The Scientific Basis of the EUNIS Habitat Classification. Revised EUNIS-SYNTAXA crosswalk.

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Title The Scientific Basis of the EUNIS Habitat Classification. Revised EUNIS-SYNTAXA crosswalk.
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Source Rodwell, J. & Dring, J.
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Created 2000-01-01
Publisher Unpublished report. Lancaster: University of Lancaster.
Language English

Habitats related to this reference

A2.51 Saltmarsh driftlines
A2.511 Atlantic saltmarsh and drift rough grass communities
A2.512 Atlantic saltmarsh driftline annual communities
A2.513 Mediterranean saltmarsh driftlines
A2.52 Upper saltmarshes
A2.521 Atlantic and Baltic brackish saltmarsh communities
A2.522 Mediterranean Juncus maritimus and Juncus acutus saltmarshes
A2.523 Mediterranean short Juncus, Carex, Hordeum and Trifolium saltmeadows
A2.524 Mediterranean Elymus or Artemisia stands
A2.525 Mediterranean Juncus subulatus beds
A2.526 Mediterranean saltmarsh scrubs
A2.527 Atlantic salt scrubs
A2.528 Mediterranean Limoniastrum scrubs
A2.529 Canary Island saltmarsh scrubs
A2.53 Mid-upper saltmarshes and saline and brackish reed, rush and sedge beds
A2.531 Atlantic upper shore communities
A2.532 Mediterranean halo-psammophile meadows
A2.533 Upper shore arctic salt meadows
A2.534 Sulphurous arctic salt meadows
A2.54 Low-mid saltmarshes
A2.541 Atlantic saltmarsh grass lawns
A2.542 Atlantic lower shore communities
A2.543 Mediterranean coastal-saltmarsh grass swards
A2.544 Lower shore arctic salt meadows
A2.55 Pioneer saltmarshes
A2.551 Salicornia, Suaeda and Salsola pioneer saltmarshes
A2.552 Mediterranean coastal halo-nitrophilous pioneer communities
A2.553 Atlantic Sagina maritima communities
A2.554 Flat-leaved Spartina swards
A2.555 Spartina densiflora swards
A2.61 Seagrass beds on littoral sediments
A2.611 Mainland Atlantic Zostera noltii or Zostera angustifolia meadows
A2.612 Macaronesian Zostera noltii meadows
A2.613 Pontic Zostera marina and Zostera noltii meadows
A2.6211 Eleocharis parvula beds
A2.6212 Bothnian Eleocharis acicularis beds
A5.53 Sublittoral seagrass beds
A5.5311 Macaronesian Cymodocea beds
A5.5312 Lusitanian Cymodocea beds
A5.5313 Mediterranean Cymodocea beds
A5.5321 Canary Island Halophila beds
A5.5322 Mediterranean Halophila beds
A5.5331 Zostera marina/angustifolia beds on lower shore or infralittoral clean or muddy sand
A5.5332 Mediterranean and Pontic Zostera noltii beds
A5.5334 Mediterranean Zostera hornemanniana beds
A5.5341 Middle European Ruppia and Zannichellia communities
A5.5342 Tethyan marine Ruppia communities
A5.54 Angiosperm communities in reduced salinity
A5.543 Vegetation of brackish waters dominated by Ranunculus baudotii
B1.23 Boreo-arctic sand beach perennial communities
B1.31 Embryonic shifting dunes
B1.32 White dunes
B1.41 Northern fixed grey dunes
B1.42 Biscay fixed grey dunes
B1.43 Mediterraneo-Atlantic fixed grey dunes
B1.45 Atlantic dune Mesobromion grassland
B1.46 Atlantic dune thermophile fringes
B1.47 Dune fine-grass annual communities
B1.48 Tethyan dune deep sand therophyte communities
B1.51 Empetrum brown dunes
B1.52 Calluna vulgaris brown dunes
B1.61 Coastal dune thickets
B1.611 Hippophae rhamnoides dune thickets
B1.62 Salix arenaria mats
B1.63 Dune Juniperus thickets
B1.64 Dune sclerophyllous scrubs and thickets
B1.81 Dune-slack pools
B1.82 Dune-slack pioneer swards
B1.83 Dune-slack fens
B1.84 Dune-slack grassland and heaths
B1.85 Dune-slack reedbeds, sedgebeds and canebeds
B2.11 Boreo-arctic gravel beach annual communities
B2.12 Atlantic and Baltic shingle beach drift lines
B2.13 Gravel beach communities of the mediterranean region
B2.31 Baltic Crambe maritima communities
B2.32 Channel Crambe maritima communities
B2.33 Atlantic Crambe maritima communities
B3.12 Rock stacks and islets above high tide level in splash zone
B3.31 Atlantic sea-cliff communities
B3.33 Tethyan sea-cliff communities
B3.34 Canary Island and Madeiran sea-cliff communities
B3.35 Azorean sea-cliff communities
B3.4 Soft sea-cliffs, often vegetated
C1.12 Rooted submerged vegetation of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.13 Rooted floating vegetation of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.14 Charophyte submerged carpets in oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.15 Peatmoss and Utricularia communities of oligotrophic waterbodies
C1.23 Rooted submerged vegetation of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.24 Rooted floating vegetation of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.25 Charophyte submerged carpets in mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.26 Peatmoss and Utricularia communities of mesotrophic waterbodies
C1.32 Free-floating vegetation of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.33 Rooted submerged vegetation of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.34 Rooted floating vegetation of eutrophic waterbodies
C1.42 Rooted submerged vegetation of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.43 Rooted floating vegetation of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.44 Charophyte submerged carpets in dystrophic waterbodies
C1.45 Peatmoss and Utricularia communities of dystrophic waterbodies
C1.46 Raised bog pools
C1.47 Lagg
C1.512 Submerged charophyte carpets in inland saline or hypersaline waterbodies
C1.521 Submerged macrophyte communities of inland saline and brackish waters
C1.523 Brackish water floating vegetation
C1.67 Turlough and lake-bottom meadows
C2.11 Soft water springs
C2.18 Acid oligotrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.19 Lime-rich oligotrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.1A Mesotrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.1B Eutrophic vegetation of spring brooks
