.241 Floating broad-leaved carpets
C1.2411 Waterlily beds
C1.24111 Nuphar beds
C1.24112 Northern Nymphaea beds
C1.24113 Transylvanian hot-spring lotus beds
C1.2412 Water chestnut carpets
C1.2413 Fringed waterlily carpets
C1.2414 Broad-leaved pondweed carpets
C1.2415 Amphibious bistort carpets
C1.2416 Nelumbo nucifera beds
C1.25 Charophyte submerged carpets in mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.26 Peatmoss and Utricularia communities of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.31 Benthic communities of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.32 Free-floating vegetation of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.33 Rooted submerged vegetation of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.34 Rooted floating vegetation of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.341 Shallow-water floating communities
C1.3411 Ranunculus communities in shallow water
C1.3412 Water starwort communities
C1.3413 Hottonia palustris beds in shallow water
C1.4 Permanent dystrophic lakes, ponds and pools
C1.41 Benthic communities of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.42 Rooted submerged vegetation of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.43 Rooted floating vegetation of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.44 Charophyte submerged carpets in dystrophic waterbodies
C1.45 Peatmoss and Utricularia communities of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.46 Raised bog pools
C1.461 Bog eye (kolk)
C1.462 Lesser bog pools
C1.47 Lagg
C1.51 Athalassic saline lakes
C1.511 Salt basins and salt basin pelagic communities
C1.5111 Boreal, nemoral and arctic salt lakes
C1.5112 Mediterranean salt lakes
C1.5113 Ponto-Pannonic salt lakes
C1.512 Submerged charophyte carpets in inland saline or hypersaline waterbodies
C1.513 Salt basin benthic communities
C1.52 Athalassic saline euhydrophyte communities
C1.521 Submerged macrophyte communities of inland saline and brackish waters
C1.5211 Athalassic tasselweed communities
C1.5212 Athalassic seagrass communities
C1.523 Brackish water floating vegetation
C1.61 Lime-deficient oligotrophic temporary waters
C1.62 Mesotrophic temporary waters
C1.63 Eutrophic temporary waters
C1.64 Dystrophic temporary waters
C1.65 Lime-rich oligo-mesotrophic temporary waters
C1.67 Turlough and lake-bottom meadows
C1.68 Benthic communities of temporary waters
C1.69 Rooted floating vegetation of temporary waterbodies
C1.7 Permanent lake ice
C2.121 Petrifying springs with tufa or travertine formations
C2.13 Geysers
C2.14 Thermal springs
C2.141 Mediterranean thermal springs
C2.142 Macaronesian thermal springs
C2.143 Icelandic thermal springs
C2.144 Peri-Alpine thermal springs
C2.145 Peri-Caucasian hot springs
C2.16 Crenal streams (spring brooks)
C2.18 Acid oligotrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.19 Lime-rich oligotrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.1A Mesotrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.1B Eutrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.21 Epirhithral and metarhithral streams
C2.22 Hyporhithral streams
C2.24 Waterfalls
C2.25 Acid oligotrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.26 Lime-rich oligotrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.27 Mesotrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.28 Eutrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.31 Epipotamal streams
C2.32 Metapotamal and hypopotamal streams
C2.33 Mesotrophic vegetation of slow-flowing rivers
C2.34 Eutrophic vegetation of slow-flowing rivers
C2.41 Brackish water tidal rivers
C2.42 Freshwater tidal rivers
C2.43 Mesotrophic vegetation of tidal rivers
C2.44 Eutrophic vegetation of tidal rivers
C3.11 Beds of small helophytes of fast-flowing waters
C3.21 Phragmites australis beds
C3.211 Flooded Phragmites beds
C3.2111 Freshwater Phragmites beds
C3.2112 Inland saline water Phragmites beds
C3.22 Scirpus lacustris beds
C3.23 Typha beds
C3.231 Typha latifolia beds
C3.232 Typha angustifolia beds
C3.24 Medium-tall non-graminoid waterside communities
C3.241 Arrowhead communities
C3.242 Neglected bur-reed communities
C3.243 Erect bur-reed communities
C3.244 Sweet flag communities
C3.245 Flowering rush communities
C3.246 Water dropwort-great yellowcress communities
C3.247 Water horsetail beds
C3.248 Water parsnip communities
C3.249 Marestail beds
C3.24A Common spikerush beds
C3.24B Iris beds
C3.25 Water-fringe medium-tall grass beds
C3.251 Sweetgrass beds
C3.252 Eurasian Leersia beds
C3.253 Eurasian Scolochloa beds
C3.254 Water-fringe Calamagrostis beds
C3.26 Phalaris arundinacea beds
C3.27 Halophile Scirpus, Bolboschoenus and Schoenoplectus beds
C3.28 Riparian Cladium mariscus beds
C3.31 Saccharum ravennae communities
C3.32 Arundo donax beds
C3.4 Species-poor beds of low-growing water-fringing or amphibious vegetation
C3.41 Euro-Siberian perennial amphibious communities
C3.411 Shoreweed lawns, lobelia ponds, quillwort swards
C3.4111 Shoreweed lawns
C3.4112 Lobelia ponds
C3.4113 Euro-Siberian quillwort swards
C3.4114 Floating bur-reed communities
C3.4115 Boreo-Arctic lake mud communities
C3.4116 Myriophyllum alterniflorum communities
C3.412 Spike-rush shallow-water swards
C3.413 Acid pool fringe shallow-water swards
C3.4131 Eleocharis multicaulis communities
C3.4132 Dune slack shoreweed swards
C3.4133 Pilularia swards
C3.4134 Juncus bulbosus communities
C3.4135 Scirpus fluitans communities
C3.4136 Apium inundatum communities
C3.414 Baldellia shore swards
C3.415 Shore hairgrass swards
C3.42 Mediterraneo-Atlantic amphibious communities
C3.421 Short Mediterranean amphibious communities
C3.4211 Terrestrial quillwort communities
C3.4212 Mediterranean aquatic quillwort swards
C3.4213 Azorean quillwort swards
C3.4214 Mediterranean small galingale swards
C3.4215 Mediterranean Fimbristylis swards
C3.4216 Mediterranean Chaetopogon swards
C3.4217 Bog pimpernell-summer lady's tresses communities
C3.4218 Mediterranean amphibious small herb communities
C3.4219 Mediterranean dwarf Scirpus swards
C3.421A Mediterranean Eleocharis swards
C3.422 Tall Mediterranean amphibious communities
C3.423 Mediterranean amphibious crypsis swards
C3.43 Central Eurasian amphibious communities
C3.431 Ponto-Pannonic riverbank dwarf sedge communities
C3.432 Ponto-Pannonic rice-field dwarf sedge communities
C3.433 Ponto-Pannonic halo-nitrophile amphibious swards
C3.44 Eleocharis parvula and Eleocharis acicularis beds of inland saline and brackish waters
C3.45 Nasturtium officinale (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) beds
C3.51 Euro-Siberian dwarf annual amphibious swards
C3.511 Freshwater dwarf Eleocharis communities
C3.512 Dune-slack Centaurium swards
C3.513 Dwarf toad-rush communities
C3.5131 Toad-rush swards
C3.5132 Swards of small Cyperus species
C3.5133 Wet ground dwarf herb communities
C3.52 Bidens communities (of lake and pond shores)
C3.53 Euro-Siberian annual river mud communities
C3.54 Boreo-arctic river mud communities
C3.55 Sparsely vegetated river gravel banks
C3.551 Boreo-alpine stream gravel habitats
C3.552 Montane river gravel habitats
C3.5521 River gravel chondrilla communities
C3.5522 Small-reed river gravel communities
C3.55221 Carpatho-Alpine small-reed river gravel communities
C3.55222 Pyreneo-Cantabric small-reed river gravel communities
C3.5523 Figwort river gravel communities
C3.5524 Ponto-Caucasian river gravel communities
C3.553 Mediterranean river gravel habitats
C3.554 Northern lowland river gravel communities
C3.61 Unvegetated river sand banks
C3.62 Unvegetated river gravel banks
C3.63 Unvegetated river mud banks
C3.64 Exposed unvegetated freshwater lake sands and shingles
C3.65 Exposed unvegetated freshwater lake muds
C3.66 Exposed unvegetated beaches of inland saline and brackish waters with soft sediments
C3.71 Periodically exposed river-bed rocks, pavements and blocks
D1.11 Active, relatively undamaged raised bogs
D1.111 Raised bog hummocks, ridges and lawns
D1.1111 Colourful sphagnum hummocks (bulten)
D1.11111 Sphagnum magellanicum hummocks
D1.11112 Sphagnum fuscum hummocks
D1.11113 Sphagnum rubellum hummock wreaths
D1.11114 Sphagnum rubellum hummocks
D1.11115 Sphagnum imbricatum hummocks
D1.11116 Sphagnum papillosum hummocks
D1.11117 Sphagnum capillifolium hummocks
D1.11118 Sphagnum angustifolium hummocks
D1.1112 Bog cottonsedge-sphagnum lawns and green hummock bases
D1.11121 Eriophorum-Sphagnum tenellum lawns
D1.11122 Eriophorum-Sphagnum pulchrum lawns
D1.11123 Eriophorum-Sphagnum papillosum lawns
D1.11124 Eriophorum-Sphagnum capillifolium lawns
D1.11125 Eriophorum-Sphagnum recurvum lawns
D1.11126 Eriophorum-Sphagnum fuscum lawns
D1.11127 Eriophorum-Sphagnum rubellum lawns
D1.11128 Eriophorum-Sphagnum balticum lawns
D1.11129 Eriophorum-Sphagnum angustifolium lawns
D1.1112A Eriophorum-Sphagnum magellanicum lawns
D1.1113 Dwarf shrub hummocks
D1.11131 Ling dwarf shrub hummocks
D1.11132 Cross-leaved heather shrub hummocks
D1.11133 Crowberry shrub hummocks
D1.11134 Vaccinium shrub hummocks
D1.11135 Labrador tea shrub hummocks
D1.11136 Bog myrtle hummocks
D1.11137 Dwarf birch hummocks
D1.11138 Cloudberry hummocks
D1.11139 Leatherleaf hummocks
D1.1114 Bog deergrass communities
D1.1115 Bog Erica-Sphagnum communities
D1.1116 Raised bog species-poor cottonsedge communities
D1.112 Raised bog hollows (schlenken)
D1.1121 Sphagnum schlenken
D1.1122 Mud-bottom schlenken
D1.113 Raised bog seeps and soaks
D1.1131 Bog asphodel seeps
D1.1132 Bog myrtle soaks
D1.114 Boreoalpine dwarf-shrub hummocks on raised bogs
D1.121 Damaged, inactive bogs, dominated by dense Molinia
D1.14 Myrica gale scrub on raised bogs
D1.21 Hyperoceanic low-altitude blanket bogs, typically with dominant Trichophorum
D1.211 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog plateaux
D1.212 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog sphagnum carpets
D1.213 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog Trichophorum cespitosum heaths
D1.214 Western Irish Drosera intermedia flush communities
D1.215 Western Irish Juncus bulbosus flush communities
D1.216 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog hollows and pools
D1.22 Montane blanket bogs, Calluna and Eriophorum vaginatum often dominant
D1.221 Hiberno-Britannic Eriophorum-Calluna blanket bogs
D1.222 Britannic Eriophorum vaginatum blanket bogs
D1.223 Hiberno-Britannic upland blanket bog sphagnum mats
D1.224 Hiberno-Britannic dwarf shrub-Eriophorum upland bogs
D1.225 Hiberno-Britannic Racomitrium lanuginosum upland bog hummocks
D1.226 Hiberno-Britannic upland blanket bog wet heaths
D1.227 Hiberno-Britannic upland blanket bog hollows and pools
D1.231 Southern boreo-Atlantic Eriophorum - Calluna bogs
D1.232 Southern boreo-Atlantic Calluna - Racomitrium lanuginosum moss bogs
D1.233 Southern boreo-Atlantic blanket bog hollow communities
D1.234 Northern boreo-Atlantic Calluna - Empetrum - Sphagnum fuscum blanket bogs
D1.235 Northern boreo-Atlantic blanket bog hollow communities
D2.21 Eriophorum scheuchzeri fens
D2.211 Alpide cottonsedge lake girdles
D2.212 Boreal Eriophorum scheuchzeri fens
D2.22 Carex nigra, Carex canescens, Carex echinata fens
D2.221 Peri-Alpine black-white-star and tall bog sedge fens
D2.2211 Subalpine black sedge fens
D2.2212 Central Alpine tall bog sedge fens
D2.222 Sub-Atlantic black-white-star sedge fens
D2.2221 Sub-Atlantic Carex acidic fens
D2.2222 Sub-Atlantic Carex-Juncus acidic fens
D2.2223 Sub-Atlantic Carex-Sphagnum fens
D2.2224 Sub-Atlantic Carex-Juncus-Sphagnum fens
D2.2225 Sub-Atlantic Agrostis-Sphagnum fens
D2.223 British black-white-star sedge acidic fens
D2.224 Pyrenean black sedge acidic fens
D2.225 Iberian black sedge acidic fens
D2.226 Peri-Danubian black-white-star sedge fens
D2.2261 Carpathian black-white-star sedge acidic fens
D2.2262 Dinaric black-star sedge acidic fens
D2.2263 Rhodopide black-star sedge acidic fens
