Quick facts

  • European Diploma of Protected Areas (code IT940001)
  • Since 1967
  • Country: Italy
  • Administrative region: Not available
  • Surface area: 400 km2 (40000.00 ha)
  • Marine area: Not available

Source and more information: Council of Europe


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Information Ente autonomo Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Presidenza: Via del Curato 6 I-00186 Roma Direzione: I-67032 Pescasseroli
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General character of the site The park is situated in the heart of the central Apennines, 160 km south-east of Rome, on the upper course of the river Sango. It is a limestone and dolomite massif influenced by karst phenomena and glaciation with peaks of 2000m and more. It is noted for very hot summers and heavy winter snowfalls. 
Vulnerability The presence of the five inhabited localities creates all the problems of civilisation: pressure of tourism, construction of rural roads with exploitation of the forest. There are also budgetary problems which jeopardises the survival of the bear and the wolf. 
Owner The park is owned mainly by the local authorities and private individuals; only a very small area is state owned. 
Documentation Council of Europe - European Diploma Series (1972), Abruzzes Italie, Strasbourg, 28 p.. 
Habitat types  
Potential vegetation  
Educational interest The main centre, at Pescasseroli, was built in 1969 together with a zoo and a museum. It offers guided tours and a map for tourists. 
Cultural heritage There are five inhabited localities inside the park area and 13 others nearby with items of cultural interest such as the Santuario di M. Tranquilla, various churches and fortifications. 
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URL official http://www.pna.it/ 
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