C2.25 Acid oligotrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.26 Lime-rich oligotrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.27 Mesotrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.28 Eutrophic vegetation of fast-flowing streams
C2.33 Mesotrophic vegetation of slow-flowing rivers
C2.34 Eutrophic vegetation of slow-flowing rivers
C3.21 Phragmites australis beds
C3.22 Scirpus lacustris beds
C3.23 Typha beds
C3.24 Medium-tall non-graminoid waterside communities
C3.25 Water-fringe medium-tall grass beds
C3.26 Phalaris arundinacea beds
C3.27 Halophile Scirpus, Bolboschoenus and Schoenoplectus beds
C3.28 Riparian Cladium mariscus beds
C3.31 Saccharum ravennae communities
C3.32 Arundo donax beds
C3.41 Euro-Siberian perennial amphibious communities
C3.42 Mediterraneo-Atlantic amphibious communities
C3.43 Central Eurasian amphibious communities
C3.44 Eleocharis parvula and Eleocharis acicularis beds of inland saline and brackish waters
C3.45 Nasturtium officinale (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) beds
C3.51 Euro-Siberian dwarf annual amphibious swards
C3.52 Bidens communities (of lake and pond shores)
C3.53 Euro-Siberian annual river mud communities
C3.54 Boreo-arctic river mud communities
C3.55 Sparsely vegetated river gravel banks
C3.551 Boreo-alpine stream gravel habitats
C3.552 Montane river gravel habitats
C3.553 Mediterranean river gravel habitats
C3.71 Periodically exposed river-bed rocks, pavements and blocks
D1.11 Active, relatively undamaged raised bogs
D1.111 Raised bog hummocks, ridges and lawns
D1.112 Raised bog hollows (schlenken)
D1.113 Raised bog seeps and soaks
D1.114 Boreoalpine dwarf-shrub hummocks on raised bogs
D1.12 Damaged, inactive bogs
D1.121 Damaged, inactive bogs, dominated by dense Molinia
D1.14 Myrica gale scrub on raised bogs
D1.21 Hyperoceanic low-altitude blanket bogs, typically with dominant Trichophorum
D1.211 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog plateaux
D1.212 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog sphagnum carpets
D1.213 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog Trichophorum cespitosum heaths
D1.214 Western Irish Drosera intermedia flush communities
D1.215 Western Irish Juncus bulbosus flush communities
D1.216 Hiberno-Britannic lowland blanket bog hollows and pools
D1.22 Montane blanket bogs, Calluna and Eriophorum vaginatum often dominant
D1.221 Hiberno-Britannic Eriophorum-Calluna blanket bogs
D1.222 Britannic Eriophorum vaginatum blanket bogs
D1.223 Hiberno-Britannic upland blanket bog sphagnum mats
D1.224 Hiberno-Britannic dwarf shrub-Eriophorum upland bogs
D1.225 Hiberno-Britannic Racomitrium lanuginosum upland bog hummocks
D1.226 Hiberno-Britannic upland blanket bog wet heaths
D1.227 Hiberno-Britannic upland blanket bog hollows and pools
D1.23 Boreo-Atlantic blanket bogs
D1.231 Southern boreo-Atlantic Eriophorum - Calluna bogs
D1.232 Southern boreo-Atlantic Calluna - Racomitrium lanuginosum moss bogs
D1.233 Southern boreo-Atlantic blanket bog hollow communities
D1.234 Northern boreo-Atlantic Calluna - Empetrum - Sphagnum fuscum blanket bogs
D1.235 Northern boreo-Atlantic blanket bog hollow communities
D2.21 Eriophorum scheuchzeri fens
D2.22 Carex nigra, Carex canescens, Carex echinata fens
D2.23 Apennine acidic fens
D2.24 Carex intricata pozzines (wet depressions surrounding glacial lakes)
D2.25 Trichophorum cespitosum and Narthecium ossifragum acidic fens
D2.26 Eriophorum angustifolium fens
D2.27 Dunal sedge acidic fens
D2.28 Illyrio-Moesian acidic fens
D2.29 Boreal acidic Sphagnum fens
D2.31 Carex lasiocarpa swards
D2.32 Carex diandra quaking mires
D2.33 Carex rostrata quaking mires
D2.34 Carex limosa swards
D2.35 Carex chordorrhiza swards
D2.36 Carex heleonastes swards
D2.37 Rhynchospora alba quaking bogs
D2.38 Sphagnum and Eriophorum rafts
D2.39 Menyanthes trifoliata and Potentilla palustris rafts
D2.3A Calla palustris mires
D2.3B Brown moss carpets
D2.3C Eriophorum vaginatum quaking bogs
D2.3D Molinia caerulea quaking bogs
D2.3E Calamagrostis stricta quaking bogs
D2.3F Scirpus hudsonianus (Trichophorum alpinum) quaking bogs
D2.3G Iberian quaking bogs
D2.3H Wet, open, acid peat and sand, with Rhynchospora alba and Drosera
D2.3H1 Nemoral bare peat communities
D2.3H2 Boreal mud-bottom communities
D3.32 Polygon mire hollows
D4.11 Schoenus nigricans fens
D4.12 Schoenus ferrugineus fens
D4.13 Subcontinental Carex davalliana fens
D4.14 Pyrenean Carex davalliana fens
D4.15 Carex dioica, Carex pulicaris and Carex flava fens
D4.16 Carex nigra alkaline fens
D4.17 Carex saxatilis fens
D4.18 Carex frigida fens
D4.19 British Carex demissa - Saxifraga aizoides flushes
D4.1A Eleocharis quinqueflora fens
D4.1B Mediterranean and Central Eurasian small sedge fens
D4.1C Carex rostrata alkaline fens
D4.1D Scirpus hudsonianus (Trichophorum alpinum) alkaline fens
D4.1E Trichophorum cespitosum alkaline fens
D4.1F Middle European Blysmus compressus fens
D4.1G Small herb alkaline fens
D4.1H Calcareous dunal Juncus - sedge fens
D4.1I Tall herb fens
D4.1J Icelandic Carex bigelowii fens
D4.1K Sesleria caerulea fens
D4.1L Icelandic Equisetum palustre fens
D4.21 Arctoalpine Kobresia simpliciuscula and Carex microglochin swards
D4.22 Alpine riverine Carex maritima (Carex incurva) swards
D4.23 Arctoalpine riverine Equisetum, Typha and Juncus swards
D4.24 British mica flushes
D4.25 Boreal Carex atrofusca swards
D4.26 Boreal marsh-fens
D4.261 Eriophorum marsh-fens
D4.262 Grass and forb marsh-fens
D4.263 Carex marsh-fens
D5.11 Phragmites australis beds normally without free-standing water
D5.12 Scirpus lacustris beds normally without free-standing water
D5.13 Typha beds normally without free-standing water
D5.21 Beds of large Carex spp.
