Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Galliformes > Family: Phasianidae > Genus: Tetrao > Species: Tetrao tetrix tetrix

Black Grouse (continental subspecies) - Tetrao tetrix tetrix Linnaeus, 1758

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Not evaluated (IUCN)
Protected by EU Birds Directive and 1 other international agreement
Natura 2000 sites 759 are designated for this species
Valid parent species Tetrao tetrix
Breeding habitats
  • heathland and shrub
  • sparsely vegetated land
  • woodland and forest
Natura 2000 species code A409


The distribution map is currently disabled. A new map solution will soon become available. In the meantime, please consult other species distribution map providers listed in the Other resources panel below.

Threat and conservation status

This species has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
DE2723401 Germany Moore bei Sittensen Map
DE3026401 Germany Truppenübungsplätze Munster Nord und Süd Map
DE3027401 Germany Große Heide bei Unterlüß und Kiehnmoor Map
DE3124401 Germany Truppenübungsplatz Bergen Map
DE3224401 Germany Ostenholzer Moor und Meißendorfer Teiche Map
DE3418401 Germany Diepholzer Moorniederung Map
DE3429401 Germany Großes Moor bei Gifhorn Map
DE3635401 Germany Vogelschutzgebiet Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide Map
DE5130302 Germany TÜP Ohrdruf - Jonastal Map
DE5226302 Germany Kuppige Rhön südwestlich Dermbach Map
DE5229301 Germany Mittlerer Thüringer Wald westlich Oberhof Map
DE5326401 Germany Thüringische Rhön Map
DE5330301 Germany Schneekopf - Schmücker Graben - Großer Beerberg Map
DE5432401 Germany Westliches Thüringer Schiefergebirge Map
DE6640301 Germany Kulzer Moos Map
DE8239401 Germany Geigelstein Map
DE8241401 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Östliche Chiemgauer Alpen' Map
DE8334302 Germany Probstalm und Probstenwand Map
DE8342301 Germany Nationalpark Berchtesgaden Map
DE8427301 Germany Grünten Map
DE8429304 Germany Aggenstein Map
DE8526302 Germany Piesenkopfmoore Map
DE8527301 Germany Hörnergruppe Map
DE8528301 Germany Allgäuer Hochalpen Map
DE8528401 Germany Naturschutzgebiet Allgäuer Hochalpen Map
DE8626301 Germany Hoher Ifen Map
DE8626401 Germany Hoher Ifen und Piesenkopf Map
EE0010106 Estonia Põhja-Kõrvemaa Map
EE0020340 Estonia Taarikõnnu-Kaisma Map
EE0020341 Estonia Kõnnumaa-Väätsa Map
EE0040001 Estonia Väinamere Map
EE0040202 Estonia Suursoo-Leidissoo Map
EE0040208 Estonia Tuhu-Kesu Map
EE0040325 Estonia Lavassaare Map
EE0040337 Estonia Nätsi-Võlla Map
EE0040344 Estonia Põhja-Liivimaa Map
EE0040351 Estonia Luitemaa Map
EE0060171 Estonia Kõrvemaa Map
EE0070106 Estonia Puhatu Map
EE0070171 Estonia Agusalu Map
EE0070172 Estonia Muraka Map
EE0080172 Estonia Endla Map
EE0080374 Estonia Alam-Pedja Map
EE0080574 Estonia Soomaa Map
EE0080671 Estonia Karula Map
FR8210017 France Hauts plateaux du Vercors Map
FR8210032 France La Vanoise Map
FR8210106 France Massif du Bargy Map
FR8212005 France Partie orientale du massif des Bauges Map
FR8212006 France Perron des Encombres Map
FR9310035 France Le Mercantour Map
FR9310036 France Les Ecrins Map
FR9312002 France Préalpes de Grasse Map
FR9312004 France Bois du Chapitre Map
IT1110006 Italy Orsiera Rocciavré Map
IT1110010 Italy Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Map
IT1110029 Italy Pian della Mussa (Balme) Map
IT1110031 Italy Valle Thuras Map
IT1110032 Italy Pra - Barant Map
IT1110039 Italy Rocciamelone Map
IT1110044 Italy Bardonecchia - Val Fredda Map
IT1110053 Italy Valle della Ripa (Argentera) Map
IT1110058 Italy Cima Fournier e Lago Nero Map
IT1110080 Italy Val Troncea Map
IT1120006 Italy Val Mastallone Map
IT1120028 Italy Alta Val Sesia Map
IT1130002 Italy Val Sessera Map
IT1140003 Italy Campello Monti Map
IT1140004 Italy Alta Val Formazza Map
IT1140011 Italy Val Grande Map
IT1140016 Italy Alpi Veglia e Devero - Monte Giove Map
IT1160018 Italy Sorgenti del Maira, Bosco di Saretto, Rocca Provenzale Map
IT1160021 Italy Gruppo del Tenibres Map
IT1160023 Italy Vallone di Orgials - Colle della Lombarda Map
IT1160024 Italy Colle e Lago della Maddalena, Val Puriac Map