D2.2264 Peri-Pannonic black-white-star sedge fens
D2.2265 Balkanic black-star sedge fens
D2.2266 Moeso-Macedonian black-star sedge fens
D2.23 Apennine acidic fens
D2.24 Carex intricata pozzines (wet depressions surrounding glacial lakes)
D2.241 Nevadan Borreguile fens
D2.242 Corsican intricated sedge pozzines
D2.243 Nebrodi pozzines
D2.25 Trichophorum cespitosum and Narthecium ossifragum acidic fens
D2.251 Perialpine deergrass acidic fens
D2.252 Pyrenean deergrass and bog asphodel acidic fens
D2.253 Cantabrian deergrass and bog asphodel acidic fens
D2.254 Middle European deergrass and bog asphodel acidic fens
D2.255 Corsican deergrass fens
D2.26 Eriophorum angustifolium fens
D2.27 Dunal sedge acidic fens
D2.28 Illyrio-Moesian acidic fens
D2.281 Pelagonide fens
D2.2811 Pelagonide bog-asphodel fens
D2.2812 Pelagonide Macedonian sedge fens
D2.282 Montenegrine willemetia fens
D2.283 Illyrian sedge-beak-sedge fens
D2.29 Boreal acidic Sphagnum fens
D2.291 Boreal Eriophorum vaginatum sphagnum fens
D2.2911 Eriophorum vaginatum-Carex pauciflora sphagnum fens
D2.2912 Eriophorum vaginatum-deergrass-sphagnum fens
D2.2913 Boreal stiff sedge-sphagnum fens
D2.292 Boreal purple moorgrass-deergrass fens
D2.2921 Boreal purple moorgrass-deergrass-sphagnum fens
D2.2922 Boreal purple moorgrass-deergrass-brown moss-sphagnum fens
D2.293 Boreoalpine Sphagnum lindbergii mires
D2.2931 Sedge and cottongrass boreoalpine Sphagnum lindbergii mires
D2.2932 Deergrass boreoalpine Sphagnum lindbergii mires
D2.2A Myrica gale scrub on poor fens
D2.2B Caucasian acidic fens
D2.2C Soft water spring mires
D2.2C1 Soft water bryophyte springs
D2.2C11 Montane soft water moss springs
D2.2C12 Philonotis-Saxifraga stellaris springs
D2.2C13 Pohlia springs
D2.2C14 Boreoalpine soft water hepatic springs
D2.2C15 Britannic Anthelia springs
D2.2C16 Boreal meadow springs
D2.2C17 Soft water lichen springs
D2.2C18 Permafrost seeps
D2.2C2 Bittercress springs
D2.2C3 Oro-Mediterranean soft water spring mires
D2.31 Carex lasiocarpa swards
D2.311 Brown moss slender-sedge swards
D2.312 Sphagnum slender-sedge swards
D2.313 Brown moss-sphagnum slender-sedge swards
D2.32 Carex diandra quaking mires
D2.33 Carex rostrata quaking mires
D2.331 Acidocline bottle sedge quaking mires
D2.332 Basicline bottle sedge quaking mires
D2.3321 Basicline sphagnum-bottle sedge quaking mires
D2.3322 Brown moss-bottle sedge quaking mires
D2.34 Carex limosa swards
D2.341 Brown moss-mud sedge swards
D2.342 Sphagnum-mud sedge swards
D2.343 Boreal mud sedge swards
D2.35 Carex chordorrhiza swards
D2.36 Carex heleonastes swards
D2.37 Rhynchospora alba quaking bogs
D2.38 Sphagnum and Eriophorum rafts
D2.39 Menyanthes trifoliata and Potentilla palustris rafts
D2.391 Boreo-nemoral bog bean and marsh cinquefoil rafts
D2.392 Oroboreal bog bean-sphagnum rafts
D2.393 Boreoalpine dwarf willow quaking bogs
D2.394 Boreal bogbean-brown moss carpets
D2.395 Boreal cowbane-willowherb-Calliergon quaking bogs
D2.396 Fennoscandian Paludella spring bogs
D2.3A Calla palustris mires
D2.3B Brown moss carpets
D2.3C Eriophorum vaginatum quaking bogs
D2.3D Molinia caerulea quaking bogs
D2.3E Calamagrostis stricta quaking bogs
D2.3F Scirpus hudsonianus (Trichophorum alpinum) quaking bogs
D2.3G Iberian quaking bogs
D2.3H Wet, open, acid peat and sand, with Rhynchospora alba and Drosera
D2.3H1 Nemoral bare peat communities
D2.3H2 Boreal mud-bottom communities
D3.11 Palsa mounds
D3.111 Northern Fennoscandian palsa mounds
D3.112 Icelandic palsa mounds
D3.12 Sphagnum fuscum pounikko hummocks
D3.13 Palsa mire flarks
D3.21 Aapa strings
D3.211 Sphagnum fuscum aapa strings
D3.212 Sedge-Sphagnum papillosum aapa strings
D3.213 Cottonsedge aapa strings
D3.214 Purple moorgrass aapa strings
D3.215 Dwarf shrub aapa strings
D3.22 Aapa flarks
D3.221 Algae and hepatic flarks
D3.222 Sphagnum flarks
D3.223 Brown moss flarks
D3.224 Small sedge mud-bottom flarks
D3.225 Small-sedge rich fen flarks
D3.226 Small-sedge acidic fen flarks
D3.227 Small-sedge transition mire flarks
D3.228 Tall sedge flarks
D3.31 Polygon mire ridges
D3.32 Polygon mire hollows
D4.11 Schoenus nigricans fens
D4.111 Hiberno-Britannic black bogrush fens
D4.112 Germano-Gallic black bogrush fens
D4.113 Central European black bogrush fens
D4.114 Illyrian black bogrush fens
D4.115 Pannonic black bogrush fens
D4.116 Intra-Carpathian black bogrush fens
D4.12 Schoenus ferrugineus fens
D4.121 Peri-Alpine brown bogrush fens
D4.122 Scottish brown bogrush fens
D4.123 Northern brown bogrush fens
D4.13 Subcontinental Carex davalliana fens
D4.131 Peri-Alpine Davall sedge fens
D4.132 Deergrass Davall sedge fens
D4.133 Bohemio-Pannonic Davall sedge fens
D4.134 Carpathian Davall sedge fens
D4.135 Northern Davall sedge fens
D4.136 Dinaric carnation-tawny sedge fens
D4.14 Pyrenean Carex davalliana fens
D4.15 Carex dioica, Carex pulicaris and Carex flava fens
D4.151 British dioecious-yellow sedge fens
D4.152 Northern dioecious-yellow-tawny sedge fens
D4.1521 Fennoscandian brown moss yellow sedge fens
D4.1522 Fennoscandian Sphagnum warnstorfii yellow sedge fens
D4.1523 Eastern Baltic tawny sedge fens
D4.153 Middle European yellow sedge fens
D4.154 Cantabrian yellow sedge fens
D4.155 Eastern Iberian rich fens
D4.156 Flea sedge fens
D4.16 Carex nigra alkaline fens
D4.161 Middle European black sedge rich fens
D4.162 Boreal black sedge-brown moss fens
D4.163 Icelandic black sedge-brown moss fens
D4.17 Carex saxatilis fens
D4.18 Carex frigida fens
D4.19 British Carex demissa - Saxifraga aizoides flushes
D4.1A Eleocharis quinqueflora fens
D4.1B Mediterranean and Central Eurasian small sedge fens
D4.1C Carex rostrata alkaline fens
D4.1D Scirpus hudsonianus (Trichophorum alpinum) alkaline fens
D4.1E Trichophorum cespitosum alkaline fens
D4.1F Middle European Blysmus compressus fens
D4.1G Small herb alkaline fens
D4.1H Calcareous dunal Juncus - sedge fens
D4.1I Tall herb fens
D4.1J Icelandic Carex bigelowii fens
D4.1K Sesleria caerulea fens
D4.1L Icelandic Equisetum palustre fens
D4.1M Myrica gale scrub on rich fens
D4.1N Hard water spring mires
D4.1N1 Middle European calcareous spring mires
D4.1N11 Hard water bryophyte springs
D4.1N12 Great horsetail springs
D4.1N13 Variegated horsetail springs
D4.1N14 Small herb calcareous springs
D4.1N15 Polish scurvy-grass springs
D4.1N16 Carpathian oriental leopardsbane communities
D4.1N2 Boreo-alpine calcareous spring mires
D4.1N3 Illyro-Balkanic calcareous spring mires
D4.1N4 Caucasian calcareous spring mires
D4.1N5 Anatolian calcareous spring mires
D4.2 Basic mountain flushes and streamsides, with a rich arctic-montane flora
D4.21 Arctoalpine Kobresia simpliciuscula and Carex microglochin swards
D4.22 Alpine riverine Carex maritima (Carex incurva) swards
D4.23 Arctoalpine riverine Equisetum, Typha and Juncus swards
D4.24 British mica flushes
D4.25 Boreal Carex atrofusca swards
D4.26 Boreal marsh-fens
D4.261 Eriophorum marsh-fens
D4.262 Grass and forb marsh-fens
D4.263 Carex marsh-fens
D5.11 Phragmites australis beds normally without free-standing water
D5.111 Dry freshwater Phragmites beds
D5.12 Scirpus lacustris beds normally without free-standing water
D5.13 Typha beds normally without free-standing water
D5.131 Typha latifolia beds normally without free-standing water
D5.132 Typha angustifolia beds normally without free-standing water
D5.21 Beds of large Carex spp.
D5.211 Brown sedge beds
D5.212 Slender tufted sedge beds and related communities
D5.2121 Slender tufted sedge beds
D5.2122 Lesser pond sedge beds
D5.2123 Inn sedge beds
D5.2124 Banat sedge beds
D5.2125 Water sedge beds
D5.2126 Brotero sedge beds
D5.2127 Carex melanostachya beds
D5.2128 Carex hispida beds
D5.213 Greater pond sedge beds
D5.214 Bottle, bladder and slender sedge beds
D5.2141 Bottle sedge beds
D5.2142 Bladder sedge beds
D5.2143 Slender sedge beds
D5.215 Tufted sedge and sward sedge tussocks
D5.2151 Tufted sedge tussocks
D5.2152 Sward sedge tussocks
D5.216 Greater tussock sedge tussocks
D5.217 Smaller tussock sedge tussocks
D5.218 Cyperus sedge tussocks
D5.219 Fox sedge tussocks
D5.2191 True fox sedge tussocks
D5.2192 False fox sedge tussocks
D5.21A Club sedge beds
D5.21B Icelandic sedge beds
D5.22 Tall Cyperus beds, other than Cyperus papyrus
D5.221 Common galingale beds
D5.23 Cyperus papyrus swamps
D5.231 Cyane papyrus swamp
D5.24 Fen Cladium mariscus beds
D5.25 Valencia Cladium islands
D5.3 Swamps and marshes dominated by Juncus effusus or other large Juncus spp.
D6.1 Inland saltmarshes
D6.11 Interior European Puccinellia distans meadows
D6.12 Interior European saltmarsh Juncus gerardi and Elymus repens beds
D6.13 Interior European Halimione pedunculata beds
D6.14 Swards of Carpathian travertine concretions
D6.15 Interior Iberian Microcnemum and Salicornia swards
D6.151 Iberian Microcnemum swards
D6.152 Iberian interior Salicornia swards
D6.16 Interior central European and Anatolian Salicornia, Microcnemum, Suaeda and Salsola swards
D6.161 Pannonic glasswort-seablite-saltwort swards
D6.1611 Pannonic glasswort swards
D6.1612 Pannonic seablite swards
D6.1613 Pannonic saltwort communities
D6.1614 Pelagonian seablite swards
D6.162 Western Pontic glasswort-seablite-saltwort swards
D6.163 Central Eurasian glasswort swards
D6.17 Western European continental glasswort beds
D6.21 Dry halophile Phragmites beds
D6.22 Cyperus laevigatus beds
D6.23 Interior Iberian salt pan meadows
E1.11 Euro-Siberian rock debris swards
E1.111 Middle European stonecrop swards
E1.112 Sempervivum or Jovibarba communities on rock debris
E1.113 Middle European grassy rock debris communities
E1.1131 Poa badensis and garlic rock debris swards
E1.1132 Poa compressa rock debris swards
E1.1133 Melica ciliata rock debris swards
E1.114 Middle European rock debris small forb communities
E1.115 Fenno-Scandian pioneer rock swards
E1.12 Euro-Siberian pioneer calcareous sand swards
E1.21 Helleno-Balkanic Satureja montana steppes
E1.221 Sub-Pannonic steppes
E1.2211 Pre-Noric sub-Pannonic steppes
E1.2212 Pre-Bohemian sub-Pannonic steppes
E1.2213 Central Hungarian sub-Pannonic steppes
E1.2214 Pre-Illyrian sub-Pannonic steppes
E1.2215 Andropogonid sub-Pannonic steppes
E1.2216 Sub-Pannonic rock steppes
E1.222 Moesio-Carpathian steppes
E1.2221 Moesio-Carpathian feathergrass-fescue steppes
E1.2222 Moesio-Carpathian andropogonid steppes
E1.231 Sub-Pannonic meadow-steppes
E1.232 Sub-Pannonic wooded steppe meadows
E1.233 Dacio-Pannonic meadow-steppes
E1.234 Moesio-Carpathian meadow-steppes
E1.25 Alvar steppes
E1.26 Sub-Atlantic semi-dry calcareous grassland
E1.261 Northwestern semidry calcareous grasslands
E1.2611 Fenno-Scandian sub-Atlantic calcicolous grasslands
E1.2612 Hibernian dry calcicolous grasslands
E1.2613 Scotian dry calcicolous grasslands
E1.2614 Britannic Sesleria dry calcicolous grasslands
E1.2615 Vecto-Cambrian Festuca-Carlina grasslands
E1.2616 Southern Britannic dry calcicolous grasslands
E1.262 Middle European Bromus erectus semidry grasslands
E1.2621 Mosan Mesobromion
E1.2622 Low Meuse Mesobromion
E1.2623 Harz Mesobromion
E1.2624 Oder Mesobromion
E1.2625 Paris basin Cretaceous Mesobromion
E1.2626 Parisian Tertiary Mesobromion
E1.2627 Paris basin Jurassic Mesobromion
E1.2628 Middle Rhine Mesobromion
E1.2629 Upper Rhine Mesobromion
E1.262A Black Forest Mesobromion
E1.262B Western Jura Mesobromion
E1.262C Swabian Mesobromion
E1.262D Franconian Mesobromion
E1.262E Northwestern pre-Alpine Mesobromion
E1.262F Eastern peri-Alpine Mesobromion
E1.262G Ligerian Mesobromion
E1.262H Aquitanian Mesobromion
E1.262I Quercy Mesobromion
E1.262J Western Pyrenean Mesobromion
E1.262K Western Iberian Mesobromion
E1.262L Eastern Hercynian Mesobromion
E1.263 Middle European Brachypodium semidry grasslands
E1.264 Alluvial and humid Mesobromion grasslands
E1.265 Middle European Sesleria semidry grasslands
E1.266 Sub-Mediterranean Mesobromion
E1.267 Insubrian Mesobromion grasslands
E1.268 Central Apennine Mesobromion grasslands
