Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Arthropoda > Class: Insecta > Order: Lepidoptera > Family: Lycaenidae > Genus: Lycaena > Species: Lycaena dispar

Large Copper - Lycaena dispar Haworth, 1803

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)
Protected by EU Habitats Directive and 2 other international agreements
Natura 2000 sites 1643 are designated for this species
Most preferred habitats
  • grassland
  • wetlands
May also occur in
  • cropland
  • urban
  • woodland and forest
Natura 2000 species code 1060


The distribution map is currently disabled. A new map solution will soon become available. In the meantime, please consult other species distribution map providers listed in the Other resources panel below.

Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
BE34045C0 Belgium Forêts de Muno Map
BE34049C0 Belgium Basse-Vierre Map
BE34052C0 Belgium Forêt d'Anlier Map
BE34058C0 Belgium Camp militaire de Lagland Map
DE1744301 Germany Krummenhagener See, Borgwallsee und Pütter See Map
DE2746301 Germany Hardenbeck-Küstrinchen Map
DE2746302 Germany Krüselinsee und Mechowseen Map
DE2747302 Germany Stromgewässer Map
DE2835301 Germany Rambower Moor Map
DE2844303 Germany Gramzow-Seen Map
DE2845301 Germany Stolpseewiesen-Siggelhavel Map
DE2846301 Germany Kleine Schorfheide - Havel Map
DE2846302 Germany Templiner Kanalwiesen Map
DE2847304 Germany Platkowsee-Netzowsee-Metzelthin Map
DE2937303 Germany Untere Stepenitzniederung und Jeetzbach Map
DE2951302 Germany Unteres Odertal Map
DE3146301 Germany Schnelle Havel Map
DE3146302 Germany Langer Trödel Map
DE3147301 Germany Finowtal - Pregnitzfließ Map
DE3148301 Germany Nonnenfließ-Schwärzetal Map
DE3151301 Germany Oderwiesen Neurüdnitz Map
DE3244301 Germany Kremmener Luch Map
DE3246301 Germany Lubowsee Map
DE3247301 Germany Biesenthaler Becken Map
DE3248302 Germany Trampe Map
DE3353301 Germany Oderaue Genschmar Map
DE3450302 Germany Ruhlsdorfer Bruch Map
DE3548301 Germany Müggelspree-Müggelsee Map
DE3549301 Germany Löcknitztal Map
DE3552306 Germany Oderhänge Mallnow Map
DE3646303 Germany Brunnluch Map
DE3648302 Germany Triebschsee Map
DE3648303 Germany Wernsdorfer See Map
DE3653302 Germany Oderwiesen nördlich Frankfurt Map
DE3744301 Germany Nuthe-Nieplitz-Niederung Map
DE3747304 Germany Pätzer Hintersee Map
DE3748305 Germany Skabyer Torfgraben Map
DE3749302 Germany Luchwiesen Map
DE3754303 Germany Mittlere Oder Map
DE3845301 Germany Seeluch-Priedeltal Map
DE3845302 Germany Gadsdorfer Torfstiche und Luderbusch Map
DE3845303 Germany Kummersdorfer Heide/Breiter Steinbusch Map
DE3846306 Germany Wehrdamm/Mellensee/Kleiner Wünsdorfer See Map
DE3847301 Germany Löptener Fenne-Wustrickwiesen Map
DE3847302 Germany Mühlenfließ-Sägebach Map
DE3847303 Germany Kleine und Mittelleber Map
DE3847304 Germany Töpchiner Seen Map
DE3847309 Germany Heideseen bei Groß Köris Map
DE3848302 Germany Mahnigsee Dahmetal Map
DE3848303 Germany Stintgraben Map
DE3848306 Germany Streganzsee-Dahme und Bürgerheide Map
DE3849303 Germany Kienheide Map
DE3849305 Germany Erweiterung Josinskyluch - Krumme Spree Map
DE3949301 Germany Unterspreewald Map
DE3951303 Germany Dammer Moor Map
DE4049303 Germany Niederung Börnichen Map
DE4049304 Germany Ellerborn, Ribocka und Ragower Niederungswiesen Map
DE4049305 Germany Lehniksberg Map
DE4053301 Germany Calpenzmoor Map
DE4053302 Germany Feuchtwiesen Atterwasch Map
DE4150301 Germany Innerer Oberspreewald Map
DE4150302 Germany Byhleguhrer See Map
DE4152302 Germany Peitzer Teiche Map
DE4244301 Germany Alte Elster und Rohrbornwiesen bei Premsendorf Map
DE4248306 Germany Bornsdorfer Teichgebiet Map
DE4252302 Germany Biotopverbund Spreeaue Map
DE4354301 Germany Neißeaue Map
DE4452301 Germany Spreetal und Heiden zwischen Uhyst und Spremberg Map
DE4453301 Germany Altes Schleifer Teichgelände Map
DE4454302 Germany Neißegebiet Map
DE4553301 Germany Schwarzer Schöps unterhalb Reichwalde Map
DE4554301 Germany Raklitza und Teiche bei Rietschen Map
DE4554302 Germany Weißer Schöps bei Hähnichen Map
DE4554303 Germany Niederspreer Teichgebiet und Kleine Heide Hähnichen Map
DE4648302 Germany Königsbrücker Heide Map
DE4649301 Germany Ruhländer Schwarzwasser Map
DE4649302 Germany Teichgruppen Cosel-Zeisholz Map
DE6003301 Germany Ourtal Map
DE6205301 Germany Sauertal und Seitentäler Map
DE6307301 Germany Wiesen bei Wadrill und Sitzerath Map
DE6307302 Germany westlich Otzenhausen Map
DE6308302 Germany Wiesenkomplex bei Eisen Map
DE6308303 Germany Felsental der Nahe bei Nohfelden Map
DE6404302 Germany Leuktal, Krautfelsen u. Bärenfels bei Orscholz Map
DE6406301 Germany NSG 'Panzbachtal' westl. Bergen Map
DE6406302 Germany Lannenbachaue bei Scheiden und Umgebung Map
DE6406305 Germany Hölzbach zw. Rappweiler u. Niederlosheim Map
DE6407301 Germany Noswendeler Bruch Map
DE6407302 Germany Wadrilltal Map
DE6407304 Germany Wiesenlandschaft bei Buweiler Map
DE6407305 Germany Löstertal Map
DE6407307 Germany Wiesenlandschaft bei Überroth Map
DE6408302 Germany Söterbachtal Map
DE6408303 Germany südlich Braunshausen Map
DE6408304 Germany Südlich Bosen Map
DE6408305 Germany Eiweiler Map
DE6408307 Germany südwestlich Selbach Map
DE6408308 Germany Südteil des Nohfeldener Rhyolith-Massivs Map
DE6409303 Germany Hofberg bei Reitscheid Map
DE6409304 Germany Wiesen bei Reitscheid Map
DE6409305 Germany Weisselberg Map
DE6506301 Germany Wolferskopf Map
DE6506302 Germany Wiesenlandschaft bei Düppenweiler Map
DE6507301 Germany Prims Map
DE6507302 Germany Steinbach - Truppenübungsgelände Map
DE6507303 Germany Südlicher Klapperberg - Im Schachen Map
DE6508301 Germany Naturschutzgroßvorhaben Ill Map
DE6508302 Germany östlich Bergweiler Map
DE6508303 Germany Grießbach, westl. Oberlinxweiler Map
DE6509301 Germany Ostertal Map
DE6605301 Germany Nied Map
DE6606302 Germany Primswiesen bei Nalbach Map
DE6606303 Germany Primswiesen bei Bilsdorf Map
DE6606304 Germany Rodener Saarwiesen Map
DE6606306 Germany Wiesenlandschaft zw. Hülzweiler u. Schwalbach Map
DE6609303 Germany Wiesen bei Frankenholz und Oberbexbach Map
DE6609304 Germany Kühnbruch Map
DE6609305 Germany Blies Map
DE6610301 Germany Closenbruch Map
DE6610302 Germany Jägersburger Wald und Königsbruch bei Homburg Map
DE6616301 Germany Speyerer Wald und Haßlocher Wald und Schifferstädter Wiesen Map
DE6706301 Germany Warndt Map
DE6706302 Germany Westl. Berus Map
DE6706304 Germany NSG 'Breitborner Floß' Map
DE6708302 Germany NSG 'Wusterhang' und 'Beierwies' bei Fechingen Map
DE6708305 Germany Woogbachtal Map
DE6709302 Germany Bliesaue zwischen Blieskastel und Bliesdalheim Map
DE6715301 Germany Modenbachniederung Map
DE6715302 Germany Bellheimer Wald mit Queichtal Map
DE6716301 Germany Rheinniederung Germersheim-Speyer Map
DE6808301 Germany Birzberg, Honigsack/Kappelberghang bei Fechingen Map
DE6808303 Germany Muschelkalkhänge bei Bebelsheim u. Wittersheim Map
DE6808305 Germany nördlich Rilchingen-Hanweiler Map
DE6809301 Germany Bickenalbtal Map
DE6809302 Germany Muschelkalkgebiet bei Gersheim und Blieskastel Map
DE6809303 Germany zw. Bliesdalheim und Herbitzheim Map
DE6809305 Germany Baumbusch bei Medelsheim Map
DE6809307 Germany NSG Himsklamm Map
DE6812301 Germany Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald Map
DE6816301 Germany Hördter Rheinaue Map
DE6914301 Germany Bienwaldschwemmfächer Map
DE6915301 Germany Rheinniederung Neuburg-Wörth Map
EE0010173 Estonia Lahemaa Map
EE0080172 Estonia Endla Map
EE0080371 Estonia Kärevere Map
EE0080374 Estonia Alam-Pedja Map
EE0080574 Estonia Soomaa Map
EE0080671 Estonia Karula Map
FI0401001 Finland Kymijoki Map
FI0403002 Finland Hevoshaka, Tompuri, Salmenkylä, Saunaniemi Map
FR1100798 France La Bassée Map
FR1100814 France Le Petit Morin de Verdelot à Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin Map
FR2100246 France Pelouses, rochers et buxaie de la pointe de Givet Map
FR2100247 France Pelouses et fruticées de la région de Joinville Map
FR2100248 France Rebord du plateau de Langres à Cohons et Chalindrey Map
FR2100249 France Pelouses et fruticées de la Côte oxfordienne de Bologne à Latrecey Map
FR2100282 France Marais de la Vanne a Villemaur Map
FR2100283 France Le Marais de Saint-Gond Map
FR2100288 France Prairies d'Autry Map
FR2100290 France Prairies de Courteranges Map
FR2100291 France Vallée du Rognon, de Doulaincourt à la confluence avec la Marne Map
FR2100292 France Vallée de l'Aube, d'Auberive à Dancevoir Map
FR2100293 France Vallée de l'Aujon, de Chameroy a Arc-en-Barrois Map
FR2100295 France Prairies de la Voire et de l'Héronne Map
FR2100296 France Prairies, Marais et bois alluviaux de la Bassée Map