IT1160035 Italy M. Antoroto Map
IT1160056 Italy Alpi Marittime Map
IT1160057 Italy Alte Valli Pesio e Tanaro Map
IT1160058 Italy Gruppo del Monviso e Bosco dell'Alevè Map
IT1201000 Italy Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso Map
IT1202000 Italy Parco naturale Mont Avic Map
IT1204010 Italy Ambienti Glaciali del Monte Bianco Map
IT1204030 Italy Val Ferret Map
IT1204220 Italy Ambienti glaciali del Gruppo del Monte Rosa Map
IT1205000 Italy Ambienti d'alta quota delle Combe Thuilette e Sozin Map
IT1205064 Italy Vallone del Grauson Map
IT1205065 Italy Vallone dell'Urtier Map
IT1205100 Italy Ambienti d'alta quota della Vallée de l'Alleigne Map
IT1313712 Italy Cima di Piano Cavallo - Bric Cornia Map
IT1313776 Italy Piancavallo Map
IT1314609 Italy Monte Monega - Monte Prearba Map
IT1314610 Italy Monte Saccarello - Monte Fronté Map
IT1314611 Italy Monte Gerbonte Map
IT1314677 Italy Saccarello - Garlenda Map
IT1314678 Italy Sciorella Map
IT1314679 Italy Toraggio - Gerbonte Map
IT1315421 Italy Monte Toraggio - Monte Pietravecchia Map
IT1315481 Italy Ceppo Tomena Map
IT1323112 Italy Monte Carmo - Monte Settepani Map
IT1323920 Italy Monte Galero Map
IT2010016 Italy Val Veddasca Map
IT2020009 Italy Valle del Dosso Map
IT2030001 Italy Grigna Settentrionale Map
IT2030002 Italy Grigna Meridionale Map
IT2040001 Italy Val Viera e Cime di Fopel Map
IT2040002 Italy Motto di Livigno - Val Saliente Map
IT2040003 Italy Val Federia Map
IT2040004 Italy Valle Alpisella Map
IT2040008 Italy Cime di Plator e Monte delle Scale Map
IT2040009 Italy Valle di Fraele Map
IT2040011 Italy Monte Vago - Val di Campo - Val Nera Map
IT2040012 Italy Val Viola Bormina - Ghiacciaio di Cima dei Piazzi Map
IT2040013 Italy Val Zebrù - Gran Zebrù - Monte Confinale Map
IT2040014 Italy Valle e Ghiacciaio dei Forni - Val Cedec - Gran Zebrù - Cevedale Map
IT2040015 Italy Paluaccio di Oga Map
IT2040016 Italy Monte di Scerscen - Ghiacciai di Scerscen - Monte Motta Map
IT2040017 Italy Disgrazia - Sissone Map
IT2040018 Italy Val Codera Map
IT2040019 Italy Bagni di Masino - Pizzo Badile Map
IT2040020 Italy Val di Mello - Piano di Preda Rossa Map
IT2040021 Italy Val di Togno - Pizzo Scalino Map
IT2040023 Italy Valle dei Ratti Map
IT2040024 Italy da Monte Belvedere a Vallorda Map
IT2040026 Italy Val Lesina Map
IT2040027 Italy Valle del Bitto di Gerola Map
IT2040028 Italy Valle del Bitto di Albaredo Map
IT2040029 Italy Val Tartano Map
IT2040030 Italy Val Madre Map
IT2040031 Italy Val Cervia Map
IT2040032 Italy Valle del Livrio Map
IT2040033 Italy Val Venina Map
IT2040034 Italy Valle d'Arigna e Ghiacciaio di Pizzo di Coca Map
IT2040035 Italy Val Bondone - Val Caronella Map
IT2040036 Italy Val Belviso Map
IT2040037 Italy Rifugio Falk Map
IT2040038 Italy Val Fontana Map
IT2040039 Italy Val Zerta Map
IT2040040 Italy Val Bodengo Map
IT2040044 Italy Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT2060001 Italy Valtorta e Valmoresca Map
IT2060002 Italy Valle di Piazzatorre - Isola di Fondra Map
IT2060003 Italy Alta Val Brembana - Laghi Gemelli Map
IT2060004 Italy Alta Val di Scalve Map
IT2060005 Italy Val Sedornia - Val Zurio - Pizzo della Presolana Map
IT2060006 Italy Boschi del Giovetto di Paline Map
IT2060007 Italy Valle Asinina Map
IT2060008 Italy Valle Parina Map
IT2060009 Italy Val Nossana - Cima di Grem Map
IT2070001 Italy Torbiere del Tonale Map
IT2070002 Italy Monte Piccolo - Monte Colmo Map
IT2070003 Italy Val Rabbia e Val Galinera Map
IT2070004 Italy Monte Marser - Corni di Bos Map
IT2070005 Italy Pizzo Badile - Alta Val Zumella Map
IT2070006 Italy Pascoli di Crocedomini - Alta Val Caffaro Map
IT2070009 Italy Versanti dell'Avio Map
IT2070010 Italy Piz Olda - Val Malga Map
IT2070012 Italy Torbiere di Val Braone Map
IT2070013 Italy Ghiacciaio dell'Adamello Map
IT2070017 Italy Valli di San Antonio Map
IT2070021 Italy Valvestino Map
IT2070022 Italy Corno della Marogna Map
IT3120001 Italy Alta Val di Rabbi Map
IT3120002 Italy Alta Val La Mare Map
IT3120003 Italy Alta Val del Monte Map
IT3120015 Italy Tre Cime Monte Bondone Map
IT3120017 Italy Campobrun Map