D5.22 Tall Cyperus beds, other than Cyperus papyrus
D5.23 Cyperus papyrus swamps
D5.24 Fen Cladium mariscus beds
D5.25 Valencia Cladium islands
D6.11 Interior European Puccinellia distans meadows
D6.12 Interior European saltmarsh Juncus gerardi and Elymus repens beds
D6.13 Interior European Halimione pedunculata beds
D6.14 Swards of Carpathian travertine concretions
D6.23 Interior Iberian salt pan meadows
E1.11 Euro-Siberian rock debris swards
E1.12 Euro-Siberian pioneer calcareous sand swards
E1.2 Perennial calcareous grassland and basic steppes
E1.22 Arid subcontinental steppic grassland (Festucion valesiacae)
E1.23 Meso-xerophile subcontinental meadow-steppes (Cirsio-Brachypodion)
E1.24 Central alpine arid grassland (Stipo-Poion)
E1.26 Sub-Atlantic semi-dry calcareous grassland
E1.27 Sub-Atlantic very dry calcareous grassland
E1.28 Central European calcaro-siliceous grassland
E1.29 Festuca pallens grassland
E1.2A Brachypodium phoenicoides swards
E1.2B Serpentine steppes
E1.2C Pannonic loess steppic grassland
E1.2D Ponto-Sarmatic steppes
E1.2F Pannonic sand steppes
E1.2G Ponto-Sarmatic sand steppes
E1.31 West Mediterranean xeric grassland
E1.32 Southwestern Mediterranean perennial pastures
E1.33 East Mediterranean xeric grassland
E1.41 Stipa tenacissima steppes
E1.42 Lygeum spartum steppes
E1.43 Mediterranean steppes dominated by tall grasses other than Stipa tenacissima or Lygeum spartum
E1.44 Cane steppes
E1.45 Sub-Mediterranean Artemisia steppes
E1.51 Mediterraneo-montane steppes
E1.52 Aphyllanthes grassland and supra-Mediterranean steppes
E1.53 Iberian Festuca frost-influenced grassland
E1.54 Central and southern Apennine dry grassland
E1.55 Eastern sub-Mediterranean dry grassland
E1.61 Mediterranean subnitrophilous grass communities
E1.62 Meseta subnitrophilous crucifer communities
E1.63 Iberian southeastern subnitrophilous herb communities
E1.64 Eastern Mediterranean subnitrophilous herb communities
E1.71 Nardus stricta swards
E1.72 Agrostis - Festuca grassland
E1.73 Deschampsia flexuosa grassland
E1.74 Calamagrostis epigejos stands
E1.75 Carex arenaria grassland
E1.81 Mediterranean therophytic siliceous grassland
E1.811 West Mediterranean siliceous grassland
E1.812 Dalmatian siliceous grassland
E1.82 Iberian Festuca elegans grassland
E1.83 Mediterraneo-montane Nardus stricta swards
E1.831 Iberian montane Nardus stricta swards
E1.832 Southern Italian Nardus stricta swards and related communities
E1.833 Balkanic montane Nardus stricta swards
E1.91 Dwarf annual siliceous grassland
E1.92 Perennial open siliceous grassland
E1.93 Corynephorus grassland
E1.94 Inland dune pioneer grassland
E1.95 Inland dune siliceous grassland
E1.96 Northern fluviatile dunes
E1.97 Southern fluviatile dunes
E1.98 Breckland inland dunes
E1.99 Pannonic inland dunes
E1.9A Pontic inland dunes
E1.9B Standing stone inland dunes
E1.A1 Mediterranean annual deep-sand communities
E1.A2 Supra-Mediterranean perennial siliceous grasslands
E1.A4 Southern Iberian inland dunes
E1.B1 Atlantic heavy-metal grassland
E1.B2 Calaminarian grassland
E1.B3 Central European heavy-metal grassland
E1.B4 Calaminarian Silene vulgaris grassland
E1.B5 Alpine heavy-metal grassland
E1.C1 Asphodelus fields
E1.C2 Thistle fields
E1.C3 Phlomis brushes
E1.C4 Ferula stands
E2.11 Unbroken pastures
E2.12 Ditch-broken pastures
E2.13 Abandoned pastures
E2.14 Species-rich lowland flood meadows
E2.21 Atlantic hay meadows
E2.22 Sub-Atlantic lowland hay meadows
E2.23 Medio-European submontane hay meadows
E2.24 Boreal and sub-boreal meadows
E2.25 Continental meadows
E2.31 Alpic mountain hay meadows
E2.41 Perennial vallicares
E2.43 Andalusian Armeria vallicares
E2.5 Meadows of the steppe zone
E2.61 Dry or moist agriculturally-improved grassland
E2.62 Wet agriculturally-improved grassland, often with drainage ditches
E3.31 Helleno-Moesian riverine and humid Trifolium meadows
E3.32 Apennine humid meadows
E3.33 Dalmatian riverine and humid meadows
E3.34 Illyrio-Moesian riverine and humid Trifolium meadows
E3.35 Anatolian supra-Mediterranean humid grassland
E3.41 Atlantic and sub-Atlantic humid meadows
E3.42 Juncus acutiflorus meadows
E3.43 Subcontinental riverine meadows
E3.44 Flood swards and related communities
E3.45 Recently abandoned hay meadows
E3.46 Continental humid meadows
E3.5 Moist or wet oligotrophic grassland
E3.51 Molinia caerulea meadows and related communities
E3.52 Heath Juncus meadows and humid Nardus stricta swards
E3.53 Continental oligotrophic humid grassland
E4.1 Vegetated snow-patch
E4.11 Boreo-alpine acidocline snow-patch grassland and herb habitats
E4.12 Boreo-alpine calcicline snow-patch grassland and herb habitats
E4.13 Ponto-Caucasian snow-patch grassland
E4.31 Alpic Nardus stricta swards and related communities
E4.32 Oroboreal acidocline grassland
E4.33 Thermo-Alpigenous subalpine acidophilous grassland
E4.34 Alpigenous acidophilous grassland
E4.35 Oro-Hellenic closed grassland
