Floating bur-reed communities

English name: Floating bur-reed communities

Description (English)

Sparganium angustifolium-dominated formations of small oligotrophic ponds, characteristic, in particular, of the upper montane and subalpine levels of the Alps and of the greater Hercynian ranges, locally recorded from sub-Atlantic heath regions of the Germano-Baltic plain, also capable of occurring, within the extensive Fennoscandian range of the species, and in coastal areas of Iceland, as a facies of the Isoetes communities of unit C3.4111.

Source: EUNIS habitat classification

Quick facts

EUNIS habitat type code C3.4114
Bern Convention Included in a Resolution 4 habitat type at a higher level (C3.4)

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Not available

Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Sparganium angustifolium
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Sparganium angustifolium Flowering Plants

Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 200112 22.3114 Floating bur-reed communities source
For relation to plant communities (syntaxa), see Vegetation types


Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200410 C3.4114 Floating bur-reed communities same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200308 C3.4114 Floating bur-reed communities same
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