Circalittoral fine sand

English name: Circalittoral fine sand

Description (English)

Clean fine sands with less than 5% silt/clay in deeper water, either on the open coast or in tide-swept channels of marine inlets in depths of over 15-20 m. The habitat may also extend offshore and is characterised by a wide range of echinoderms (in some areas including the pea urchin Echinocyamus pusillus), polychaetes and bivalves. This habitat is generally more stable than shallower, infralittoral sands and consequently supports a more diverse community.

Source: EUNIS habitat classification

Quick facts

EUNIS habitat type code A5.25
Bern Convention Included in a Resolution 4 habitat type at a higher level (A5)

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Not available

Species mentioned in habitat description

Invertebrates Echinocyamus pusillus
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Echinocyamus pusillus Invertebrates

Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
Marine Habitat Classification Britain/Ireland 0405 SS.SSa.CFiSa Circalittoral fine sand source
CORINE Land Cover 5.2.3. Sea and ocean n/a
For relation to plant communities (syntaxa), see Vegetation types


Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200410 A5.25 Circalittoral fine sand same
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