E1.269 Illyrian Mesobromion grasslands
E1.2691 Illyrian brome-plantain grasslands
E1.2692 Illyrian Sesleria grasslands
E1.2693 Illyrian Molinia-Gladiolus grasslands
E1.27 Sub-Atlantic very dry calcareous grassland
E1.271 Southern Britannic Xerobromion grasslands
E1.272 Middle European Xerobromion grasslands
E1.2721 Mosan Xerobromion
E1.2722 Harz Xerobromion
E1.2723 Paris basin Cretaceous Xerobromion
E1.2724 Parisian Tertiary Xerobromion
E1.2725 Paris basin Jurassic Xerobromion
E1.2726 Middle Rhine Xerobromion
E1.2727 Upper Rhine Xerobromion
E1.2728 Western Jura Xerobromion
E1.2729 Swabian Xerobromion
E1.272A Franconian Xerobromion
E1.272B Northwestern pre-Alpine Xerobromion
E1.272C Bavarian Xerobromion
E1.272D Ligerian Xerobromion
E1.272E Aquitanian Xerobromion
E1.272F Quercy Xerobromion
E1.272G Pyrenean Xerobromion
E1.272H Southwestern Alpine Xerobromion
E1.272I Northern Apennine Xerobromion
E1.273 Hercynio-Jurassic blue moorgrass Xerobromion
E1.28 Central European calcaro-siliceous grassland
E1.281 Hercynian calcaro-siliceous stony grasslands
E1.282 Central European calcaro-siliceous sand grasslands
E1.2821 Calcicline Central European sand grasslands
E1.2822 Acidocline Central European sand grasslands
E1.2823 Substabilised Central European sand grasslands
E1.29 Festuca pallens grassland
E1.291 Calci-orophile pale fescue grasslands
E1.2911 Dealpine calciphile pale fescue grasslands
E1.29111 Peri-Alpine feathergrass rock grasslands
E1.29112 Peri-Alpine blue moorgrass rock grasslands
E1.29113 Peri-Carpathian dealpine rock grasslands
E1.29114 Pannonic Sesleria sadleriana rock grasslands
E1.29115 Bohemian dealpine rock grasslands
E1.2912 East Carpathian Sesleria rigida grasslands
E1.292 Calcicline pale fescue grasslands
E1.2921 Peri-Hercynian calcicline pale fescue grasslands
E1.2922 Circum-Pannonic calcicline pale fescue grasslands
E1.29221 Pre-Carpathian pale fescue grasslands
E1.292211 Pre-Carpathian Baden meadowgrass pale fescue grasslands
E1.292212 Pre-Carpathian Sesleria hungarica grasslands
E1.29222 Central Pannonic pale fescue grasslands
E1.292221 Pannonic dwarf sedge pale fescue grasslands
E1.292222 Pannonic seseli pale fescue grasslands
E1.292223 Pannonic brome pale fescue grasslands
E1.292224 Pannonic cinquefoil pale fescue grasslands
E1.29223 Pre-Dacic pale fescue grasslands
E1.293 Acidocline pale fescue grasslands
E1.2931 Hercynian siliceous pale fescue grasslands
E1.2932 Circum-Pannonic siliceous pale fescue grasslands
E1.29321 Pannonic siliceous spleenwort-melick rock grasslands
E1.29322 Pannonic Festuca pseudodalmatica rock grasslands
E1.29323 Transylvanian Festuca pseudodalmatica rock grasslands
E1.29324 Pannonic meadowgrass pale fescue grasslands
E1.2A Brachypodium phoenicoides swards
E1.2B Serpentine steppes
E1.2C Pannonic loess steppic grassland
E1.2C1 Pannonic loess steppes
E1.2C2 Pannonic tall forb meadow-steppes
E1.2C3 Pannonic semidesert steppes
E1.2C4 Pannonic loess pastures
E1.2D Ponto-Sarmatic steppes
E1.2D1 Western Pontic steppes
E1.2D2 Sarmatic steppes
E1.2D3 Eastern Pontic steppes
E1.2E Irano-Anatolian steppes
E1.2F Pannonic sand steppes
E1.2F1 Pannonic sand pioneer swards
E1.2F11 Drooping brome pioneer swards
E1.2F12 Corispermum pioneer swards
E1.2F13 Pannonic horsetail pioneer swards
E1.2F2 Pannonic open sand steppes
E1.2F21 Pannonic calciphile sand steppes
E1.2F211 Pannonic calciphile sand fescue steppes
E1.2F2111 Central Pannonic calciphile sand fescue steppes
E1.2F2112 Eastern Pannonic calciphile sand fescue steppes
E1.2F2113 Southern Pannonic calciphile sand fescue steppes
E1.2F212 Pannonic feathergrass sand steppes
E1.2F22 Pannonic acidophile sand fescue steppes
E1.2F3 Festuca wagneri sand steppes
E1.2F31 Central Pannonic Festuca wagneri sand steppes
E1.2F32 Deliblat Festuca wagneri sand steppes
E1.2F4 Pannonic closed sand steppes
E1.2F5 Pannonic sand puszta
E1.2G Ponto-Sarmatic sand steppes
E1.2H Irano-Anatolian sand steppes
E1.3 Mediterranean xeric grassland
E1.31 West Mediterranean xeric grassland
E1.311 Retuse torgrass swards
E1.312 Crau steppe
E1.313 Mediterranean annual communities of shallow soils
E1.3131 Western Mediterranean calciphile annual communities
E1.3132 Southeastern Iberian pre-desert annual communities
E1.3133 Iberian gypsum annual communities
E1.3134 Andalusian magnesium annual communities
E1.3135 Sicilian saxicolous annual communities
E1.3136 Northern Sicilian aster annual communities
E1.3137 Calabro-Sicilian esparto annual communities
E1.314 Causse dolomitic arenas
E1.32 Southwestern Mediterranean perennial pastures
E1.33 East Mediterranean xeric grassland
E1.331 Eastern retuse torgrass swards
E1.332 Helleno-Balkanic short grass and therophyte communities
E1.333 Asio-Mediterranean short grass and therophyte communities
E1.41 Stipa tenacissima steppes
E1.42 Lygeum spartum steppes
E1.421 Iberian esparto steppes
E1.422 Central Mediterranean esparto steppes
E1.423 Cretan esparto steppes
E1.43 Mediterranean steppes dominated by tall grasses other than Stipa tenacissima or Lygeum spartum
E1.431 Berceales
E1.432 Mediterranean feathergrass steppes
E1.433 Diss steppes
E1.434 Andropogonid grass steppes
E1.4341 Iberian andropogonid grass steppes
E1.4342 Provençal andropogonid grass steppes
E1.4343 Central Mediterranean andropogonid grass steppes
E1.4344 Helleno-Balkanic andropogonid grass steppes
E1.4345 Mediterraneo-Anatolian andropogonid grass steppes
E1.435 Andalusian fescue and oat grasslands
E1.4351 Calcicolous fescue and oat grasslands
E1.4352 Silicicolous fescue and oat grasslands
E1.4353 Carrascoy fescue and oat grasslands
E1.44 Cane steppes
E1.45 Sub-Mediterranean Artemisia steppes
E1.5 Mediterranean-montane grassland
E1.51 Mediterraneo-montane steppes
E1.511 Mediterraneo-montane Stipa steppes
E1.512 Mediterraneo-montane Sesleria steppes
E1.513 Mediterraneo-montane Festuca-Koeleria steppes
E1.514 Mediterraneo-montane Artemisia steppes
E1.52 Aphyllanthes grassland and supra-Mediterranean steppes
E1.53 Iberian Festuca frost-influenced grassland
E1.54 Central and southern Apennine dry grassland
E1.55 Eastern sub-Mediterranean dry grassland
E1.551 Lowland savory-chrysopogon dry grasslands
E1.5511 Helleno-Paeonian savory-chrysopogon dry grasslands
E1.5512 Dalmatian savory-chrysopogon dry grasslands
E1.55121 Dalmatian savory-fescue-hairgrass grasslands
E1.55122 Dalmatian sage-feathergrass grasslands
E1.55123 Dalmatian asphodel-chrysopogon grasslands
E1.55124 Dalmatian thrift grasslands
E1.55125 Dalmatian Aethionema grasslands
E1.55126 Dalmatian fescue grasslands
E1.552 Mountain savory-chrysopogon dry grasslands
E1.5521 Rock knapweed-dwarf sedge grasslands
E1.5522 Savory-edraianthus grasslands
E1.5523 Mucronated sedge grasslands
E1.5524 Triestine knapweed-chrysopogon grasslands
E1.5525 Silky greenwood-Sesleria grasslands
E1.553 Viper's grass dry grasslands
E1.5531 Viper's grass-lime sieglinglia grasslands
E1.5532 Spurge-chrysopogon grasslands
E1.5533 Restharrow-brome grasslands
E1.5534 Viper's grass-catsear grasslands
E1.5535 Lousewort-dwarf sedge grasslands
E1.5536 Croatian fescue-meadowgrass grasslands
E1.5537 Cleistogenes grasslands
E1.554 Bosnian dolomite grasslands
E1.61 Mediterranean subnitrophilous grass communities
E1.62 Meseta subnitrophilous crucifer communities
E1.63 Iberian southeastern subnitrophilous herb communities
E1.64 Eastern Mediterranean subnitrophilous herb communities
E1.71 Nardus stricta swards
E1.711 Insular Nardus-Galium grasslands
E1.712 Sub-Atlantic Nardus-Galium grasslands
E1.713 Beskid Calluna-Nardus grassland
E1.714 Bohemian orchid-matgrass swards
E1.715 Illyrian mat-grass swards
E1.72 Agrostis - Festuca grassland
E1.721 Nemoral Agrostis-Festuca grasslands
E1.722 Boreo-arctic Agrostis-Festuca grasslands
E1.7221 Boreo-subalpine Agrostis grasslands
E1.7222 Icelandic Anthoxanthum-Hierochloe grasslands
E1.7223 Northern boreal Festuca grasslands
E1.7224 Icelandic Festuca grasslands
E1.7225 Fenno-Scandian Avenula pratensis-Festuca rubra grasslands
E1.73 Deschampsia flexuosa grassland
E1.74 Calamagrostis epigejos stands
E1.75 Carex arenaria grassland
E1.81 Mediterranean therophytic siliceous grassland
E1.811 West Mediterranean siliceous grassland
E1.812 Dalmatian siliceous grassland
E1.82 Iberian Festuca elegans grassland
E1.83 Mediterraneo-montane Nardus stricta swards
E1.831 Iberian montane Nardus stricta swards
E1.832 Southern Italian Nardus stricta swards and related communities
E1.833 Balkanic montane Nardus stricta swards
E1.91 Dwarf annual siliceous grassland
E1.92 Perennial open siliceous grassland
E1.93 Corynephorus grassland
E1.94 Inland dune pioneer grassland
E1.95 Inland dune siliceous grassland
E1.96 Northern fluviatile dunes
E1.97 Southern fluviatile dunes
E1.98 Breckland inland dunes
E1.99 Pannonic inland dunes
E1.991 Pannonic bare sands
E1.992 Pannonic dune lichen communities
E1.993 Pannonic dune pioneer grasslands
E1.994 Pannonic dune open grasslands
E1.995 Pannonic dune closed grasslands
E1.996 Pannonic dune thickets and scrubs
E1.997 Pannonic dune woods
E1.9A Pontic inland dunes
E1.9A1 Pontic bare sands
E1.9A2 Pontic dune lichen communities
E1.9A3 Pontic dune pioneer grasslands
E1.9A4 Pontic dune open grasslands
E1.9A5 Pontic dune closed grasslands
E1.9B Standing stone inland dunes
E1.A1 Mediterranean annual deep-sand communities
E1.A2 Supra-Mediterranean perennial siliceous grasslands
E1.A21 Iberian Festuca - Plantain swards
E1.A22 Helleno-Balkanic supra-Mediterranean siliceous grasslands
E1.A3 Rhône riverine dunes
E1.A4 Southern Iberian inland dunes
E1.A5 Irano-Anatolian inland dunes
E1.B Heavy-metal grassland
E1.B1 Atlantic heavy-metal grassland
E1.B11 British heavy metal grasslands
E1.B12 Irish heavy metal grasslands
E1.B2 Calaminarian grassland
E1.B21 Viola calaminaria grasslands
E1.B22 Viola guestphalica grasslands
E1.B23 Western calaminarian thrift grasslands
E1.B24 Calaminarian pennycress grasslands
E1.B3 Central European heavy-metal grassland
E1.B4 Calaminarian Silene vulgaris grassland
E1.B5 Alpine heavy-metal grassland
E1.C1 Asphodelus fields
E1.C2 Thistle fields
E1.C3 Phlomis brushes
E1.C4 Ferula stands
E2.11 Unbroken pastures
E2.111 Ryegrass pastures
E2.112 Atlantic Cynosurus-Centaurea pastures
E2.113 Sub-Atlantic hill pastures
E2.114 Continental pastures
E2.12 Ditch-broken pastures
E2.13 Abandoned pastures
E2.15 Macaronesian mesic grassland
E2.21 Atlantic hay meadows
E2.211 Atlantic Arrhenatherum grasslands
E2.212 Atlantic Alopecurus-Sanguisorba grasslands
E2.22 Sub-Atlantic lowland hay meadows
E2.221 Xero-mesophile medio-European lowland hay meadows
E2.222 Hygromesophile medio-European lowland hay meadows
E2.23 Medio-European submontane hay meadows
E2.231 Western Hercynian submontane hay meadows
E2.232 Eastern Hercynio-Baltic submontane hay meadows
E2.233 Carpathian submontane hay meadows
E2.2331 Western Carpathian gladiolus meadows
E2.2332 Western Carpathian vetch-clover meadows
E2.2333 Eastern Carpathian yellow oatgrass meadows
E2.234 Northern Iberian submontane hay meadows
E2.235 Alpic submontane hay meadows
E2.236 Jurassian submontane hay meadows
E2.237 Illyrian submontane hay meadows
E2.238 Southwestern Moesian submontane hay meadows
E2.24 Boreal and sub-boreal meadows
E2.241 Fenno-Scandian boreal and sub-boreal meadows
E2.242 Britannic submontane meadows
E2.25 Continental meadows
E2.251 Ponto-Pannonic mesophile hay meadows
E2.252 Moeso-Thracian mesophile hay meadows
E2.2521 Moeso-Thracian mesophile floodplain meadows
E2.2522 Moeso-Thracian mesophile foothill meadows
E2.2523 Moeso-Thracian mesophile cold water meadows
E2.31 Alpic mountain hay meadows
E2.32 Ponto-Caucasian hay meadows
E2.41 Perennial vallicares
E2.42 Annual vallicares
E2.43 Andalusian Armeria vallicares
E2.6 Agriculturally-improved, re-seeded and heavily fertilised grassland, including sports fields and grass lawns
E2.61 Dry or moist agriculturally-improved grassland
E2.62 Wet agriculturally-improved grassland, often with drainage ditches