E4.36 Oro-Iberian acidophilous grassland
E4.37 Oro-Corsican grassland
E4.38 Oro-Apennine closed grassland
E4.39 Oro-Moesian acidophilous grassland
E4.4 Calcareous alpine and subalpine grassland
E4.41 Closed calciphile alpine grassland
E4.42 Wind edge Kobresia myosuroides swards
E4.43 Calciphilous stepped and garland grassland
E4.44 Ponto-Caucasian alpine grassland
E4.442 Caucasian alpine grassland
E4.51 Subalpine Trisetum flavescens hay meadows
E4.52 Leontodon hispidus pastures
E5.13 Weed communities of recently abandoned rural constructions
E5.21 Xero-thermophile fringes
E5.22 Mesophile fringes
E5.31 Sub-Atlantic Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.32 Macaronesian Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.33 Supra-Mediterranean Pteridium aquilinum fields
E5.41 Screens or veils of perennial tall herbs lining watercourses
E5.42 Tall-herb communities of humid meadows
E5.421 Western nemoral tall-herb communities of humid meadows
E5.422 Boreal tall-herb communities of humid depressions
E5.423 Continental tall-herb communities of humid meadows
E5.43 Shady woodland edge fringes
E5.44 Mediterranean grasslands on alluvial river banks
E5.51 Alpic tall-herb communities
E5.52 Alpic tall grass communities
E5.53 Pyreneo-Iberian tall-herb communities
E5.54 Ibero-Mauritanian tall-herb communities
E5.55 Corsican Cymbalaria tall-herb communities
E5.56 Corsican Doronicum tall-herb communities
E5.57 Eastern oro-Mediterranean and Balkan tall-herb communities
E5.58 Alpine Rumex communities
E5.59 Oro-boreal tall-herb communities
E5.5A Ponto-Caucasian tall-herb communities
E6.11 Mediterranean Limonium salt steppes
E6.12 Mediterranean Lygeum spartum salt steppes
E6.21 Pannonic salt steppes and saltmarshes
E6.22 Ponto-Sarmatic salt steppes and saltmarshes
E6.23 Central Eurasian solonchak grassland with Crypsis
F1.21 Cladonia - espalier willow tundra
F1.22 Moss tundra
F2.1 Subarctic and alpine dwarf willow scrub
F2.11 Boreo-alpine acidocline snow-patch Salix herbacea scrub
F2.12 Boreo-alpine calcicline snow-patch Salix polaris scrub
F2.13 Ponto-Caucasian snow-patch dwarf Salix scrub
F2.21 Alpide dwarf ericoid wind heaths
F2.22 Alpide acidocline Rhododendron heaths
F2.23 Southern Palaearctic mountain dwarf Juniperus scrub
F2.24 Alpigenic high mountain Empetrum - Vaccinium heaths
F2.25 Boreo-alpine and arctic heaths
F2.26 Bruckenthalia heaths
F2.27 Alpide Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Arctostaphylos alpinus heaths
F2.28 Alpide Rhododendron hirsutum - Erica heaths
F2.29 Dryas octopetala mats
F2.2A Alpide high mountain dwarf Vaccinium heaths
F2.2B Alpide high mountain Genista and Chamaecytisus heaths
F2.31 Mountain Alnus brush
F2.32 Subalpine and oroboreal Salix brush
F2.322 Oroboreal Salix scrub
F2.33 Subalpine mixed brushes
F2.41 Inner Alpine Pinus mugo scrub
F2.42 Outer Alpine Pinus mugo scrub
F2.43 Southwestern Pinus mugo scrub
F2.44 Apennine Pinus mugo scrub
F2.45 Hercynian Pinus mugo scrub
F2.46 Carpathian Pinus mugo scrub
F2.47 Pelago-Dinaride Pinus mugo scrub
F2.48 Balkano-Rhodopide Pinus mugo scrub
F3.11 Medio-European rich-soil thickets
F3.12 Buxus sempervirens thickets
F3.13 Atlantic poor soil thickets
F3.15 Ulex europaeus thickets
F3.16 Juniperus communis scrub
F3.17 Corylus thickets
F3.18 Inland dune thickets
F3.22 Southwestern sub-mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.23 Tyrrhenian sub-mediterranean deciduous thickets
F3.24 Subcontinental and continental deciduous thickets
F4.11 Northern wet heaths
F4.12 Southern wet heaths
F4.13 Molinia caerulea wet heaths
F4.21 Submontane Vaccinium - Calluna heaths
F4.22 Sub-Atlantic Calluna - Genista heaths
F4.23 Atlantic Erica - Ulex heaths
F4.234 Northern Erica vagans heaths
F4.24 Ibero-Atlantic Erica - Ulex - Cistus heaths
F4.25 Boreo-Atlantic Erica cinerea heaths
F4.26 Inland dune heaths
F4.261 Dry sandy heaths with Empetrum nigrum
F4.262 Dry sandy heaths with Calluna and Genista
F4.31 Canary Island heaths
F4.32 Madeiran cloud heaths
F4.33 Madeiran summital heaths
F4.34 Azorean lowland heaths
F4.35 Upland Azorean Erica azorica and Juniperus brevifolia heaths
F4.36 Azorean summital heaths
F5.11 Evergreen Quercus matorral
F5.12 Olea europaea and Pistacia lentiscus matorral
F5.13 Juniper matorral
F5.14 Pinus matorral
F5.15 Tetraclinis articulata matorral
F5.16 Deciduous Quercus matorral
F5.17 Arid zone matorral
F5.19 Cupressus matorral
F5.1A Zelkova matorral
F5.21 High maquis
F5.22 Low ericaceous maquis
F5.23 Tall Cistus maquis
F5.24 Low Cistus maquis
F5.25 Low Cistus - Lavandula stoechas maquis
F5.26 Low sparse maquis
F5.27 Cytisus-dominated maquis
F5.31 Helleno-Balkanic pseudomaquis
F5.32 Italo-French pseudomaquis
F5.33 Iberian pseudomaquis
F5.51 Thermo-Mediterranean brushes, thickets and heath-garrigues
F5.52 Euphorbia dendroides formations
F5.53 Ampelodesmos mauritanica -dominated garrigues
F5.54 Chamaerops humilis brush
F5.55 Mediterranean pre-desert scrub
