Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Arthropoda > Class: Insecta > Order: Coleoptera > Family: Elateridae > Genus: Limoniscus > Species: Limoniscus violaceus

Violet Dickbettle - Limoniscus violaceus (Müller, 1821)

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Endangered (IUCN)
Protected by EU Habitats Directive and 1 other international agreement
Natura 2000 sites 106 are designated for this species
Most preferred habitats
  • woodland and forest
Natura 2000 species code 1079


The distribution map is currently disabled. A new map solution will soon become available. In the meantime, please consult other species distribution map providers listed in the Other resources panel below.

Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
DE2849302 Germany Melzower Forst Map
DE2948304 Germany Poratzer Moränenlandschaft Map
DE3635302 Germany Colbitzer Lindenwald Map
DE4819301 Germany Kellerwald Map
DE6016304 Germany Wald bei Groß-Gerau Map
DE6017304 Germany Mönchbruch von Mörfelden u.Rüsselsheim u.Gundwiesen von Mörfelden Map
DE6018305 Germany Kranichsteiner Wald mit Hegbachaue,Mörsbacher Grund u. Silzwiesen Map
DE6405302 Germany Saarhölzbachtal - Zunkelsbruch Map
DE6505301 Germany Steilhänge der Saar Map
DE7934302 Germany Eichelgarten im Forstenrieder Park Map
ES1300001 Spain Liébana Map
ES2200021 Spain Urbasa y Andia Map
FR1100795 France Massif de Fontainebleau Map
FR2200382 France Massif forestier de Compiègne Map
FR5200639 France Vallée de l'Erve en aval de Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve Map
FR7300905 France Vieux chênes de Cantegrel Map
FR7300906 France Vieux chênes de la Panonnie Map
FR7300907 France Vieux chênes des Imbards Map
FR7300909 France Zone centrale du causse de Gramat Map
FR7300951 France Forêt de la Grésigne Map
FR8301015 France Vallée de l'Allier nord Map
FR8301021 France Forêt de Troncais Map
HUDI30001 Hungary Vértes Map
SKCHVU014 Slovakia Male Karpaty Map
SKCHVU016 Slovakia Zahorske Pomoravie Map
SKCHVU033 Slovakia Velka Fatra Map
SKUEV0280 Slovakia Devinska Kobyla Map
SKUEV0262 Slovakia Cajkovske bralie Map
SKUEV0209 Slovakia Morske oko Map
SKUEV0263 Slovakia Hodrusska hornatina Map
HUBF20016 Hungary Öreg-hegyi riviéra Map
HUBN20004 Hungary Szarvaskő Map
HUBN20005 Hungary Kisgyőri Ásottfa-tető - Csókás-völgy Map
CZ0214011 Czech Republic Týřov - Oupořský potok Map
CZ0214008 Czech Republic Lánská obora Map
HUDI20005 Hungary Bársonyos Map
HUBN20056 Hungary Tepke Map
SKUEV0238 Slovakia Velka Fatra Map
SKUEV0267 Slovakia Biele hory Map
SKUEV0062 Slovakia Priboj Map
HUBN20065 Hungary Gortva-völgy Map
HUBN20047 Hungary Mátra északi letörése Map
HUBN20048 Hungary Gyöngyöstarjáni Világos-hegy és Rossz-rétek Map
HUDI20039 Hungary Pilis és Visegrádi-hegység Map
SKUEV0104 Slovakia Homolske Karpaty Map
CZ0613816 Czech Republic Náměšťská obora Map
HUBN20008 Hungary Vár-hegy - Nagy-Eged Map
HUBN20014 Hungary Gyepes-völgy Map
HUBN20018 Hungary Upponyi-szoros Map
DE4720304 Germany Edersee-Steilhänge Map
HUBF20040 Hungary Vétyempuszta Map
SKUEV0184 Slovakia Burdov Map
FR9301616 France Grand canyon du Verdon - plateau de la Palud Map
HUBN20055 Hungary Szentkúti Meszes-tető Map
CZ0624095 Czech Republic Údolí Dyje Map
ES4150100 Spain Campo de Azaba Map
HUDI20023 Hungary Gödöllői-dombság Map
CZ0314126 Czech Republic Hlubocké obory Map
SKUEV0225 Slovakia Muranska planina Map
ES4170138 Spain Quejigares y encinares de Sierra del Madero Map
SKUEV0276 Slovakia Kuchynska hornatina Map
SKUEV0266 Slovakia Skalka Map
FR4301344 France Vallée de la Lanterne Map
HUDI20009 Hungary Budai-hegység Map
FR7302001 France Vieux arbres de la haute vallée de l'Aveyron et des abords du Causse Comtal Map
HUBN20063 Hungary Karancs Map
HUDI20018 Hungary Északi-Gerecse Map
CZ0624132 Czech Republic Údolí Svitavy Map
HUFH20010 Hungary Répce mente Map
HUDI20020 Hungary Gerecse Map
SKUEV0265 Slovakia Sut Map
HUBN20049 Hungary Mátrabérc - fallóskúti-rétek Map
HUDI20038 Hungary Nyugat-Cserhát és Naszály Map
HUBF20034 Hungary Balatonfüredi-erdő Map
HUBN20015 Hungary Izra-völgy és az Arlói-tó Map
HUDD20042 Hungary Köröshegyi erdők Map
SKUEV0357 Slovakia Cerova vrchovina Map
HUBN20064 Hungary Salgó Map
CZ0624096 Czech Republic Podyjí Map
FR9301615 France Basses gorges du Verdon Map
HUFH20001 Hungary Rábaköz Map
HUBF20046 Hungary Oltárc Map
HUBN20059 Hungary Szandai Várhegy Map
SKUEV0279 Slovakia Sur Map
HUDI20008 Hungary Börzsöny Map
DE4222331 Germany Wälder im südlichen Solling Map
DE6405303 Germany Serriger Bachtal und Leuk und Saar Map
HUBF20014 Hungary Pécselyi medence Map
SKUEV0245 Slovakia Boky Map
HUFH20008 Hungary Pannonhalmi-dombság Map
HUDI20049 Hungary Szentgyörgypuszta Map
HUAN20001 Hungary Aggteleki-karszt és peremterületei Map
SKUEV0388 Slovakia Vydrica Map
FR9301622 France La plaine et le massif des Maures Map
HUDD20064 Hungary Ságvári dombok Map
HUDI20015 Hungary Déli-Gerecse Map
HUBN20057 Hungary Bézma Map
HUDI20030 Hungary Központi-Gerecse Map
CZ0624130 Czech Republic Moravský kras Map
SKUEV0201 Slovakia Gavurky Map
FR9301606 France Massif de la Sainte-Baume Map
CZ0424127 Czech Republic Východní Krušnohoří Map
AT1302000 Austria Naturschutzgebiet Lainzer Tiergarten Map
AT1220000 Austria Feuchte Ebene - Leithaauen Map
AT1205A00 Austria Wachau Map
AT1207A00 Austria Kamp- und Kremstal Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Taupin violacée French EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Veilchenblauer Wurzelhals-Schnellkäfer German EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Violet Dickbettle English EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
No synonyms available.