E2.64 Park lawns
E3.1 Mediterranean tall humid grassland
E3.111 Serapias grassland
E3.2 Mediterranean short humid grassland
E3.31 Helleno-Moesian riverine and humid Trifolium meadows
E3.32 Apennine humid meadows
E3.33 Dalmatian riverine and humid meadows
E3.34 Illyrio-Moesian riverine and humid Trifolium meadows
E3.35 Anatolian supra-Mediterranean humid grassland
E3.4 Moist or wet eutrophic and mesotrophic grassland
E3.41 Atlantic and sub-Atlantic humid meadows
E3.411 Cabbage thistle meadows
E3.412 Globe flower-brook thistle meadows
E3.413 Western tufted hairgrass meadows
E3.4131 Atlantic tufted hairgrass meadows
E3.4132 Boreal tufted hairgrass meadows
E3.414 Marsh ragwort meadows
E3.415 Bistort meadows
E3.416 Thread rush meadows
E3.417 Soft rush meadows
E3.418 Blunt-flowered rush meadows
E3.419 Wood clubrush meadows
E3.41A Brook thistle meadows
E3.41B Crested dog's tail-rush meadows
E3.41C Marsh thistle meadows
E3.41D Melancholy thistle meadows
E3.41E Chervil wet meadows
E3.41F Calcareous dunal small reed fens
E3.42 Juncus acutiflorus meadows
E3.43 Subcontinental riverine meadows
E3.44 Flood swards and related communities
E3.441 Tall rush pastures
E3.442 Flood swards
E3.4421 Marsh foxtail flood swards
E3.4422 Creeping bent flood swards
E3.4423 Tall fescue flood swards
E3.4424 Common couch flood swards
E3.4425 Rhenish Deschampsia media flood swards
E3.443 Small rush swards
E3.45 Recently abandoned hay meadows
E3.46 Continental humid meadows
E3.461 Sub-Pannonic ashy thistle humid meadows
E3.462 Peri-Pannonic humid meadows
E3.4621 Eastern Carpathian globe flower-cabbage thistle meadows
E3.4622 Peri-Pannonic bistort meadows
E3.4623 Eastern Carpathian thread rush meadows
E3.4624 Eastern Carpathian soft rush meadows
E3.4625 Peri-Pannonic wood clubrush meadows
E3.4626 Peri-Pannonic brook thistle meadows
E3.463 Illyrio-Pannonic riverine and humid meadows
E3.464 Ponto-Sarmatic humid meadows
E3.51 Molinia caerulea meadows and related communities
E3.511 Calcicline purple moorgrass meadows
E3.512 Acidocline purple moorgrass meadows
E3.513 Giant moorgrass swards
E3.514 Boreal purple moorgrass meadows
E3.52 Heath Juncus meadows and humid Nardus stricta swards
E3.53 Continental oligotrophic humid grassland
E4.11 Boreo-alpine acidocline snow-patch grassland and herb habitats
E4.111 Alpic acid moss snow-patch communities
E4.112 Alpic acid cudweed snow-patch communities
E4.113 Luzula spadicea snow patch communities
E4.114 Hercynian acid snow patch communities
E4.115 Boreal moss snowbed communities
E4.116 Boreo-alpine Deschampsia-Anthoxanthum communities
E4.117 Boreo-alpine herb-rich acid snowbed communities
E4.118 Boreo-alpine acidocline sedge and rush snowbed communities
E4.121 Alpic small herb calcicolous snow-patch communities
E4.1211 Arabis-Gnaphalium snow-patch communities
E4.1212 Carpathian saxifrage snow-patch communities
E4.1213 Dinaro-Pelagonide calciphile herbaceous snow-patch communities
E4.122 Distichium capillaceum snowbed communities
E4.123 Snow buttercup snowbed communities
E4.124 Snow grass snowbed communities
E4.125 Arctic woodrush snowbed communities
E4.126 Boreal herb-rich calcicline snowbed communities
E4.127 Subarctic small-herb snowbed communities
E4.13 Ponto-Caucasian snow-patch grassland
E4.14 Boreo-alpine fern snowbed grassland
E4.21 Oroboreal Carex bigelowii-Racomitrium moss-heaths
E4.22 Rock pavement lichen communities
E4.23 Rock pavement, plateau and summital moss heaths
E4.24 Icelandic lava flow moss heaths
E4.3 Acid alpine and subalpine grassland
E4.31 Alpic Nardus stricta swards and related communities
E4.311 Pyreneo-Alpine mesophile mat-grass swards
E4.312 Pyreneo-Alpine hygrophile mat-grass swards
E4.313 Pyreneo-Alpine hygrophile foxtail swards
E4.314 Pyrenean closed Festuca eskia grassland
E4.315 Pyrenean Poa violacea swards
E4.316 Hercynian summital mat-grass swards
E4.3161 Hautes Chaumes summital mat-grass swards
E4.3162 Black Forest summital mat-grass swards
E4.3163 Harz summital mat-grass swards
E4.3164 Bohemian Forest summital mat-grass swards
E4.3165 Sudeten summital mat-grass swards
E4.317 Carpathian mat-grass swards
E4.3171 Western Carpathian mat-grass swards
E4.3172 Eastern Carpathian mat-grass swards
E4.318 Oro-Moesian mat-grass swards
E4.319 Dinaride mat-grass swards
E4.32 Oroboreal acidocline grassland
E4.33 Thermo-Alpigenous subalpine acidophilous grassland
E4.331 Thermo-Alpigenous Festuca paniculata swards
E4.332 Pyrenean Festuca eskia garland-grasslands
E4.333 Arverno-Alpine varicoloured fescue garland-grasslands
E4.34 Alpigenous acidophilous grassland
E4.341 Alpigenous crooked-sedge grasslands
E4.3411 Alpine Carex curvula grasslands
E4.3412 Pyrenean Carex curvula grasslands
E4.3413 Carpathian Carex curvula grasslands
E4.342 Alpigenous Festuca halleri grasslands
E4.343 Alpigenous Festuca airoides grasslands
E4.3431 Pyrenean Festuca airoides grasslands
E4.3432 Carpathian Festuca airoides grasslands
E4.3433 Hercynian Festuca airoides grasslands
E4.344 Pyrenean Festuca borderi swards
E4.345 Alpigenous Oreochloa disticha swards
E4.3451 Alpine Oreochloa disticha swards
E4.3452 Carpathian Oreochloa disticha grasslands
E4.346 Hercynio-Carpathian Juncus trifidus swards
E4.3461 Bohemian Forest Juncus trifidus swards
E4.3462 Sudeten Juncus trifidus swards
E4.3463 Carpathian Juncus trifidus swards
E4.34631 Northern Carpathian Juncus trifidus swards
E4.34632 Eastern Carpathian Juncus trifidus swards
E4.3464 Alpine Juncus trifidus swards
E4.347 Cantabrian Oreochloa blanka swards
E4.348 Alpigenous Agrostis rupestris swards
E4.35 Oro-Hellenic closed grassland
E4.36 Oro-Iberian acidophilous grassland
E4.361 Oro-Iberian acidophilous stripped grasslands
E4.3611 Cantabrian acidophilous stripped grasslands
E4.3612 Iberian Range acidophilous stripped grasslands
E4.3613 Cordilleran Festuca stripped grasslands
E4.3614 Cordilleran Agrostis stripped grasslands
E4.3615 Nevadan Festuca indigesta stripped grasslands
E4.3616 Nevadan Agrostis stripped grasslands
E4.3617 Nevadan tall fescue stripped grasslands
E4.3618 Nevadan Festuca clementei stripped grasslands
E4.3619 Nevadan Trisetum stripped grasslands
E4.362 Oro-Iberian mat-grass swards
E4.3621 Cantabrio-Cordilleran oro-Mediterranean mat-grass swards
E4.3622 Nevadan borreguiles
E4.37 Oro-Corsican grassland
E4.38 Oro-Apennine closed grassland
E4.39 Oro-Moesian acidophilous grassland
E4.391 Oro-Moesian Festuca paniculata grasslands
E4.392 Oro-Moesian varicoloured fescue grasslands
E4.3921 Oro-Moesian Festuca valida grasslands
E4.3922 Balkan Festuca balcanica grasslands
E4.3923 Pelagonide Festuca varia grasslands
E4.393 Oro-Moesian Poa violacaea grasslands
E4.394 Oro-Moesian aeolian grasslands
E4.3941 Oro-Moesian crooked sedge grasslands
E4.3942 Oro-Moesian Haller fescue grasslands
E4.39421 Rhodopide Festuca riloensis grasslands
E4.39422 Pelagonide Festuca scardica grasslands
E4.39423 Montenegrine Festuca riloensis grasslands
E4.3943 Oro-Moesian Festuca airoides grasslands
E4.3944 Oro-Moesian Sesleria comosa grasslands
E4.3945 Oro-Moesian Agrostis rupestris grasslands
E4.3946 Southern Pelagonide aeolian grasslands
E4.3947 Montenegrine aeolian fescue grasslands
E4.3A Western Asian acidophilous alpine grassland
E4.41 Closed calciphile alpine grassland
E4.411 Mesophile evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.4111 Alpine evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.4112 Pyrenean evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.412 Northern rusty sedge grasslands
E4.413 Southern rusty sedge grasslands
E4.414 Violet fescue swards and related communities
E4.415 Cantabrian thrift swards
E4.416 Jura summital swards
E4.417 Dinaro-Moesian oligophile closed calcicolous grasslands
E4.4171 Dinaric oligophile closed calcicolous grasslands
E4.41711 Dinaric pungent fescue grasslands
E4.41712 Dinaric violet fescue grasslands
E4.41713 Dinaric closed evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.4172 Rhodo-Pelagonian oligophile closed calcicolous grasslands
E4.41721 Rhodopide pungent fescue grasslands
E4.417211 Pirin fescue grasslands
E4.417212 Slavianka pungent fescue grasslands
E4.41722 Pelagonide closed calcicolous feathergrass grasslands
E4.41723 Pelagonide closed calcicolous sesleria grasslands
E4.41724 Pelagonide closed calcicolous fescue grasslands
E4.4173 Balkan oligophile closed calcicolous grasslands
E4.41731 Balkan closed calcicolous fescue grasslands
E4.41732 Balkan closed erect brome grasslands
E4.41733 Balkan closed evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.418 Dinaro-Moesian mesophile closed calcicolous grasslands
E4.4181 Dinaric rusty sedge grasslands
E4.4182 Dinaric bellflower grasslands
E4.4183 Western Balkanic calcicolous scabious-fescue grasslands
E4.42 Wind edge Kobresia myosuroides swards
E4.421 Alpine naked-rush swards
E4.422 Pyrenean naked-rush swards
E4.423 Cantabrian naked-rush swards
E4.424 Apennine naked-rush swards
E4.425 Carpathian naked-rush swards
E4.426 Scandinavian naked-rush swards
E4.427 Pirin naked-rush swards
E4.428 Pelagonide naked-rush swards
E4.43 Calciphilous stepped and garland grassland
E4.431 Blue moorgrass-evergreen sedge swards
E4.4311 Alpine blue moorgrass-evergreen sedge swards
E4.4312 Jura blue moorgrass-evergreen sedge swards
E4.432 Southern Alpine oatgrass-blue moorgrass swards
E4.433 Cushion sedge carpets
E4.4331 Alpine cushion sedge carpets
E4.4332 Western Carpathian cushion sedge carpets
E4.4333 Eastern Carpathian cushion sedge carpets
E4.4334 Dinaric cushion sedge carpets
E4.434 Pyrenean Festuca gautieri grasslands
E4.435 Oro-Iberian calciphilous stripped grasslands
E4.436 Apennine stripped grasslands
E4.437 Helleno-Balkanic stripped grasslands
E4.438 Oro-Moesian calciphile stripped grasslands
E4.4381 Dinaric calciphile stripped grasslands
E4.4382 Pelago-Rhodopide calciphile stripped grasslands
E4.43821 Pelagonide calciphile stripped grasslands
E4.43822 Rhodopide Sesleria klasterskyi grasslands
E4.4383 Balkan Range calciphile stripped grasslands
E4.4384 Montenegrine Oxytropis grasslands
E4.439 Carpathian calciphile stepped grasslands
E4.4391 West Carpathian calciphile stepped grasslands
E4.43911 Tatra sesleria-evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.43912 West Carpathian Festuca versicolor grasslands
E4.43913 Hercynio-Carpathian Agrostis alpina grasslands
E4.4392 East Carpathian calciphile stepped grasslands
E4.43921 East Carpathian sesleria-evergreen sedge grasslands
E4.43922 East Carpathian Festuca versicolor grasslands
E4.43923 East Carpathian Festuca amethystina grasslands
E4.43924 East Carpathian Festuca flaccida grasslands
E4.44 Ponto-Caucasian alpine grassland
E4.441 Pontic alpine grassland
E4.442 Caucasian alpine grassland
E4.443 Crimean alpine grassland
E4.444 Hyrcanian alpine grassland
E4.51 Subalpine Trisetum flavescens hay meadows
E4.52 Leontodon hispidus pastures
E5.12 Weed communities of recently abandoned urban and suburban constructions
E5.13 Weed communities of recently abandoned rural constructions
E5.14 Weed communities of recently abandoned extractive industrial sites
E5.15 Land reclamation forb fields
E5.21 Xero-thermophile fringes
E5.22 Mesophile fringes
E5.3 Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.31 Sub-Atlantic Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.32 Macaronesian Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.33 Supra-Mediterranean Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.4111 Angelica archangelica fluvial communities
E5.4112 Angelica heterocarpa fluvial communities
E5.4113 Althaea officinalis screens
E5.413 Boreal river bank tall-herb communities dominated by Filipendula
E5.414 Continental river bank tall-herb communities dominated by Filipendula
E5.422 Boreal tall-herb communities of humid depressions
E5.423 Continental tall-herb communities of humid meadows
E5.43 Shady woodland edge fringes
E5.44 Mediterranean grasslands on alluvial river banks