F5.56 Thermo-Mediterranean broom fields (retamares)
F5.57 Mediterranean gorse-heaths
F5.58 Iberian thermo-Mediterranean garrigues
F5.59 Stauracanthus boivinii gorse-heaths
F5.5A Western Tethyan xero-psammitic brushes
F5.5C Thermo-Mediterranean heaths
F6.11 Western Quercus coccifera garrigues
F6.12 Western Rosmarinus officinalis garrigues
F6.13 Western Cistus garrigues
F6.14 Western Euphorbia garrigues
F6.15 Western Juniperus oxycedrus garrigues
F6.16 Western Lavandula garrigues
F6.17 Western Teucrium and other labiate garrigues
F6.18 Western Genista garrigues
F6.19 Western Calicotome garrigues
F6.1A Western composite garrigues
F6.1B Western Erica garrigues
F6.1C Western Globularia garrigues
F6.1D Western Helianthemum and Fumana garrigues
F6.1E Lithodora fruticosa garrigues
F6.1F Western Thymelaea garrigues
F6.1G Western Bupleurum garrigues
F6.1H Western Ulex garrigues
F6.1I Western Ononis fruticosa garrigues
F6.1J Western Anthyllis cytisoides garrigues
F6.1K Western Dictamnus garrigues
F6.22 Eastern Rosmarinus officinalis garrigues
F6.23 Eastern Cistus garrigues
F6.24 Eastern Euphorbia garrigues
F6.25 Eastern Juniperus oxycedrus garrigues
F6.26 Eastern Lavandula garrigues
F6.27 Eastern Teucrium and other labiates garrigues
F6.29 Eastern broom garrigues
F6.2A Ebenus cretica brushes
F6.2B Eastern Helichrysum and other composite garrigues
F6.2C Eastern Erica garrigues
F6.2D Arbutus andrachne garrigues
F6.2E Eastern Globularia garrigues
F6.2F Eastern Helianthemum and Fumana garrigues
F6.2G Eastern Thymelaea garrigues
F6.2H Eastern Bupleurum garrigues
F6.31 Illyrian Quercus coccifera garrigues
F6.32 Illyrian Rosmarinus officinalis garrigues
F6.33 Illyrian Cistus garrigues
F6.34 Illyrian Euphorbia garrigues
F6.35 Illyrian Juniperus oxycedrus garrigues
F6.36 Illyrian Teucrium and other labiates garrigues
F6.37 Illyrian Paliurus spina-christi garrigues
F6.38 Illyrian broom garrigues
F6.39 Illyrian Helichrysum and other composite garrigues
F6.3A Illyrian Erica garrigues
F6.41 Crimean garrigues
F6.42 South-Euxinian garrigues
F6.43 Thracian garrigues
F6.61 Lavandula angustifolia garrigues
F6.62 Genista cinerea garrigues
F6.63 Ibero-Gallic supra-Mediterranean dwarf-shrub garrigues
F6.64 Supra-Mediterranean Buxus sempervirens scrub
F6.65 Italian supra-Mediterranean garrigues
F6.66 Balkan peninsula supra-Mediterranean garrigues
F6.7 Mediterranean gypsum scrubs
F6.71 Central Iberian gypsum scrubs
F6.72 Ebro gypsum scrubs
F6.73 Southeastern Iberian gypsum scrubs
F6.81 Canary Island xero-halophilous scrubs
F6.82 Mediterranean halo-nitrophilous scrubs
F7.11 West Mediterranean mainland clifftop phrygana
F7.111 Calcareous Provence phrygana
F7.112 Crystalline Provence phrygana
F7.113 West-Mediterranean Anthyllis phrygana
F7.114 Straits of Bonifacio phrygana
F7.115 Cabo de Creus phrygana
F7.116 Cabo de Sao Vicente phrygana
F7.12 Balearic clifftop phrygana
F7.21 Sardinian Centaurea horrida phrygana
F7.22 Sardinian Genista acanthoclada phrygana
F7.23 Corsican and Sardinian Genista phrygana
F7.24 Pantelleria phrygana
F7.25 Central Mediterranean Sarcopoterium phrygana
F7.26 Hypericum aegyptiacum phrygana
F7.31 Aegean phrygana
F7.311 Aegean Sarcopoterium phrygana
F7.312 Maritime Centaurea spinosa phrygana
F7.313 Lesbian Centaurea spinosa phrygana
F7.314 Cycladian Centaurea phrygana
F7.315 Aegean Erica manipuliflora phrygana
F7.316 Aegean Thymus capitatus phrygana
F7.317 Aegean Genista acanthoclada phrygana
F7.318 Aegean Satureja thymbra phrygana
F7.319 Aegean Euphorbia acanthothamnos phrygana
F7.31B Aegean Anthyllis hermanniae phrygana
F7.32 Mid-elevation phrygana of Crete
F7.33 Thracian phrygana
F7.331 Thracian Sarcopoterium phrygana
F7.332 Northern Thracian collinar Astragalus thracicus phrygana
F7.34 East Mediterranean bathas
F7.341 Cyprian phrygana
F7.342 Sarcopoterium bathas
F7.343 Thymus capitatus bathas
F7.344 Salvia triloba and Satureja thymbra bathas
F7.41 Pyrenean hedgehog-heaths
F7.42 Cordilleran hedgehog-heaths
F7.43 Nevadan hedgehog-heaths
F7.44 Franco-Iberian hedgehog-heaths
F7.45 Cyrno-Sardinian hedgehog-heaths
F7.46 Mount Etna hedgehog-heaths
F7.47 Madonie and Apennine hedgehog-heaths
F7.48 Helleno-Balkanic sylvatic Astragalus hedgehog-heaths
F7.49 Hellenic oro-Mediterranean hedgehog-heaths
F7.4A Hellenic alti-Mediterranean hedgehog-heaths
F7.4B Cretan hedgehog-heaths
F7.4C Aegean summital hedgehog-heaths
F7.4D Southern Hellenic Genista acanthoclada hedgehog-heaths
F7.4E Astragalus sempervirens hedgehog-heaths
F7.4F Canary Island cushion-heaths
F7.4G Cyprian hedgehog-heaths
F8.11 Western Canary Island Euphorbia communities
F8.12 Western Canary Island saxicolous formations
F8.13 Eastern Canary Island xerophytic communities
F8.14 Canary Island Launaea scrub
F8.21 Madeiran Euphorbia formations
F8.22 Madeiran saxicolous formations
F8.23 Desertas dry scrub
F9.11 Orogenous riverine brush
F9.12 Lowland and collinar riverine Salix scrub