IT3120018 Italy Scanuppia Map
IT3120019 Italy Lago Nero Map
IT3120024 Italy Zona Umida Valfloriana Map
IT3120047 Italy Paluda La Lot Map
IT3120057 Italy Palu' Tremole Map
IT3120058 Italy Torbiere di Monte Sous Map
IT3120092 Italy Passo del Broccon Map
IT3120093 Italy Crinale Pichea - Rocchetta Map
IT3120094 Italy Alpe di Storo e Bondone Map
IT3120096 Italy Bocca di Caset Map
IT3120097 Italy Catena di Lagorai Map
IT3120098 Italy Monti Lessini Nord Map
IT3120099 Italy Piccole Dolomiti Map
IT3120100 Italy Pasubio Map
IT3120104 Italy Monte Baldo - Cima Valdritta Map
IT3120106 Italy Nodo del Latemar Map
IT3120107 Italy Val Cadino Map
IT3120108 Italy Val San Nicolò Map
IT3120114 Italy Monte Zugna Map
IT3120116 Italy Monte Malachin Map
IT3120119 Italy Val Duron Map
IT3120126 Italy Val Noana Map
IT3120127 Italy Monti Tremalzo e Tombea Map
IT3120128 Italy Alta Val Stava Map
IT3120142 Italy Val Campelle Map
IT3120143 Italy Valle del Vanoi Map
IT3120144 Italy Valle del Verdes Map
IT3120146 Italy Laghetto delle Regole Map
IT3210039 Italy Monte Baldo Ovest Map
IT3210040 Italy Monti Lessini - Pasubio - Piccole Dolomiti Vicentine Map
IT3220036 Italy Altopiano dei Sette Comuni Map
IT3230005 Italy Gruppo Marmolada Map
IT3230006 Italy Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna' Map
IT3230017 Italy Monte Pelmo - Mondeval - Formin Map
IT3230022 Italy Massiccio del Grappa Map
IT3230025 Italy Gruppo del Visentin: M. Faverghera - M. Cor Map
IT3230026 Italy Passo di San Boldo Map
IT3230027 Italy Monte Dolada Versante S.E. Map
IT3230031 Italy Val Tovanella Bosconero Map
IT3230035 Italy Valli del Cismon - Vanoi: Monte Coppolo Map
IT3230043 Italy Pale di San Martino: Focobon, Pape - San Lucano, Agner - Croda Granda Map
IT3230060 Italy Torbiere di Danta Map
IT3230063 Italy Torbiere di Lac Torond Map
IT3230071 Italy Dolomiti di Ampezzo Map
IT3230077 Italy Foresta del Cansiglio Map
IT3230078 Italy Gruppo del Popera - Dolomiti di Auronzo e di Val Comelico Map
IT3230080 Italy Val Talagona - Gruppo Monte Cridola - Monte Duranno Map
IT3230081 Italy Gruppo Antelao - Marmarole - Sorapis Map
IT3230083 Italy Dolomiti Feltrine e Bellunesi Map
IT3230084 Italy Civetta - Cime di San Sebastiano Map
IT3230085 Italy Comelico - Bosco della Digola - Brentoni - Tudaio Map
IT3230086 Italy Col di Lana - Settsas - Cherz Map
IT3230087 Italy Versante Sud delle Dolomiti Feltrine Map
IT3240003 Italy Monte Cesen Map
IT3240024 Italy Dorsale prealpina tra Valdobbiadene e Serravalle Map
IT3310001 Italy Dolomiti Friulane Map
IT3310002 Italy Val Colvera di Jof Map
IT3310003 Italy Monte Ciaurlec e Forra del Torrente Cosa Map
IT3310006 Italy Foresta del Cansiglio Map
IT3320001 Italy Gruppo del Monte Coglians Map
IT3320002 Italy Monti Dimon e Paularo Map
IT3320003 Italy Creta di Aip e Sella di Lanza Map
IT3320004 Italy Monte Auernig e Monte Corona Map
IT3320005 Italy Valloni di Rio Bianco e di Malborghetto Map
IT3320006 Italy Conca di Fusine Map
IT3320007 Italy Monti Bivera e Clapsavon Map
IT3320008 Italy Col Gentile Map
IT3320009 Italy Zuc dal Bor Map
IT3320010 Italy Jof di Montasio e Jof Fuart Map
IT3320011 Italy Monti Verzegnis e Valcalda Map
IT3320012 Italy Prealpi Giulie Settentrionali Map
IT3320015 Italy Valle del Medio Tagliamento Map
IT3320017 Italy Rio Bianco di Taipana e Gran Monte Map
IT3320019 Italy Monte Matajur Map
IT3321002 Italy Alpi Giulie Map
LTAKMB001 Lithuania Kamanų pelkė Map
LTALYB003 Lithuania Žuvinto, Žaltyčio ir Amalvo pelkės Map
LTIGNB003 Lithuania Vakarinė Aukštaitijos nacionalinio parko dalis Map
LTJONB001 Lithuania Mūšos Tyrelio pelkė Map
LTPLUB001 Lithuania Žemaitijos nacionalinis parkas Map
LTPLUB002 Lithuania Reiskių tyro pelkė Map
LTPLUB003 Lithuania Aukštojo tyro pelkė Map
LTSLUB001 Lithuania Nemuno delta Map
LTSVEB005 Lithuania Asvejos ežerynas Map
LTTELB001 Lithuania Biržulio ir Stervo pelkių kompleksas Map
LTVARB002 Lithuania Čepkelių pelkė Map
LTVARB005 Lithuania Dainavos giria Map
LTZARB002 Lithuania Smalvos šlapžemių kompleksas Map
LV0000110 Latvia Augstroze Map
LV0000120 Latvia Vidusburtnieks Map
LV0000130 Latvia Ziemelu purvi Map
