Infralittoral fouling seaweed communities

English name: Infralittoral fouling seaweed communities

Description (English)

Moderately exposed to wave-sheltered artificial substrata (such as steel wrecks/concrete pilings/cable debris etc) subject to moderately strong to weak tidal streams in the infralittoral zone. This habitat type is characterised by a dense covering of filamentous and foliose algae on vertical as well as the upper faces of the substrata. Although there are no biotopes currently defined under this biotope, due to the low number of records, it is suspected that this has been highly 'under-recorded', and that additional records will be added in the near future, leading to the definition of biotopes.

Source: EUNIS habitat classification

Quick facts

EUNIS habitat type code A3.72
Bern Convention Included in a Resolution 4 habitat type at a higher level (A3)

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Not available

Species mentioned in habitat description

Not available

Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
Marine Habitat Classification Britain/Ireland 0405 IR.FIR.IFou Infralittoral fouling seaweed communities source
CORINE Land Cover 5.2.3. Sea and ocean n/a
For relation to plant communities (syntaxa), see Vegetation types


Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200410 A3.72 Infralittoral fouling seaweed communities same
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