F9.31 Nerium oleander, Vitex agnus-castus and Tamarix galleries
F9.32 Southwestern Iberian tamujares, formed by Securinega tinctoria
F9.33 Lauriphyllous galleries of the Cordillera Oretana
F9.34 Myrica gale - Salix scrub of the Cordillera Oretana
G1.11 Riverine Salix woodland
G1.111 Middle European Salix alba forests
G1.112 Mediterranean tall Salix galleries
G1.113 Canary Island Salix galleries
G1.114 Continental Salix galleries
G1.121 Montane Alnus incana galleries
G1.122 Dealpine Alnus incana galleries
G1.123 Boreal Alnus incana galleries
G1.124 Boreal Alnus glutinosa galleries
G1.125 Western Siberian Betula and pine galleries
G1.13 Southern Alnus and Betula galleries
G1.131 Southern Alnus glutinosa galleries
G1.132 Rhododendron - Alnus galleries
G1.133 Corsican Alnus cordata and Alnus glutinosa galleries
G1.134 Relict Betula galleries of Cordillera Oretana
G1.211 Fraxinus - Alnus woods of rivulets and springs
G1.212 Fraxinus - Alnus woods of fast-flowing rivers
G1.213 Fraxinus - Alnus woods of slow rivers
G1.214 Northern Iberian Alnus galleries
G1.22 Mixed Quercus - Ulmus - Fraxinus woodland of great rivers
G1.221 Great medio-European fluvial forests
G1.222 Residual medio-European fluvial forests
G1.223 Southeast European Fraxinus - Quercus - Alnus forests
G1.224 Po Quercus - Fraxinus - Alnus forests
G1.225 Sarmatic riverine Quercus forests
G1.31 Mediterranean riparian Populus forests
G1.32 Mediterranean riparian Ulmus forests
G1.33 Mediterranean riparian Fraxinus woods
G1.34 Mediterranean riverine Ostrya carpinifolia galleries
G1.35 Mediterraneo-Pontic riverine Fraxinus forests
G1.36 Ponto-Sarmatic mixed Populus riverine forests
G1.38 Platanus orientalis woods
G1.39 Liquidambar orientalis woods
G1.41 Alnus swamp woods not on acid peat
G1.42 Quercus swamp woods
G1.43 Populus tremula swamp woods
G1.51 Sphagnum Betula woods
G1.6 Fagus woodland
G1.61 Medio-European acidophilous Fagus forests
G1.62 Atlantic acidophilous Fagus forests
G1.63 Medio-European neutrophile Fagus forests
G1.64 Pyreneo-Cantabrian neutrophile Fagus forests
G1.65 Medio-European subalpine Fagus woods
G1.66 Medio-European limestone Fagus forests
G1.67 Southern medio-European Fagus forests
G1.68 Southern Italian Fagus forests
G1.69 Moesian Fagus forests
G1.6A Hellenic Fagus forests
G1.6B Mediterraneo-Moesian Fagus forests
G1.6C Illyrian Fagus forests
G1.6D Dacian Fagus forests
G1.6E Pontic Fagus forests
G1.6F Dobrogea Fagus forest
G1.6H Caucasian Fagus forests
G1.7 Thermophilous deciduous woodland
G1.71 Western Quercus pubescens woods and related communities
G1.72 Cyrno-Sardinian Quercus pubescens woods
G1.73 Eastern Quercus pubescens woods
G1.74 Italo-Illyrian Ostrya carpinifolia sub-thermophilous Quercus woods
G1.75 Southeastern sub-thermophilous Quercus woods
G1.76 Balkano-Anatolian thermophilous Quercus forests
G1.77 Afro-Iberian thermophilous Quercus forests
G1.78 Quercus trojana woodland
G1.79 Mediterranean Quercus macrolepis woodland
G1.7A1 Euro-Siberian steppe Quercus woods
G1.7B1 Central Iberian Quercus pyrenaica forests
G1.7B2 Cantabrian Quercus pyrenaica forests
G1.7B3 Maestrazgan Quercus pyrenaica forests
G1.7B4 Baetic Quercus pyrenaica forests
G1.7B5 French Quercus pyrenaica forests
G1.7C Mixed thermophilous woodland
G1.7C1 Ostrya carpinifolia woods
G1.7C2 Carpinus orientalis woods
G1.7C3 Thermophilous Acer woods
G1.7C4 Thermophilous Tilia woods
G1.7C6 Thermophilous Fraxinus woods
G1.7C7 Pannonic Juniperus - Populus steppe woods
G1.7C8 Sub-Mediterranean and Pannonic mixed woods
G1.7D Castanea sativa woodland
G1.81 Atlantic Quercus robur - Betula woods
G1.82 Atlantic acidophilous Fagus - Quercus forests
G1.83 Atlantic Quercus petraea woods
G1.84 Aquitano-Ligerian Quercus forests on podsols
G1.85 Aquitano-Ligerian Quercus forests on leached or acid soils
G1.86 Ibero-Atlantic acidophilous Quercus forests
G1.87 Medio-European acidophilous Quercus forests
G1.88 Insubrian acidophilous Quercus forests
G1.89 Portuguese Quercus robur forests
G1.9 Non-riverine woodland with Betula, Populus tremula or Sorbus aucuparia
G1.91 Betula woodland not on marshy terrain
G1.911 Atlantic lowland and collinar Betula woods
G1.912 British sub-boreal Betula woods
G1.913 Hercynio-Alpine Betula woods
G1.914 Corsican Betula woods
G1.915 Montane Betula celtiberica woodlands
G1.916 Mount Etna Betula stands
G1.917 Oroboreal Betula woods and thickets
G1.918 Eurasian boreal Betula woods
G1.919 Siberian steppe Betula woods
G1.92 Populus tremula woodland
G1.921 Inner Alpine Populus tremula woods
G1.922 Lowland nemoral Populus tremula woods
G1.923 Montane Populus tremula stands
G1.924 Sub-Mediterranean Populus tremula stands
G1.925 Boreal Populus tremula woods
G1.93 Sorbus aucuparia woodland
G1.94 Inland dune Quercus - Betula woods
G1.A Meso- and eutrophic Quercus, Carpinus, Fraxinus, Acer, Tilia, Ulmus and related woodland
G1.A1 Quercus - Fraxinus - Carpinus betulus woodland on eutrophic and mesotrophic soils
