Kingdom: Plantae > Division: Tracheophyta > Class: Magnoliopsida > Order: Asterales > Family: Compositae > Genus: Ligularia > Species: Ligularia sibirica

Ligularia sibirica (L.) Cass.

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Data Deficient (IUCN)
Protected by EU Habitats Directive and 2 other international agreements
Natura 2000 sites 62 are designated for this species
Most preferred habitats
  • grassland
  • wetlands
May also occur in
  • heathland and shrub
  • woodland and forest
Natura 2000 species code 1758


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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
FR2600959 France Milieux forestiers du Châtillonnais avec marais tufeux et sites à sabot de Vénus Map
FR7300871 France Plateau central de l'Aubrac aveyronnais Map
FR8201666 France Loire et ses affluents Map
FR8301039 France Artense Map
FR8301040 France Cézallier Map
FR8301052 France Chaîne des Puys Map
FR8301055 France Massif cantalien Map
FR8301076 France Mézenc Map
FR9101352 France Plateau de l'Aubrac Map
FR9101471 France Capcir, Carlit et Campcardos Map
FR9101473 France Massif de Madres-Coronat Map
LV0100400 Latvia Krustkalnu dabas rezervats Map
SKCHVU018 Slovakia Nizke Tatry Map
ROSCI0125 Romania Munții Rodnei Map
ROSCI0055 Romania Dealul Cetății Lempeș - Mlaștina Hărman Map
ROSCI0248 Romania Tinovul Mohoș - Lacul Sf. Ana Map
ROSCI0124 Romania Munții Maramureșului Map
ROSCI0242 Romania Tinovul Apa Roșie Map
CZ0212020 Czech Republic Rečkov Map
ROSCI0217 Romania Retezat Map
ROSCI0207 Romania Postăvarul Map
ROSCI0074 Romania Făgetul Clujului - Valea Morii Map
SKUEV0112 Slovakia Slovensky raj Map
ROSCI0246 Romania Tinovul Luci Map
ROSCI0090 Romania Harghita Mădăraș Map
ROSCI0170 Romania Pădurea și mlaștinile eutrofe de la Prejmer Map
CZ0314123 Czech Republic Boletice Map
ROSCI0245 Romania Tinovul de la Românești Map
ROSCI0007 Romania Bazinul Ciucului de Jos Map
ROSCI0019 Romania Călimani - Gurghiu Map
ROSCI0113 Romania Mlaștina după Luncă Map
ROSCI0046 Romania Cozia Map
SKUEV0310 Slovakia Kralovoholske Tatry Map
PLH060023 Poland Torfowiska Chełmskie Map
ROSCI0194 Romania Piatra Craiului Map
SKUEV0321 Slovakia Salvatorske luky Map
ROSCI0256 Romania Turbăria Ruginosu Zagon Map
ROSCI0038 Romania Ciucaș Map
ROSCI0089 Romania Gutâi - Creasta Cocoșului Map
ROSCI0241 Romania Tinovul Apa Lină - Honcsok Map
ROSCI0015 Romania Buila - Vânturarița Map
ROSCI0249 Romania Tinovul Șaru Dornei Map
PLH060024 Poland Torfowisko Sobowice Map
ROSCI0013 Romania Bucegi Map
ROSCI0247 Romania Tinovul Mare Poiana Stampei Map
ROSCI0037 Romania Ciomad - Balvanyos Map
PLH140015 Poland Pakosław Map
ROSCI0092 Romania Igniș Map
CZ0514042 Czech Republic Jestřebsko - Dokesko Map
ROSCI0086 Romania Găina - Lucina Map
ROSCI0082 Romania Fânețele seculare Ponoare Map
PLH240016 Poland Suchy Młyn Map
BG0000626 Bulgaria Krushe Map
BG0000625 Bulgaria Izvoro Map
PLH260034 Poland Ostoja Szaniecko-Solecka Map
CZ0214043 Czech Republic Niva Bělé u Klokočky Map
AT1212A00 Austria Nordöstliche Randalpen: Hohe Wand - Schneeberg - Rax Map
ROSCI0279 Romania Borzont Map
ROSCI0323 Romania Munții Ciucului Map
ROSCI0328 Romania Obcinele Bucovinei Map
HR5000020 Croatia Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera Map
LV0536700 Latvia Zusu-Stainu seravoti Map

Protected sites

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Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
jezyczka syberyjska Polish Polish NRC
Sibirijas melziede Latvian Latvian NRC
Synonym Author
Senecio cacaliifolius Sch.Bip.

Other resources

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