Quick facts

  • European Diploma of Protected Areas (code FR940001)
  • Since 1966
  • Country: France
  • Administrative region: Not available
  • Surface area: 131 km2 (13117.00 ha)
  • Marine area: Not available

Source and more information: Council of Europe


Site contact authorities

Manager SNPN (Société Nationale de Protection de la Nature)
Information Reserve Nationale de Camargue La Capelière F-13200 Arles tel. 0490970097 fax 0490970144
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General character of the site The reserve occupies an area of the Rhone delta between the Greater and the Lesser Rhone, with the sea to the south; its principal feature is the Vaccarès Lagoon. Annual rainfall is about 560mm; the rain falls chiefly in the autumn and winter causing temporary flooding; however, intensive evaporation in the summer, due mainly to wind, takes off about 1400mm water and dries the land again. The deficit is covered by water pumped from the Rhône. The salt groundwater is responsible for the development of characteristic halophitic vegetation. 
Vulnerability It is difficult to maintain the natural water regime while irrigation for agricultural purposes continues. Strong erosion of the coastline due to an increasing marine water level; pollution of the Rhône; pressure of civilisation and tourism from outside; hunting in the vicinity of the reserve. 
Owner The entire reserve is owned by the state which subsidises the administrative body. 
Documentation Council of Europe - European Diploma Series (1966), Réserve naturelle de Camargue, Strasbourg 
Habitat types  
Potential vegetation  
Educational interest There are three information and visitor sites:-Information center of Capelière (suggestions and visits)-"Salin de Badon" site-Coastline and sea dike accessible for hikers and bikers (more than 12 kilometers of paths) in the reserve 
Cultural heritage -Former royal saltmine of Salin de Badon-Remnants of the abbey Cisterienne d'Ulmet-Various historic sites whereunder two exceptional ones of the fourth and fifth century 
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