G1.A11 Mixed Atlantic Quercus forests with Hyacinthoides non-scripta
G1.A12 Aquitanian Fraxinus - Quercus and Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A13 Sub-Atlantic Fraxinus - Quercus forests with Primula elatior
G1.A14 Sub-Atlantic Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests with Stellaria
G1.A15 Famennian Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A16 Sub-continental Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A17 Sub-Atlantic calciphile Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A18 Southern Alpine Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A19 Pyreneo-Cantabrian Quercus - Fraxinus forests
G1.A1A Illyrian Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A1B Pannonic Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A1C Southeastern European Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A2 Non-riverine Fraxinus woodland
G1.A21 Fraxinus - Sorbus aucuparia - Mercurialis perennis forests
G1.A22 British Fraxinus - Acer campestre - Mercurialis perennis forests
G1.A23 Pyreneo-Cantabrian Fraxinus forests
G1.A24 Baltic Fraxinus - Acer pseudoplatanus forests with Adoxa moschatellina
G1.A25 Mixed Atlantic Fraxinus forests with Hyacinthoides non-scripta
G1.A26 Aquitanian Fraxinus forests
G1.A27 Sub-Atlantic Fraxinus forests
G1.A28 Lutetian calciphile Fraxinus forests
G1.A29 Post-cultural Fraxinus woods
G1.A3 Carpinus betulus woodland
G1.A31 Western Carpinus betulus woodland
G1.A32 Eastern Carpinus betulus woodland
G1.A41 Medio-European ravine forests
G1.A42 Hercynian slope forests
G1.A43 Peri-Alpine mixed Fraxinus - Acer pseudoplatanus slope forests
G1.A44 Pyreneo-Cantabrian mixed Ulmus - Quercus forests
G1.A45 Thermophilous Alpine and peri-Alpine mixed Tilia forests
G1.A46 Southeastern European ravine forests
G1.A47 Euxinian ravine forests
G1.A5 Tilia woodland
G1.A51 Western Tilia forests
G1.A52 Sub-boreal Tilia forests
G1.A53 East-European Tilia forests
G1.A54 Trans-Volgan Tilia forests
G1.A55 Crimean Tilia forests
G1.A6 Non-riverine Ulmus woodland
G1.A61 Ulmus minor woods
G1.A62 Ulmus glabra and Ulmus laevis woods
G1.A7 Mixed deciduous woodland of the Black and Caspian Seas
G1.A71 Euxinian mixed mesic forests
G1.A72 Sub-Euxinian mixed Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.A73 Caucasian Quercus - Carpinus betulus forests
G1.B1 Alnus cordata woods
G1.B2 Nemoral Alnus woods
G1.B3 Boreal and boreonemoral Alnus woods
G2.11 Quercus suber woodland
G2.111 Tyrrhenian Quercus suber forests
G2.112 Southwestern Iberian Quercus suber forests
G2.113 Northwestern Iberian Quercus suber woodland
G2.114 Aquitanian Quercus suber woodland
G2.12 Quercus ilex woodland
G2.121 Meso-Mediterranean Quercus ilex forests
G2.122 Supra-Mediterranean Quercus ilex forests
G2.123 Aquitanian Quercus ilex woodland
G2.124 Quercus rotundifolia woodland
G2.13 Quercus coccifera and Quercus alnifolia woodland
G2.131 Greek Quercus coccifera forests
G2.132 Italian Quercus coccifera woodland
G2.133 Portuguese Quercus coccifera forest
G2.134 Cyprian Quercus coccifera forest
G2.136 Cyprian Quercus alnifolia forests
G2.21 Mediterraneo-Atlantic Laurus - Quercus woodland
G2.31 Azorean laurisilvas
G2.32 Madeiran laurisilvas
G2.33 Canary Island laurisilvas
G2.41 Wild Olea europaea woodland
G2.42 Ceratonia siliqua woodland
G2.43 Canary Island Olea europaea woodland
G2.51 Cretan Phoenix theophrasti groves
G2.52 Canary Island Phoenix canariensis groves
G2.53 Anatolian Phoenix theophrasti groves
G2.71 Canary Island fayal-brezal
G2.72 Visnea - Arbutus forests
G2.73 Hierran fayal
G3.11 Neutrophile medio-European Abies forests
G3.12 Calciphilous Abies alba forests
G3.13 Acidophilous Abies alba forests
G3.14 Corsican Abies alba forests
G3.15 Southern Apennine Abies alba forests
G3.16 Moesian Abies alba forests
G3.17 Balkano-Pontic Abies forests
G3.18 Aegean Abies forests
G3.1A Relict Abies nebrodensis stands
G3.1B Alpine and Carpathian subalpine Picea forests
G3.1C Inner range montane Picea forests
G3.1D Hercynian subalpine Picea forests
G3.1E Southern European Picea abies forests
G3.1F Enclave Picea abies forests
G3.1G Picea omorika forests
G3.21 Eastern Alpine siliceous Larix and Pinus cembra forests
G3.22 Eastern Alpine calcicolous Larix and Pinus cembra forests
G3.23 Western Larix, mountain pine and Pinus cembra forests
G3.24 Alpine secondary Larix formations
G3.25 Carpathian Larix and Pinus cembra forests
G3.26 Larix polonica forests
G3.31 Pinus uncinata forests with Rhododendron ferrugineum
G3.32 Xerocline Pinus uncinata forests
G3.41 Caledonian forest
G3.42 Middle European Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.43 Inner-Alpine Ononis steppe forests
G3.44 Spring heath Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.45 Inner Alpine Minuartia laricifolia steppe forests