Other resources

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External data

Reportnet deliveries

Files delivered through Reportnet with relevance to this species.

19 items found, displaying all items.1
Released Coverage Envelope File
2014-01-07 Hungary HU_Art_17_report_2013_second round_10_31 HU_species_report_art17
2013-12-27 Bulgaria BG_habitats_report_2007-2012 Species reports
2013-12-20 Germany German national report 2013 DE_species_reports.xml
2013-12-17 Slovakia Art 17 report for the period 2007 - 2012 - second delivery SK_species_reports-131217-132945.xml
2013-12-09 Poland Habitats Directive Art. 17 Report PL_species_reports.xml
2013-10-11 Austria Art 17 HD AT_species_reports-13916-161758.xml
2013-10-10 United Kingdom Habitats Directive Article 17 2013 2nd submission UK GB_species_reports-13925-15297.xml
2013-09-18 France Rapport France 2013 FR_species_reports.xml
2013-09-11 Spain Habitats Directive: Report Art.17 2007-2012 ES_species_reports
2013-08-23 Czechia CZ_Rep_HDArt17_2013_2nd_submission:corrected CZ_species_reports.xml
2008-07-07 Spain Spain's delivery of 3 July Limoniscus violaceus
2008-04-10 Germany German national report Limoniscus violaceus
2008-03-04 Hungary delivery_report_art_17_HU Limoniscus violaceus
2008-02-28 France rapport France Limoniscus violaceus
2008-02-25 United Kingdom UK_submission Limoniscus violaceus
2008-02-22 Slovakia report under habitats directive Limoniscus violaceus
2008-02-22 Austria Article 17 report Austria Species questionnaire for Limoniscus violaceus
2007-10-01 Poland Report on Implementation Measures Species questionnaire for Limoniscus violaceus
2007-10-01 Czechia Species and Habitats Species questionnaire for Limoniscus violaceus
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