LV0100400 Latvia Krustkalnu dabas rezervats Map
LV0100500 Latvia Teicu dabas rezervats Map
LV0200100 Latvia Gaujas nacionalais parks Map
LV0200200 Latvia Kemeru nacionalais parks Map
LV0200300 Latvia Sliteres nacionalais parks Map
LV0300400 Latvia Silene Map
LV0300800 Latvia Sauka Map
LV0301300 Latvia Istras pauguraine Map
LV0302100 Latvia Abavas senleja Map
LV0302800 Latvia Engures ezers Map
LV0303400 Latvia Raznas nacionalais parks Map
LV0303500 Latvia Pape Map
LV0304200 Latvia Kuja Map
LV0304300 Latvia Uzavas lejtece Map
LV0304800 Latvia Vecumu mezi Map
LV0305000 Latvia Zvardes mezi Map
LV0305100 Latvia Aiviekstes paliene Map
LV0502200 Latvia Orlovas (Erglu) purvs Map
LV0502600 Latvia Stompaku purvi Map
LV0506400 Latvia Gargrodes purvs Map
LV0506500 Latvia Rozu purvs Map
LV0508100 Latvia Ziemupe Map
LV0508300 Latvia Dunika Map
LV0510300 Latvia Klesniku purvs Map
LV0510400 Latvia Gulbju un Platpirovas purvs Map
LV0512200 Latvia Lielais Pelecares purvs Map
LV0512300 Latvia Asinieku purvs Map
LV0514100 Latvia Kalkupes ieleja Map
LV0514200 Latvia Rakupes ieleja Map
LV0517200 Latvia Sarnates purvs Map
LV0518500 Latvia Lielais un Pemmes purvs Map
LV0518900 Latvia Stiklu purvi Map
LV0519000 Latvia Aklais purvs Map
LV0519800 Latvia Cenas tirelis Map
LV0523300 Latvia Dzelves - Krona purvs Map
LV0523400 Latvia Ances purvi un mezi Map
LV0524100 Latvia Mezole Map
LV0525500 Latvia Satinu diki Map
LV0525600 Latvia Zvarde Map
LV0526800 Latvia Sedas purvs Map
LV0528700 Latvia Melna ezera purvs Map
LV0528800 Latvia Mugurves plavas Map
LV0532000 Latvia Sitas un Pededzes paliene Map
LV0532600 Latvia Burgas plavas Map
LV0535400 Latvia Rujas paliene Map
LV0536000 Latvia Uzavas augstece Map
LV0600100 Latvia Vecpiebalga Map
LV0600200 Latvia Veclaicene Map
LV0600300 Latvia Augszeme Map
LV0600400 Latvia Augsdaugava Map
LV0600500 Latvia Vestiena Map
LV0600700 Latvia Ziemelgauja Map
LV0600800 Latvia Adazi Map
PLB020003 Poland Stawy Przemkowskie Map
PLB060008 Poland Puszcza Solska Map
PLB120001 Poland Gorce Map
PLB140003 Poland Dolina Pilicy Map
PLB140005 Poland Doliny Omulwi i Płodownicy Map
PLB200002 Poland Puszcza Augustowska Map
PLB200003 Poland Puszcza Knyszyńska Map
PLB280001 Poland Bagna Nietlickie Map
PLB280007 Poland Puszcza Napiwodzko-Ramucka Map
PLB280008 Poland Puszcza Piska Map
PLC120001 Poland Tatry Map
SE0110017 Sweden Tyresta-Åva Map
SE0110167 Sweden Kvarnsjön Map
SE0110179 Sweden Grundsjön Map
SE0110305 Sweden Engården Map
SE0210008 Sweden Båtfors Map
SE0210023 Sweden Florarna Map
SE0210277 Sweden Marma Map
SE0210284 Sweden Storskogen Map
SE0210287 Sweden Degermossen Map
SE0220034 Sweden Tullgarn södra Map
SE0220106 Sweden Fjällmossen norra Map
SE0220332 Sweden Örmossen Map
SE0230055 Sweden Sankt Anna och Gryts skärgårdar Map
SE0230090 Sweden Bråviken yttre Map
SE0230100 Sweden Glotternskogen Map
SE0230137 Sweden Rocks mosse Map
SE0230138 Sweden Åsvikelandet-Kvädö Map
SE0230140 Sweden Väggö Map
SE0230154 Sweden Orrkojgölarnas domänreservat Map
SE0230157 Sweden Fjällmossen östgötadelen Map
SE0230176 Sweden Kärnskogsmossen Map
SE0230238 Sweden Ekhultebergen Map
SE0230245 Sweden Korphålorna Map
SE0230254 Sweden Omberg Map
SE0230256 Sweden Rödgölen-Svartgölen Map
SE0230291 Sweden Kvillingeförkastningen Map
SE0230322 Sweden Vegalla Map
SE0230328 Sweden Missjö Map
SE0230337 Sweden Trolleflod Map
SE0230339 Sweden Bredsjömossen Map
SE0230364 Sweden Hästenäs Map
SE0230374 Sweden Stora Mossen (Igelfors) Map
SE0230385 Sweden Bibergskärren Map
SE0240001 Sweden Tivedens nationalpark (västra) Map
SE0240009 Sweden Skagershultsmossen Map
SE0240022 Sweden Trangärdet Map
SE0240034 Sweden Murstensdalen Map
SE0240036 Sweden Hammarmossen Map
SE0240037 Sweden Knuthöjdsmossen Map
SE0240039 Sweden Kindla Map
SE0240042 Sweden Römyren Map
SE0240048 Sweden Västeråsmossen Map
SE0240089 Sweden Vargavidderna Map
SE0240091 Sweden Skagershultsmossen-Torp Map
SE0240104 Sweden Kojemossen Map
SE0250018 Sweden Lappland Map
SE0250019 Sweden Stora Flyten och Stormossen Map
SE0250022 Sweden Vitmossen Map
SE0250032 Sweden Bredmossen syd Map
SE0250043 Sweden Ölstabrändan Map
SE0250097 Sweden Fermansbo urskog Map
