Kingdom: Plantae > Division: Tracheophyta > Class: Magnoliopsida > Order: Asterales > Family: Compositae > Genus: Hieracium > Species: Hieracium murorum

Hieracium murorum

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Threat status Europe Not evaluated (IUCN)

The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species.

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Threat and conservation status

This species has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List

Natura 2000 sites

Not available

Legal status

Not listed in legal texts

Common names and synonyms

The species has no common names
Synonym Author
Hieracium murorum subsp. silvularum L.
Hieracium asteridiophyllum P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium submarginellum (Zahn) Juxip
Hieracium pseudotorticeps Wiinst.
Hieracium cinderella (Ley) Ley
Hieracium distractum Norrl.
Hieracium goniophyllum Omang
Hieracium kubinskense Juxip
Hieracium micracladium Dahlst.
Hieracium panaeolum Dahlst.
Hieracium pollinarium F.Hanb.
Hieracium severiceps Wiinst.
Hieracium cardiophyllum Jord. ex Sudre
Hieracium integrilaterum Dahlst.
Hieracium piligerum (Pugsley) P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium subcrassifolium (Zahn) Juxip
Hieracium scytalocephalum Omang
Hieracium declivium Juxip
Hieracium frigidellum (Pohle & Zahn) Juxip
Hieracium levihirtum Omang
Hieracium ovatifrons Dahlst.
Hieracium proximum Norrl., non F.Hanb.
Hieracium wiinstedtii Keld
Hieracium cuspidelliforme Juxip
Hieracium camptopetalum (F.Hanb.) P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium lacerifolium Almq.
Hieracium obtextum Dahlst.
Hieracium percrenatum Omang
Hieracium praenodatum Johanss.
Hieracium rhabdoides Omang
Hieracium snowdoniense P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium torticeps Dahlst.
Hieracium erysibodes Dahlst.
Hieracium granvicum Juxip
Hieracium niveolimbatum Juxip
Hieracium tenuiglandulosum Norrl.
Hieracium porrigentiforme Dahlst.
Hieracium grandifoliatum Dahlst.
Hieracium bobrovii Juxip
Hieracium contaminatum Wiinst.
Hieracium erigescens Omang
Hieracium kuzenevae Juxip
Hieracium pediaeum Stenstr.
Hieracium revocans Juxip
Hieracium silvularum Jord.
Hieracium sublepistoides (Zahn) Druce
Hieracium pseudostenstroemii Pugsley
Hieracium kosvinskiense Juxip
Hieracium panaeoliforme Pohle & Zahn
Hieracium pollinarioides Pugsley
Hieracium aquiliforme Dahlst.
Hieracium ciliatum Almq., non Willd.
Hieracium discophyllum P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium furfurosum Dahlst.
Hieracium lyratum Norrl., non L.
Hieracium serratifrons Almq. ex Dahlst.
Hieracium carcarophyllum Johanss.
Hieracium cymbifolium Purchas
Hieracium fennorbicantiforme Juxip
Hieracium hylocomum Juxip
Hieracium lepistoides Johanss.
Hieracium orbicans Almq. ex Stenstr.
Hieracium pictorum E.F.Linton
Hieracium prolixum Norrl.
Hieracium scutifolium Wiinst.
Hieracium subcompositum Juxip
Hieracium uranopoleos Juxip
Hieracium altipes Lindeb. & Norrl.
Hieracium catoxylepis Omang
Hieracium diminuens Norrl.
Hieracium furfuraceoides (Zahn) Juxip
Hieracium itunense Pugsley
Hieracium longifrons Dahlst.
Hieracium pallescentifrons K.Malý & Zahn
Hieracium pleuroleucum Dahlst.
Hieracium pruinale (Zahn) P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium serratifolium Jord.
Hieracium subcrassum (Almq. ex Dahlst.) Johanss.
Hieracium belonodontum Dahlst. ex Jónss.
Hieracium commilitonum Juxip
Hieracium duriceps F.Hanb.
Hieracium gracilidens Wiinst.
Hieracium kupfferi Dahlst.
Hieracium microplacerum Norrl.
Hieracium patale Norrl.
Hieracium pomoricum Juxip
Hieracium pulchridens Dahlst.
Hieracium silvaticum auct.
Hieracium subprasinifolium Pugsley
Hieracium cuspidellum (Pohle & Zahn) Juxip
Hieracium fennorbicans Norrl.
Hieracium hjeltii Norrl.
Hieracium lateriflorum Norrl.
Hieracium obtusoserratum Omang
Hieracium persimile Dahlst.
Hieracium praetenerum Almq. ex Dahlst.
Hieracium schliakovii Juxip
Hieracium stenstroemii (Dahlst.) Johanss.
Hieracium uistense (Pugsley) P.D.Sell & C.West
Hieracium candelabrae W.R.Linton

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