Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Passeriformes > Family: Certhiidae > Genus: Certhia > Species: Certhia familiaris

Treecreeper - Certhia familiaris Linnaeus, 1758

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)
EU Population status
Protected by EU Birds Directive and 1 other international agreement
Natura 2000 sites 185 are designated for this species
Breeding habitats
  • woodland and forest
Natura 2000 species code A334


The distribution map is currently disabled. A new map solution will soon become available. In the meantime, please consult other species distribution map providers listed in the Other resources panel below.

Threat and EU population status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

EU population status

The status of the population at the EU level was evaluated at the species level; this was based on the reports delivered by Member States under Article 12 of the Birds Directive (see fact sheet below). The EU status assessment can cover several subspecies/subspecific population units. For more information, please consult the species fact sheet and link below.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered
Population status categories for bird species under the Birds Directive
Near Threatened, declining or depleted
Threatened (i.e. vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, regionally extinct)
Unknown or not evaluated

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
IT1110006 Italy Orsiera Rocciavré Map
IT1110080 Italy Val Troncea Map
IT1160021 Italy Gruppo del Tenibres Map
IT1160056 Italy Alpi Marittime Map
IT1160057 Italy Alte Valli Pesio e Tanaro Map
IT1313712 Italy Cima di Piano Cavallo - Bric Cornia Map
IT1313776 Italy Piancavallo Map
IT1314679 Italy Toraggio - Gerbonte Map
IT1315380 Italy Testa d'Alpe - Alto Map
IT1315421 Italy Monte Toraggio - Monte Pietravecchia Map
IT1323112 Italy Monte Carmo - Monte Settepani Map
IT2020003 Italy Palude di Albate Map
IT2020303 Italy Valsolda Map
IT2030001 Italy Grigna Settentrionale Map
IT2040002 Italy Motto di Livigno - Val Saliente Map
IT2040003 Italy Val Federia Map
IT2040004 Italy Valle Alpisella Map
IT2040007 Italy Passo e Monte di Foscagno Map
IT2040008 Italy Cime di Plator e Monte delle Scale Map
IT2040009 Italy Valle di Fraele Map
IT2040010 Italy Valle del Braulio - Cresta di Reit Map
IT2040011 Italy Monte Vago - Val di Campo - Val Nera Map
IT2040012 Italy Val Viola Bormina - Ghiacciaio di Cima dei Piazzi Map
IT2040013 Italy Val Zebrù - Gran Zebrù - Monte Confinale Map
IT2040014 Italy Valle e Ghiacciaio dei Forni - Val Cedec - Gran Zebrù - Cevedale Map
IT2040016 Italy Monte di Scerscen - Ghiacciai di Scerscen - Monte Motta Map
IT2040017 Italy Disgrazia - Sissone Map
IT2040018 Italy Val Codera Map
IT2040019 Italy Bagni di Masino - Pizzo Badile Map
IT2040020 Italy Val di Mello - Piano di Preda Rossa Map
IT2040021 Italy Val di Togno - Pizzo Scalino Map
IT2040026 Italy Val Lesina Map
IT2040027 Italy Valle del Bitto di Gerola Map
IT2040028 Italy Valle del Bitto di Albaredo Map
IT2040029 Italy Val Tartano Map
IT2040030 Italy Val Madre Map
IT2040031 Italy Val Cervia Map
IT2040032 Italy Valle del Livrio Map
IT2040033 Italy Val Venina Map
IT2040034 Italy Valle d'Arigna e Ghiacciaio di Pizzo di Coca Map
IT2040035 Italy Val Bondone - Val Caronella Map
IT2040036 Italy Val Belviso Map
IT2040039 Italy Val Zerta Map
IT2040040 Italy Val Bodengo Map
IT2040044 Italy Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT2060001 Italy Valtorta e Valmoresca Map