E5.51 Alpic tall-herb communities
E5.511 Alpine tall herb communities
E5.512 Jura tall herb communities
E5.513 Hercynian tall herb communities
E5.514 Carpathian tall herb communities
E5.5141 Carpathian adenostyles communities
E5.5142 Carpathian fern communities
E5.5143 Carpathian monkshood communities
E5.51431 North Carpathian monkshood communities
E5.51432 East Carpathian monkshood communities
E5.5144 Carpathian butterbur communities
E5.51441 Carpathian white butterbur communities
E5.51442 Carpathian glabrous butterbur communities
E5.515 Dinaric tall herb communities
E5.516 Apennine tall herb communities
E5.52 Alpic tall grass communities
E5.53 Pyreneo-Iberian tall-herb communities
E5.54 Ibero-Mauritanian tall-herb communities
E5.541 Southern Iberian tall herb communities
E5.55 Corsican Cymbalaria tall-herb communities
E5.56 Corsican Doronicum tall-herb communities
E5.57 Eastern oro-Mediterranean and Balkan tall-herb communities
E5.571 Hellenic tall herb communities
E5.572 Moesian tall herb communities
E5.5721 Moesian Balkan thistle tall herb communities
E5.5722 Moesian butterbur tall herb communities
E5.5723 Moesian hogweed tall herb communities
E5.5724 Moesian scarlet avens tall herb communities
E5.58 Alpine Rumex communities
E5.59 Oro-boreal tall-herb communities
E5.591 Roseroot-cranesbill-woodrush oroboreal communities
E5.592 Oroboreal tall forb communities
E5.593 Oroboreal tall grass and fern communities
E5.5A Ponto-Caucasian tall-herb communities
E6.1 Mediterranean inland salt steppes
E6.11 Mediterranean Limonium salt steppes
E6.111 Ibero-Tyrrhenian sea-lavender steppes
E6.112 Adriatic sea-lavender steppes
E6.113 Aegeo-Levantine sea-lavender communities
E6.12 Mediterranean Lygeum spartum salt steppes
E6.13 Mediterranean inland halo-nitrophilous pioneer communities
E6.2 Continental inland salt steppes
E6.21 Pannonic salt steppes and saltmarshes
E6.211 Saline puszta
E6.2111 Grassy saline puszta
E6.21111 Northern grassy saline puszta
E6.21112 Southern grassy saline puszta
E6.21113 Agropyron saline puszta
E6.2112 Grassy psammo-saline puszta
E6.2113 Artemisia saline puszta
E6.2114 East Pannonic Petrosimonia-Artemisia salt steppes
E6.2115 Saline forest-edge meadow-steppe
E6.2116 East Pannonic Limonium-Artemisia salt steppes
E6.212 Pannonic saline meadows
E6.2121 Pannonic bent-grass saline meadows
E6.2122 Pannonic Beckmannia saline meadows
E6.2123 Pannonic spikerush-foxtail saline meadows
E6.2124 Pannonic saltmarsh rush saline meadows
E6.2125 Pannonic divided sedge saline meadows
E6.2126 Dacian saline meadows
E6.213 Pannonic solonetz hollows
E6.2131 Pannonic Puccinellia limosa hollows
E6.2132 Pannonic Camphorosma hollows
E6.2133 Pannonic Bassia sedoides hollows
E6.2134 Pannonic Pholiurus-Plantago hollows
E6.2135 Pannonic barley hollows
E6.214 Pannonic solonchak hollows
E6.2141 Pannonic Lepidium-Puccinellia limosa hollows
E6.2142 Seewinkel Puccinellia peisonis swards
E6.2143 Pannonic Lepidium-Camphorosma hollows
E6.2144 Seewinkel Lepidium swards
E6.215 Pelago-Vardarian salt steppes
E6.2151 Pelago-Vardarian saline meadows
E6.2152 Pelago-Vardarian solonetz hollows
E6.2153 Pelago-Vardarian Camphorosma monspeliaca flats
E6.2154 Central Paeonian salt steppes
E6.22 Ponto-Sarmatic salt steppes and saltmarshes
E6.221 Western Pontic saline steppes
E6.2211 Western Pontic Achillea-Festuca steppes
E6.2212 Western Pontic Artemisia-Festuca steppes
E6.2213 Western Pontic Petrosimonia-Artemisia salt steppes
E6.2214 Western Pontic Peucedanum-Festuca salt steppes
E6.2215 Western Pontic Limonium-Artemisia salt steppes
E6.222 Western Pontic saline meadows
E6.2221 Western Pontic Zingeria saline meadows
E6.2222 Western Pontic Beckmannia saline meadows
E6.2223 Western Pontic spikerush-foxtail saline meadows
E6.2224 Western Pontic saltmarsh rush saline meadows
E6.2225 Western Pontic divided sedge saline meadows
E6.2226 Western Pontic arrow-grass sea-aster saline meadows
E6.2227 Western Pontic tall grass and rush saline beds
E6.223 Western Pontic solonetz hollows
E6.2231 Western Pontic Puccinellia solonetz swards
E6.2232 Western Pontic Camphorosma annua hollows
E6.2233 Western Pontic Bassia sedoides hollows
E6.2234 Western Pontic Pholiurus-Plantago hollows
E6.2235 Western Pontic Hordeum hystrix swards
E6.224 Western Pontic solonchak communities
E6.225 Western Pontic salt scrubs
E6.226 Sarmatic saline steppes
E6.2261 Sarmatic Artemisia-Festuca salt steppes
E6.2262 Sarmatic Petrosimonia salt steppes
E6.2263 Sarmatic Limonium-Festuca salt steppes
E6.227 Sarmatic saline meadows
E6.2271 Sarmatic Beckmannia eruciformis saline meadows
E6.2272 Sarmatic Leuzea altaica saline meadows
E6.2273 Sarmatic Iris halophila saline meadows
E6.2274 Sarmatic Juncus gerardii saline meadows
E6.2275 Sarmatic Carex distans saline meadows
E6.228 Sarmatic solonetz hollows
E6.229 Sarmatic solonchak hollows
E6.23 Central Eurasian solonchak grassland with Crypsis
E6.231 Ponto-Pannonic Acorellus community
E6.232 Pontic Frankenia pulverulenta communities
E7.1 Atlantic parkland
F1.11 Western shrub tundra
F1.21 Cladonia - espalier willow tundra
F1.22 Moss tundra
F2.111 Alpic acid dwarf willow snow-patch communities
F2.112 Oroboreal moss-dwarf willow snowbed communities
F2.121 Boreo-Alpic calcicolous espalier willow snowbed communities
F2.1211 Alpic espalier willow snowbed communities
F2.12111 Alpide Salix retusa-reticulata snowbed communities
F2.12112 Carpathian Salix kitaibeliana snowbed communities
F2.1212 Scandinavian espalier willow snowbed communities
F2.122 Polar willow snowbed communities
F2.1221 Fenno-Scandian polar willow snowbed communities
F2.1222 Spitzbergen polar willow snowbed communities
F2.13 Ponto-Caucasian snow-patch dwarf Salix scrub
F2.21 Alpide dwarf ericoid wind heaths
F2.211 Alpide dwarf azalea heaths
F2.212 Alpide dwarf Vaccinium wind heaths
F2.2121 Alps dwarf Vaccinium wind heaths
F2.2122 Carpathian dwarf Vaccinium wind heaths
F2.213 Rhodopide and Balkan dwarf Vaccinium wind heaths
F2.2131 Rhodopide dwarf Vaccinium wind heaths
F2.2132 Balkan Range dwarf Vaccinium wind heaths
F2.214 Pontic dwarf Vaccinium heaths
F2.22 Alpide acidocline Rhododendron heaths
F2.221 Alpine rusty alpenrose heaths
F2.222 Pyrenean rusty alpenrose heaths
F2.223 Dinaric rusty alpenrose heaths
F2.224 Carpathian Rhododendron kotschyi heaths
F2.225 Balkan Rhododendron kotschyi heaths
F2.2251 Balkan Range Kotschy's alpenrose heaths
F2.2252 Rila Kotschy's alpenrose heaths
F2.226 Pontic alpenrose heaths
F2.23 Southern Palaearctic mountain dwarf Juniperus scrub
F2.231 Mountain Juniperus nana scrub
F2.232 Juniperus sabina scrub
F2.2321 Iberian Juniperus sabina scrub
F2.2322 Alpine Juniperus sabina scrub
F2.2323 Apennine Juniperus sabina scrub
F2.2324 Dinarid Juniperus sabina scrub
F2.2325 Carpatho-Balkanic Juniperus sabina scrub
F2.233 Juniperus hemisphaerica scrub
F2.234 Mountain Juniperus oxycedrus scrub
F2.24 Alpigenic high mountain Empetrum - Vaccinium heaths
F2.25 Boreo-alpine and arctic heaths
F2.251 Hiberno-Scotian dwarf mountain heaths
F2.252 Britannic chionophilous boreo-montane heaths
F2.253 Scotian juniper heaths
F2.254 Fenno-Scandian boreo-alpine heaths
F2.255 North Atlantic boreo-alpine heaths
F2.256 Arctic heaths
F2.26 Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.261 Rhodopide Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.262 Northwestern Hellenide Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.263 Carpatho-Balkanic Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.2631 Balkan range Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.2632 Carpathian Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.264 Anatolian Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.27 Alpide Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Arctostaphylos alpinus heaths
F2.28 Alpide Rhododendron hirsutum - Erica heaths
F2.281 Hairy alpenrose heaths
F2.282 Alpine erica heaths
F2.29 Dryas octopetala mats
F2.291 Alpigenic high mountain Dryas mats
F2.2911 Alpine Dryas mats
F2.2912 Southwestern high moutain Dryas mats
F2.2913 Jura Dryas mats
F2.2914 Apennine Dryas mats
F2.2915 Carpatho-Balkanide Dryas mats
F2.29151 Western Carpathian Dryas mats
F2.29152 Southeastern Carpathian Dryas mats
F2.29153 Balkan Range Dryas mats
F2.2916 Dinaro-Hellenide Dryas mats
F2.2917 Rhodopide mountain avens mats
F2.292 Hiberno-Britannic maritime Dryas mats
F2.293 Boreo-alpine Dryas mats
F2.294 Arctic Dryas heaths
F2.2A Alpide high mountain dwarf Vaccinium heaths
F2.2A1 Central Mediterranean subalpine dwarf bilberry heaths
F2.2A2 Balkano-Hellenic dwarf bilberry heaths
F2.2A3 Pontic Range dwarf bilberry heaths
F2.2B Alpide high mountain Genista and Chamaecytisus heaths
F2.2B1 Rayed broom heaths
F2.2B2 Balkano-Rhodopide Chamaecytisus absinthioides heaths
F2.2B3 Helleno-Balkanic Chamaecytisus hirsutus heaths
F2.31 Mountain Alnus brush
F2.311 Green alder brush
F2.3111 Alpine green alder scrub
F2.3112 Carpathian green alder scrub
F2.3113 Dinaric green alder scrub
F2.3114 Balkan range green alder brush
F2.3115 Rhodopide green alder brush
F2.312 Corsican sweet alder brush
F2.32 Subalpine and oroboreal Salix brush
F2.321 Alpide willow brush
F2.3211 Alpigenous small willow brush
F2.3212 Alpine prostrate willow brush
F2.3213 Alpigenous tall willow brush
F2.3214 Pyreneo-Cantabric willow brush
F2.3215 Hercynio-Carpathian willow brush
F2.3216 Southeastern alpigenous willow brushes
F2.32161 Dinaride willow brush
F2.32162 Balkan Range willow brush
F2.32163 Rhodopide willow brush
F2.3217 Ponto-Caucasian mountain willow brush
F2.322 Oroboreal Salix scrub
F2.323 Northern British willow brush
F2.33 Subalpine mixed brushes
F2.331 Subalpine Sorbus brush
F2.332 Subalpine birch brush
F2.333 Subalpine bramble brush
F2.334 Subalpine cherry brush
F2.335 Subalpine ericaceous brush
F2.336 Rhodope Potentilla fruticosa thickets
F2.34 Oroboreal Betula scrub
F2.41 Inner Alpine Pinus mugo scrub
F2.42 Outer Alpine Pinus mugo scrub
F2.43 Southwestern Pinus mugo scrub
F2.44 Apennine Pinus mugo scrub
F2.45 Hercynian Pinus mugo scrub
F2.46 Carpathian Pinus mugo scrub
F2.461 Carpathian subalpine mountain pine scrub
F2.462 Carpathian alpenrose mountain pine scrub
F2.47 Pelago-Dinaride Pinus mugo scrub
F2.48 Balkano-Rhodopide Pinus mugo scrub
F3.11 Medio-European rich-soil thickets
F3.111 Blackthorn-bramble scrub
F3.1111 Sub-Atlantic blackthorn-bramble scrub
F3.1112 Atlantic blackthorn-bramble scrub
F3.112 Blackthorn-privet scrub
F3.1121 Atlantic and medio-European blackthorn-privet scrub
F3.11211 Medio-European blackthorn-privet scrub
F3.11212 Atlantic hawthorn-ivy scrub
F3.1122 Sub-Mediterranean blackthorn-privet scrub
F3.1123 Rock pear scrub
F3.1124 Peri-Alpine sea buckthorn-barberry scrub
F3.1125 Inner Alpine barberry scrub
F3.1126 Iberian barberry scrub
F3.12 Buxus sempervirens thickets
F3.13 Atlantic poor soil thickets
F3.131 Bramble thickets
F3.132 Alder buckthorn, rowan, honeysuckle thickets
F3.14 Temperate Cytisus scoparius fields
F3.141 Lowland and hill broom fields
F3.142 Alpine broom fields
F3.143 Central Massif Cytisus scoparius fields
F3.144 Pyrenean Cytisus scoparius fields
F3.15 Ulex europaeus thickets
F3.16 Juniperus communis scrub
F3.161 Juniper downs
F3.162 Sub-Atlantic juniper heaths
F3.163 Juniper-wood sorrel woodland
F3.164 Sub-Mediterranean common juniper thickets
F3.17 Corylus thickets
F3.171 Atlantic and sub-Atlantic hazel thickets
F3.172 Sub-boreal hazel thickets
F3.173 Peri-Alpine hazel thickets
F3.174 Subcontinental hazel thickets
F3.18 Inland dune thickets
F3.181 Inland dune juniper scrubs
F3.182 Inland dune mixed thickets
F3.21 Montane Cytisus purgans fields
F3.211 Cévennes Cytisus purgans fields
F3.212 Pyrenean Cytisus purgans fields
F3.213 Galicio-Cantabrian Cytisus purgans fields
F3.214 Upper Cordilleran Cytisus purgans fields
F3.215 Lower Cordilleran Cytisus purgans fields
F3.216 Galicio-Leonese Cytisus purgans fields
F3.217 Nevadan Cytisus purgans fields