FR2100297 France Prairies et bois alluviaux de la basse vallée alluviale de l'Aube Map
FR2100298 France Prairies de la vallée de l'Aisne Map
FR2100310 France Bois d'Humegnil-Epothemont Map
FR2100319 France Vallées du Rognon et de la Sueurre et massif forestier de la Crête et d'Ecot la Combe Map
FR2100331 France Étangs de Bairon Map
FR2100332 France Étang de la Horre Map
FR2100334 France Réservoir de la Marne dit du Der-Chantecoq Map
FR2100335 France Étangs de Belval, d'Etoges et de la Grande Rouillie Map
FR2100343 France Site à chiroptères de la vallée de la Bar Map
FR2100345 France Ruisseaux de Pressigny et de la Ferme d'Aillaux Map
FR2100620 France L'Apance Map
FR2200355 France Basse vallée de la Somme de Pont-Rémy à Breilly Map
FR2200383 France Prairies alluviales de l'Oise de la Fère à Sempigny Map
FR2200390 France Marais de la Souche Map
FR2200395 France Collines du Laonnois oriental Map
FR2200396 France Tourbière et coteaux de Cessières Montbavin Map
FR2400520 France Coteaux, bois et marais calcaires de la Champagne Berrichonne Map
FR2400534 France Grande Brenne Map
FR2400535 France Vallée de l'Anglin et affluents Map
FR2400536 France Vallée de la Creuse et affluents Map
FR2400537 France Vallée de l'Indre Map
FR2400548 France La Loire de Candes Saint Martin à Mosnes Map
FR2400561 France Vallée du Cher et coteaux, forêt de Grosbois Map
FR2400562 France Vallée de la Cisse en amont de Saint-Lubin Map
FR2402001 France Sologne Map
FR2402007 France Complexe du Changeon et de la Roumer Map
FR2600956 France Combes de la Côte dijonnaise Map
FR2600959 France Milieux forestiers du Châtillonnais avec marais tufeux et sites à sabot de Vénus Map
FR2600963 France Marais tufeux du Châtillonnais Map
FR2600965 France Vallées de la Loire et de l'Allier entre Cher et Nièvre Map
FR2600966 France Val de Loire nivernais Map
FR2600973 France Les habitats naturels de l'arrière côte de Beaune Map
FR2600974 France Pelouses, forêts et habitats à chauve-souris du sud de la vallée de l'Yonne et de ses affluents Map
FR2600976 France Prairies et forêts inondables du Val de Saône entre Chalon et Tournus et de la basse vallée de la Grosne Map
FR2600979 France Dunes continentales, tourbière de la Truchère et prairies de la Basse Seille Map
FR2600981 France Prairies inondables de la basse vallée du Doubs jusqu'à l'amont de Navilly Map
FR2600998 France Vallon de Canada et barrage du Pont du Roi Map
FR2601011 France Milieux humides et habitats à Chauves-souris de Puisaye-Forterre Map
FR4100159 France Pelouses du pays Messin Map
FR4100161 France Pelouses et vallons forestiers du Rupt de Mad Map
FR4100162 France Pelouses d'Allamps et zones humides avoisinantes Map
FR4100166 France Hauts de Meuse Map
FR4100167 France Pelouses et rochers du pays de Sierck Map
FR4100168 France Pelouses à Obergailbach Map
FR4100181 France Forêts de la vallée de la Méholle Map
FR4100183 France Forêts des Argonnelles Map
FR4100189 France Forêt humide de la Reine et Catena de Rangeval Map
FR4100191 France Milieux forestiers et prairies humides des vallées du Mouzon et de l'Anger Map
FR4100192 France Forêt et étang de Parroy, vallée de la Vezouze et fort de Manonviller Map
FR4100208 France Cours d'eau, tourbières, rochers et forêts des Vosges du nord et souterrain de Ramstein Map
FR4100214 France Marais de Vittoncourt Map
FR4100215 France Marais d'Ippling Map
FR4100216 France Marais de Pagny-sur-Meuse Map
FR4100219 France Complexe de l'étang de Lindre, forêt de Romersberg et zones voisines Map
FR4100220 France Etang et forêt de Mittersheim, cornée de Ketzing Map
FR4100222 France Lac de Madine et étangs de Pannes Map
FR4100227 France Vallée de la Moselle (secteur Chatel-Tonnoy) Map
FR4100230 France Vallée de la Saônelle Map
FR4100232 France Vallée de la Seille (secteur amont et petite Seille) Map
FR4100233 France Vallée du Madon (secteur Haroué / Pont-Saint-Vincent), du Brenon et carrières de Xeuilley Map
FR4100234 France Vallée de la Meuse (secteur de Stenay) Map
FR4100238 France Vallée de la Meurthe de la Voivre à Saint-Clément et tourbière de la Basse Saint-Jean Map
FR4100240 France Vallée de l'Esch de Ansauville à Jezainville Map
FR4100244 France Vallées de la Sarre, de l'Albe et de l'Isch - marais de Francaltroff Map
FR4201794 France La Sauer et ses affluents Map
FR4201795 France La Moder et ses affluents Map
FR4201796 France La Lauter Map
FR4201797 France Secteur Alluvial Rhin-Ried-Bruch, Bas-Rhin Map
FR4201798 France Massif forestier de Haguenau Map
FR4201799 France Vosges du nord Map
FR4201801 France Massif du Donon, du Schneeberg et du Grossmann Map
FR4201803 France Val de Villé et ried de la Schernetz Map
FR4201810 France Vallée de la Doller Map
FR4201811 France Sundgau, région des étangs Map
FR4201812 France Jura alsacien Map
FR4202000 France Secteur Alluvial Rhin-Ried-Bruch, Haut-Rhin Map
FR4202001 France Vallée de la Largue Map
FR4301291 France Vallées de la Loue et du Lison Map
FR4301294 France Moyenne Vallée du Doubs Map
FR4301321 France Reculée des Planches près Arbois Map
FR4301322 France Reculées de la Haute Seille Map
FR4301323 France Basse vallée du Doubs Map
FR4301331 France Vallées et côtes de la Bienne, du Tacon et du Flumen Map
FR4301334 France Petite montagne du Jura Map
FR4301338 France Pelouses de la région vésulienne et vallée de la Colombine Map
FR4301342 France Vallée de la Saône Map
FR4302001 France Côte de Mancy Map
FR5200647 France Vallée du Narais, forêt de Bercé et ruisseau du Dinan Map
FR5200649 France Vallée du Loir de Vaas à Bazouges Map
FR5200659 France Marais Poitevin Map
FR5400408 France Vallée de la Tardoire Map
FR5400413 France Vallées calcaires péri-angoumoisines Map
FR5400419 France Vallée de la Tude Map
FR5400420 France Côteaux du Montmorélien Map
FR5400429 France Marais de Rochefort Map
FR5400430 France Vallée de la Charente (basse vallée) Map
FR5400431 France Marais de Brouage (et marais nord d'Oléron) Map
FR5400432 France Marais de la Seudre Map
FR5400434 France Presqu'ile d'Arvert Map
FR5400437 France Landes de Montendre Map
FR5400438 France Marais et falaises des côteaux de Gironde Map
FR5400446 France Marais Poitevin Map
FR5400447 France Vallée de la Boutonne Map
FR5400448 France Carrières de Loubeau Map
FR5400450 France Massif forestier de Chizé-Aulnay Map
FR5400457 France Forêt et pelouses de Lussac-les-Châteaux Map
FR5400460 France Brandes de Montmorillon Map
FR5400462 France Vallée de la Gartempe - Les Portes d'Enfer Map
FR5400465 France Landes de Cadeuil Map
FR5400467 France Vallée de Salleron Map
FR5400472 France Moyenne vallée de la Charente et Seugnes et Coran Map
FR5400473 France Vallée de l'Antenne Map
FR5402008 France Haute vallée de la Seugne en amont de pons et affluents Map
FR5402009 France Vallée de la Charente entre Angoulème et Cognac et ses principaux affluents (SOLOIRE, BOEME, ECHELLE) Map
FR5402010 France Vallées du Lary et du Palais Map
FR7200661 France Vallée de l'Isle de Périgueux à sa confluence avec la Dordogne Map
FR7200662 France Vallée de la Dronne de Brantôme à sa confluence avec l'Isle Map
FR7200663 France Vallée de la Nizonne Map
FR7200671 France Vallées de la Double Map
FR7200672 France Coteaux calcaires du Causse de Daglan et de la Vallée du Céou Map
FR7200680 France Marais du Bas Médoc Map
FR7200682 France Palus de Saint-Loubes et d'Izon Map
FR7200683 France Marais du Haut Médoc Map
FR7200684 France Marais de Braud-et-Saint-Louis et de Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde Map
FR7200685 France Vallée et palus du Moron Map
FR7200686 France Marais du Bec d'Ambès Map
FR7200687 France Marais de Bruges, Blanquefort et Parampuyre Map
FR7200688 France Bocage humide de Cadaujac et Saint-Médard-d'Eyrans Map
FR7200690 France Réseau hydrographique de l'Engranne Map
FR7200694 France Réseau hydrographique de la Bassanne Map
FR7200695 France Réseau hydrographique du Lisos Map
FR7200720 France Barthes de l'Adour Map
FR7200724 France L'Adour Map
FR7200741 France La Gélise Map
FR7200742 France Massif du Moulle de Jaout Map
FR7200745 France Massif du Montagnon Map
FR7200766 France Vallon du Clamondé Map
FR7200771 France Coteaux du Tursan Map
FR7200786 France La Nive Map
FR7200797 France Réseau hydrographique du Gat Mort et du Saucats Map
FR7200802 France Réseau hydrographique du Beuve Map
FR7200803 France Réseau hydrographique du Gestas Map
FR7200804 France Réseau hydrographique de la Pimpine Map
FR7200805 France Réseau hydrographique des Jalles de Saint-Médard et d'Eysines Map
FR7200806 France Réseau hydrographique du Midou et du Ludon Map
FR7300885 France Chaînons calcaires du Piémont Commingeois Map
FR7300889 France Vallée de l'Adour Map
FR7300893 France Coteaux de Lizet et de l'Osse vers Montesquiou Map