IT2060002 Italy Valle di Piazzatorre - Isola di Fondra Map
IT2060003 Italy Alta Val Brembana - Laghi Gemelli Map
IT2060004 Italy Alta Val di Scalve Map
IT2060005 Italy Val Sedornia - Val Zurio - Pizzo della Presolana Map
IT2060006 Italy Boschi del Giovetto di Paline Map
IT2060009 Italy Val Nossana - Cima di Grem Map
IT2060304 Italy Val di Scalve Map
IT2070006 Italy Pascoli di Crocedomini - Alta Val Caffaro Map
IT2070010 Italy Piz Olda - Val Malga Map
IT2070021 Italy Valvestino Map
IT2070022 Italy Corno della Marogna Map
IT2070023 Italy Belvedere - Tri Plane Map
IT2070301 Italy Foresta di Legnoli Map
IT2070302 Italy Val Caffaro Map
IT2070303 Italy Val Grigna Map
IT3120001 Italy Alta Val di Rabbi Map
IT3120002 Italy Alta Val La Mare Map
IT3120003 Italy Alta Val del Monte Map
IT3120020 Italy Palu' Longa Map
IT3120046 Italy Prati di Monte Map
IT3120096 Italy Bocca di Caset Map
IT3120109 Italy Valle Flanginech Map
IT3230060 Italy Torbiere di Danta Map
IT3230077 Italy Foresta del Cansiglio Map
IT4020020 Italy Crinale dell'Appennino parmense Map
IT4080001 Italy Foresta di Campigna, Foresta la Lama, Monte Falco Map
IT4080011 Italy Rami del Bidente, Monte Marino Map
IT5130001 Italy Alta Valle del Sestaione Map
IT5180002 Italy Foreste Alto Bacino dell'Arno Map
IT5180004 Italy Camaldoli, Scodella, Campigna, Badia Prataglia Map
IT5180018 Italy Foreste di Camaldoli e Badia Prataglia Map
IT5210071 Italy Monti Sibillini (versante umbro) Map
IT9210195 Italy Monte Raparo Map
IT9210200 Italy Monte Sirino Map
IT9210205 Italy Monte Volturino Map
IT9210115 Italy Faggeta di Monte Pierfaone Map
SKUEV0332 Slovakia Cergov Map
IT9210270 Italy Appennino Lucano, Monte Volturino Map
SKUEV0163 Slovakia Rudava Map
SKUEV0106 Slovakia Muran Map
IT2030601 Italy Grigne Map
SKUEV0119 Slovakia Siroka Map
SKUEV0166 Slovakia Ciglat Map
SKUEV0034 Slovakia Borsiansky les Map
SKUEV0287 Slovakia Galmus Map
SKUEV0113 Slovakia Dlhe luky Map
IT7218215 Italy Abeti Soprani - Monte Campo - Monte Castelbarone - Sorgenti del Verde Map
IT7218217 Italy Bosco Vallazzuna Map
SKUEV0352 Slovakia Hrusovska lesostep Map
SKUEV0380 Slovakia Tematinske vrchy Map
SKUEV0347 Slovakia Domicke skrapy Map
IT2040403 Italy Riserva Regionale Paluaccio di Oga Map
SKUEV0313 Slovakia Devinske jazero Map
IT2040601 Italy Bagni di Masino - Pizzo Badile - Val di Mello - Val Torrone - Piano di Preda Rossa Map
SKUEV0102 Slovakia Certov Map
SKUEV0006 Slovakia Latorica Map
IT5140012 Italy Vallombrosa e Bosco di S. Antonio Map
SKUEV0282 Slovakia Tisovsky kras Map
SKUEV0312 Slovakia Devinske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0377 Slovakia Lukovsky vrch Map
SKUEV0116 Slovakia Jakubovske rybniky Map
IT2040602 Italy Valle dei Ratti - Cime di Gaiazzo Map
SKUEV0351 Slovakia Folkmarska skala Map
IT9210180 Italy Monte della Madonna di Viggiano Map
IT9210240 Italy Serra di Calvello Map
SKUEV0349 Slovakia Jasovske dubiny Map
IT2040401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Valtellinesi Map
SKUEV0299 Slovakia Baranovo Map
SKUEV0062 Slovakia Priboj Map
SKUEV0171 Slovakia Zelienka Map
SKUEV0343 Slovakia Plesivske strane Map
SKUEV0226 Slovakia Vanisovec Map
SKUEV0026 Slovakia Raskovsky luh Map
IT3120157 Italy Stelvio Map
SKUEV0220 Slovakia Sastinsky potok Map
SKUEV0298 Slovakia Brvniste Map
SKUEV0346 Slovakia Pod Straznym hrebenom Map
SKUEV0356 Slovakia Horny vrch Map
SKUEV0125 Slovakia Gajarske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0344 Slovakia Starovodske jedliny Map
SKUEV0197 Slovakia Salatin Map
SKUEV0317 Slovakia Rozporec Map