G3.46 Pyrenean mesophile Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.47 Central Massif Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.48 Southwestern Alpine mesophile Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.49 Supra-Mediterranean Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.4A Iberian calcareous Pinus sylvestris woods
G3.4B Iberian silicicolous Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.4C Southeastern European Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.4D Po terrace Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.4E Ponto-Caucasian Pinus sylvestris forests
G3.51 Alpino-Apennine Pinus nigra forests
G3.52 Western Balkanic Pinus nigra forests
G3.53 Pinus salzmannii forests
G3.54 Corsican Pinus laricio forests
G3.55 Calabrian Pinus laricio forests
G3.56 Pinus pallasiana and Pinus banatica forests
G3.61 Pinus leucodermis forests
G3.62 Pinus peuce woods
G3.71 Maritime Pinus pinaster ssp. atlantica forests
G3.72 Pinus pinaster ssp. pinaster (Pinus mesogeensis) forests
G3.73 Pinus pinea forests
G3.74 Pinus halepensis forests
G3.75 Pinus brutia forests
G3.81 Pinus canariensis - Cistus symphytifolius forests
G3.82 Pinus canariensis - dry scrub forests
G3.83 Pinus canariensis - heath forests
G3.84 Pinus canariensis - Adenocarpus viscosus woods
G3.85 Pinus canariensis - Juniperus cedrus woods
G3.91 Western Palaearctic Cupressus forests
G3.92 Spanish Juniperus thurifera woods
G3.93 Greek Juniperus excelsa woods
G3.94 Juniperus foetidissima woods
G3.95 Juniperus drupacea woods
G3.96 Tetraclinis articulata forests
G3.97 Western Palaearctic Taxus baccata woods
G3.98 Macaronesian Juniperus woods
G3.99 Juniperus oxycedrus woods
G3.9A Juniperus phoenicea woods
G3.9C Cedrus woodland
G3.A1 Vaccinium myrtillus western Picea taiga
G3.A2 Fern western Picea taiga
G3.A3 Small-herb western Picea taiga
G3.A4 Tall-herb western Picea taiga
G3.A5 Pretundra Picea obovata taiga
G3.B1 Calluna vulgaris - Empetrum western taiga
G3.B2 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Pinus and Picea - Pinus taiga
G3.B3 Herb-rich and grassy pine taiga
G3.B4 Lichen Pinus taiga
G3.E1 Pinus mugo bog woods
G4.31 Boreonemoral lichen-dwarf shrub mixed forests
G4.32 Boreonemoral heath-grass mixed forests
G4.33 Boreonemoral herb-rich mixed forests
G4.6 Mixed Abies - Picea - Fagus woodland
G4.71 Subcontinental nemoral Pinus - Quercus forests
G4.72 Continental nemoral Pinus - Quercus forests
G5.61 Deciduous scrub woodland
G5.62 Mixed scrub woodland
G5.63 Coniferous scrub woodland
G5.64 Raised bog pre-woods
H2.1 Cold siliceous screes
H2.31 Alpine siliceous screes
H2.32 Medio-European upland siliceous screes
H2.41 Alpine calcschist screes
H2.42 Thlaspi rotundifolium screes
H2.43 Fine calcareous screes
H2.44 Carpathian calcareous screes
H2.45 Rhodopide calcareous screes
H2.51 Pyreneo-Alpine thermo-siliceous screes
H2.52 Oro-Cantabrian siliceous screes
H2.54 Carpetano-Iberian siliceous screes
H2.55 Nevadan siliceous screes
H2.61 Peri-Alpine thermophilous screes
H2.62 Cevenno-Provençal screes
H2.63 Pyrenean calcareous screes
H2.64 Oro-Cantabrian calcareous screes
H2.65 Iberian calciphile fern screes
H2.66 Southern Iberian calcareous screes
H2.67 Central Mediterranean calcareous screes
H2.68 Eastern Mediterranean limestone screes
H2.69 Eastern Mediterranean serpentine screes
H2.6B Illyrian montane calcareous screes
H2.6C Illyrian sub-Mediterranean screes
H3.11 Middle European montane siliceous cliffs
H3.12 Oro-Iberian siliceous cliffs
H3.13 Southwestern Alpine siliceous cliffs
H3.14 Cyrno-Sardinian montane and alpine cliffs
H3.15 Helleno-Carpatho-Balkanic Silene siliceous cliffs
H3.16 Peri-Pyrenean montane siliceous cliffs
H3.17 Western Iberian siliceous cliffs
H3.18 West Mediterranean thermophile siliceous cliffs
H3.19 Lowland northern- and middle-European siliceous cliffs
H3.1A Boreal siliceous cliffs
H3.1C Disused siliceous quarries
H3.2 Basic and ultra-basic inland cliffs
H3.21 Tyrrheno-Adriatic eumediterranean calcicolous chasmophyte communities
H3.22 Central Pyrenean calcicolous chasmophyte communities
H3.23 Liguro-Apennine calcicolous chasmophyte communities
H3.24 Western mediterraneo-montane chasmophyte communities
H3.25 Alpine and sub-mediterranean chasmophyte communities
H3.26 Hellenic eumediterranean calcicolous chasmophyte communities
H3.27 Aegeo-east-Mediterranean basiphile chasmophyte communities
H3.28 Southern Hellenic Potentilla cliffs
H3.29 Central Hellenic Potentilla cliffs
H3.2A Illyrio-Helleno-Balkanic Potentilla cliffs
H3.2B Lowland middle European calcareous cliff communities
H3.2C Boreal calcareous cliff communities
H3.2D Mediterraneo-Anatolian calcicolous chasmophyte communities
H3.2F Disused chalk and limestone quarries
H3.41 Mediterranean wet inland cliffs
H3.42 Northern wet inland cliffs
H5.22 Sparsely vegetated glacial moraines
H6.21 Teide violet community
H6.22 Etna summital communities
I1.52 Fallow un-inundated fields with annual weed communities
I1.54 Fallow inundated fields with annual weed communities
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