Kusçenneti National Park

Quick facts

  • European Diploma of Protected Areas (code TR940001)
  • Since 1976
  • Country: Turkey
  • Administrative region: Not available
  • Surface area: 1 km2 (64.00 ha)
  • Marine area: Not available

Source and more information: Council of Europe



General character of the site Kuscenneti is situated near the Sea of Marmara in north-western Turkey. The country's smallest national park occupies the north-eastern shore of Kus Gölu (Lake Kus) which covers 162 km² at the mouth of the river Sigirci. 
Quality Kusçenneti has a unique habitat supporting large colonies. The natural relationship between living creatures and inanimate things has an extra ordinary quality in Kusçenneti. The water, soil, climate, grasses, reeds, trees and fish, birds and insects exist in a harmonious unity. There are some 200 kinds of birds that visit the park seasonaly on their migratory routes. The park can accomodate so many bird visitors at a time, because it has special feeding and nesting areas for all of them. 
Vulnerability The natural fluctuation of the water level is in danger of being disturbed by a hydroelectric scheme in the lake area. Other problems concern the effects of human activity, including hunting, near the park. The buffer zone needs to be widened. The lake ecosystem and the National Park is being damaged by the increasing agriculture and industry. 
Owner The park is state-owned. 
Documentation Council of Europe - European Diploma Series (1976), Kuscenneti National park Turkey, Strasbourg, 23p.. 
Habitat types  
Potential vegetation  
Geomorphology Lake Manyas along with Lake Apolyon and Lake Iznik are formed as a result of the tectonic movement of the earth's crust. 
Educational interest The park has a museum and a 15-metre high observation tower with space for 40 people at a time. Accomodation is available for research purposes. 
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URL interesting http://www.ilkhaber.com.tr/kuscenneti/kuscenneti.html 

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