Vipera wagneri Nilson & Andren, 1984 ― Synonym of Montivipera wagneri

Mentioned in the following international legal instruments and agreements:
  • Bern Convention
    • Annex II: strictly protected fauna species
    • Annex II: (a) all species which, although not necessarily now threatened with extinction, may become so unless trade in specimens of such species is subject to strict regulation in order to avoid utilization incompatible with their survival; and (b) other species which must be subject to regulation in order that trade in specimens of certain species referred to in sub-paragraph (a) of this paragraph may be brought under effective control.
  • Bern Convention
    • Revised Annex I of Resolution 6 (1998) of the Bern Convention listing the species requiring specific habitat conservation measures (year of revision 2011)
  • EU regulation of trade of fauna and flora
    • Annex B includes: All other CITES Appendix II species, except where EU Member States have entered a reservation; Some CITES Appendix III species * Some non-CITES species
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