SE0250099 Sweden Höskovsmossen Map
SE0250100 Sweden Djupebo Map
SE0250171 Sweden Hallaren Map
SE0310020 Sweden Store mosse nationalpark Map
SE0310072 Sweden Komosse Map
SE0310216 Sweden Anderstorp, Store mosse Map
SE0310221 Sweden Dumme mosse Map
SE0310404 Sweden Skillingarydsfältet Map
SE0310518 Sweden Bare mosse (västra) Map
SE0310735 Sweden Dala- och Knekta mosse Map
SE0320022 Sweden Taglamyren Map
SE0320031 Sweden Kråketorpsskogen Map
SE0320103 Sweden Storasjöområdet Map
SE0320105 Sweden Årshultsmyren Map
SE0320117 Sweden Flymossen Map
SE0320156 Sweden Vakö myr Map
SE0320211 Sweden Horsnäsamossen Map
SE0320227 Sweden Rönnö (östra) Map
SE0320228 Sweden Lunnarna Map
SE0320231 Sweden Stocksmyr-Brännan Map
SE0330050 Sweden Norra Kvill Map
SE0330130 Sweden Björnnäset Map
SE0410086 Sweden Storemosse Map
SE0510003 Sweden Åstarpe mosse Map
SE0510023 Sweden Porsbjär Map
SE0510068 Sweden Sandsjöbacka-Halland Map
SE0510089 Sweden Söderängarna Map
SE0510093 Sweden Rönnö (västra) Map
SE0510095 Sweden Store mosse-Färgån Map
SE0510116 Sweden Långhultamyren Map
SE0510118 Sweden Lunnamossen Map
SE0520001 Sweden Vrångöskärgården Map
SE0520033 Sweden Sandsjöbacka Map
SE0520107 Sweden Vättlefjäll Map
SE0520141 Sweden Kynnefjäll Map
SE0520142 Sweden Svartedalen Map
SE0520146 Sweden Bredfjället Map
SE0530001 Sweden Fegen Map
SE0530008 Sweden Komosse (västra) Map
SE0530029 Sweden Halle- och Hunnebergs branter Map
SE0530030 Sweden Öjemossarna Map
SE0530041 Sweden Tingvallamossen Map
SE0530042 Sweden Sörknatten Map
SE0530133 Sweden Öjemossen Map
SE0540008 Sweden Bare mosse Map
SE0540047 Sweden Sydbillingens platå Map
SE0540084 Sweden Hornborgasjön Map
SE0540120 Sweden Åråsviken-Vallholmen Map
SE0540163 Sweden Blängsmossen Map
SE0540301 Sweden Rösjö mosse och Mårbysjön Map
SE0610010 Sweden Nötön-Åråsviken Map
SE0610031 Sweden Bjursjöhöjden Map
SE0610089 Sweden Ivana Map
SE0610095 Sweden Brånberget Map
SE0610104 Sweden Vimyren Map
SE0610122 Sweden Hovfjället Map
SE0610123 Sweden Geijersdalsmossen Map
SE0610126 Sweden Fänstjärnsskogen Map
SE0610127 Sweden Titjärnsskogen Map
SE0610133 Sweden Rödvattnet-Majendal Map
SE0610134 Sweden Horsstomyren Map
SE0610149 Sweden Storområdet Fjornshöjden Map
SE0610150 Sweden Storområdet Alken Map
SE0610151 Sweden Storområdet Örten Map
SE0610158 Sweden Bryngelsdalen Map
SE0610166 Sweden Åbengtshöjden Map
SE0610171 Sweden Fräkensjömyrarna Map
SE0610175 Sweden Enberget Map
SE0610182 Sweden Råda stormosse Map
SE0610193 Sweden Granberget Map
SE0610200 Sweden Märramyren Map
SE0610201 Sweden Dundern Map
SE0610202 Sweden Gobackberget Map
SE0610218 Sweden Munkmossarna Map
SE0610219 Sweden Kölarna Map
SE0610220 Sweden Åskakskölen Map
SE0610243 Sweden Bergvattsdalen Map
SE0610252 Sweden Västersjön Map
SE0620015 Sweden Fulufjället Map
SE0620048 Sweden Koppången Map
SE0620156 Sweden Bredmossen, norr Map
SE0620211 Sweden Hemshyttan Map
SE0620322 Sweden Norrviken norra Map
SE0630017 Sweden Lomsmuren Map
SE0630030 Sweden Skältjärnmuren Map
SE0630034 Sweden Häckelsängs högmosse och Gnagmur Map
SE0630040 Sweden Stormyran-Grannäsen Map
SE0630061 Sweden Ysberget-Laxtjärnsberget Map
SE0630068 Sweden Agön-Kråkön Map
SE0630072 Sweden Stora Korpimäki Map
SE0630079 Sweden Hägenlammsmyran Map
SE0630080 Sweden Tornmyran Map
SE0630108 Sweden Stensjön och Lomtjärn Map
SE0630125 Sweden Hagåsen Map
SE0630134 Sweden Myrsjömyrorna Map
SE0630139 Sweden Långvind Map
SE0630153 Sweden Jordbärsmuren-Ålbo Map
SE0630163 Sweden Gammelstilla-Bredmossen Map
SE0630164 Sweden Testeboån Map
SE0630166 Sweden Axmar-Gåsholma Map
SE0630177 Sweden Svansjömyran med Hamra nationalpark Map
SE0630185 Sweden Långbrosbodarna Map
SE0630186 Sweden Hedesunda Map
SE0630188 Sweden Tjursöarkipelagen Map
SE0630190 Sweden Färnebofjärden Map
SE0630233 Sweden Andersvallsmyran Map
SE0630234 Sweden Andersvallsslåtten Map
SE0710008 Sweden Stormyrskogen Map
SE0710033 Sweden Jämtgaveln Map
SE0710054 Sweden Skuleskogen Map
SE0710077 Sweden Kålhuvudet Map
SE0710083 Sweden Vändåtberget Map
SE0710107 Sweden Gammtratten Map
SE0710132 Sweden Sör-Lappmyran Map
SE0710144 Sweden Mossaträsk Map