FR7300897 France Vallée et coteaux de la Lauze Map
FR7300898 France Vallée de la Dordogne quercynoise Map
FR7300902 France Vallées de l'Ouysse et de l'Alzou Map
FR7300904 France Marais de la Fondial Map
FR7300910 France Vallées de la Rauze et du Vers et vallons tributaires Map
FR7300912 France Moyenne vallée du Lot inférieure Map
FR7300913 France Basse vallée du Célé Map
FR7401103 France Vallée de la Dordogne sur l'ensemble de son cours et affluents Map
FR7401111 France Vallée de la Vézère d'Uzerche à la limite départementale 19/24 Map
FR7401119 France Pelouses calcicoles et forêts du Causse corrézien Map
FR7401124 France Bassin de Gouzon Map
FR7401129 France Vallée de la Creuse Map
FR7401131 France Gorges de la Tardes et Vallée du Cher Map
FR7401133 France Etangs du nord de la Haute-Vienne Map
FR7401138 France Etang de la Pouge Map
FR7401147 France Vallée de la Gartempe sur l'ensemble de son cours et affluents Map
FR8201632 France Prairies humides et forêts alluviales du Val de Saône Map
FR8201635 France La Dombes Map
FR8201637 France Marais de Lavours Map
FR8201640 France Revermont et gorges de l'Ain Map
FR8201641 France Milieux remarquables du Bas Bugey Map
FR8201644 France Marais de la haute Versoix et de Brou Map
FR8201650 France Etournel et defilé de l'Ecluse Map
FR8201666 France Loire et ses affluents Map
FR8201715 France Vallée de l'Arve Map
FR8201718 France Les Usses Map
FR8201724 France Marais de Chilly et de Marival Map
FR8201727 France L'Isle Crémieu Map
FR8201728 France Tourbière du Grand Lemps Map
FR8201729 France Marais du Val d'Ainan Map
FR8201742 France Marais - tourbières de l'Herretang Map
FR8201755 France Etangs du Forez Map
FR8201764 France Bois de Lespinasse, de la Benisson-Dieu et de la Pacaudière Map
FR8201765 France Milieux alluviaux et aquatiques de la Loire Map
FR8201770 France Réseau de zones humides, pelouses, landes et falaises de l'avant-pays savoyard Map
FR8201771 France Forêts alluviales et lônes du Haut Rhône Map
FR8201772 France Réseau de zones humides de l'Albanais Map
FR8201773 France Réseau de zones humides dans la Combe de Savoie et la moyenne vallée de l'Isère Map
FR8201785 France Pelouses, milieux alluviaux et aquatiques de l'île de Miribel-Jonage Map
FR8301012 France Gorges du Haut-Cher Map
FR8301015 France Vallée de l'Allier nord Map
FR8301016 France Vallée de l'Allier sud Map
FR8301032 France Zones alluviales de la confluence Dore-Allier Map
FR8301033 France Plaine des Varennes Map
FR8301034 France Gorges de la Sioule Map
FR8301035 France Vallées et côteaux xérothermiques des Couzes et Limagnes Map
FR8301038 France Val d'Allier - Alagnon Map
FR8301049 France Comté d'Auvergne et Puy Saint Romain Map
FR8301074 France Val d'Allier / Vieille Brioude / Langeac Map
FR8301082 France Lacs d'Espalem et de Lorlanges Map
FR8301083 France Saint-Beauzire Map
HUBF30001 Hungary Északi-Bakony Map
HUBF30003 Hungary Kis-Balaton Map
HUDI30001 Hungary Vértes Map
HUDI30002 Hungary Zámolyi-medence Map
HUFH30004 Hungary Szigetköz Map
HUFH30005 Hungary Hanság Map
HUKN30002 Hungary Gátéri Fehér-tó Map
IT1110004 Italy Stupinigi Map
IT1110005 Italy Vauda Map
IT1110007 Italy Laghi di Avigliana Map
IT1110019 Italy Baraccone (confluenza Po - Dora Baltea) Map
IT1110020 Italy Lago di Viverone Map
IT1110021 Italy Laghi di Ivrea Map
IT1110024 Italy Lanca di San Michele Map
IT1110035 Italy Stagni di Poirino - Favari Map
IT1110057 Italy Serra di Ivrea Map
IT1110079 Italy La Mandria Map
IT1110081 Italy Monte Musiné e Laghi di Caselette Map
IT1120002 Italy Bosco della Partecipanza di Trino Map
IT1120004 Italy Baraggia di Rovasenda Map
IT1120007 Italy Palude di S. Genuario Map
IT1120008 Italy Fontana Gigante (Tricerro) Map
IT1120010 Italy Lame del Sesia e Isolone di Oldenico Map
IT1120013 Italy Isolotto del Ritano (Dora Baltea) Map
IT1120014 Italy Garzaia del Rio Druma Map
IT1120023 Italy Isola di Santa Maria Map
IT1150001 Italy Valle del Ticino Map
IT1150005 Italy Agogna Morta (Borgolavezzaro) Map
IT1160010 Italy Bosco del Merlino Map
IT1170002 Italy Valmanera Map
IT1170003 Italy Stagni di Belangero (Asti) Map
IT1170005 Italy Verneto di Rocchetta Tanaro Map
IT1180004 Italy Greto dello Scrivia Map
IT1180005 Italy Ghiaia Grande (Fiume Po) Map
IT1180027 Italy Confluenza Po - Sesia - Tanaro Map
IT2010014 Italy Turbigaccio, Boschi di Castelletto e Lanca di Bernate Map
IT2040044 Italy Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT2050005 Italy Boschi della Fagiana Map
IT2060015 Italy Bosco de l'Isola Map
IT2080001 Italy Garzaia di Celpenchio Map
IT2080002 Italy Basso corso e sponde del Ticino Map
IT2080003 Italy Garzaia della Verminesca Map
IT2080004 Italy Palude Loja Map
IT2080005 Italy Garzaia della Rinalda Map
IT2080006 Italy Garzaia di S. Alessandro Map
IT2080007 Italy Garzaia del Bosco Basso Map
IT2080009 Italy Garzaia della Cascina Notizia Map
IT2080010 Italy Garzaia di Sartirana Map
IT2080011 Italy Abbazia Acqualunga Map
IT2080013 Italy Garzaia della Cascina Portalupa Map
IT2080014 Italy Boschi Siro Negri e Moriano Map
IT2080015 Italy San Massimo Map
IT2080016 Italy Boschi del Vignolo Map
IT2080017 Italy Garzaia di Porta Chiossa Map
IT2080301 Italy Boschi del Ticino Map
IT2090001 Italy Monticchie Map
IT2090002 Italy Boschi e Lanca di Comazzo Map
IT2090006 Italy Spiagge fluviali di Boffalora Map
IT2090007 Italy Lanca di Soltarico Map
IT2090011 Italy Bosco Valentino Map
IT20A0001 Italy Morta di Pizzighettone Map
IT20A0002 Italy Naviglio di Melotta Map
IT20A0003 Italy Palata Menasciutto Map
IT20A0004 Italy Le Bine Map
IT20A0005 Italy Lanca di Gabbioneta Map
IT20A0006 Italy Lanche di Azzanello Map
IT20A0007 Italy Bosco della Marisca Map
IT20A0008 Italy Isola Uccellanda Map
IT20A0009 Italy Bosco di Barco Map
IT20B0001 Italy Bosco Foce Oglio Map
IT20B0002 Italy Valli di Mosio Map
IT20B0004 Italy Lanche di Gerra Gavazzi e Runate Map
IT20B0005 Italy Torbiere di Marcaria Map
IT20B0006 Italy Isola Boscone Map
IT20B0007 Italy Isola Boschina Map
IT20B0008 Italy Paludi di Ostiglia Map
IT20B0009 Italy Valli del Mincio Map
IT20B0010 Italy Vallazza Map
IT20B0011 Italy Bosco Fontana Map
IT3120042 Italy Canneti di San Cristoforo Map
IT3120051 Italy Stagni della Vela - Soprasasso Map
IT3120053 Italy Foci dell'Avisio Map
IT3120054 Italy La Rupe Map
IT3260001 Italy Palude di Onara Map
IT3260018 Italy Grave e Zone umide della Brenta Map
IT3310010 Italy Risorgive del Vinchiaruzzo Map
IT3310012 Italy Bosco Torrate Map
IT3320015 Italy Valle del Medio Tagliamento Map
IT3320026 Italy Risorgive dello Stella Map
IT3320027 Italy Palude Moretto Map
IT3320033 Italy Bosco Boscat Map
IT3320034 Italy Boschi di Muzzana Map
IT3320035 Italy Bosco Sacile Map
IT3320037 Italy Laguna di Marano e Grado Map
IT3330005 Italy Foce dell'Isonzo - Isola della Cona Map
IT3330007 Italy Cavana di Monfalcone Map
IT4010018 Italy Fiume Po da Rio Boriacco a Bosco Ospizio Map
IT4020001 Italy Boschi di Carrega Map
IT4020003 Italy Torrente Stirone Map
IT4020017 Italy Aree delle risorgive di Viarolo, Bacini di Torrile, Fascia golenale del Po Map
IT4020018 Italy Prati e Ripristini ambientali di Frescarolo e Samboseto Map
IT4020019 Italy Golena del Po presso Zibello Map
IT4020021 Italy Medio Taro Map
IT4030007 Italy Fontanili di Corte Valle Re Map
IT4030009 Italy Gessi Triassici Map
IT4040007 Italy Salse di Nirano Map
IT4040009 Italy Manzolino Map
IT4040010 Italy Torrazzuolo Map
IT4040014 Italy Valli Mirandolesi Map
IT4040015 Italy Valle di Gruppo Map
IT4040017 Italy Valle delle Bruciate e Tresinaro Map
IT4040018 Italy Le Meleghine Map
IT4050018 Italy Golena San Vitale e Golena del Lippo Map
IT4050019 Italy La Bora Map
IT4050022 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Medicina e Molinella Map
IT4050023 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Budrio e Minerbio Map
IT4050024 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Bentivoglio, S. Pietro in Casale, Malalbergo e Baricella Map
IT4050025 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Crevalcore Map
IT4050026 Italy Bacini ex-zuccherificio di Argelato e Golena del Fiume Reno Map
IT4060001 Italy Valli di Argenta Map
IT4060002 Italy Valli di Comacchio Map
IT4060003 Italy Vene di Bellocchio, Sacca di Bellocchio, Foce del Fiume Reno, Pineta di Bellocchio Map
IT4060004 Italy Valle Bertuzzi, Valle Porticino - Canneviè Map
IT4060005 Italy Sacca di Goro, Po di Goro, Valle Dindona, Foce del Po di Volano Map
IT4060007 Italy Bosco di Volano Map
IT4060008 Italy Valle del Mezzano Map
IT4060009 Italy Bosco di Sant'Agostino o Panfilia Map
IT4060010 Italy Dune di Massenzatica Map
IT4060012 Italy Dune di San Giuseppe Map