F3.22 Southwestern sub-mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.221 Franco-Iberian sub-Mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.222 Western Iberian sub-Mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.223 Central Iberian sub-Mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.224 Oro-Baetic sub-Mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.225 North African sub-Mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.23 Tyrrhenian sub-mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.24 Subcontinental and continental deciduous thickets
F3.241 Central European subcontinental thickets
F3.2411 Northern Central European ground cherry scrub
F3.2412 Subcontinental peri-Pannonic scrub
F3.24121 Peri-Pannonic ground cherry scrub
F3.24122 Peri-Pannonic dwarf almond scrub
F3.24123 Peri-Pannonic burnet rose scrub
F3.24124 Peri-Pannonic spiraea scrub
F3.24125 Danubian hawthorn scrub
F3.2413 Peri-Pannonic thickets
F3.242 Illyrio-Adriatic deciduous thickets
F3.2421 Illyrio-Adriatic oriental hornbeam thickets
F3.2422 Illyrio-Adriatic mixed thickets
F3.2423 Illyrio-Adriatic Christ's thorn brush
F3.243 Balkano-Hellenic deciduous thickets
F3.2431 Moesian oriental hornbeam thickets
F3.24311 Thracio-Macedonian oriental hornbeam thickets
F3.24312 Central Moesian oriental hornbeam thickets
F3.24313 Peri-Carpathian manna ash oriental hornbeam thickets
F3.24314 Peri-Carpathian wig tree oriental hornbeam thickets
F3.2432 Moesian lilac thickets
F3.24321 Central Moesian lilac thickets
F3.24322 Danubian lilac thickets
F3.24323 Moesio-Hellenic mixed thickets
F3.24324 Spleenwort lilac chasm thickets
F3.24325 Apuseni Syringa josikaea thickets
F3.2433 Moesian Christ's thorn brush
F3.244 Aegean deciduous thickets
F3.245 Eastern Mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.246 Mediterraneo-Euxinian deciduous thickets
F3.247 Ponto-Sarmatic deciduous thickets
F3.2471 Ponto-Sarmatic steppe brush
F3.2472 Ponto-Sarmatic pre-steppe thorn thickets
F3.2473 Ponto-Thracian sub-Mediterranean scrub
F3.24731 Western Pontic jasmine christ's thorn scrub
F3.24732 Thracian christ's thorn scrub
F3.24733 Western Pontic wigtree scrub
F3.2474 Ponto-Sarmatic steppe-ravine scrub
F3.2475 Ponto-Sarmatic pod thickets
F3.25 Piornales
F3.251 White-flowered broom fields
F3.252 Northwestern Iberian Genista florida fields
F3.253 Northwestern Iberian Cytisus fields
F3.254 Central Iberian Genista florida fields
F3.255 Upper Cordilleran Genista cinerea fields
F3.256 Central Iberian Cytisus fields
F3.257 Andalusian broom fields
F3.26 Tyrrhenian broom fields
F3.27 Genista aetnensis stands
F3.28 Canary Island broom fields
F3.29 Moesian broom fields
F4.11 Northern wet heaths
F4.12 Southern wet heaths
F4.13 Molinia caerulea wet heaths
F4.2 Dry heaths
F4.21 Submontane Vaccinium - Calluna heaths
F4.211 North Atlantic Vaccinium-Empetrum-Racomitrium heaths
F4.212 Sub-boreal Vaccinium heaths
F4.213 Hercynian Vaccinium heaths
F4.214 Submontane Alpine Vaccinium heaths
F4.215 Submontane Pyreneo-Cantabrian Vaccinium heaths
F4.216 Collinar-montane Carpathian Vaccinium heaths
F4.2161 Submontane western Carpathian bilberry-cowberry heaths
F4.2162 Montane eastern Carpathian bilberry-ling heaths
F4.22 Sub-Atlantic Calluna - Genista heaths
F4.221 Northern Calluna-Genista heaths
F4.222 Subcontinental Calluna-Genista heaths
F4.223 Campino-Flandrian Calluna-Genista heaths
F4.224 Campino-Flandrian Erica cinerea heaths
F4.225 Britannic Calluna-Genista heaths
F4.226 Montane Calluna-Genista heaths
F4.227 Southern sub-boreal Calluna-Empetrum heaths
F4.228 Illyrian heaths
F4.229 Po basin heaths
F4.22A Genista sagittalis heaths
F4.22B Central European basicline heaths
F4.22C Pontic ling heaths
F4.23 Atlantic Erica - Ulex heaths
F4.231 Maritime gorse heaths
F4.232 Hiberno-Britannic Calluna vulgaris-Ulex gallii heaths
F4.233 Irish Erica mackaiana heaths
F4.234 Northern Erica vagans heaths
F4.235 Anglo-Armorican Erica cinerea-Ulex gallii heaths
F4.236 Cantabro-Pyrenean Erica mackaiana-E. cinerea heaths
F4.237 Cantabro-Pyrenean Erica vagans-E. cinerea heaths
F4.238 Gallo-Britannic dwarf gorse heaths
F4.239 Aquitano-Ligerian dwarf gorse heaths
F4.24 Ibero-Atlantic Erica - Ulex - Cistus heaths
F4.241 Biscay heaths
F4.2411 Aquitanian Erica-Cistus heaths
F4.2412 Gascony-Sologne arid heaths
F4.2413 Northern Iberian heaths
F4.242 Luso-Galician heaths
F4.2421 Luso-Galician collinar heaths
F4.2422 Luso-Galician maritime heaths
F4.243 Cabreran heaths
F4.2431 Cabreran dry whin heaths
F4.2432 Cabreran mesophile whin heaths
F4.244 Galicio-Leonese heaths
F4.2441 Galicio-Leonese Erica aragonensis heaths
F4.2442 Galicio-Leonese Erica umbellata heaths
F4.2443 Galicio-Leonese Erica cinerea heaths
F4.245 Oro-Castillan heaths
F4.2451 Western Cordilleran Erica aragonensis heaths
F4.2452 Ayllon Erica aragonensis heaths
F4.2453 Villuercan Erica aragonensis heaths
F4.246 Sorian heaths
F4.2461 Sorian summital heaths
F4.2462 Sorian Erica aragonensis heaths
F4.2463 Sorian Erica vagans heaths
F4.2464 Sorian collinar heaths
F4.247 Cuencan heaths
F4.248 Luso-Extremaduran heaths
F4.249 Erica andevalensis heaths
F4.25 Boreo-Atlantic Erica cinerea heaths
F4.26 Inland dune heaths
F4.261 Dry sandy heaths with Empetrum nigrum
F4.262 Dry sandy heaths with Calluna and Genista
F4.3 Macaronesian heaths
F4.31 Canary Island heaths
F4.311 Canary Island Erica scoparia heaths
F4.312 Canary Island Erica arborea heaths
F4.32 Madeiran cloud heaths
F4.33 Madeiran summital heaths
F4.34 Azorean lowland heaths
F4.35 Upland Azorean Erica azorica and Juniperus brevifolia heaths
F4.36 Azorean summital heaths
F5.11 Evergreen Quercus matorral
F5.111 Cork-oak matorral
F5.112 Acidiphile western Mediterranean holm-oak matorral
F5.113 Calciphile western Mediterranean oak matorral
F5.114 Eastern Mediterranean oak matorral
F5.115 Iberian mixed oak arborescent matorral
F5.116 Mediterranean evergreen oak low woods
F5.1161 Quercus ilex and Quercus rotundifolia low woods
F5.1162 Quercus coccifera and Quercus alnifolia low woods
F5.12 Olea europaea and Pistacia lentiscus matorral
F5.121 Olive arborescent matorral
F5.122 Carob arborescent matorral
F5.123 Lentisc and phillyrea arborescent matorral
F5.124 Myrtle arborescent matorral
F5.125 Canary Island olive-lentisc arborescent matorral
F5.13 Juniper matorral
F5.131 Prickly juniper arborescent matorral
F5.1311 Juniperus oxycedrus arborescent matorral
F5.1312 Juniperus macrocarpa arborescent matorral
F5.1313 Juniperus transtagana arborescent matorral
F5.132 Juniperus phoenicea and Juniperus lycia arborescent matorral
F5.1321 Juniperus phoenicea arborescent matorral
F5.1322 Juniperus lycia arborescent matorral
F5.133 Juniperus excelsa and Juniperus foetidissima arborescent matorrals
F5.1331 Juniperus excelsa arborescent matorral
F5.1332 Juniperus foetidissima arborescent matorral
F5.134 Juniperus communis arborescent matorral
F5.135 Juniperus drupacea arborescent matorral
F5.136 Juniperus thurifera arborescent matorral
F5.14 Pinus matorral
F5.141 Mesogean pine arborescent matorral
F5.142 Stone pine arborescent matorral
F5.143 Aleppo pine arborescent matorral
F5.144 Aegean pine arborescent matorral
F5.145 Black pine and scots pine arborescent matorral
F5.15 Tetraclinis articulata matorral
F5.16 Deciduous Quercus matorral
F5.17 Arid zone matorral
F5.171 Iberian arid zone Ziziphus matorral
F5.18 Laurus nobilis matorral
F5.19 Cupressus matorral
F5.1A Zelkova matorral
F5.21 High maquis
F5.211 Western Mediterranean high maquis
F5.212 Luso-Extremaduran high maquis
F5.213 Eastern Mediterranean high maquis
F5.22 Low ericaceous maquis
F5.23 Tall Cistus maquis
F5.231 Southwestern Iberian tall cistus maquis
F5.232 Central Iberian tall cistus maquis
F5.233 Baetic tall cistus maquis
F5.234 Tyrrhenian tall cistus maquis
F5.24 Low Cistus maquis
F5.241 Cistus monspeliensis maquis
F5.242 Cistus salvifolius maquis
F5.243 Cistus populifolius maquis
F5.244 Cistus laurifolius maquis
F5.245 Cistus psilosepalus maquis
F5.246 Cistus crispus maquis
F5.247 Cistus incanus maquis
F5.248 Cistus albidus maquis
F5.25 Low Cistus - Lavandula stoechas maquis
F5.251 Central Mediterranean lavender maquis
F5.252 Central Iberian lavender maquis
F5.253 Western Iberian lavender maquis
F5.26 Low sparse maquis
F5.27 Cytisus-dominated maquis
F5.31 Helleno-Balkanic pseudomaquis
F5.32 Italo-French pseudomaquis
F5.33 Iberian pseudomaquis
F5.34 Western Asian pseudomaquis
F5.5 Thermo-Mediterranean scrub
F5.51 Thermo-Mediterranean brushes, thickets and heath-garrigues
F5.511 Oleo-lentisc brush
F5.512 Thermo-Mediterranean heath-garrigues
F5.5121 Western Erica multiflora heath-garrigues
F5.5122 Western Erica manipuliflora heath-garrigues
F5.5123 Eastern Erica manipuliflora heath-garrigues
F5.513 Thorny burnet brush
F5.514 Lentisc brush
F5.515 Calicotome brush
F5.516 Laurus thickets
F5.517 Coastal Helichrysum garrigues
F5.5171 Iberian thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.5172 Tyrrhenian thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.5173 Hellenic thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.5174 Anatolian thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.5175 Cyprian thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.5176 Levantine thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.5177 North African thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brush
F5.518 Myrtle thickets
F5.519 Thermo-Mediterranean kermes oak brushes
F5.51A Phillyrea thickets
F5.51A1 Minorcan lentiscares
F5.51A2 Valencian mata
F5.51A3 Western Phillyrea thickets
F5.51A4 Eastern Phillyrea thickets
F5.51B Buckthorn-asparagus brushes
F5.51C Osyris brushes
F5.51D Storax thickets
F5.51E Buxus balearica box thickets
F5.51F Dwarf oak scrub
F5.51G Tall spiny broom brush
F5.51H Corema brush
F5.51I Thermo-Mediterranean juniper brushes
F5.51J Thermo-Mediterranean wormwood brushes
F5.51K Thermo-Mediterranean Jupiter's beard brushes
F5.51L Coastal dwarf leguminous garrigues
F5.52 Euphorbia dendroides formations
F5.53 Ampelodesmos mauritanica -dominated garrigues
F5.54 Chamaerops humilis brush
F5.55 Mediterranean pre-desert scrub
F5.551 Iberian jujube brush
F5.552 Sicilian jujube brush
F5.553 Maytenus brushes
F5.554 Iberian Periploca scrubs
F5.555 Sicilian Channel Periploca scrubs
F5.556 Iberian tall arid brushes
F5.5561 Salsola webbii brush
F5.5562 Sideritis brush
F5.5563 Gorse-phlomis scrub
F5.5564 Genista umbellata garrigues
F5.557 Iberian arid garrigues
F5.5571 Murcio-Alicantian arid garrigues
F5.5572 Almerian arid garrigues
F5.55721 Limonium-Anabasis arid garrigues
F5.55722 Cabo de Gata arid garrigue
F5.55723 Tabernas arid garrigues
F5.55724 Coastal Almerian arid garrigues
F5.56 Thermo-Mediterranean broom fields (retamares)
F5.561 Yellow retama brush
F5.562 Ibero-Mauritanian white retama brush
F5.563 Genista speciosa broom fields
F5.564 Genista valentina broom fields
F5.565 Genista retamoides broom fields
F5.566 Genista haenseleri broom fields
F5.567 Genista ramosissima broom fields
F5.568 Thermo-mediterranean Lygos raetam brush
F5.569 Eolian broomfields
F5.56A Genista ephedroides broomfields
F5.56B Ibiza broomfields
F5.56C Genista pseudoretamoides broom fields
F5.57 Mediterranean gorse-heaths
F5.571 Monchique Ulex argenteus gorse-heaths
F5.572 Lusitanian Ulex densus gorse-heaths
F5.573 Morena Ulex eriocladus gorse heaths
F5.574 Ulex parviflorus gorse-heaths
F5.575 Stauracanthus spectabilis gorse-heaths
F5.576 Luso-Extremaduran Genista hirsuta gorse-heaths
F5.58 Iberian thermo-Mediterranean garrigues
F5.581 Baetic garrigues
F5.582 Ronda Ononis speciosa garrigues
F5.583 Guadalquivir Genista equisetiformis garrigues
F5.584 Alboran Genista equisetiformis garrigues
F5.585 Andalusian magnesium garrigues
F5.5851 Ronda dolomite garrigues
F5.5852 Ronda serpentine and peridotite garrigues
F5.5853 Bermeja Ulex garrigues
F5.586 Bermeja Halimium garrigues
F5.59 Stauracanthus boivinii gorse-heaths
F5.591 Aljibe Stauracanthus boivinii gorse-heaths