SE0710155 Sweden Helvetesbrännan (södra) Map
SE0710166 Sweden Del av Bremön Map
SE0710175 Sweden Stormyran-Lommyran Map
SE0710197 Sweden Spångmyran-Röjtjärnsmyran Map
SE0720029 Sweden Sonfjället Map
SE0720033 Sweden Rogen Map
SE0720084 Sweden Vålådalen Map
SE0720134 Sweden Offerdalsberg Map
SE0720160 Sweden Oldflån-Ansätten Map
SE0720164 Sweden Skäckerfjällen Map
SE0720171 Sweden Svenskådalen Map
SE0720183 Sweden Frostvikenfjällen Map
SE0720201 Sweden Helvetesbrännan; Norra Map
SE0720202 Sweden Öjsjömyrarna Map
SE0720215 Sweden Brötarna Map
SE0720282 Sweden Ånnsjön Map
SE0720362 Sweden Tysjöarna Map
SE0720412 Sweden Tröskflyet-Oxflöten Map
SE0720413 Sweden Himmelsflöten Map
SE0720420 Sweden Stensundet Map
SE0810001 Sweden Kronören Map
SE0810010 Sweden Holmöarna Map
SE0810016 Sweden Björnlandets nationalpark Map
SE0810039 Sweden Vitbergen Map
SE0810051 Sweden Alsberget Map
SE0810054 Sweden Blaikfjället Map
SE0810056 Sweden Oxfjället Map
SE0810057 Sweden Gitsfjället Map
SE0810059 Sweden Marsfjället Map
SE0810080 Sweden Vindelfjällen Map
SE0810096 Sweden Stenbithöjden Map
SE0810350 Sweden Kalvtjärnarna Map
SE0810394 Sweden Vardo-, Laster- och Fjällfjällen Map
SE0810455 Sweden Gärdefjärden Map
SE0810475 Sweden Umeälvens delta och slätter Map
SE0810503 Sweden Gransjömyrarna Map
SE0810504 Sweden Labbetmyrlandet Map
SE0810506 Sweden Sävaråns utlopp Map
SE0820167 Sweden Muddus Map
SE0820216 Sweden Sjaunja Map
SE0820614 Sweden Stormyran Map
SE0820615 Sweden Rappomyran Map
SE0820616 Sweden Päivävuoma Map
SE0820618 Sweden Tervavuoma Map
SI5000006 Slovenia Pohorje Map
SI5000019 Slovenia Julijci Map
SI5000020 Slovenia Breginjski Stol Map
SI5000024 Slovenia Grintovci Map
LV0525100 Latvia Blazga ezers Map
DE5331302 Germany Bergwiesen um Schmiedefeld a. Rstg. mit Ziegensumpf Map
IT1324818 Italy Castell'Ermo - Peso Grande Map
DE5631320 Germany Görsdorfer Heide Map
DE5425401 Germany Hessische Rhön Map
PLB180005 Poland Puszcza Sandomierska Map
LV0505800 Latvia Spulgu purvs Map
IT2030601 Italy Grigne Map
LV0506600 Latvia Melnais purvs Map
LV0529500 Latvia Spindulu mezi Map
LV0524800 Latvia Vesetas palienes purvs Map
LV0520500 Latvia Mazie Kangari Map
LV0525400 Latvia Gainu purvs Map
LV0528500 Latvia Kaigu purvs Map
DE8330471 Germany Ammergebirge mit Kienberg und Schwarzenberg sowie Falkenstein Map
LV0505600 Latvia Nomavas purvs Map
LV0517000 Latvia Klanu purvs Map
IT2040403 Italy Riserva Regionale Paluaccio di Oga Map
IT2040601 Italy Bagni di Masino - Pizzo Badile - Val di Mello - Val Torrone - Piano di Preda Rossa Map
IT1203070 Italy Mont Mars Map
LV0518700 Latvia Laugas purvs Map
LV0505500 Latvia Supes purvs Map
LV0300900 Latvia Dridza ezers Map
LTSVEB008 Lithuania Adutiškio - Guntauninkų miškai Map
LV0508000 Latvia Rucavas ivju audze Map
SE0310801 Sweden Morarps- och Mörhulta mosse Map
IT2040602 Italy Valle dei Ratti - Cime di Gaiazzo Map
LV0527700 Latvia Kadajs Map
DE8334471 Germany Loisach-Kochelsee-Moore Map
IT2040401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Valtellinesi Map
LV0506200 Latvia Slapjo salu purvs Map
FR9312022 France Verdon Map
LV0531100 Latvia Baltezera purvs Map
LTSVEB004 Lithuania Gelednės miškas Map
LV0509700 Latvia Lielpurvs Map
FR9312012 France Plateau de Valensole Map
LTBIRB001 Lithuania Biržų giria Map
LV0500100 Latvia Skibu purvs Map
IT3120157 Italy Stelvio Map
FR8212023 France Les Aravis Map
LV0100300 Latvia Grinu dabas rezervats Map
PLB060019 Poland Polesie Map
LV0515300 Latvia Karku purvs Map
IT1315408 Italy Lecceta di Langan Map
LTPANB001 Lithuania Žalioji giria Map
IT1160062 Italy Alte Valli Stura e Maira Map
LTRAD0001 Lithuania Praviršulio Tyrelis Map
LV0500800 Latvia Mazzalvites purvs Map
PLB020005 Poland Bory Dolnośląskie Map
LV0505400 Latvia Aizdumbles purvs Map
FR9312019 France Vallée du Haut Guil Map
IT1202020 Italy Mont Avic e Mont Emilius Map
LV0518600 Latvia Lielais Marku purvs Map
LV0535500 Latvia Sakas grini Map
IT3321001 Italy Alpi Carniche Map
LTSALB002 Lithuania Rūdninkų giria Map
LV0526200 Latvia Palsu purvs Map
IT1120027 Italy Alta Valsesia e Valli Otro, Vogna, Gronda, Artogna e Sorba Map
