Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Charadriiformes > Family: Laridae > Genus: Larus > Species: Larus fuscus fuscus

Larus fuscus fuscus Linnaeus, 1758

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)
Protected by EU Birds Directive and 3 other international agreements
Natura 2000 sites 134 are designated for this species
Valid parent species Larus fuscus
Breeding habitats
  • rivers and lakes
  • sparsely vegetated land
Wintering habitats
  • coastal
Natura 2000 species code A640


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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.


Not evaluated


Least Concern


Not evaluated

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

The EU conservation status is assessed for species mentioned in the EU Habitats Directive annexes. The EU Habitats Directive does not cover this species.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
FI0100017 Finland Inkoon saaristo Map
FI0100028 Finland Laajalahden lintuvesi Map
FI0100046 Finland Tuusulanjärven lintuvesi Map
FI0100052 Finland Järvisuo-Ridasjärvi Map
FI0100062 Finland Vanhankaupunginlahden lintuvesi Map
FI0100077 Finland Söderskärin ja Långörenin saaristo Map
FI0100078 Finland Pernajanlahtien ja Pernajan saariston merensuojelualue Map
FI0200026 Finland Harolanlahti Map
FI0200027 Finland Viurilanlahti Map
FI0200041 Finland Kulju Map
FI0200044 Finland Lautvesi Map
FI0200057 Finland Ruissalon lehdot Map
FI0200058 Finland Kuusistonlahti Map
FI0200064 Finland Seilin saaristo Map
FI0200072 Finland Uudenkaupungin saaristo Map
FI0200074 Finland Luvian saaristo Map
FI0200075 Finland Gummandooran saaristo Map
FI0200076 Finland Pooskerin saaristo Map
FI0200079 Finland Kokemäenjoen suisto Map
FI0200089 Finland Mietoistenlahti Map
FI0200151 Finland Preiviikinlahti (SPA) Map
FI0200152 Finland Seksmiilarin saaristo Map
FI0200161 Finland Pyhäjärvi Map
FI0200164 Finland Saaristomeri Map
FI0309006 Finland Sarkkilanjärvi Map
FI0316005 Finland Kirkkojärven alue Map
FI0318002 Finland Kuorsumaanjärvi Map
FI0319002 Finland Tervaniemenlahti Map
FI0334001 Finland Hirtopohja Map
FI0338004 Finland Kukkolanjärvi Map
FI0349006 Finland Tykölänjärvi Map
FI0350001 Finland Ekojärvi Map
FI0351001 Finland Onkemäenjärvi Map
FI0355009 Finland Joutsenjärvi Map
FI0355010 Finland Hauhusselkä Map
FI0356005 Finland Hirvijärvi Map
FI0406003 Finland Pyhäjärvi Map
FI0408001 Finland Itäisen Suomenlahden saaristo ja vedet Map
FI0416006 Finland Heinlahti Map
FI0500017 Finland Kyyvesi (SPA) Map
FI0500025 Finland Puulavesi Map
FI0500038 Finland Putkilahti - Ruskeaperä Map
FI0500046 Finland Sysmän lintuvedet Map
FI0600028 Finland Suvasveden saaristot Map
FI0600030 Finland Sorsaveden saaristo Map
FI0600036 Finland Keski-Kallaveden saaristo Map
FI0600068 Finland Älänne Map
FI0700001 Finland Sysmäjärvi Map
FI0700006 Finland Mattisenlahti Map
FI0700007 Finland Jouhtenuslampi Map
FI0700008 Finland Hovinlampi-Ylälampi Map
FI0700009 Finland Peijonniemenlahti Map
FI0700030 Finland Särkijärvi Map
FI0700045 Finland Ruunaa Map
FI0800002 Finland Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas (SPA) Map
FI0800050 Finland Ylimysjärvi Map
FI0800054 Finland Petolahdenjokisuisto Map
FI0800056 Finland Vassorfjärden Map
FI0800057 Finland Södra Stadsfjärden-Söderfjärden-Öjen Map
FI0800060 Finland Kuivasjärvi Map
FI0800061 Finland Edesjärvi Map
FI0800067 Finland Sandsundsfjärden Map
FI0800130 Finland Merenkurkun saaristo Map
FI0800132 Finland Luodon saaristo Map
FI0800133 Finland Uudenkaarlepyyn saaristo Map