F5.592 Algarve Stauracanthus boivinii gorse-heaths
F5.593 North African Stauracanthus boivinii gorse-heaths
F5.5A Western Tethyan xero-psammitic brushes
F5.5A1 Southern Andalusian "monte blanco"
F5.5A2 Guadalquivir xero-psammitic brushes
F5.5A3 Algarve xero-psammitic brushes
F5.5A4 Lusitanian xero-psammitic brushes
F5.5A5 Western Mediterranean xero-psammitic brushes
F5.5B Cabo de Sao Vicente brushes
F5.5C Thermo-Mediterranean heaths
F5.5C1 Dry Andalusian monte negro
F5.5C2 Humid Andalusian monte negro
F6.11 Western Quercus coccifera garrigues
F6.12 Western Rosmarinus officinalis garrigues
F6.13 Western Cistus garrigues
F6.14 Western Euphorbia garrigues
F6.15 Western Juniperus oxycedrus garrigues
F6.16 Western Lavandula garrigues
F6.17 Western Teucrium and other labiate garrigues
F6.18 Western Genista garrigues
F6.19 Western Calicotome garrigues
F6.1A Western composite garrigues
F6.1B Western Erica garrigues
F6.1C Western Globularia garrigues
F6.1D Western Helianthemum and Fumana garrigues
F6.1E Lithodora fruticosa garrigues
F6.1F Western Thymelaea garrigues
F6.1G Western Bupleurum garrigues
F6.1H Western Ulex garrigues
F6.1I Western Ononis fruticosa garrigues
F6.1J Western Anthyllis cytisoides garrigues
F6.1K Western Dictamnus garrigues
F6.21 Eastern Quercus coccifera garrigues
F6.22 Eastern Rosmarinus officinalis garrigues
F6.23 Eastern Cistus garrigues
F6.24 Eastern Euphorbia garrigues
F6.25 Eastern Juniperus oxycedrus garrigues
F6.26 Eastern Lavandula garrigues
F6.27 Eastern Teucrium and other labiates garrigues
F6.271 Eastern tree germander garrigues
F6.272 Jerusalem sage garrigues
F6.273 Eastern Salvia and Stachys garrigues
F6.274 Eastern dwarf labiate garrigues
F6.28 Eastern Paliurus spina-christi garrigues
F6.29 Eastern broom garrigues
F6.2A Ebenus cretica brushes
F6.2B Eastern Helichrysum and other composite garrigues
F6.2C Eastern Erica garrigues
F6.2D Arbutus andrachne garrigues
F6.2E Eastern Globularia garrigues
F6.2F Eastern Helianthemum and Fumana garrigues
F6.2G Eastern Thymelaea garrigues
F6.2H Eastern Bupleurum garrigues
F6.2I East Mediterranean pre-desert scrub
F6.31 Illyrian Quercus coccifera garrigues
F6.32 Illyrian Rosmarinus officinalis garrigues
F6.33 Illyrian Cistus garrigues
F6.331 Illyrian Cistus incanus garrigues
F6.332 Illyrian Cistus salvifolius garrigues
F6.333 Illyrian Cistus monspeliensis garrigues
F6.34 Illyrian Euphorbia garrigues
F6.35 Illyrian Juniperus oxycedrus garrigues
F6.36 Illyrian Teucrium and other labiates garrigues
F6.37 Illyrian Paliurus spina-christi garrigues
F6.38 Illyrian broom garrigues
F6.39 Illyrian Helichrysum and other composite garrigues
F6.3A Illyrian Erica garrigues
F6.41 Crimean garrigues
F6.42 South-Euxinian garrigues
F6.43 Thracian garrigues
F6.61 Lavandula angustifolia garrigues
F6.62 Genista cinerea garrigues
F6.63 Ibero-Gallic supra-Mediterranean dwarf-shrub garrigues
F6.64 Supra-Mediterranean Buxus sempervirens scrub
F6.65 Italian supra-Mediterranean garrigues
F6.66 Balkan peninsula supra-Mediterranean garrigues
F6.661 Balkan peninsula supra-Mediterranean shrub garrigues
F6.662 Balkan peninsula supra-Mediterranean subshrub garrigues
F6.71 Central Iberian gypsum scrubs
F6.711 Meseta gypsum scrubs
F6.712 Eastern Andalusian gypsum scrubs
F6.713 Dueran gypsum scrubs
F6.72 Ebro gypsum scrubs
F6.721 Gypsophila hispanica garrigues
F6.722 Helianthemum squamatum garrigues
F6.723 Ononis tridentata garrigues
F6.73 Southeastern Iberian gypsum scrubs
F6.81 Canary Island xero-halophilous scrubs
F6.811 Canary Island coastal scrub
F6.812 Canary Island Zygophyllum dry scrubs
F6.813 Canary Island Salsola longifolia dry scrubs
F6.814 Selvagen woody seablite scrubs
F6.82 Mediterranean halo-nitrophilous scrubs
F6.821 Ebro sisallares
F6.822 Manchegan sisallares
F6.823 Catalano-Valencian halo-nitrophilous scrubs
F6.824 Southeastern Iberian matojares
F6.825 Sicilian halo-nitrophilous scrubs
F6.83 Interior Iberian salt scrubs
F6.831 Interior woody seablite scrubs
F6.832 Interior glaucous glasswort scrubs
F6.833 Interior creeping glasswort scrubs
F7.11 West Mediterranean mainland clifftop phrygana
F7.111 Calcareous Provence phrygana
F7.112 Crystalline Provence phrygana
F7.113 West-Mediterranean Anthyllis phrygana
F7.114 Straits of Bonifacio phrygana
F7.115 Cabo de Creus phrygana
F7.116 Cabo de Sao Vicente phrygana
F7.12 Balearic clifftop phrygana
F7.21 Sardinian Centaurea horrida phrygana
F7.22 Sardinian Genista acanthoclada phrygana
F7.23 Corsican and Sardinian Genista phrygana
F7.24 Pantelleria phrygana
F7.25 Central Mediterranean Sarcopoterium phrygana
F7.26 Hypericum aegyptiacum phrygana
F7.3 East Mediterranean phrygana
F7.31 Aegean phrygana
F7.311 Aegean Sarcopoterium phrygana
F7.312 Maritime Centaurea spinosa phrygana
F7.313 Lesbian Centaurea spinosa phrygana
F7.314 Cycladian Centaurea phrygana
F7.315 Aegean Erica manipuliflora phrygana
F7.316 Aegean Thymus capitatus phrygana
F7.317 Aegean Genista acanthoclada phrygana
F7.318 Aegean Satureja thymbra phrygana
F7.319 Aegean Euphorbia acanthothamnos phrygana
F7.31A Aegean Lithospermum hispidulum phrygana
F7.31B Aegean Anthyllis hermanniae phrygana
F7.32 Mid-elevation phrygana of Crete
F7.33 Thracian phrygana
F7.331 Thracian Sarcopoterium phrygana
F7.332 Northern Thracian collinar Astragalus thracicus phrygana
F7.34 East Mediterranean bathas
F7.341 Cyprian phrygana
F7.342 Sarcopoterium bathas
F7.343 Thymus capitatus bathas
F7.344 Salvia triloba and Satureja thymbra bathas
F7.345 Lithospermum hispidulum bathas
F7.41 Pyrenean hedgehog-heaths
F7.42 Cordilleran hedgehog-heaths
F7.421 Gredos hedgehog-heaths
F7.422 Bejar-Peña de Francia hedgehog-heaths
F7.423 Estrela hedgehog-heaths
F7.424 Western Cordilleran secondary hedgehog-heaths
F7.43 Nevadan hedgehog-heaths
F7.431 Lower Nevadan hedgehog-heaths
F7.432 Middle Nevadan hedgehog-heaths
F7.433 Upper Nevadan hedgehog-heaths
F7.434 Nevadan dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.4341 Siliceous Nevadan dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.4342 Calcareous Nevadan dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.435 Nevadan Genista hedgehog-heaths
F7.44 Franco-Iberian hedgehog-heaths
F7.441 Erinacea hedgehog-heaths
F7.4411 Baetic Erinacea-Vella hedgehog-heaths
F7.4412 Iberian Range Erinacea hedgehog-heaths
F7.4413 Maestrazgo Erinacea-Genista hedgehog-heaths
F7.4414 Southeastern Erinacea hedgehog-heath
F7.4415 Southeastern Daphne hedgehog-heaths
F7.442 Peri-Nevadan dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.4421 Cazorla dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.4422 Baza-Tejeda-Ronda dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.4423 Magina dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.4424 Maria-Maimon dwarf cushion-heaths
F7.443 Echinospartum boissieri hedgehog-heaths
F7.4431 Alcaraz Echinospartum hedgehog-heaths
F7.4432 Gador Echinospartum hedgehog-heaths
F7.4433 Baetic Echinospartum hedgehog-heaths
F7.444 Catalano-Valencian Erinacea hedgehog-heaths
F7.445 Genista cushion-heaths
F7.4451 Pyreneo-Cantabrian cushion-heaths
F7.4452 Genista sanabrensis cushion-heaths
F7.4453 Genista pumila cushion-heaths
F7.4454 Genista scorpius cushion-heaths
F7.4455 Genista pseudopilosa cushion-heaths
F7.4456 Genista lobelii and G. pulchella cushion-heaths
F7.446 Collinar Astragalus hedgehog-heaths
F7.4461 Dueran Astragalus hedgehog-heaths
F7.4462 Southern Mesetan Astragalus hedgehog-heaths
F7.447 Summital Balearic labiate hedgehog-heaths
F7.4471 Mallorcan hedgehog-heaths
F7.4472 Menorcan hedgehog-heaths
F7.45 Cyrno-Sardinian hedgehog-heaths
F7.46 Mount Etna hedgehog-heaths
F7.47 Madonie and Apennine hedgehog-heaths
F7.48 Helleno-Balkanic sylvatic Astragalus hedgehog-heaths
F7.481 Southern Hellenic montane hedgehog heaths
F7.482 Moesian Astragalus angustifolius hedgehog-heaths
F7.49 Hellenic oro-Mediterranean hedgehog-heaths
F7.491 Hellenic tragacanth hedgehog-heaths
F7.4911 Southern Peloponnese tragacanth hedgehog-heaths
F7.4912 Kyllini-Chelmos tragacanth hedgehog-heaths
F7.4913 Hellenic mainland tragacanth hedgehog-heaths
F7.492 Oro-Hellenic Astragalus angustifolius hedgehog-heaths
F7.493 Hellenic cushion-heaths
F7.4A Hellenic alti-Mediterranean hedgehog-heaths
F7.4B Cretan hedgehog-heaths
F7.4C Aegean summital hedgehog-heaths
F7.4D Southern Hellenic Genista acanthoclada hedgehog-heaths
F7.4E Astragalus sempervirens hedgehog-heaths
F7.4F Canary Island cushion-heaths
F7.4F1 Tenerife cushion-heaths
F7.4F2 La Palma cushion-heaths
F7.4G Cyprian hedgehog-heaths
F7.4H Mediterraneo-Anatolian hedgehog-heaths
F7.4I Western central Eurasian hedgehog-heaths
F7.4I1 Northern Thracian tragacanth hedgehog-heath
F7.4I2 Central Anatolian hedgehog-heaths
F8.11 Western Canary Island Euphorbia communities
F8.111 Cardonales
F8.112 Spurge tabaibales
F8.113 Kleinia tabaibales
F8.114 Dragon tree communities
F8.115 Cneorum cushion communities
F8.116 Plocama communities
F8.12 Western Canary Island saxicolous formations
F8.121 Western Canary Island saxicolous labiate communities
F8.122 Cardoncillo communities
F8.123 Western Canary Island crassulid communities
F8.13 Eastern Canary Island xerophytic communities
F8.14 Canary Island Launaea scrub
F8.21 Madeiran Euphorbia formations
F8.22 Madeiran saxicolous formations
F8.23 Desertas dry scrub
F9.11 Orogenous riverine brush
F9.111 Pre-Alpine willow-tamarisk brush
F9.112 Pre-Alpine willow and sea-buckthorn brush
F9.113 Boreo-alpine willow-tamarisk scrub
F9.12 Lowland and collinar riverine Salix scrub
F9.121 Almond willow-osier scrub
F9.122 Western Mediterranean purple willow scrub
F9.123 Balkan riverine willow scrub
F9.124 Ibero-montane riverine willow scrub
F9.125 Cantabrian willow scrub
F9.126 Iberian sage-leaved willow scrub
F9.127 Pedicellated willow scrub
F9.1271 Andalusian willow scrub
F9.1272 Sardinian pedicellated willow scrub
F9.1273 Sicilian pedicellated willow scrub
F9.1274 Calabrian pedicellated willow scrub
F9.128 Continental riverine willow scrub
F9.1281 Pannonic riverine willow scrub
F9.1282 Ponto-Sarmatic riverine willow scrub
F9.1283 Central Eurasian riverine willow scrub
F9.129 Boreal riverine willow scrub
F9.13 Montane river gravel low brush
F9.14 Gravel bank thickets and woods
F9.21 Grey willow carrs
F9.211 Western grey willow carrs
F9.212 Central European grey willow carrs
F9.213 Intra-Carpathian grey willow carrs
F9.22 Sphagnum willow carrs
F9.23 Bay willow carrs
F9.24 Dwarf willow mire scrubs
F9.25 Boreal sedge willow carrs
F9.26 Boreo-alpine willow fen scrubs
F9.3 Southern riparian galleries and thickets
F9.31 Nerium oleander, Vitex agnus-castus and Tamarix galleries
F9.311 Oleander galleries
F9.312 Chaste tree thickets
F9.313 Mediterraneo-Macaronesian tamarisk thickets
F9.3131 West Mediterranean tamarisk thickets
F9.3132 Macaronesian tamarisk thickets
F9.31321 Canary Island tamarisk thickets
F9.31322 Madeiran tamarisk thickets
F9.3133 East Mediterranean tamarisk thickets
F9.3134 Hyper-saline Mediterranean tamarisk stands
F9.31341 Iberian Tamarix boveana stands
F9.31342 Saline Tamarix canariensis stands
F9.31343 Saline eastern tamarisk stands
F9.314 Irano-Turanian tamarisk thickets
F9.3141 Pontic tamarisk stands
F9.31411 Western Pontic fresh water Tamarix smyrnensis stands
F9.31412 Western Pontic coastal Tamarix smyrensis stands
F9.31413 Central and eastern Pontic tamarisk stands
F9.32 Southwestern Iberian tamujares, formed by Securinega tinctoria
F9.33 Lauriphyllous galleries of the Cordillera Oretana
F9.34 Myrica gale - Salix scrub of the Cordillera Oretana
FB.21 Tea plantations
FB.31 Shrub and low-stem tree orchards
FB.41 Traditional vineyards
FB.42 Intensive vineyards
G1.11 Riverine Salix woodland
G1.111 Middle European Salix alba forests
G1.1111 Western European white willow forests
G1.1112 Eastern European poplar-willow forests
G1.112 Mediterranean tall Salix galleries
G1.1121 Mediterranean white willow galleries
