Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Passeriformes > Family: Corvidae > Genus: Corvus > Species: Corvus frugilegus

Rook - Corvus frugilegus Linnaeus, 1758

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)
EU Population status
Protected by EU Birds Directive
Natura 2000 sites 120 are designated for this species
Breeding habitats
  • agricultural mosaics
  • cropland
  • grassland
  • urban
  • woodland and forest
Wintering habitats
  • grassland
Natura 2000 species code A348


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Threat and EU population status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

EU population status

The status of the population at the EU level was evaluated at the species level; this was based on the reports delivered by Member States under Article 12 of the Birds Directive (see fact sheet below). The EU status assessment can cover several subspecies/subspecific population units. For more information, please consult the species fact sheet and link below.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered
Population status categories for bird species under the Birds Directive
Near Threatened, declining or depleted
Threatened (i.e. vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, regionally extinct)
Unknown or not evaluated

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
DE2121401 Germany Unterelbe Map
DE2509401 Germany Ostfriesische Meere Map
DE2617401 Germany Unterweser Map
DE2709401 Germany Rheiderland Map
DE2909401 Germany Emstal von Lathen bis Papenburg Map
DE3222401 Germany Untere Allerniederung Map
DE5227304 Germany NSG Breitunger Seen Map
DE5818401 Germany Main bei Mühlheim und NSG 'Rumpenheimer und Bürgeler Kiesgruben' Map
ES0000208 Spain Llanuras del Guareña Map
ES4180017 Spain Riberas de Castronuño Map
IT1160058 Italy Gruppo del Monviso e Bosco dell'Alevè Map
IT1180004 Italy Greto dello Scrivia Map
IT1321205 Italy Rocchetta Cairo Map
IT2010012 Italy Brughiera del Dosso Map
IT2010014 Italy Turbigaccio, Boschi di Castelletto e Lanca di Bernate Map
IT2020003 Italy Palude di Albate Map
IT2040022 Italy Lago di Mezzola e Pian di Spagna Map
IT2050006 Italy Bosco di Vanzago Map
IT2060015 Italy Bosco de l'Isola Map
IT2070002 Italy Monte Piccolo - Monte Colmo Map
IT2070003 Italy Val Rabbia e Val Galinera Map
IT2070005 Italy Pizzo Badile - Alta Val Zumella Map
IT2070010 Italy Piz Olda - Val Malga Map
IT2070020 Italy Torbiere d'Iseo Map
IT2080004 Italy Palude Loja Map
IT2080014 Italy Boschi Siro Negri e Moriano Map
IT2080017 Italy Garzaia di Porta Chiossa Map
IT2080301 Italy Boschi del Ticino Map
IT2090001 Italy Monticchie Map
IT2090007 Italy Lanca di Soltarico Map
IT2090008 Italy La Zerbaglia Map
IT20A0001 Italy Morta di Pizzighettone Map
IT20A0002 Italy Naviglio di Melotta Map
IT20A0003 Italy Palata Menasciutto Map
IT20A0004 Italy Le Bine Map
IT20A0005 Italy Lanca di Gabbioneta Map
IT20A0006 Italy Lanche di Azzanello Map
IT20A0007 Italy Bosco della Marisca Map
IT20A0008 Italy Isola Uccellanda Map
IT20A0009 Italy Bosco di Barco Map
IT20B0001 Italy Bosco Foce Oglio Map
IT20B0007 Italy Isola Boschina Map
IT20B0008 Italy Paludi di Ostiglia Map
IT20B0009 Italy Valli del Mincio Map
IT20B0011 Italy Bosco Fontana Map
IT3240015 Italy Palu' del Quartiere del Piave Map
IT3240023 Italy Grave del Piave Map
IT3260018 Italy Grave e Zone umide della Brenta Map
IT2040042 Italy Pian di Spagna e Lago di Mezzola Map
