Second OSPAR/ICES/EEA Workshop on Marine Habitat Classification, Southampton, 18-22 September 2000

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Title Second OSPAR/ICES/EEA Workshop on Marine Habitat Classification, Southampton, 18-22 September 2000
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Journal Issue CLAS 00/8/1 - E
Created 2000-01-01
Publisher OSPAR Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic

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A1.33 Red algal turf in lower eulittoral, sheltered from wave action
A2.324 Saltmarsh pools
A2.325 Saltmarsh creeks
A2.3251 Erosion faces with Carcinus maenas
A2.614 Ruppia maritima on lower shore sediment
A2.81 Methane seeps in littoral sediments
A3.118 Turf of articulated Corallinaceae on exposed to sheltered infralittoral bedrock and boulders
A3.14 Encrusting algal communities
A3.15 Frondose algal communities (other than kelp)
A3.151 Cystoseira spp. on exposed infralittoral bedrock and boulders
A3.226 Halopteris filicina with coralline crusts on moderately exposed infralittoral rock
A3.345 Codium elisabethae, Halopteris filicina and coralline crusts on sheltered infralittoral bedrock
A3.73 Vents and seeps in infralittoral rock
A3.731 Freshwater seeps in infralittoral rock
A3.732 Oil seeps in infralittoral rock
A3.733 Vents in infralittoral rock
A4.73 Vents and seeps in circalittoral rock
A4.731 Freshwater seeps in circalittoral rock
A4.732 Oil seeps in circalittoral rock
A4.733 Vents in circalittoral rock
A5.13A Greenland cockle Serripes in shallow coarse sand (influenced by warm low-salinity melt water) of the Arctic
A5.146 Scallops on shell gravel and sand with some sand scour
A5.214 Macoma balthica in brackish environment (seasonally ice-covered)
A5.245 Turritella in muddy sands
A5.246 Ervillia castanea beds in infralittoral sand
A5.253 Medium to very fine sand, 100-120 m, with polychaetes Spiophanes kroyeri, Amphipectene auricoma, Myriochele sp., Aricidea wassi and amphipods Harpinia antennaria
A5.345 Astarte crenata beneath high salinity cold polar water
A5.346 Oligochaetes in mobile mud
A5.364 Silty sediments > 140 m with polychaetes Lumbrineris fragilis, Levinsenia gracilis and amphipods Eriopisa elongata
A5.365 Spiochaetopterus beneath high salinity Atlantic water
A5.366 Macoma calcarea in deep-water soft clayey mud
A5.446 Sandy mixed sediment with Alcyonidium diaphanum
A5.626 Hiatella arctica beds on silty clay with small pebbles and shells
A5.71 Seeps and vents in sublittoral sediments
A5.713 Freshwater seeps in sublittoral sediments
A5.714 Methane seeps in sublittoral sediments
A5.715 Oil seeps in sublittoral sediments
A5.716 Vents in sublittoral sediments
A5.72 Organically-enriched or anoxic sublittoral habitats
A5.721 Periodically and permanently anoxic sublittoral muds
A6.11 Deep-sea bedrock
A6.12 Deep-sea artificial hard substrata
A6.13 Deep-sea manganese nodules
A6.21 Deep-sea lag deposits
A6.22 Deep-sea biogenic gravels (shells, coral debris)
A6.23 Deep-sea calcareous pavements
A6.24 Communities of allochthonous material
A6.241 Communities of macrophyte debris
A6.71 Permanently submerged flanks of oceanic islands
A6.721 Summit communities of seamount, knoll or bank within euphotic zone
A6.722 Summit communities of seamount, knoll or bank within the mesopelagic zone, i.e. interacting with diurnally migrating plankton
A6.723 Deep summit communities of seamount, knoll or bank (i.e. below mesopelagic zone)
A6.724 Flanks of seamount, knoll or bank
A6.725 Base of seamount, knoll or bank
A6.7251 Moat around base of seamount, knoll or bank
A6.73 Oceanic ridges
A6.731 Communities of ridge flanks
A6.732 Communities of ridge axial trough (i.e. non-vent fauna)
A6.74 Abyssal hills
A6.81 Canyons, channels, slope failures and slumps on the continental slope
A6.811 Active downslope channels
A6.812 Inactive downslope channels
A6.813 Alongslope channels
A6.814 Turbidites and fans
A6.91 Deep-sea reducing habitats
A6.911 Seeps in the deep-sea bed
A6.912 Gas hydrates in deep-sea
A6.913 Cetacean and other carcasses on the deep-sea bed
A6.92 Deep-sea bed influenced by hypoxic water column
A6.93 Isolated ‘oceanic’ features influenced by hypoxic water column
A6.941 Active vent fields
A6.942 Inactive vent fields
A7.11 Temporary neuston layer
A7.12 Permanent neuston layer
A8.31 Brine channels in first year ice
A8.32 Brine channels in multi-year ice
A8.41 Under-ice habitat in first-year ice
A8.42 Under-ice habitat in multi-year ice
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