G1.11211 Central Iberian Salix neotricha galleries
G1.11212 Eumediterranean white and crack willow galleries
G1.1122 Olive-leaved and ashy willow riparian woods
G1.11221 Iberian olive-leaved willow woods
G1.11222 Andalusian olive-leaved willow woods
G1.11223 Sardinian olive-leaved willow woods
G1.11224 Italo-Hellenic ashy willow riparian woods
G1.113 Canary Island Salix galleries
G1.114 Continental Salix galleries
G1.1141 Pannonic willow and poplar-willow galleries
G1.1142 Ponto-Sarmatic steppe willow galleries
G1.11421 Lower Danube willow galleries
G1.11422 Northern Thracian willow galleries
G1.11423 Eastern Ponto-Sarmatic steppe willow galleries
G1.12 Boreo-alpine riparian galleries
G1.121 Montane Alnus incana galleries
G1.1211 Alpine grey alder galleries
G1.1212 Apennine grey alder galleries
G1.1213 Hercynio-Carpathian grey alder galleries
G1.12131 Hercynio-Carpathian sage grey alder galleries
G1.12132 Hercynio-Carpathian caltha grey alder galleries
G1.1214 Eastern Carpathian grey alder galleries
G1.1215 Montenegrine grey alder galleries
G1.1216 Balkan Range grey alder galleries
G1.1217 Rhodopide grey alder galleries
G1.122 Dealpine Alnus incana galleries
G1.123 Boreal Alnus incana galleries
G1.124 Boreal Alnus glutinosa galleries
G1.125 Western Siberian Betula and pine galleries
G1.126 Eastern boreal riverine galleries
G1.127 Ponto-Caucasian montane Alnus galleries
G1.13 Southern Alnus and Betula galleries
G1.131 Southern Alnus glutinosa galleries
G1.1311 Iberian meso-Mediterranean alder galleries
G1.1312 Iberian supra-Mediterranean alder galleries
G1.1313 Western Mediterranean alder and ash-alder galleries
G1.1314 Aegean alder galleries
G1.132 Rhododendron - Alnus galleries
G1.133 Corsican Alnus cordata and Alnus glutinosa galleries
G1.134 Relict Betula galleries of Cordillera Oretana
G1.21 Riverine Fraxinus - Alnus woodland, wet at high but not at low water
G1.211 Fraxinus - Alnus woods of rivulets and springs
G1.2111 Sedge ash-alder woods
G1.2112 Fontinal ash-alder woods
G1.2113 Cabbage thistle ash-alder woods
G1.2114 Hillside spring ash-alder woods
G1.2115 Great horsetail ash-alder woods
G1.2116 Dacio-Moesian ash-alder woods
G1.212 Fraxinus - Alnus woods of fast-flowing rivers
G1.2121 Collinar stream ash-alder woods
G1.21211 Stitchwort ash-alder woods
G1.21212 Northeastern stream spruce-ash-alder woods
G1.2122 Submontane Hercynian stream ash-alder woods
G1.2123 Pre-Carpathian stream ash-alder woods
G1.213 Fraxinus - Alnus woods of slow rivers
G1.2131 Central European slow river floodplain woods
G1.21311 Central European slow river ash-alder woods
G1.21312 Central European spruce-alder woods
G1.21313 Moravian oak-beech-alder riverine woods
G1.2132 West European tall herb ash-alder woods
G1.2133 Ponto-Pannonic tall herb ash-alder woods
G1.2134 Eastern Baltic slow river floodplain woods
G1.21341 Eastern Baltic enchanter's nightshade ash-alder woods
G1.21342 Eastern Baltic slow river spruce-birch-alder woods
G1.2135 Sarmatic ash-alder woods
G1.214 Northern Iberian Alnus galleries
G1.2141 Galicio-Cantabrian alder galleries
G1.21411 Eume near-natural alder galleries
G1.21412 Semi-natural Galicio-Cantabrian alder galleries
G1.2142 Pyreneo-Cantabrian alder galleries
G1.2143 Pyreneo-Catalonian alder galleries
G1.22 Mixed Quercus - Ulmus - Fraxinus woodland of great rivers
G1.221 Great medio-European fluvial forests
G1.222 Residual medio-European fluvial forests
G1.223 Southeast European Fraxinus - Quercus - Alnus forests
G1.2231 Illyrian ash-oak-alder forests
G1.22311 Illyrian snow-flake ash-oak forests
G1.22312 Illyrian greenweed oak-ash forests
G1.22313 Illyrian riparian oak-hornbeam forests
G1.2232 Helleno-Balkanic ash-oak-alder forests
G1.22321 Hellenic ash-oak-alder forests
G1.22322 Coastal Bulgarian longos forests
G1.22323 Central Balkan ash-oak-alder forests
G1.22324 Albanian ash-oak-alder forests
G1.22325 Montenegrine ash-oak-alder forests
G1.22326 Istrian ash-oak-alder forests
G1.2233 Pannonic ash-oak-alder forests
G1.2234 Getic oak-elm-ash forests
G1.224 Po Quercus - Fraxinus - Alnus forests
G1.225 Sarmatic riverine Quercus forests
G1.31 Mediterranean riparian Populus forests
G1.311 Iberian poplar galleries
G1.312 Provenço-Languedocian poplar galleries
G1.313 Cyrno-Sardinian poplar galleries
G1.314 Italic poplar galleries
G1.315 East Mediterranean poplar galleries
G1.3151 Nestos riparian forests
G1.3152 Hellenic white poplar riparian forests
G1.3153 Northern Hellenic black poplar riparian forests
G1.3154 Hellenic downy poplar riparian forests
G1.3155 Rhodopide Mediterranean poplar galleries
G1.3156 Paeonian poplar galleries
G1.3157 East Adriatic poplar galleries
G1.32 Mediterranean riparian Ulmus forests
G1.33 Mediterranean riparian Fraxinus woods
G1.331 Iberian supra-Mediterranean ash galleries
G1.332 Iberian meso-Mediterranean ash galleries
G1.333 Baetic ash-maple galleries
G1.334 Tyrrhenian ash-alder galleries
G1.335 Italic ash galleries
G1.336 Hellenic ash galleries
G1.34 Mediterranean riverine Ostrya carpinifolia galleries
G1.35 Mediterraneo-Pontic riverine Fraxinus forests
G1.36 Ponto-Sarmatic mixed Populus riverine forests
G1.361 Western Pontic poplar galleries
G1.3611 Western Pontic white poplar galleries
G1.3612 Western Pontic white-black poplar galleries
G1.362 Danube delta galleries
G1.3621 Danube delta periploca-poplar-oak-ash galleries
G1.3622 Danube delta Hippophae-Populus canescens galleries
G1.363 Southern Sarmatic poplar and elm galleries
G1.364 Central and eastern Pontic poplar forests
G1.365 Central European poplar galleries
G1.37 Irano-Anatolian mixed riverine forests
G1.38 Platanus orientalis woods
G1.381 Helleno-Balkanic riparian plane forests
G1.382 Hellenic slope plane woods
G1.383 Sicilian plane tree canyons
G1.384 Anatolian plane forests
G1.385 Cyprian plane forests
G1.386 Levantine plane forests
G1.39 Liquidambar orientalis woods
G1.41 Alnus swamp woods not on acid peat
G1.411 Meso-eutrophic swamp alder woods
G1.4111 Atlantic greater tussock-sedge alder woods
G1.4112 Elongated-sedge swamp alder woods
G1.4113 East European swamp alder woods
G1.4114 Sub-boreal swamp alder woods
G1.4115 Eastern Carpathian Alnus glutinosa swamp woods
G1.41151 Pre-Carpathian alder swamp woods
G1.41152 Intra-Carpathian elongated sedge alder swamp woods
G1.412 Oligotrophic swamp alder woods
G1.413 Southern Helleno-Balkanic swamp alder woods
G1.414 Steppe swamp Alnus glutinosa woods
G1.4141 Pannonic swamp alder-ash woods
G1.4142 Sarmatic swamp alder woods
G1.415 Boreal swamp alder woods
G1.42 Quercus swamp woods
G1.43 Populus tremula swamp woods
G1.44 Wet-ground woodland of the Black and Caspian Seas
G1.51 Sphagnum Betula woods
G1.511 Cottonsedge sphagnum birch woods
G1.512 Sedge sphagnum birch woods
G1.513 Meso-acidophilous birch swamp woods
G1.52 Alnus swamp woods on acid peat
G1.61 Medio-European acidophilous Fagus forests
G1.611 Medio-European collinar woodrush beech forests
G1.6111 Western Hercynian collinar woodrush beech forests
G1.6112 Hercyno-Jurassian collinar woodrush beech forests
G1.6113 Peri-Alpine collinar woodrush beech forests
G1.6114 Western sub-Pannonic collinar woodrush beech forests
G1.6115 Pannonic collinar woodrush beech forests
G1.612 Medio-European montane woodrush beech forests
G1.6121 Hercyno-Alpine montane woodrush beech forests
G1.6122 Western medio-European montane woodrush beech forests
G1.62 Atlantic acidophilous Fagus forests
G1.621 Germano-Baltic acidophilous beech forests
G1.622 Sub-Atlantic acidophilous beech forests
G1.623 Armorican acidophilous beech forests
G1.624 Pyreneo-Cantabrian acidophilous beech forests
G1.625 Western Cantabrian acidophilous beech forests
G1.626 Galician acidophilous beech forests
G1.627 Humid Iberian acidophilous beech forests
G1.628 Hyper-humid Iberian acidophilous beech forests
G1.629 Ayllon acidophilous beech forests
G1.63 Medio-European neutrophile Fagus forests
G1.631 Medio-European collinar neutrophile beech forests
G1.6311 Medio-European wood barley beech forests
G1.6312 Medio-European woodruff and hairy sedge beech forests
G1.632 Atlantic neutrophile beech forests
G1.6321 Calcicline bluebell beech forests
G1.6322 Neutrocline bluebell beech forests
G1.633 Medio-European montane neutrophile beech forests
G1.6331 Jura bittercress beech forests
G1.6332 Western Alps bittercress beech forests
G1.6333 Austro-Bavarian Alps bittercress beech forests
G1.6334 Southeastern Alpine bittercress beech forests
G1.6335 Vosges bittercress beech forests
G1.6336 Black Forest bittercress beech forests
G1.6337 Northern Hercynian bittercress beech forests
G1.6338 Bohemian Quadrangle bittercress beech forests
G1.6339 Western Carpathian bittercress beech forests
G1.634 Bohemian lime-beech forests
G1.635 Pannonic neutrophile beech forests
G1.6351 Sub-Pannonic beech forests
G1.6352 Pannonic neutrophile collinar beech forests
G1.6353 Pannonic neutrophile montane beech forests
G1.64 Pyreneo-Cantabrian neutrophile Fagus forests
G1.641 Hygrophile Pyrenean beech forests
G1.642 Mesophile Pyrenean beech forests
G1.643 Sub-humid oro-Cantabrian beech forests
G1.644 Humid Central Massif fir-beech forests
G1.65 Medio-European subalpine Fagus woods
G1.66 Medio-European limestone Fagus forests
G1.661 Middle European dry-slope limestone beech forests
G1.6611 Medio-European dry slope sedge beech forests
G1.6612 Medio-European steep slope yew beech forests
G1.6613 Medio-European blue moorgrass beech forests
G1.6614 Medio-European naked basiphile beech forests
G1.6615 Pannonic limestone beech forests
G1.662 Northwestern Iberian xerophile beech woods
G1.67 Southern medio-European Fagus forests
G1.671 Alpino-Apennine acidophilous beech forests
G1.672 Pyreneo-C‚vennian acidophilous beech forest
G1.673 Corsican beech forests
G1.674 Alpino-Apennine neutrophile beech forests
G1.675 Sub-Mediterranean calcicolous beech forests
G1.6751 Box beech forests
G1.6752 Androsace beech forests
G1.6753 Lavender beech forests
G1.6754 Sainte-Baume beech forest
G1.676 Pre-Alpine hop-hornbeam beech forests
G1.68 Southern Italian Fagus forests
G1.681 Gargano beech forest
G1.682 Campano-Lucanian beech forests
G1.683 Pollino beech forests
G1.684 Sila beech forests
G1.685 Aspromonte beech forests
G1.686 Northern Sicilian beech forests
G1.687 Etna beech forests
G1.69 Moesian Fagus forests
G1.691 Southwestern Moesian beech forests
G1.6911 Southwestern Moesian woodrush-beech forests
G1.6912 Southwestern Moesian neutrophile beech forests
G1.69121 Southwestern Moesian bedstraw-beech forests
G1.69122 Southwestern Moesian fir-beech forests
G1.69123 Southwestern Moesian beech-hornbeam forests
G1.6913 Southwestern Moesian subalpine beech forests
G1.692 Southeastern Moesian beech forests
G1.6921 Southeastern Moesian woodrush-beech forests
G1.6922 Southeastern Moesian neutrophile beech forests
G1.69221 Southeastern Moesian bedstraw-beech forests
G1.69222 Southeastern Moesian fir-beech forests
G1.69223 Southeastern Moesian beech-hornbeam forests
G1.6923 Southeastern Moesian subalpine beech forests
G1.6924 Southeastern Moesian Ostrya-beech forests
G1.693 Balkan Range beech forests
G1.6931 Balkan Range acidophile beech forests
G1.69311 Balkan Range woodrush-beech forests
G1.69312 Balkan Range cherry-laurel beech forests
G1.6932 Balkan Range neutrophile beech forests
G1.69321 Balkan Range bedstraw-beech forests
G1.69322 Balkan Range fir-beech forests
G1.69323 Balkan Range beech-hornbeam forests
G1.69324 Balkan Range Festuca drymeja beech forests
G1.6933 Balkan Range subalpine beech forests
G1.6934 Balkan Range thermophile beech forests
G1.69341 Balkan Range Ostrya-beech forests
G1.69342 Moesian Constantinople hazel beech forests
G1.694 South-Dinaric beech forests
G1.6A Hellenic Fagus forests
G1.6A1 Pindus Hellenic beech forests
G1.6A2 Olympian Hellenic beech forests
G1.6B Mediterraneo-Moesian Fagus forests
G1.6C Illyrian Fagus forests
G1.6C1 Illyrian woodrush-beech forests
G1.6C2 Illyrian neutrophile beech forests