Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Arthropoda > Class: Insecta > Order: Coleoptera > Family: Cetoniidae > Genus: Osmoderma > Species: Osmoderma barnabita

Osmoderma barnabita Motschulsky, 1845

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Near Threatened (IUCN)
Natura 2000 sites 56 are designated for this species
Natura 2000 species code 5378

The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species.

The main focus of the EUNIS species component is to provide relevant information about the European species protected by Directives, Conventions and Agreements. The species assessed in the European Red Lists prepared by the IUCN for the European Commission are also included.

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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

The EU conservation status is assessed for species mentioned in the EU Habitats Directive annexes. The EU Habitats Directive does not cover this species.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
LV0000110 Latvia Augstroze Map
LV0000120 Latvia Vidusburtnieks Map
LV0200100 Latvia Gaujas nacionalais parks Map
LV0200200 Latvia Kemeru nacionalais parks Map
LV0200300 Latvia Sliteres nacionalais parks Map
LV0300400 Latvia Silene Map
LV0300800 Latvia Sauka Map
LV0302100 Latvia Abavas senleja Map
LV0302200 Latvia Salacas ieleja Map
LV0302900 Latvia Dvietes paliene Map
LV0303400 Latvia Raznas nacionalais parks Map
LV0303500 Latvia Pape Map
LV0304200 Latvia Kuja Map
LV0508300 Latvia Dunika Map
LV0514100 Latvia Kalkupes ieleja Map
LV0514200 Latvia Rakupes ieleja Map
LV0518900 Latvia Stiklu purvi Map
LV0520000 Latvia Abeli Map
LV0523200 Latvia Ukru garsa Map
LV0523400 Latvia Ances purvi un mezi Map
LV0528800 Latvia Mugurves plavas Map
LV0532000 Latvia Sitas un Pededzes paliene Map
LV0532700 Latvia Burtnieku ezera plavas Map
LV0600300 Latvia Augszeme Map
LV0600400 Latvia Augsdaugava Map
LV0600700 Latvia Ziemelgauja Map
LV0304100 Latvia Bauska Map
LV0100200 Latvia Moricsalas dabas rezervats Map
LV0301200 Latvia Embute Map
LV0530100 Latvia Eglone Map
LV0301100 Latvia Riezupe Map
LV0512800 Latvia Mezmuizas avoti Map
LV0300900 Latvia Dridza ezers Map
LV0531300 Latvia Paces plavas Map
LV0510200 Latvia Istras ezers Map
LV0508600 Latvia Vidzemes akmenaina jurmala Map
LV0302000 Latvia Talsu pauguraine Map
LV0304900 Latvia Vilce Map
LV0524900 Latvia Pilskalnes Siguldina Map
LV0524600 Latvia Jaunciems Map
LV0301900 Latvia Dolessala Map
LV0830100 Latvia Ozoldarzs Map
LV0300100 Latvia Daugavas ieleja Map
LV0513000 Latvia Liela Baltezera salas Map
LV0513400 Latvia Lielie Kangari Map
LV0304500 Latvia Ogres ieleja Map
LV0415600 Latvia Zanas lejtece Map
LV0530000 Latvia Skujaines un Svetaines ieleja Map
LV0536600 Latvia Lubana mitrajs Map
HR2000601 Croatia Park prirode Učka Map
HR2001358 Croatia Otok Cres Map
HR5000020 Croatia Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera Map
HR2000583 Croatia Medvednica Map
HR2000580 Croatia Papuk Map
HR5000028 Croatia Dinara Map
HR2000586 Croatia Žumberak Samoborsko gorje Map

Protected sites

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Legal status

Not listed in legal texts

Common names and synonyms

The species has no common names
No synonyms available.

Other resources

Fauna Europaea search Fauna Europaea
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
ITIS search Interagency Taxonomic Information System
NCBI search National Center for Biotechnology Information

External data

No external data sets available for this species
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