IT4060015 Italy Bosco della Mesola, Bosco Panfilia, Bosco di Santa Giustina, Valle Falce, La Goara Map
IT4060016 Italy Fiume Po da Stellata a Mesola e Cavo Napoleonico Map
IT4070001 Italy Punte Alberete, Valle Mandriole Map
IT4070002 Italy Bardello Map
IT4070003 Italy Pineta di San Vitale, Bassa del Pirottolo Map
IT4070004 Italy Pialasse Baiona, Risega e Pontazzo Map
IT4070005 Italy Pineta di Casalborsetti, Pineta Staggioni, Duna di Porto Corsini Map
IT4070006 Italy Pialassa dei Piomboni, Pineta di Punta Marina Map
IT4070008 Italy Pineta di Cervia Map
IT4070009 Italy Ortazzo, Ortazzino, Foce del Torrente Bevano Map
IT4070010 Italy Pineta di Classe Map
IT4070019 Italy Bacini di Conselice Map
IT4070020 Italy Bacini ex - zuccherificio di Mezzano Map
IT4070021 Italy Biotopi di Alfonsine e Fiume Reno Map
IT4070022 Italy Bacini di Russi e Fiume Lamone Map
IT4080004 Italy Bosco di Scardavilla, Ravaldino Map
IT4080006 Italy Meandri del Fiume Ronco Map
IT4090002 Italy Torriana, Montebello, Fiume Marecchia Map
IT5110022 Italy Lago di Porta Map
IT5120017 Italy Lago e Padule di Massacciuccoli Map
IT5130007 Italy Padule di Fucecchio Map
IT5140010 Italy Bosco di Chiusi e Paduletta di Ramone Map
IT5140011 Italy Stagni della Piana Fiorentina e Pratese Map
LTAKMB001 Lithuania Kamanų pelkė Map
LU0001017 Luxembourg Vallée de la Sûre inférieure Map
LU0001018 Luxembourg Vallée de la Mamer et de l'Eisch Map
LU0001026 Luxembourg Bertrange - Greivelserhaff / Bouferterhaff Map
LU0001028 Luxembourg Differdange Est - Prenzebierg / Anciennes mines et Carrières Map
LU0001029 Luxembourg Région de la Moselle supérieure Map
LU0001030 Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette Sud-est - Anciennes minières / Ellegronn Map
LU0001032 Luxembourg Dudelange - Ginzebierg Map
LU0001045 Luxembourg Gonderange/Rodenbourg - Faascht Map
LU0002007 Luxembourg Vallée supérieure de l'Alzette Map
LU0002008 Luxembourg Minière de la région de Differdange - Giele Botter, Tillebierg, Rollesbierg, Ronnebierg, Metzerbierg et Galgebierg Map
LU0002009 Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette Sud-est - Anciennes minières / Ellergronn Map
LU0002010 Luxembourg Dudelange Haard Map
LU0002012 Luxembourg Haff Réimech Map
LV0000110 Latvia Augstroze Map
LV0100400 Latvia Krustkalnu dabas rezervats Map
LV0100500 Latvia Teicu dabas rezervats Map
LV0200100 Latvia Gaujas nacionalais parks Map
LV0200300 Latvia Sliteres nacionalais parks Map
LV0300400 Latvia Silene Map
LV0301700 Latvia Piejura Map
LV0302100 Latvia Abavas senleja Map
LV0302800 Latvia Engures ezers Map
LV0302900 Latvia Dvietes paliene Map
LV0303400 Latvia Raznas nacionalais parks Map
LV0303500 Latvia Pape Map
LV0304800 Latvia Vecumu mezi Map
LV0305000 Latvia Zvardes mezi Map
LV0305100 Latvia Aiviekstes paliene Map
LV0502200 Latvia Orlovas (Erglu) purvs Map
LV0507800 Latvia Liepajas ezers Map
LV0512200 Latvia Lielais Pelecares purvs Map
LV0514200 Latvia Rakupes ieleja Map
LV0519000 Latvia Aklais purvs Map
LV0520000 Latvia Abeli Map
LV0523200 Latvia Ukru garsa Map
LV0523400 Latvia Ances purvi un mezi Map
LV0524100 Latvia Mezole Map
LV0525500 Latvia Satinu diki Map
LV0527300 Latvia Tasu ezers Map
LV0528900 Latvia Panemunes mezi Map
LV0535400 Latvia Rujas paliene Map
LV0536000 Latvia Uzavas augstece Map
LV0600200 Latvia Veclaicene Map
LV0600300 Latvia Augszeme Map
LV0600400 Latvia Augsdaugava Map
LV0600700 Latvia Ziemelgauja Map
NL2003064 Netherlands De Wieden Map
NL9801013 Netherlands Weerribben Map
NL9803006 Netherlands Rottige Meenthe & Brandemeer Map
PLC140001 Poland Puszcza Kampinoska Map
PLC180001 Poland Bieszczady Map
PLC200004 Poland Puszcza Białowieska Map
SKCHVU003 Slovakia Cerová vrchovina - Porimavie Map
SKCHVU011 Slovakia Laborecka vrchovina Map
SKCHVU014 Slovakia Male Karpaty Map
SKCHVU015 Slovakia Medzibodrozie Map
SKCHVU016 Slovakia Zahorske Pomoravie Map
SKCHVU017 Slovakia Muranska planina - Stolica Map
SKCHVU021 Slovakia Poiplie Map
SKCHVU025 Slovakia Slanske vrchy Map
SKCHVU028 Slovakia Strazovske vrchy Map
SKCHVU033 Slovakia Velka Fatra Map
SKCHVU035 Slovakia Vihorlatske vrchy Map
PLH020053 Poland Zagórzyckie Łąki Map
LV0508700 Latvia Dzilezers un Riebezers Map
HUHN20055 Hungary Rozsály - Csengersima Map
ROSCI0236 Romania Strei - Hațeg Map
PLH200002 Poland Narwiańskie Bagna Map
HUHN20026 Hungary Nyírábrányi Káposztás-lapos Map
HUKN20013 Hungary Fülöpszállás - Soltszentimre - csengődi lápok Map
SI3000215 Slovenia Mura Map
LTKAU0007 Lithuania Kauno marios Map
ROSCI0035 Romania Cheile Turzii Map
ROSCI0214 Romania Râul Tur Map
BG0000578 Bulgaria Reka Maritsa Map
ROSCI0205 Romania Poienile cu narcise de la Dumbrava Vadului Map
ROSCI0076 Romania Dealul Mare - Hârlău Map
LTKEL0017 Lithuania Vijurkų pievos Map
HUDI20019 Hungary Felső-Tápió Map
HUHN20078 Hungary Jászsági Zagyva-ártér Map
SKUEV0163 Slovakia Rudava Map
HUDD20029 Hungary Kisszékelyi-dombság Map
CZ0624099 Czech Republic Niva Dyje Map
HUBF20028 Hungary Tapolcai-medence Map
HUKM20013 Hungary Bélmegyeri Fás-puszta Map
SI3000126 Slovenia Nanoščica Map
LTKEL0013 Lithuania Miškinių kaimo apylinkės Map
LTJUR0005 Lithuania Armenos atodangos Map
IT2080023 Italy Garzaia di Cascina Villarasca Map
HUBF20039 Hungary Nyugat-Göcsej Map
DE6623341 Germany Jagsttal Dörzbach - Krautheim Map
ROSCI0199 Romania Platoul Meledic Map
ROSCI0085 Romania Frumoasa Map
FR2102002 France Site à chiroptères de la Vallée de l'Aujon Map
LTUKM0005 Lithuania Siesarties upė ir jos slėnis Map
LTPRI0012 Lithuania Verknės vidurupys Map
PLH100006 Poland Pradolina Bzury-Neru Map
PLH260004 Poland Ostoja Przedborska Map
LTROK0007 Lithuania Dusetų giria Map
HUBN20034 Hungary Borsodi-Mezőség Map
PLH120019 Poland Ostoja Popradzka Map
DE6407308 Germany Schreck nördlich Kastel Map
HUBN20037 Hungary Nagy-Hanyi Map
HUHN20127 Hungary Kraszna menti rétek Map
LTPLU0009 Lithuania Žemaitijos nacionalinis parkas Map
HUDD20054 Hungary Nyugat-Dráva Map
DE3847311 Germany Mühlenfließ-Sägebach Ergänzung Map
BG0000396 Bulgaria Persina Map
HUDD20023 Hungary Tolnai Duna Map
PLH060017 Poland Roztocze Środkowe Map
PLH280003 Poland Jezioro Karaś Map
PLH060039 Poland Dobużek Map
HUDI20024 Hungary Tápiógyörgye-újszilvási szikesek Map
PLH080001 Poland Dolina Leniwej Obry Map
HUBN20041 Hungary Pélyi szikesek Map
ROSCI0057 Romania Dealul Istrița Map
LTPAN0006 Lithuania Žalioji giria Map
HUDD20058 Hungary Látrányi-puszta Map
LTVAR0001 Lithuania Spenglos upė ir jos slėnis Map
LTSIA0005 Lithuania Rėkyvos pelkė Map
LV0301200 Latvia Embute Map
SKUEV0209 Slovakia Morske oko Map
HUBN20007 Hungary Kisgyőri Halom-vár-Csincse-völgy - Cseh-völgy Map
HUHN20013 Hungary Közép-Bihar Map
SKUEV0263 Slovakia Hodrusska hornatina Map
FR4102001 France La Meuse et ses annexes hydrauliques Map
PLH200005 Poland Ostoja Augustowska Map
HUHN20042 Hungary Napkori legelő Map
SKUEV0386 Slovakia Hostovicke luky Map
LTSAL0002 Lithuania Gaujos upės slėnis Map
ROSCI0124 Romania Munții Maramureșului Map
LV0524800 Latvia Vesetas palienes purvs Map
SKUEV0368 Slovakia Brezovska dolina Map
HUHN20098 Hungary Dél-ásványi gyepek Map
SI3000166 Slovenia Razbor Map
HUBF20016 Hungary Öreg-hegyi riviéra Map
HUFH20002 Hungary Fertő tó Map
HUON20014 Hungary Gércei tufagyűrű és láprét Map
HUKN20003 Hungary Felső-kiskunsági turjánvidék Map
IT2080703 Italy Po di Pieve Porto Morone Map
FR7200809 France Réseau hydrographique de la Haute Dronne Map
DE7016343 Germany Oberwald und Alb in Karlsruhe Map
HUDD20014 Hungary Jánosházi-erdő és Égett-berek Map
SKUEV0256 Slovakia Strazovske vrchy Map
ROSCI0095 Romania La Sărătura Map
DE2551302 Germany Randowhänge beim Burgwall Löcknitz Map
FR4301318 France Massif de la Serre Map
ROSCI0218 Romania Dealul Mocrei - Rovina - Ineu Map
LV0530100 Latvia Eglone Map
PLH060043 Poland Lasy Sobiborskie Map
LTTRA0002 Lithuania Škilietų ežerų apylinkės Map
HUHN20081 Hungary Újszász-jászboldogházi gyepek Map
PLH060005 Poland Dolina Środkowego Wieprza Map
DE6515301 Germany Dürkheimer Bruch Map
BG0000173 Bulgaria Ostrovche Map
SKUEV0322 Slovakia Finticke svahy Map
HUDI20034 Hungary Duna és ártere Map
PLH060035 Poland Zachodniowołyńska Dolina Bugu Map
IT20A0401 Italy Riserva Regionale Bosco Ronchetti Map
BG0000616 Bulgaria Mikre Map
HUKM20023 Hungary Korhány és Holt-Korhány Map
SKUEV0049 Slovakia Aluvium Rieky Map
BG0001012 Bulgaria Zemen Map
ROSCI0071 Romania Dumbrăveni - Valea Urluia - Lacul Vederoasa Map
HUBN20020 Hungary Sátai Tőkés-völgy Map
PLH320022 Poland Dolina Radwi, Chocieli i Chotli Map
HUBN20005 Hungary Kisgyőri Ásottfa-tető - Csókás-völgy Map
HUHN20045 Hungary Kaszonyi-hegy - Dédai-erdő Map
IT2090702 Italy Po di Corte S. Andrea Map
PLH320002 Poland Brzeźnicka Węgorza Map