SKUEV0350 Slovakia Brzotinske skaly Map
IT3321001 Italy Alpi Carniche Map
SKUEV0168 Slovakia Horny les Map
SKUEV0213 Slovakia Kazarka Map
SKUEV0148 Slovakia Vlara Map
SKUEV0341 Slovakia Dolny vrch Map
SKUEV0225 Slovakia Muranska planina Map
SKUEV0367 Slovakia Holubyho kopanice Map
SKUEV0310 Slovakia Kralovoholske Tatry Map
SKUEV0149 Slovakia Mackov bok Map
SKUEV0219 Slovakia Malina Map
IT2070401 Italy Parco Naturale Adamello Map
SKUEV0204 Slovakia Homola Map
SKUEV0124 Slovakia Bogdalicky vrch Map
SKUEV0328 Slovakia Stredne Pohornadie Map
SKUEV0376 Slovakia Vrsatske bradla Map
SKUEV0399 Slovakia Bacusska jelsina Map
SKUEV0366 Slovakia Driencansky kras Map
IT2070402 Italy Alto Garda Bresciano Map
IT3230089 Italy Dolomiti del Cadore e del Comelico Map
IT2040402 Italy Riserva Regionale Bosco dei Bordighi Map
SKUEV0179 Slovakia Cerveny rybnik Map
SKUEV0302 Slovakia Dumbierske Tatry Map
SKUEV0123 Slovakia Dubrava Map
SKUEV0300 Slovakia Skribnovo Map
SKUEV0120 Slovakia Jasenacke Map
SKUEV0003 Slovakia Rimava Map
SKUEV0357 Slovakia Cerova vrchovina Map
SKUEV0353 Slovakia Plesivska planina Map
IT9210075 Italy Lago Duglia, Casino Toscano e Piana di S.Francesco Map
SKUEV0342 Slovakia Drienovec Map
SKUEV0288 Slovakia Kysucke Beskydy Map
IT5210063 Italy Monti Coscerno - Civitella - Aspra (sommità) Map
IT2060401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Bergamasche Map
IT7212125 Italy Pesche - MonteTotila Map
SKUEV0203 Slovakia Stolica Map
SKUEV0064 Slovakia Bratislavske luhy Map
IT9210170 Italy Monte Caldarosa Map
IT1315313 Italy Gouta - Testa d'Alpe - Valle Barbaira Map
SKUEV0162 Slovakia Grgas Map
SKUEV0331 Slovakia Cergovsky Mincol Map
SKUEV0101 Slovakia Klokocovske raseliniska Map
SKUEV0296 Slovakia Turkova Map
IT9210271 Italy Appennino Lucano, Valle Agri, Monte Sirino, Monte Raparo Map
SKUEV0355 Slovakia Fabianka Map
SKUEV0348 Slovakia Cierna Moldava Map
IT7212135 Italy Montagnola Molisana Map
SKUEV0200 Slovakia Klenovsky Vepor Map
SKUEV0161 Slovakia Suchohradske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0373 Slovakia Krivoklatske bradla Map
ROSPA0062 Romania Lacurile de acumulare de pe Argeș Map
IT5130009 Italy Tre Limentre - Reno Map
IT3120173 Italy Monte Baldo di Brentonico Map
ROSPA0133 Romania Munții Călimani Map
ROSPA0114 Romania Cursul Mijlociu al Someșului Map
ROSPA0124 Romania Lacurile de pe Valea Ilfovului Map
ROSPA0129 Romania Masivul Ceahlău Map

Protected sites

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Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Agateador Norteño Spanish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Grimpereau des bois French Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Hegyi fakusz Hungarian Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Puukiipijä Finnish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Rampichino alpestre Italian Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Šoupálek dlouhoprstý Czech Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Taigaboomkruiper Dutch Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Trädkrypare Swedish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Treecreeper English Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Trepadeira-do-bosque Portuguese Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Waldbaumläufer German Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
No synonyms available.

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External data

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