IT3120158 Italy Adamello Presanella Map
LV0519100 Latvia Kreicu purvs Map
IT1315407 Italy Monte Ceppo Map
DE8433471 Germany Estergebirge Map
DE8336471 Germany Mangfallgebirge Map
FR9312023 France Bec de Crigne Map
IT2070401 Italy Parco Naturale Adamello Map
LV0514500 Latvia Zemgalu purvs Map
LTSVEB009 Lithuania Pabradės smiltpievės Map
LV0517100 Latvia Plucu tirelis Map
LV0526500 Latvia Eiduku purvs Map
LTLAZB003 Lithuania Pertako miškas Map
LV0522100 Latvia Katlesu mezi Map
IT1140018 Italy Alte Valli Anzasca, Antrona e Bognanco Map
IT2070402 Italy Alto Garda Bresciano Map
IT3230089 Italy Dolomiti del Cadore e del Comelico Map
SE0530214 Sweden Ära- och Rullamossen Map
LV0504300 Latvia Baltmuizas purvs Map
FR8212008 France Haut Giffre Map
IT3120159 Italy Brenta Map
EE0080323 Estonia Peipsiveere Map
LV0525900 Latvia Jaunanna Map
LTANYB001 Lithuania Šimonių giria Map
LV0527000 Latvia Melnsalas purvs Map
IT1140020 Italy Alta Val Strona e Val Segnara Map
FR2112013 France Plateau ardennais Map
IT3120160 Italy Lagorai Map
PLB200007 Poland Dolina Górnej Narwi Map
SE0310802 Sweden Trollamossen Map
PLB280014 Poland Ostoja Poligon Orzysz Map
IT1315504 Italy Bosco di Rezzo Map
IT1140021 Italy Val Formazza Map
FR8212021 France Roc d'enfer Map
LV0509800 Latvia Niedraju-Pilkas purvs Map
LV0513400 Latvia Lielie Kangari Map
DE4450421 Germany Lausitzer Bergbaufolgelandschaft Map
LV0508400 Latvia Purgailu purvs Map
LV0502800 Latvia Zalezera purvs Map
FR8212009 France Les Frettes - massif des Glières Map
PLB200006 Poland Ostoja Biebrzańska Map
PLB140014 Poland Dolina Dolnej Narwi Map
IT2060506 Italy Belviso Barbellino Map
DE8532471 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Schachen und Reintal' Map
SE0110384 Sweden Paradiset Map
DE5426320 Germany Hohe Rhön Map
IT2060401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Bergamasche Map
LV0529200 Latvia Virgulicas mezi Map
LV0502400 Latvia Zodanu purvs Map
LV0506100 Latvia Tirelu purvs Map
LV0517300 Latvia Naglu un Ansinu purvs Map
LTUKMB001 Lithuania Taujėnų - Užulėnio miškai Map
LV0522600 Latvia Aizkraukles purvi un mezi Map
LV0505200 Latvia Lacu purvs Map
LV0304500 Latvia Ogres ieleja Map
IT1315313 Italy Gouta - Testa d'Alpe - Valle Barbaira Map
DE5526471 Germany Bayerische Hohe Rhön Map
LV0533000 Latvia Druvinu tirelis Map
IT1140019 Italy Monte Rosa Map
LV0521800 Latvia Kirbas purvs Map
LV0506300 Latvia Sverinu purvs Map
FR8212015 France Mont Colombier Map
FR9312021 France Bois des Ayes Map
LV0501600 Latvia Tetersalas purvs Map
LV0511600 Latvia Lielsalas purvs Map
LV0525300 Latvia Verenes purvi Map
LTMAZB001 Lithuania Plinkšių miškas Map
LV0509500 Latvia Dzerves purvs Map
LV0531700 Latvia Platenes purvs Map
LV0501200 Latvia Sloku purvs Map
DE5130420 Germany Ohrdrufer Muschelkalkplatte und Apfelstädtaue Map
DE5248453 Germany Kahleberg und Lugsteingebiet Map
DE5048451 Germany Osterzgebirgstäler Map
DE5248451 Germany Fürstenau Map
DE5247451 Germany Waldgebiete bei Holzhau Map
DE5543451 Germany Fichtelberggebiet Map
DE4552452 Germany Muskauer und Neustädter Heide Map
DE5640451 Germany Elstergebirge Map
DE5247452 Germany Erzgebirgskamm bei Deutscheinsiedel Map
DE5345452 Germany Erzgebirgskamm bei Satzung Map
DE2725301 Germany Lüneburger Heide Map
DE5441451 Germany Westerzgebirge Map
DE5333420 Germany Nördliches Thüringer Schiefergebirge mit Schwarzatal Map
LV0536600 Latvia Lubana mitrajs Map
PLB200004 Poland Dolina Górnego Nurca Map
SE0210366 Sweden Hedesundafjärden Map
SE0210363 Sweden Långhällsmossen Map
SE0210368 Sweden Färnebofjärden syd Map
SE0210353 Sweden Ruthagsskogen Map
SE0210355 Sweden Svinasjön Map
IT3120178 Italy Pale di San Martino Map
IT3120166 Italy Re' di Castello - Breguzzo Map
IT3120172 Italy Monti Lessini - Piccole Dolomiti Map
IT3120168 Italy Lagorai Orientale - Cima Bocche Map
IT3120176 Italy Monte Sadron Map
IT3120177 Italy Dolomiti di Brenta Map
IT3120173 Italy Monte Baldo di Brentonico Map
IT3120175 Italy Adamello Map
IT3120171 Italy Muga Bianca - Pasubio Map
IT3120165 Italy Vermiglio - Folgarida Map
LTPLU0014 Lithuania Vainaičių tyras (Stalgo pelkė) Map
FR8212027 France Plateau de Loëx Map