LTTRA0004 Lithuania Žydkaimio pelkės Map
HUKN20015 Hungary Ágasegyháza - orgoványi rétek Map
HUBN20042 Hungary Boldogi Vajda-rét Map
ROSCI0226 Romania Semenic - Cheile Carașului Map
IT5120018 Italy Lago di Sibolla Map
SKUEV0313 Slovakia Devinske jazero Map
LTTAU0008 Lithuania Pagramančio regioninis parkas Map
HUBN20025 Hungary Nagybarcai Liget-hegy és sajóvelezdi Égett-hegy Map
HUDD20031 Hungary Fehérvíz Map
HUHN20009 Hungary Derecske - konyári gyepek Map
SKUEV0369 Slovakia Pavukov jarok Map
SKUEV0006 Slovakia Latorica Map
HUDD20016 Hungary Észak-zselici erdőségek Map
HUDD20055 Hungary Zákány-őrtilosi dombok Map
IT4050030 Italy Cassa di espansione Dosolo Map
SKUEV0159 Slovakia Aluvium Zitavy Map
PLH040017 Poland Sandr Wdy Map
DE7017341 Germany Pfinzgau Ost Map
DE3352301 Germany Oderaue Kienitz Map
HUDI20005 Hungary Bársonyos Map
SI3000214 Slovenia Ličenca pri Poljčanah Map
HUBN20056 Hungary Tepke Map
DE6523341 Germany Westlicher Taubergrund Map
IT3341002 Italy Aree Carsiche della Venezia Giulia Map
ROSCI0217 Romania Retezat Map
SKUEV0238 Slovakia Velka Fatra Map
IT20A0018 Italy Cave Danesi Map
DE7319341 Germany Gäulandschaft an der Würm Map
PLH020017 Poland Grądy w Dolinie Odry Map
SKUEV0055 Slovakia Ipelske hony Map
HUDD20012 Hungary Geresdi-dombvidék Map
HUDI20050 Hungary Alsó-Tápió és patakvölgyek Map
BG0001007 Bulgaria Strandzha Map
HUHN20001 Hungary Felső-Tisza Map
HUHN20016 Hungary Kék-Kálló-völgye Map
SKUEV0282 Slovakia Tisovsky kras Map
HUBF20045 Hungary Szévíz - Principális-csatorna Map
LTVIK0005 Lithuania Tadarinės ir Vištytgirio miškai Map
LTKUP0004 Lithuania Skapagirio miškas Map
SKUEV0312 Slovakia Devinske aluvium Moravy Map
HUKN20030 Hungary Pirtói Nagy-tó Map
IT20B0501 Italy Viadana, Portiolo, San Benedetto Po e Ostiglia Map
HUBF20003 Hungary Kab-hegy Map
SKUEV0043 Slovakia Kamenna Map
PLH040012 Poland Nieszawska Dolina Wisły Map
HUDI20033 Hungary Móri-árok Map
ROSCI0259 Romania Valea Călmățuiului Map
ROSCI0074 Romania Făgetul Clujului - Valea Morii Map
HUDD20059 Hungary Balatonkeresztúri rétek Map
HUKM20019 Hungary Dél-Bihari szikesek Map
HUDD20044 Hungary Boronka-melléke Map
ROSCI0002 Romania Apuseni Map
DE6721341 Germany Untere Jagst und unterer Kocher Map
HUKN20032 Hungary Dél-Őrjeg Map
DE1743301 Germany Nordvorpommersche Waldlandschaft Map
SKUEV0112 Slovakia Slovensky raj Map
IT4020025 Italy Parma Morta Map
SKUEV0128 Slovakia Rokos Map
BG0000107 Bulgaria Suha reka Map
IT4060017 Italy Po di Primaro e Bacini di Traghetto Map
HUDI20002 Hungary Adony-perkátai löszvölgyek Map
LV0527700 Latvia Kadajs Map
IT20A0502 Italy Lanca di Gussola Map
PLH280007 Poland Zalew Wiślany i Mierzeja Wiślana Map
BG0001014 Bulgaria Karlukovo Map
HUBN20039 Hungary Pusztafogacs Map
BG0001389 Bulgaria Sredna gora Map
ROSCI0005 Romania Balta Albă - Amara - Jirlău - Lacul Sărat Câineni Map
HUHN20051 Hungary Eret-hegy Map
HUBN20030 Hungary Hejő mente Map
DE4050301 Germany Nördliches Spreewaldrandgebiet Map
HUBN20051 Hungary Nyugat-Mátra Map
DE1941301 Germany Recknitz- und Trebeltal mit Zuflüssen Map
LTANY0014 Lithuania Žaliosios pievos Map
HUBN20067 Hungary Szilvásváradi Aszaló és Szilvás-patak mente Map
PLH320023 Poland Jezioro Lubie i Dolina Drawy Map
BG0000241 Bulgaria Srebarna Map
SKUEV0299 Slovakia Baranovo Map
DE7123341 Germany Welzheimer Wald Map
HUBN20085 Hungary Északi-Zempléni-hegység Map
DE7712341 Germany Taubergießen, Elz und Ettenbach Map
LV0506200 Latvia Slapjo salu purvs Map
HUKM20009 Hungary Mezőhegyes-battonyai gyepek Map
SKUEV0375 Slovakia Krasin Map
BG0000167 Bulgaria Belasitsa Map
HUON20008 Hungary Rába és Csörnöc-völgy Map
PLH080008 Poland Buczyny Łagowsko-Sulęcińskie Map
LTLAZ0010 Lithuania Metelių regioninis parkas Map
PLH020071 Poland Ostoja Nietoperzy Gór Sowich Map
LV0521300 Latvia Dillu plavas Map
BG0000377 Bulgaria Kalimok - Brashlen Map
HUHN20095 Hungary Lányi-legelő Map
SI3000213 Slovenia Volčeke Map
LTTRA0017 Lithuania Akies ežeras ir jo apyežerės Map
CZ0624119 Czech Republic Soutok - Podluží Map
PLH220032 Poland Zatoka Pucka i Półwysep Helski Map
CZ0714073 Czech Republic Litovelské Pomoraví Map
BG0000212 Bulgaria Sakar Map
SKUEV0208 Slovakia Senianske rybniky Map
IT1180028 Italy Fiume Po - tratto vercellese alessandrino Map
LTZAR0024 Lithuania Gražutės regioninis parkas Map
HUDD20062 Hungary Nyugat-Dráva-sík Map
ROSCI0115 Romania Mlaștina Satchinez Map
PLH180001 Poland Ostoja Magurska Map
CZ0623797 Czech Republic Strážnicko Map
DE5807302 Germany Eifelmaare Map
HUDD20030 Hungary Mecsek Map
SKUEV0390 Slovakia Puste pole Map
HUBN20065 Hungary Gortva-völgy Map
HUDI20031 Hungary Lajoskomáromi löszvölgyek Map
CZ0624072 Czech Republic Čertoryje Map
HUHN20054 Hungary Csaholc - Garbolc Map
PLH060030 Poland Izbicki Przełom Wieprza Map
LTPLU0010 Lithuania Rietavo miškai Map
HUBN20047 Hungary Mátra északi letörése Map
HUDI20039 Hungary Pilis és Visegrádi-hegység Map
LTBIRB001 Lithuania Biržų giria Map
BG0000203 Bulgaria Tulovo Map
HUHN20046 Hungary Gelénes - Beregdaróc Map
ROSCI0177 Romania Pădurea Topana Map
HUDI20035 Hungary Nagykőrösi pusztai tölgyesek Map
FR7200689 France Vallées de la Saye et du Meudon Map
PLH060009 Poland Jeziora Uściwierskie Map
PLC080001 Poland Ujście Warty Map
HUBF20047 Hungary Felső-Zala-völgy Map
HUBF20004 Hungary Agár-tető Map
HUDD20007 Hungary Kelet-Dráva Map
LTKLA0010 Lithuania Veiviržo ir Šalpės upės Map
EE0020325 Estonia Kõnnumaa Map
HUHN20047 Hungary Vámosatya-Csaroda Map
LV0511100 Latvia Barkavas ozolu audze Map
SKUEV0103 Slovakia Cachticke Karpaty Map
CZ0714085 Czech Republic Morava - Chropyňský luh Map
ROSCI0122 Romania Munții Făgăraș Map
SKUEV0382 Slovakia Turiec a Blatnicky potok Map
LTSVE0002 Lithuania Adutiškio pelkė Map
LV0530500 Latvia Vitrupes ieleja Map
PLH320044 Poland Lasy Bierzwnickie Map
PLH320020 Poland Wzgórza Bukowe Map
HUDI20046 Hungary Székek Map
BG0001039 Bulgaria Popintsi Map
HUDD20069 Hungary Paksi ürgemező Map
LV0100300 Latvia Grinu dabas rezervats Map
LV0508600 Latvia Vidzemes akmenaina jurmala Map
HUBN20082 Hungary Felsőregmeci Ronyva Map
ROSCI0206 Romania Porțile de Fier Map
HUBN20008 Hungary Vár-hegy - Nagy-Eged Map
LTVIN0002 Lithuania Šveicarijos miškas Map
HUBN20014 Hungary Gyepes-völgy Map
IT2080701 Italy Po da Albaredo Arnaboldi ad Arena Po Map
PLH060011 Poland Krowie Bagno Map
SKUEV0016 Slovakia Kosariska Map
DE7217341 Germany Eyach oberhalb Neuenbürg Map
PLH140006 Poland Dolina Zwoleńki Map
HUDD20032 Hungary Gemenc Map
LTVIN0010 Lithuania Riešės upės slėnis Map
HUDD20028 Hungary Koppány menti rétek Map
DE2543301 Germany Seen, Moore und Wälder des Müritz-Gebietes Map
HUDD20047 Hungary Vityai-erdő Map
DE2646305 Germany Wälder bei Feldberg mit Breitem Luzin und Dolgener See Map
DE6724341 Germany Jagsttal Langenburg - Mulfingen Map
SKUEV0359 Slovakia Dechtarske vinice Map
DE6706307 Germany NSG 'Eulenmühle / Eulenmühle/Welschwies' Map
ROSCI0069 Romania Domogled - Valea Cernei Map
PLH120004 Poland Dolina Prądnika Map
BG0000382 Bulgaria Shumensko plato Map
HUDI20054 Hungary Velencei-tó Map
SKUEV0387 Slovakia Beskyd Map
SKUEV0297 Slovakia Brezinky Map
HUON20003 Hungary Ablánc patak völgye Map
HUBN20018 Hungary Upponyi-szoros Map
DE7116342 Germany Wälder und Wiesen bei Malsch Map
HUFH20012 Hungary Soproni-hegység Map
IT20B0401 Italy Parco Regionale Oglio Sud Map
HUBN20035 Hungary Poroszlói szikesek Map
HUAN20004 Hungary Hernád-völgy és Sajóládi-erdő Map
DE7116341 Germany Albtal mit Seitentälern Map
HUBN20002 Hungary Hór-völgy, Déli-Bükk Map
SKUEV0371 Slovakia Zalostina Map
DE7313341 Germany Westliches Hanauer Land Map
HUBF20040 Hungary Vétyempuszta Map
PLH280014 Poland Ostoja Welska Map
PLH240005 Poland Beskid Śląski Map
HUHN20053 Hungary Magosligeti-erdő és gyepek Map
SI3000226 Slovenia Dolina Vipave Map
PLH060031 Poland Uroczyska Lasów Janowskich Map
EE0080318 Estonia Elva Map
IT1120021 Italy Risaie vercellesi Map
SKUEV0125 Slovakia Gajarske aluvium Moravy Map
BG0000130 Bulgaria Kraymorska Dobrudzha Map
SI3000219 Slovenia Grad Brdo - Preddvor Map
LTSALB003 Lithuania Baltosios Vokės šlapžemės Map
DE7513341 Germany Untere Schutter und Unditz Map
PLH180012 Poland Ostoja Przemyska Map
LTMOL0010 Lithuania Labanoro regioninis parkas Map
HUDD20017 Hungary Mocsoládi-erdő Map
CZ0814092 Czech Republic Poodří Map
HUDD20001 Hungary Tenkes Map
HUBN20084 Hungary Központi-Zempléni-hegység Map
SKUEV0329 Slovakia Kovacske luky Map
PLH060033 Poland Dobromyśl Map
BG0000240 Bulgaria Studenets Map
DE6716341 Germany Rheinniederung von Philippsburg bis Mannheim Map
HUBF20015 Hungary Marcal-medence Map
HUHN20050 Hungary Kömörő-Fülesd Map
HUDD20045 Hungary Béda-Karapancsa Map
DE7713341 Germany Schwarzwald-Westrand von Herbolzheim bis Hohberg Map
