Isola di Monte Cristo

Quick facts

  • European Diploma of Protected Areas (code IT940002)
  • Since 1988
  • Country: Italy
  • Administrative region: Not available
  • Surface area: 10 km2 (1031.00 ha)
  • Marine area: Not available

Source and more information: Council of Europe


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Information Ministero dell'Agricoltura e delle Foreste Gestione ex Azienda di Stato per le Foreste Demaniala Via Carducci 5 I-00187 Roma
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General character of the site Montecristo is a rocky island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, situated 45 km off Elba: the highest point is 645m above sea level. Sparse vegetation in the rocky sites. Characteristic mediterranean flora and fauna. 
Vulnerability The goat populations need to be controlled as their present numbers are hindering the development of the natural vegetation (in particular Quercus ilex). Certain non-native plant species need to be eliminated. The rats pose a threat to nesting birds. 
Owner The island is state-owned. Administration is entrusted to a special commission. The former royal hunting pavilion provides accomodation for naturalists. 
Documentation Council of Europe - Série Diplôme européen n° 30 (1988), Réserve naturelle de l'île de Montecristo - Italie, Strasbourg, 24p. 
Habitat types  
Potential vegetation  
Educational interest Access to the island is authorised only for the purpose of scientific study. 
Cultural heritage Ruined monasteries and churches; archaeological interest remains. The island is a former royal hunting ground, and was the setting of Alexandre Dumas' famous novel "The Count of Montecristo". 
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