AT3419000 Austria Spirkenwälder Innergamp Map
AT2108000 Austria Inneres Pöllatal Map
AT2105000 Austria Vellacher Kotschna Map
AT2210000 Austria Ennstaler Alpen/Gesäuse Map
AT2102000 Austria Nockberge Map
AT2101000 Austria Hohe Tauern, Kärnten I Map
AT2109000 Austria Wolayersee und Umgebung Map
AT2209000 Austria Niedere Tauern Map
AT2243000 Austria Totes Gebirge mit Altausseer See Map
AT3301000 Austria Hohe Tauern, Tirol Map
AT2229000 Austria Teile des Steirischen Jogl- und Wechsellandes Map
AT3115000 Austria Maltsch Map
AT3304000 Austria Karwendel Map
AT3216000 Austria Dürrnbachhorn Map
AT3411000 Austria Klostertaler Bergwälder Map
AT1207000 Austria Kamp- und Kremstal Map
AT3303000 Austria Valsertal Map
AT3415000 Austria Alpenmannstreu Gamperdonatal Map
AT3412000 Austria Verwall Map
AT3219000 Austria Gernfilzen-Bannwald Map
AT1205000 Austria Wachau - Jauerling Map
AT3410000 Austria Gadental Map
AT3309000 Austria Tiroler Lech Map
AT3418000 Austria Spirkenwald Oberer Tritt Map
AT1201000 Austria Waldviertel Map
AT3305000 Austria Ötztaler Alpen Map
AT2220000 Austria Zirbitzkogel Map
AT2112000 Austria Villacher Alpe (Dobratsch) Map
AT2204000 Austria Steirisches Dachsteinplateau Map
AT3221000 Austria Joching Map
AT3417000 Austria Spirkenwälder Brandnertal Map
AT2129000 Austria Hohe Tauern, Kärnten II Map
AT1203000 Austria Ötscher - Dürrenstein Map
AT3218000 Austria Hochgimpling Map
AT3413000 Austria Wiegensee Map
AT2106000 Austria Mussen Map
AT3416000 Austria Spirkenwälder Saminatal Map
AT3124000 Austria Wiesengebiete im Freiwald Map
AT2215000 Austria Teile der Eisenerzer Alpen Map
AT3205021 Austria Obertauern-Hundsfeldmoor Map
AT3101000 Austria Dachstein Map
AT2219000 Austria Teile des steirischen Nockgebietes Map
AT1221V00 Austria Truppenübungsplatz Allentsteig Map
AT3420000 Austria Unter-Überlut Map
AT3215000 Austria Klemmerich Map
AT3210001 Austria Hohe Tauern, Salzburg Map
ROSPA0131 Romania Munții Maramureșului Map
DE5525351 Germany Hochrhön Map
PLB020009 Poland Góry Izerskie Map
SE0720411 Sweden Gullhög-Tönningfloarna Map
SI5000030 Slovenia Karavanke Map
AT3439000 Austria Schöneberg Map
AT3438000 Austria Ifen Map
DE6946401 Germany Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald Map
DE8433401 Germany Karwendel mit Isar Map
FR8212029 France Plateau de Beauregard Map
FR8212028 France Massif de la Lauzière Map
PLC020001 Poland Karkonosze Map
PLC120003 Poland Torfowiska Orawsko-Nowotarskie Map
SE0710240 Sweden Habborn Map
AT2256000 Austria Hochlagen des westlichen Ausseerlandes mit Dachsteinplateau Map
SE0240169 Sweden Getapulien Map
SE0710232 Sweden Kullarna-Häxtjärn Map
SE0710237 Sweden Korstjärnsmyran Map
SE0810521 Sweden Svanaträskmyran Map

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Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Birkhuhn (kontinentale Unterart) German EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Black Grouse (continental subspecies) English EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Fagiano di monte (popolazioni continentali) Italian EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Gallo lira (continental) Spanish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Galo-lira (subespécie continental) Portuguese EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Korhoen (continentale populaties) Dutch EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Teeri (alalaji Keski-ja Etelä-Eurooppa) Finnish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Tétras-lyre (populations continentales) French EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Urfugl (kontinental underart) Danish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
No synonyms available.

Other resources

Fauna Europaea search Fauna Europaea
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
ITIS search Interagency Taxonomic Information System
NCBI search National Center for Biotechnology Information
PESI (Accepted) Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure

External data

No external data sets available for this species
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