FI0800134 Finland Kristiinankaupungin saaristo Map
FI0800135 Finland Närpiön saaristo Map
FI0900027 Finland Pyhäjärvi Map
FI0900033 Finland Eerolanlahti-Rautpohjanlahti Map
FI0900035 Finland Keiteleen Listonniemi Map
FI0900038 Finland Pieni-Kaihlanen Map
FI0900059 Finland Kalajärvi-Kytänneva Map
FI0900065 Finland Multarinmeri-Harjuntakanen-Riitasuo Map
FI0900070 Finland Kolima-Keitele -koskireitti Map
FI0900074 Finland Haapasuo-Syysniemi-Rutajärvi-Kivijärvi Map
FI0900075 Finland Suonteen pohjoisosa Map
FI0900076 Finland Suonteen eteläosa Map
FI0900077 Finland Onkisalo-Herjaanselkä Map
FI0900078 Finland Edessalo-Haukkasalo Map
FI0900079 Finland Vanhanselkä-Ruppavuori Map
FI0900081 Finland Tervajärvi Map
FI0900083 Finland Iilijärven alue Map
FI0900090 Finland Kivijärvi Map
FI0900093 Finland Haukisuo-Härkäsuo-Kukkoneva Map
FI0900103 Finland Lapinjärvi-Teerikangas Map
FI0900119 Finland Ylä-Keitele Map
FI0900135 Finland Ylin Map
FI0900141 Finland Ruokolahti-Laikanlahti Map
FI0900143 Finland Angesselkä-Puttolanselkä Map
FI1000003 Finland Rummelön-Harrbådan Map
FI1000005 Finland Rahjan saaristo Map
FI1000007 Finland Vihas-Keihäslahti Map
FI1000010 Finland Maakannuskarinlahti ja Viirretjoen suisto Map
FI1000012 Finland Kalajoen suisto Map
FI1000033 Finland Kokkolan saaristo (SPA) Map
FI1100201 Finland Hailuoto, pohjoisranta Map
FI1100202 Finland Kirkkosalmi Map
FI1100203 Finland Isomatala-Maasyvänlahti Map
FI1100204 Finland Ojakylänlahti ja Kengänkari Map
FI1100600 Finland Hiastinlahti Map
FI1101404 Finland Mursunjärvi-Lammasjärvi-Matilanjärvi-Lamminperä Map
FI1101614 Finland Muojärvi Map
FI1101615 Finland Suininki Map
FI1101616 Finland Kitka Map
FI1101617 Finland Isosuo - Kivisuo Map
FI1101620 Finland Pötkönsuo Map
FI1101627 Finland Särkiperä - Löyhkönen - Antinvaara Map
FI1101635 Finland Etelä-Kuusamon metsät Map
FI1101639 Finland Kokkojärvi - Kuivajärvi Map
FI1101642 Finland Torankijärvi Map
FI1102200 Finland Liminganlahti Map
FI1103000 Finland Kempeleenlahden ranta Map
FI1103200 Finland Akionlahti Map
FI1104600 Finland Raahen saaristo Map
FI1105201 Finland Säärenperä ja Karinkannanmatala Map
FI1105202 Finland Siikajoen lintuvedet ja suot Map
FI1106002 Finland Ahmasjärvi Map
FI1106004 Finland Tolkansuo Map
FI1200105 Finland Oulujärven lintusaaret Map
FI1200208 Finland Juortanansalon alue Map
FI1200220 Finland Elimyssalon alue Map
FI1200712 Finland Säynäjäsuon - Matalasuon alue Map
FI1200800 Finland Rumala - Kuvaja - Oudonrimmet Map
FI1200801 Finland Painuanlahti Map
FI1300101 Finland Pallas-Ounastunturi Map
FI1300302 Finland Perämeren saaret Map
FI1302001 Finland Kevo Map
FI1301913 Finland Karunginjärvi Map
FI0100105 Finland Kirkkonummen saaristo (SPA) Map
BEMNZ0002 Belgium SBZ 1 / ZPS 1 Map
BEMNZ0003 Belgium SBZ 2 / ZPS 2 Map
FI0700025 Finland Värtsilän laakso (SPA) Map
FI1400097 Finland Märrklobb Map

Protected sites

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Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Nordlig sildemåke Norwegian Direktoratet for Naturforvaltning
No synonyms available.

Other resources

CoL (accepted name) Catalogue of Life
EURing code:05911 European bird-ringing
Fauna Europaea search Fauna Europaea
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
ITIS (Valid name) Interagency Taxonomic Information System
NCBI search National Center for Biotechnology Information
PESI (Accepted) Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure
WoRMS World Register of Marine Species

External data

No external data sets available for this species
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