Quick facts

  • European Diploma of Protected Areas (code DE940004)
  • Since 1971
  • Country: Germany
  • Administrative region: Not available
  • Surface area: 42 km2 (4200.00 ha)
  • Marine area: Not available

Source and more information: Council of Europe


Site contact authorities

Information Regierungspräsidium Koln, Zeughausstrasse 4-8 D-5000 Köln Forstamt Siegburg Siegfeldstrasse 11a D-5200 Siegburg Verschönerungsverein für das Siebengebirge Prinz-Albert Strasse 11 D-5300 Bonn 1
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General character of the site The striking scenery with wooded hilltops in this area close to Bonn, Königswinter and Bad Honnef is the result of volcanic activity and erosion. The Siebengebirge can be described as the wreck of a great volcano which erupted at several different points. The present 300-400m summits consist of solid rock from which the tuffs were removed by erosion. Much of the reserve comprises beechwood communities with xerothermal features characteristic of oakwood with hornbeam. 
Vulnerability The forest area is likely to be crossed by new road and rail routes; the pressure of tourism is felt in places, for example the Drachenfels. Forest die-back continues; it is planned to reduce the conifer acreage, increase the proportion of the characteristic broadleaved species and preserve islands of ancient woodlands and copices. 
Owner The reserve is the property of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Verschönerungsverein, the council of Honneftown and various private owners. 
Documentation Council of Europe - European Diploma Series (1971), Siebengebirge Federal Republic of Germany, Strasbourg, 28 p.. 
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Educational interest  
Cultural heritage Foundations of 12th century monasteries (ruins of Heisterbach); also castles (ruins of Löwenburg and Drachenburg). 
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