HUBN20055 Hungary Szentkúti Meszes-tető Map
HUAN20003 Hungary Bódva-völgy és a Sas-patak-völgye Map
LTKAU0002 Lithuania Nevėžio žemupys Map
HUON20018 Hungary Őrség Map
HUON20020 Hungary Gyöngyös-patak és a kőszegi Alsó-rét Map
LTTAU0007 Lithuania Šešuvies upė žemiau Pašešuvio Map
PLH320037 Poland Dolna Odra Map
HUDI20055 Hungary Veresegyházi-medence Map
FR2601014 France Bocages, forêts et milieux humides des Amognes et du bassin de la Machine Map
BG0000106 Bulgaria Harsovska reka Map
DE3749309 Germany Groß Schauener Seenkette Ergänzung Map
HUDD20011 Hungary Szekszárdi-dombvidék Map
LTKEL0010 Lithuania Apušio ežeras ir jo apyežerės Map
HUHN20100 Hungary Gatály Map
HUHN20124 Hungary Daru-rét Map
SKUEV0326 Slovakia Strahulka Map
CZ0724091 Czech Republic Chřiby Map
HUHN20015 Hungary Közép-Tisza Map
DE7021341 Germany Löwensteiner und Heilbronner Berge Map
DE1547303 Germany Kleiner Jasmunder Bodden mit Halbinseln und Schmaler Heide Map
PLH020044 Poland Stawy Sobieszowskie Map
ROSCI0019 Romania Călimani - Gurghiu Map
BG0000608 Bulgaria Lomovete Map
PLH020011 Poland Rudawy Janowickie Map
PLH300010 Poland Ostoja Wielkopolska Map
LTVIK0001 Lithuania Virbalgirio miškas Map
HUAN20002 Hungary Rakaca-völgy és oldalvölgyei Map
IT3260022 Italy Palude di Onara e corso d'acqua di risorgiva S. Girolamo Map
SKUEV0358 Slovakia Sovi hrad Map
DE6625341 Germany Taubergrund Weikersheim - Niederstetten Map
SI3000268 Slovenia Dobrava - Jovsi Map
SKUEV0268 Slovakia Bukova Map
HUHN20038 Hungary Újtanyai lápok Map
HUBN20087 Hungary Baskói rétek Map
IT4020024 Italy San Genesio Map
BG0000196 Bulgaria Reka Mochuritsa Map
PLH320004 Poland Dolina Iny koło Recza Map
HUKN20021 Hungary Ökördi - erdőtelek - keceli lápok Map
BG0001040 Bulgaria Zapadna Stara planina i Predbalkan Map
HUDD20051 Hungary Darányi borókás Map
HUBN20071 Hungary Bodrogzug és Bodrog hullámtere Map
BG0000219 Bulgaria Derventski vazvishenia 2 Map
SI3000224 Slovenia Huda luknja Map
HUDD20006 Hungary Szársomlyó Map
HUKM20014 Hungary Dévaványa környéki gyepek Map
DE2451302 Germany Latzigsee bei Borken Map
FR2100255 France Savart de la Tommelle à Marigny Map
SKUEV0225 Slovakia Muranska planina Map
LTKEDB001 Lithuania Labūnavos miškas Map
HUDD20053 Hungary Csokonyavisontai fás legelő Map
HUAN20006 Hungary Sajó-völgy Map
FR7200810 France Plateau d'Argentine Map
SKUEV0367 Slovakia Holubyho kopanice Map
PLH060023 Poland Torfowiska Chełmskie Map
FR4100156 France Marais de Chaumont devant Damvillers Map
FR2601015 France Bocage, forêts et milieux humides du Sud Morvan Map
SKUEV0233 Slovakia Sutok Udavy s Ilovnicou Map
LTVAR0011 Lithuania Merkio upė Map
HUDD20063 Hungary Szentai-erdő Map
LV0304900 Latvia Vilce Map
LTTAU0006 Lithuania Viešvilės aukštupio pelkynas Map
IT20A0020 Italy Gabbioneta Map
SKUEV0149 Slovakia Mackov bok Map
HUHN20148 Hungary Pásztói-legelő Map
PLH020061 Poland Dzika Orlica Map
HUKN20026 Hungary Móricgáti lápok Map
PLH320003 Poland Dolina Grabowej Map
HUBF20007 Hungary Monostorapáti Fekete-hegy Map
HUBF20043 Hungary Mura mente Map
DE6708308 Germany St. Arnualer Wiesen Map
LTIGN0004 Lithuania Dietkauščiznos pievos Map
SI3000168 Slovenia Črna dolina pri Grosuplju Map
ROSCI0111 Romania Mestecănișul de la Reci Map
SI3000171 Slovenia Radensko polje - Viršnica Map
IT4030021 Italy Rio Rodano, Fontanili di Fogliano e Ariolo e Oasi di Marmirolo Map
BG0000213 Bulgaria Tarnovski visochini Map
PLH120033 Poland Bednarka Map
FR4301344 France Vallée de la Lanterne Map
IT4030023 Italy Fontanili di Gattatico e Fiume Enza Map
HUHN20028 Hungary Csohos-tó Map
LTTRA0019 Lithuania Varnikų miškas Map
PLH060034 Poland Uroczyska Puszczy Solskiej Map
SKUEV0328 Slovakia Stredne Pohornadie Map
BG0000195 Bulgaria Reka Tundzha 2 Map
HUDI20026 Hungary Ipoly völgye Map
SKUEV0376 Slovakia Vrsatske bradla Map
HUDI20009 Hungary Budai-hegység Map
PLH180017 Poland Horyniec Map
DE6824341 Germany Kochertal Schwäbisch Hall - Künzelsau Map
ROSCI0137 Romania Pădurea Bogății Map
IT20B0014 Italy Chiavica del Moro Map
HUBF20048 Hungary Kebele Map
HUDD20035 Hungary Pogány-völgyi rétek Map
ROSCI0238 Romania Suatu - Cojocna - Crairât Map
EE0080407 Estonia Prange Map
PLH020040 Poland Masyw Ślęży Map
PLH320009 Poland Jeziora Szczecineckie Map
PLH020036 Poland Dolina Widawy Map
BG0000366 Bulgaria Kresna - Ilindentsi Map
HUHN20029 Hungary Létavértesi Falu-rét Map
LTKLA0006 Lithuania Veiviržo upės slėnis Map
HUDI20018 Hungary Északi-Gerecse Map
BG0000393 Bulgaria Ekokoridor Kamchia - Emine Map
HUBF20050 Hungary Csörnyeberek (Zalakomár) Map
PLH200008 Poland Dolina Biebrzy Map
HUHN20049 Hungary Lónya-Tiszaszalka Map
HUDD20040 Hungary Tengelici homokvidék Map
DE7413341 Germany Östliches Hanauer Land Map
DE3348301 Germany Weesower Luch Map
BG0000242 Bulgaria Zaliv Chengene skele Map
BG0000570 Bulgaria Izvorovo - Kraishte Map
DE6816341 Germany Rheinniederung von Karlsruhe bis Philippsburg Map
HUDI20006 Hungary Belsőbárándi löszvölgy Map
ROSCI0087 Romania Grădiștea Muncelului - Cioclovina Map
PLH020069 Poland Las Pilczycki Map
FR4301350 France Étangs et Vallées du Territoire de Belfort Map
HUHN20007 Hungary Szentpéterszeg-hencidai gyepek Map
HUFH20010 Hungary Répce mente Map
DE7017342 Germany Pfinzgau West Map
HUBN20093 Hungary Bózsvai Temető alja Map
HUDD20008 Hungary Ormánsági erdők Map
IT20A0016 Italy Spiaggioni di Spinadesco Map
LTJUR0011 Lithuania Šaltuonos upės slėnis Map
IT5120101 Italy Ex alveo del Lago di Bientina Map
ROSCI0135 Romania Pădurea Bârnova - Repedea Map
IT2040402 Italy Riserva Regionale Bosco dei Bordighi Map
HUBF20009 Hungary Devecseri Széki-erdő Map
HUDI20020 Hungary Gerecse Map
PLH260003 Poland Ostoja Nidziańska Map
PLH020051 Poland Irysowy Zagon koło Gromadzynia Map
DE7015341 Germany Rheinniederung zwischen Wintersdorf und Karlsruhe Map
PLH060040 Poland Dolina Łętowni Map
HUDI20043 Hungary Rekettyés Map
DE6606309 Germany Altarme der Saar Map
HUBF20052 Hungary Sárvíz-patak mente Map
HUBN20009 Hungary Tard környéki erdőssztyepp Map
DE2351301 Germany Ahlbecker Seegrund und Eggesiner See Map
PLH020050 Poland Dolina Dolnej Kwisy Map
SKUEV0260 Slovakia Masiarsky bok Map
SI3000221 Slovenia Goričko Map
LV0525900 Latvia Jaunanna Map
PLH140011 Poland Ostoja Nadbużańska Map
LTANYB001 Lithuania Šimonių giria Map
PLH080014 Poland Nowosolska Dolina Odry Map
SKUEV0019 Slovakia Tarbucka Map
HUDI20038 Hungary Nyugat-Cserhát és Naszály Map
HUBF20034 Hungary Balatonfüredi-erdő Map
PLH060025 Poland Dolina Sieniochy Map
PLH020038 Poland Góry Kamienne Map
DE7018342 Germany Enztal bei Mühlacker Map
PLH040003 Poland Solecka Dolina Wisły Map
LTVAR0012 Lithuania Ūlos upė Map
LTKAU0001 Lithuania Ringovės miškai Map
ROSCI0021 Romania Câmpia Ierului Map
DE6814302 Germany Erlenbach und Klingbach Map
SKUEV0302 Slovakia Dumbierske Tatry Map
HUBN20019 Hungary Csernely-patak völgye Map
PLH220001 Poland Bagna Izbickie Map
HUDD20034 Hungary Balatonendrédi dombok Map
BG0000143 Bulgaria Karaagach Map
SKUEV0231 Slovakia Brekovsky hradny vrch Map
HUHN20037 Hungary Bátorligeti-láp Map
HUKN20001 Hungary Felső-kiskunsági szikes puszta Map
SKUEV0378 Slovakia Nebrova Map
LV0516000 Latvia Oleru purvs Map
ROSCI0065 Romania Delta Dunării Map
PLH020037 Poland Góry i Pogórze Kaczawskie Map
IT20A0015 Italy Bosco Ronchetti Map
HUKN20031 Hungary Alsó-Tisza hullámtér Map
HUBN20015 Hungary Izra-völgy és az Arlói-tó Map
PLH300017 Poland Dolina Rurzycy Map
IT4070024 Italy Podere Pantaleone Map
HUHN20040 Hungary Apagyi Albert-tó Map
DE2446301 Germany Wald- und Kleingewässerlandschaft bei Burg Stargard Map
SKUEV0362 Slovakia Pieskovcove chrbty Map
HUKM20010 Hungary Gyula-szabadkígyósi gyepek Map
HUBN20062 Hungary Középső-Ipoly-völgy Map
HUBN20038 Hungary Kerecsendi Berek-erdő és Lógó-part Map
HUKN20009 Hungary Felső-kiskunsági szikes tavak és Miklapuszta Map
HUHN20008 Hungary Kismarja - Pocsaj - Esztári-gyepek Map
EE0040370 Estonia Nigula Map
DE7214342 Germany Bruch bei Bühl und Baden-Baden Map
DE7512341 Germany Rheinniederung von Wittenweier bis Kehl Map
PLH060045 Poland Przełom Wisły w Małopolsce Map
HUBN20046 Hungary Gyöngyösi Sár-hegy Map
HUHN20011 Hungary Hencidai Csere-erdő Map
HUDD20050 Hungary Szenes-legelő Map
SKUEV0327 Slovakia Milic Map
SKUEV0392 Slovakia Brezovska stran Map
HUDD20056 Hungary Közép-Dráva Map
IT20A0019 Italy Barco Map
ROSCI0043 Romania Comana Map
DE6717341 Germany Lußhardt zwischen Reilingen und Karlsdorf Map
SKUEV0385 Slovakia Pliskov Map
BG0000166 Bulgaria Vrachanski Balkan Map
HUBF20002 Hungary Papod és Miklád Map
LTNER0005 Lithuania Kuršių nerija Map
BG0000169 Bulgaria Ludogorie - Srebarna Map
FR4301298 France Vallée du Dessoubre Map
PLH200006 Poland Ostoja Knyszyńska Map