SKUEV0311 Slovakia Kacenky Map
IT20A0401 Italy Riserva Regionale Bosco Ronchetti Map
SKUEV0313 Slovakia Devinske jazero Map
IT20A0018 Italy Cave Danesi Map
SKUEV0312 Slovakia Devinske aluvium Moravy Map
IT20B0501 Italy Viadana, Portiolo, San Benedetto Po e Ostiglia Map
SKUEV0116 Slovakia Jakubovske rybniky Map
SKUEV0165 Slovakia Kutsky les Map
IT4020025 Italy Parma Morta Map
IT20A0502 Italy Lanca di Gussola Map
IT2050011 Italy Oasi Le Foppe di Trezzo sull'Adda Map
IT2090501 Italy Senna Lodigiana Map
IT3240030 Italy Grave del Piave - Fiume Soligo - Fosso di Negrisia Map
IT2080701 Italy Po da Albaredo Arnaboldi ad Arena Po Map
IT20B0401 Italy Parco Regionale Oglio Sud Map
SKUEV0125 Slovakia Gajarske aluvium Moravy Map
DE6116450 Germany Hessisches Ried mit Kühkopf-Knoblochsaue Map
SKUEV0168 Slovakia Horny les Map
IT20A0020 Italy Gabbioneta Map
SKUEV0219 Slovakia Malina Map
IT2070401 Italy Parco Naturale Adamello Map
IT4030023 Italy Fontanili di Gattatico e Fiume Enza Map
IT20A0016 Italy Spiaggioni di Spinadesco Map
IT2040402 Italy Riserva Regionale Bosco dei Bordighi Map
DE5914450 Germany Inselrhein Map
DE5916402 Germany Untermainschleusen Map
IT20A0015 Italy Bosco Ronchetti Map
IT2050401 Italy Riserva Regionale Fontanile Nuovo Map
IT20A0019 Italy Barco Map
DE6217403 Germany Hessische Altneckarschlingen Map
IT2080501 Italy Risaie della Lomellina Map
IT2090503 Italy Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda Map
IT20A0013 Italy Lanca di Gerole Map
IT20A0017 Italy Scolmatore di Genivolta Map
IT20B0017 Italy Ansa e Valli del Mincio Map
IT20B0016 Italy Ostiglia Map
SKUEV0064 Slovakia Bratislavske luhy Map
IT20A0014 Italy Lancone di Gussola Map
IT20B0015 Italy Pomponesco Map
IT20B0402 Italy Riserva Regionale Garzaia di Pomponesco Map
IT2090701 Italy Po di San Rocco al Porto Map
DE6216450 Germany Rheinauen bei Biblis und Groß-Rohrheim Map
IT2090502 Italy Garzaie del Parco Adda Sud Map
IT20A0402 Italy Riserva Regionale Lanca di Gerole Map
SKUEV0161 Slovakia Suchohradske aluvium Moravy Map
ROSPA0015 Romania Câmpia Crișului Alb și Crișului Negru Map
ROSPA0014 Romania Câmpia Cermeiului Map
ROSPA0069 Romania Lunca Mureșului Inferior Map
ROSPA0062 Romania Lacurile de acumulare de pe Argeș Map
ROSPA0067 Romania Lunca Barcăului Map
ROSPA0047 Romania Hunedoara Timișană Map
ROSPA0103 Romania Valea Alceului Map
DE4545452 Germany Elbtal zwischen Schöna und Mühlberg Map
DE4340451 Germany Vereinigte Mulde Map
DE4941451 Germany Eschefelder Teiche Map
DE4739451 Germany Elsteraue bei Groitzsch Map
DE2309431 Germany Ostfriesische Seemarsch zwischen Norden und Esens Map
AT1210000 Austria Steinfeld Map
AT2230000 Austria Teile des südoststeirischen Hügellandes inklusive Höll und Grabenlandbäche Map
AT1220V00 Austria Feuchte Ebene - Leithaauen Map
AT2211000 Austria Hartberger-Gmoos Map
AT1202V00 Austria March-Thaya-Auen Map
ROSPA0133 Romania Munții Călimani Map
ROSPA0142 Romania Teremia Mare - Tomnatic Map
ROSPA0128 Romania Lunca Timișului Map
ROSPA0148 Romania Vitănești - Răsmirești Map
ROSPA0126 Romania Livezile - Dolaț Map
ROSPA0141 Romania Subcarpații Vrancei Map
ROSPA0144 Romania Uivar - Diniaș Map
ROSPA0135 Romania Nisipurile de la Dăbuleni Map
ROSPA0113 Romania Cânepiști Map

Protected sites

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Common names and synonyms

No synonyms available.

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