Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Arthropoda > Class: Insecta > Order: Coleoptera > Family: Curculionidae > Genus: Hypothenemus > Species: Hypothenemus eruditus

Hypothenemus eruditus Westwood, 1836

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Threat status Europe Not evaluated (IUCN)

The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species.

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Threat and conservation status

This species has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List

Natura 2000 sites

Not available

Legal status

Not listed in legal texts

Common names and synonyms

The species has no common names
Synonym Author
Hypothenemus argentinensis Schedl, 1939
Hypothenemus asaroriensis Beeson, 1940
Hypothenemus asiminae Hopkins, 1915
Cryphalus aspericollis Wollaston, 1860
Cryphalus basjoo Niisima, 1910
Hypothenemus bicolor Eggers, 1919
Hypothenemus bicolor Schedl, 1939
Bostrichus boildieui Perroud, 1864
Hypothenemus bradfordi Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus citri Ebeling, 1935
Stephanoderes communis Schaufuss, 1891
Hypothenemus cylindricus Schedl, 1939
Hypothenemus cylindripennis Schedl, 1957
Hypothenemus dubiosus Schedl, 1940
Archeophalus ealaensis Eggers, 1944
Stephanoderes ehlersi Eichhoff, 1878
Hypothenemus rotroui Peyerimhoff, 1919
Stephanoderes elongatus Hopkins, 1915
Stephanoderes erythrinae Eggers, 1936
Stephanoderes evonymi Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus ferrugineus Hopkins, 1915
Stephanoderes flavicollis Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus flavipes Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus flavosquamosus Hopkins, 1915
Stephanoderes germari Eichhoff, 1878
Hypothenemus glabratellus Schedl, 1953
Hypothenemus glabratus Schedl, 1942
Stephanoderes gracilis Eggers, 1929
Hypothenemus hamamelidis Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus heathi Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus insularis Perkins, 1900
Stephanoderes intersetosus Eggers, 1928
Hypothenemus juglandis Blackman, 1922
Hypothenemus koebelei Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus lezjavai Pyatnitskiy, 1929
Hypothenemus lineatifrons Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus mali Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus mauiensis Schedl, 1941
Hypothenemus mesoleius Schedl, 1959
Hypothenemus minutulus Schedl, 1972
Cryphalus minutus Schedl, 1978
Hypothenemus myristicae Hopkins, 1915
Stephanoderes myrmedon Eichhoff, 1878
Stephanoderes nanulus Schedl, 1948
Hypothenemus nigricollis Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus nigripennis Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus obscuriceps Schedl, 1952
Cryphalus obscurus Ferrari, 1867
Hypothenemus parcius Schedl, 1957
Hypothenemus parilis Schedl, 1951
Hypothenemus parvus Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus pruni Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus punctifrons Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus punctipennis Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus pusillus Eggers, 1927
Stephanoderes pygmaeus Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus rumseyi Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus sacchari Hopkins, 1915
Cosmoderes schwarzi Hopkins, 1915
Cryphalus striatopunctatus Lea, 1910
Stephanoderes subconcentralis Hopkins, 1915
Stephanoderes subcylindricus Schedl, 1940
Cryphalus tantillus Lea, 1910
Cryphalus tectonae Stebbing, 1903
Hypothenemus tenuis Hopkins, 1915
Stephanoderes tigrensis Schedl, 1952
Hypothenemus tuberculosus Hagedorn, 1912
Stephanoderes unicolor Hopkins, 1915
Hypothenemus vianai Schedl, 1958
Hypothenemus webbi Hopkins, 1915

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No external data sets available for this species
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