SKUEV0272 Slovakia Vozokansky luh Map
HUHN20017 Hungary Hajdúbagosi-legelő Map
LV0513400 Latvia Lielie Kangari Map
LTKEL0007 Lithuania Šimšų miškas Map
DE6710301 Germany Zweibrücker Land Map
LTIGN0018 Lithuania Aukštaitijos nacionalinis parkas Map
SKUEV0357 Slovakia Cerova vrchovina Map
HUBN20064 Hungary Salgó Map
DE7016342 Germany Wiesen und Wälder bei Ettlingen Map
BG0000254 Bulgaria Besaparski vazvishenia Map
SKUEV0032 Slovakia Ladmovske vapence Map
ROSCI0172 Romania Pădurea și Valea Canaraua Fetii - Iortmac Map
SI3000255 Slovenia Trnovski gozd - Nanos Map
DE7117341 Germany Bocksbach und obere Pfinz Map
HUHN20025 Hungary Kőrises - Jónás-rész Map
PLH320017 Poland Trzebiatowsko-Kołobrzeski Pas Nadmorski Map
PLH100008 Poland Dolina Środkowej Pilicy Map
PLH240006 Poland Beskid Żywiecki Map
PLH300001 Poland Biedrusko Map
HUDD20018 Hungary Pati-erdő Map
DE6409306 Germany Hellerberg bei Freisen Map
SKUEV0259 Slovakia Stara hora Map
DE6620341 Germany Bauland Mosbach Map
LTTAU0009 Lithuania Meškų pievos Map
IT2010501 Italy Lago di Varese Map
LTANY0012 Lithuania Anykščių šilelis Map
ROSCI0201 Romania Podișul Nord Dobrogean Map
HUBF20001 Hungary Keleti-Bakony Map
BG0000322 Bulgaria Dragoman Map
DE7018341 Germany Stromberg Map
ROSCI0020 Romania Câmpia Careiului Map
BG0000610 Bulgaria Reka Yantra Map
HUKN20002 Hungary Peszéri-erdő Map
IT4020022 Italy Basso Taro Map
LTVIN0016 Lithuania Suktiškių miško dalis Map
ROSCI0110 Romania Măgurile Băiței Map
PLH020052 Poland Pątnów Legnicki Map
SI3000231 Slovenia Javorniki - Snežnik Map
SKUEV0117 Slovakia Abrod Map
IT2080501 Italy Risaie della Lomellina Map
HUDI20025 Hungary Hajta mente Map
FR2601016 France Bocage, forêts et milieux humides du bassin de la Grosne et du Clunisois Map
HUBN20010 Hungary Szomolyai Kaptár-rét Map
HUBN20069 Hungary Kesznyéteni Sajó-öböl Map
DE4152303 Germany Lakomaer Teiche Map
IT3340006 Italy Carso Triestino e Goriziano Map
HUBF20044 Hungary Kerka mente Map
PLH260001 Poland Dolina Krasnej Map
HUHN20039 Hungary Piricsei Júlia-liget Map
PLH280006 Poland Rzeka Pasłęka Map
ROSCI0123 Romania Munții Măcinului Map
HUBN20029 Hungary Girincsi Nagy-erdő Map
FR4301306 France Bresse jurassienne Map
HUFH20001 Hungary Rábaköz Map
LTPAN0004 Lithuania Gringalių miškas Map
BG0001001 Bulgaria Ropotamo Map
HUDI20053 Hungary Velencei-hegység Map
SI3000141 Slovenia Duplica Map
LTSVE0033 Lithuania Kretuono ežeras ir jo apylinkės Map
HUDD20068 Hungary Gyékényesi erdők Map
IT2060401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Bergamasche Map
HUBN20068 Hungary Sajómercsei Körtvélyes-dűlő Map
DE2049302 Germany Peeneunterlauf, Peenestrom, Achterwasser und Kleines Haff Map
HUBF20046 Hungary Oltárc Map
ROSCI0083 Romania Fântânița Murfatlar Map
LTUKM0010 Lithuania Adomiškio pelkė Map
PLH060024 Poland Torfowisko Sobowice Map
LTTRA0003 Lithuania Solio ežeras ir jo apyežerės Map
HUDD20019 Hungary Mernyei-erdő Map
ROSCI0219 Romania Rusca Montană Map
PLH140002 Poland Baranie Góry Map
HUKN20019 Hungary Baksi-puszta Map
IT20A0013 Italy Lanca di Gerole Map
HUBN20012 Hungary Egerbakta - Bátor környéki erdők Map
HUKN20025 Hungary Fülöpházi Hosszú-rét Map
EE0080621 Estonia Piusa-Võmmorski Map
ROSCI0064 Romania Defileul Mureșului Map
PLH060032 Poland Poleska Dolina Bugu Map
SKUEV0279 Slovakia Sur Map
HUDD20072 Hungary Dunaszentgyörgyi-láperdő Map
IT20A0017 Italy Scolmatore di Genivolta Map
HUBF20035 Hungary Keszthelyi-hegység Map
SKUEV0129 Slovakia Cerovina Map
DE2528331 Germany Elbeniederung zwischen Schnackenburg und Geesthacht Map
IT20B0017 Italy Ansa e Valli del Mincio Map
LV0507100 Latvia Ventas ieleja Map
IT3311001 Italy Magredi di Pordenone Map
IT20B0016 Italy Ostiglia Map
LTVAR0017 Lithuania Dainavos giria Map
SI3000075 Slovenia Lahinja Map
HUHN20093 Hungary Kaba-földesi gyepek Map
BG0001032 Bulgaria Rodopi - Iztochni Map
HUBN20081 Hungary Long-erdő Map
SKUEV0064 Slovakia Bratislavske luhy Map
PLH020019 Poland Pasmo Krowiarki Map
DE6405303 Germany Serriger Bachtal und Leuk und Saar Map
HUON20006 Hungary Pinka Map
ROSCI0103 Romania Lunca Buzăului Map
SI3000271 Slovenia Ljubljansko barje Map
SKUEV0054 Slovakia Cudeninsky mociar Map
PLH020065 Poland Bierutów Map
SKUEV0381 Slovakia Dielnice Map
PLH240010 Poland Stawy Łężczok Map
LTUKMB001 Lithuania Taujėnų - Užulėnio miškai Map
PLH200004 Poland Ostoja Wigierska Map
BG0000621 Bulgaria Ezero Shabla - Ezerets Map
SKUEV0232 Slovakia Laborec Map
DE7314341 Germany Schwarzwald-Westrand bei Achern Map
PLH320046 Poland Uroczyska Puszczy Drawskiej Map
SKUEV0318 Slovakia Pod Bukovou Map
DE7215341 Germany Wälder und Wiesen um Baden-Baden Map
PLH040011 Poland Dybowska Dolina Wisły Map
HUHN20030 Hungary Fülöpi láprétek Map
SKUEV0257 Slovakia Aluvium Ipla Map
LV0304500 Latvia Ogres ieleja Map
DE7218341 Germany Calwer Heckengäu Map
LV0303000 Latvia Numernes valnis Map
PLH140001 Poland Ostoja Bagno Całowanie Map
HUDD20010 Hungary Ócsárd-hegyszentmártomi völgyek Map
DE3949304 Germany Dürrenhofer Moor Map
HUDI20044 Hungary Sárrét Map
HUHN20101 Hungary Bihari-legelő Map
HUHN20114 Hungary Tiszalöki szikesek Map
IT1120029 Italy Palude di San Genuario e San Silvestro Map
IT20A0014 Italy Lancone di Gussola Map
PLH260002 Poland Łysogóry Map
ROSCI0109 Romania Lunca Timișului Map
HUHN20024 Hungary Martinkai-legelő Map
DE1747301 Germany Greifswalder Bodden, Teile des Strelasundes und Nordspitze Usedom Map
BG0000164 Bulgaria Sinite kamani Map
ROSCI0129 Romania Nordul Gorjului de Vest Map
HUBN20090 Hungary Komlóskai Mogyorós-tető és Zsidó-rét Map
HUBN20060 Hungary Sóshartyáni Hencse-hegy Map
BG0000576 Bulgaria Svishtovska gora Map
HUHN20018 Hungary Mikepércsi Nyárfáshegyi-legelő Map
HUDI20049 Hungary Szentgyörgypuszta Map
HUHN20010 Hungary Pocsaji-kapu Map
HUDI20048 Hungary Szomódi gyepek Map
HUAN20001 Hungary Aggteleki-karszt és peremterületei Map
SKUEV0048 Slovakia Dukla Map
BG0001033 Bulgaria Brestovitsa Map
DE7121341 Germany Unteres Remstal und Backnanger Bucht Map
HUDD20066 Hungary Pécsi-sík Map
LTKED0001 Lithuania Labūnavos miškas Map
CZ0724090 Czech Republic Bílé Karpaty Map
PLH020066 Poland Przełomowa Dolina Nysy Łużyckiej Map
DE3843301 Germany Obere Nieplitz Map
LTALY0005 Lithuania Žuvinto ežeras ir Buktos miškas Map
LV0510700 Latvia Greblukalns Map
BG0000113 Bulgaria Vitosha Map
PLH020041 Poland Ostoja nad Baryczą Map
SKUEV0211 Slovakia Danova Map
SKUEV0361 Slovakia Vodokas Map
PLH060015 Poland Płaskowyż Nałęczowski Map
SKUEV0014 Slovakia Lazky Map
HUBN20058 Hungary Bujáki Csirke-hegy és Kántor-rét Map
PLH020002 Poland Dębniańskie Mokradła Map
IT20A0503 Italy Isola Maria Luigia Map
LTKLA0004 Lithuania Kintų pievos ir miškai Map
BG0001042 Bulgaria Iskarski prolom - Rzhana Map
HUDD20064 Hungary Ságvári dombok Map
HUHN20079 Hungary Pusztamizsei-erdő Map
HUBN20057 Hungary Bézma Map
LV0601000 Latvia Nicgales mezi Map
HUHN20031 Hungary Hanelek Map
HUAN20005 Hungary Szuha-völgy Map
HUDD20041 Hungary Dél-balatoni berkek Map
LTUKM0007 Lithuania Šventosios upės vidurupis Map
BG0000168 Bulgaria Ludogorie Map
HUBN20040 Hungary Nagy-fertő - Gulya-gyep - Hamvajárás szikes pusztái Map
HUDI20051 Hungary Turjánvidék Map
DE2045302 Germany Peenetal mit Zuflüssen, Kleingewässerlandschaft am Kummerower See Map
SKUEV0004 Slovakia Kopčianske slanisko Map
LTUKM0008 Lithuania Viliukų miškas Map
BG0001307 Bulgaria Plana Map
HUHN20002 Hungary Hortobágy Map
DE7021342 Germany Nördliches Neckarbecken Map
PLH060013 Poland Ostoja Poleska Map
HUHN20014 Hungary Kismarjai Nagy-szik Map
HUDI20022 Hungary Gógány- és Kőrös-ér mente Map
BG0000224 Bulgaria Ograzhden - Maleshevo Map
PLH320013 Poland Ostoja Goleniowska Map
DE3149304 Germany Finowtal - Ragöser Fließ Map
SKUEV0374 Slovakia Zahradska Map
SKUEV0355 Slovakia Fabianka Map
HUKM20017 Hungary Hármas-Körös Map
SKUEV0250 Slovakia Krivostianka Map
IT2090502 Italy Garzaie del Parco Adda Sud Map
HUBN20031 Hungary Mezőcsáti Rigós Map
HUHN20058 Hungary Teremi-erdő Map
SI3000117 Slovenia Haloze - vinorodne Map
HUHN20041 Hungary Apagyi Falu-rét Map
HUKN20022 Hungary Kiskőrösi turjános Map
HUDD20070 Hungary Tengelici rétek Map
HUHN20089 Hungary Alsó-Zagyva hullámtere Map
HUDD20052 Hungary Ormánsági vizes élőhelyek és gyepek Map
BG0000118 Bulgaria Zlatni pyasatsi Map
HUHN20020 Hungary Monostorpályi-legelő Map
LTZAR0028 Lithuania Zalvės upės slėnis Map
PLH020054 Poland Ostoja nad Bobrem Map
SKUEV0372 Slovakia Krivoklatske luky Map
IT20A0402 Italy Riserva Regionale Lanca di Gerole Map
HUDD20057 Hungary Somogymeggyesi erdő Map
ROSCI0056 Romania Dealul Ciocaș - Dealul Vițelului Map
DE6404303 Germany Moselaue bei Nennig Map
ROSCI0051 Romania Cușma Map
IT2010502 Italy Canneti del Lago Maggiore Map
ROSCI0227 Romania Sighișoara - Târnava Mare Map
PLH220026 Poland Sandr Brdy Map
PLH140012 Poland Sikórz Map
ROSCI0157 Romania Pădurea Hagieni - Cotul Văii Map
HUDI20021 Hungary Gerje-mente Map
LV0531700 Latvia Platenes purvs Map
HUHN20048 Hungary Tarpa-Tákos Map
PLH200003 Poland Ostoja Suwalska Map
LTSAL0004 Lithuania Visinčios upės slėnis ties Gudeliais Map
DE3043302 Germany Rhin zwischen Zippelsförde und Fristow Map
ROSCI0062 Romania Defileul Crișului Repede - Pădurea Craiului Map
HUHN20027 Hungary Nyírábrányi Kis-mogyorós Map
HUBN20021 Hungary Domaházai Hangony-patak völgye Map
BG0000501 Bulgaria Golyama Kamchia Map
SKUEV0373 Slovakia Krivoklatske bradla Map
EE0080578 Estonia Maalasti Map
DE6609308 Germany Beedener Bruch Map
BG0000154 Bulgaria Ezero Durankulak Map
BG0000103 Bulgaria Galata Map
BG0001493 Bulgaria Tsentralen Balkan - bufer Map
BG0001028 Bulgaria Sreden Pirin - Alibotush Map
BG0000116 Bulgaria Kamchia Map
BG0001004 Bulgaria Emine - Irakli Map
BG0000271 Bulgaria Mandra - Poda Map
BG0000573 Bulgaria Kompleks Kaliakra Map
BG0001023 Bulgaria Rupite - Strumeshnitsa Map
LV0536600 Latvia Lubana mitrajs Map
LV0536500 Latvia Pavilostas peleka kapa Map
PLH060087 Poland Doliny Łabuńki i Topornicy Map
PLH140032 Poland Ostoja Nadliwiecka Map
PLH280055 Poland Mazurska Ostoja Żółwia Baranowo Map
PLH020094 Poland Modraszki koło Opoczki Map
PLH280040 Poland Kaszuny Map
PLH260013 Poland Dolina Białej Nidy Map
PLH180023 Poland Las nad Braciejową Map
PLH180025 Poland Nad Husowem Map
PLH060100 Poland Tarnoszyn Map
PLH220094 Poland Dolina Wierzycy Map
PLH260031 Poland Ostoja Sieradowicka Map
PLH300047 Poland Dolina Debrzynki Map
PLH060058 Poland Dolina Wolicy Map
PLH120058 Poland Rudno Map
PLH320067 Poland Pojezierze Ińskie Map
PLH040029 Poland Równina Szubińsko-Łabiszyńska Map
PLH260032 Poland Ostoja Sobkowsko-Korytnicka Map
PLH020103 Poland Łęgi nad Bystrzycą Map
PLH260023 Poland Kras Staszowski Map
PLH060086 Poland Dolina Górnej Siniochy Map
PLH180038 Poland Ladzin Map
PLH020082 Poland Wzgórza Niemczańskie Map
PLH040031 Poland Błota Kłócieńskie Map
PLH020102 Poland Łąki Gór i Pogórza Izerskiego Map
PLH020093 Poland Skoroszowskie Łąki Map
PLH260035 Poland Ostoja Wierzejska Map
PLH060099 Poland Uroczyska Lasów Strzeleckich Map
PLH140048 Poland Łąki Kazuńskie Map
PLH260014 Poland Dolina Bobrzy Map
PLH300048 Poland Glinianki w Lenartowicach Map
PLH280034 Poland Jezioro Woszczelskie Map
PLH260040 Poland Lasy Cisowsko-Orłowińskie Map
PLH060096 Poland Bystrzyca Jakubowicka Map
PLH060081 Poland Łopiennik Map
PLH060103 Poland Lasy Dołhobyczowskie Map
PLH280038 Poland Jezioro Wukśniki Map
PLH020098 Poland Karszówek Map
PLH260019 Poland Dolina Kamiennej Map
PLH020101 Poland Leśne Stawki koło Goszcza Map
PLH020084 Poland Dolina Dolnej Baryczy Map
PLH120077 Poland Rudniańskie Modraszki - Kajasówka Map
PLH140050 Poland Łąki Ostrówieckie Map
PLH180047 Poland Lasy Leżajskie Map
PLH280045 Poland Ostoja Północnomazurska Map
PLH260028 Poland Ostoja Jeleniowska Map
PLH260036 Poland Ostoja Żyznów Map
PLH280054 Poland Mazurskie Bagna Map
PLH300046 Poland Dolina Bukówki Map
PLH120080 Poland Torfowisko Wielkie Błoto Map
PLH180020 Poland Dolina Dolnego Sanu Map
PLH080062 Poland Zimna Woda Map
PLH120069 Poland Łąki Nowohuckie Map
PLH140035 Poland Puszcza Kozienicka Map
PLH180032 Poland Jaćmierz Map
PLH280053 Poland Ostoja Iławska Map
PLH020086 Poland Pieńska Dolina Nysy Łużyckiej Map
PLH020105 Poland Trzcińskie Mokradła Map
PLH300040 Poland Dolina Łobżonki Map
PLH060067 Poland Kamień Map
PLH180033 Poland Józefów - Wola Dębowiecka Map
PLH260015 Poland Dolina Czarnej Map
PLH180049 Poland Tarnobrzeska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH140055 Poland Łąki Soleckie Map
PLH260030 Poland Ostoja Pomorzany Map
PLH280049 Poland Niecka Skaliska Map
PLH060065 Poland Pawłów Map
PLH200019 Poland Jelonka Map
PLH080053 Poland Jezioro Janiszowice Map
PLH100035 Poland Łąki Ciebłowickie Map
PLH160007 Poland Góry Opawskie Map
PLH080033 Poland Broniszów Map
PLH120079 Poland Skawiński obszar łąkowy Map
PLH280046 Poland Swajnie Map
PLH020081 Poland Lasy Grędzińskie Map
PLH120067 Poland Dolina rzeki Gróbki Map
PLH060066 Poland Dolina Krzny Map
PLH320049 Poland Dorzecze Regi Map
PLH260039 Poland Wzgórza Kunowskie Map
PLH300042 Poland Dolina Miały Map
PLH080030 Poland Borowina Map
PLH260017 Poland Dolina Górnej Mierzawy Map
PLH020074 Poland Wzgórza Strzelińskie Map
PLH200021 Poland Ostoja w Dolinie Górnego Nurca Map
PLH140053 Poland Łąki Żukowskie Map
PLH020096 Poland Góry Złote Map
PLH180043 Poland Mrowle Łąki Map
PLH140039 Poland Stawy w Żabieńcu Map
PLH080054 Poland Nowogrodzkie Przygiełkowisko Map
PLH060102 Poland Las Żaliński Map
PLH260016 Poland Dolina Czarnej Nidy Map
PLH200023 Poland Dolina Pisy Map
PLH020072 Poland Uroczyska Borów Dolnośląskich Map
PLH280033 Poland Warmińskie Buczyny Map
PLH060084 Poland Adelina Map
PLH180052 Poland Wisłoka z dopływami Map
PLH140029 Poland Kampinoska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH140030 Poland Łękawica Map
PLH180042 Poland Łąki w Komborni Map
PLH200018 Poland Czerwony Bór Map
PLH180030 Poland Wisłok Środkowy z Dopływami Map
PLH260011 Poland Lasy Skarżyskie Map
PLH260018 Poland Dolina Górnej Pilicy Map
PLH160010 Poland Łąki w okolicach Chrząstowic Map
PLH220066 Poland Dolina Szczyry Map
PLH280029 Poland Doliny Erozyjne Wysoczyzny Elbląskiej Map
PLH060064 Poland Nowosiółki Map
PLH260037 Poland Przełom Lubrzanki Map
PLH060097 Poland Dolina Dolnej Tanwi Map
PLH280035 Poland Ostoja Radomno Map
PLH040040 Poland Zbocza Płutowskie Map
PLH260012 Poland Uroczysko Pięty Map
PLH180024 Poland Łukawiec Map
PLH100021 Poland Grabia Map
PLH300045 Poland Ostoja Pilska Map
PLH280039 Poland Jonkowo-Warkały Map
PLH020083 Poland Dolina Bystrzycy Łomnickiej Map
PLH260020 Poland Dolina Mierzawy Map
PLH020091 Poland Dolina Oleśnicy i Potoku Boguszyckiego Map
PLH160013 Poland Łąki w okolicach Kluczborka nad Stobrawą Map
PLH280031 Poland Murawy koło Pasłęka Map
PLH120068 Poland Jadowniki Mokre Map
PLH280052 Poland Ostoja Napiwodzko-Ramucka Map
PLH140025 Poland Dolina Środkowego Świdra Map
PLH260041 Poland Wzgórza Chęcińsko-Kieleckie Map
PLH120065 Poland Dębnicko-Tyniecki obszar łąkowy Map
PLH040039 Poland Włocławska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH260026 Poland Ostoja Brzeźnicka Map
PLH080071 Poland Ostoja Barlinecka Map
PLH120066 Poland Dębówka nad rzeką Uszewką Map
PLH060107 Poland Ostoja Parczewska Map
PLH160012 Poland Łąki w okolicach Karłowic nad Stobrawą Map
PLH260025 Poland Ostoja Barcza Map
PLH260034 Poland Ostoja Szaniecko-Solecka Map
PLH060092 Poland Niedzieliski Las Map
PLH100028 Poland Polany Puszczy Bolimowskiej Map
PLH300041 Poland Ostoja Przemęcka Map
LU0001031 Luxembourg Dudelange Haard Map
HUDI21056 Hungary Jászkarajenői puszták Map
HUHN21163 Hungary Biri Nagy-rét Map
HUAN21007 Hungary Bózsva-patak Map
LTJOI0008 Lithuania Pabalių miškas ir Švėtės upės slėnis Map
LTPAS0004 Lithuania Pyvesos upės slėnis žemiau Rinkūnų Map
LTKAU0024 Lithuania Babtų-Varluvos miškai Map
LTVIK0007 Lithuania Pelenių kaimo apylinkės Map
LTSIA0007 Lithuania Dubysos upės slėnis ties Bazilionais Map
LTMAZ0010 Lithuania Ventos vidurupis Map
LTKUP0005 Lithuania Lėvens upės slėnis Map
LTUTE0011 Lithuania Vyžuonų šilas Map
LTKAI0006 Lithuania Lapainios slėnis Map
LTZARB005 Lithuania Sartų regioninis parkas Map
LTJOI0007 Lithuania Žagarės ozas Map
LTKED0002 Lithuania Dvariškių kaimo apylinkės Map
LTTRA0031 Lithuania Paukšteliškių kaimo apylinkės Map
LTJUR0012 Lithuania Mituvos slėnis žemiau Paulių Map
LTKAI0005 Lithuania Būdos-Pravieniškių miškas Map
HUBN21094 Hungary Bujáki Hényeli-erdő és Alsó-rét Map
AT1212A00 Austria Nordöstliche Randalpen: Hohe Wand - Schneeberg - Rax Map
AT1304000 Austria Bisamberg (Wiener Teil) Map
AT1218000 Austria Machland Süd Map
AT1211A00 Austria Wienerwald - Thermenregion Map
AT2213000 Austria Steirische Grenzmur mit Gamlitzbach und Gnasbach Map
AT1208A00 Austria Thayatal bei Hardegg Map
AT2230000 Austria Teile des südoststeirischen Hügellandes inklusive Höll und Grabenlandbäche Map
AT1123323 Austria Mattersburger Hügelland Map
AT1302000 Austria Naturschutzgebiet Lainzer Tiergarten Map
AT1214000 Austria Hundsheimer Berge Map
AT1220000 Austria Feuchte Ebene - Leithaauen Map
AT1209A00 Austria Westliches Weinviertel Map
AT1108813 Austria Bernstein - Lockenhaus - Rechnitz Map
AT1206A00 Austria Weinviertler Klippenzone Map
AT1205A00 Austria Wachau Map
AT2211000 Austria Hartberger-Gmoos Map
AT1203A00 Austria Ötscher - Dürrenstein Map
AT1213000 Austria Pannonische Sanddünen Map
AT1114813 Austria Südburgenländisches Hügel- und Terrassenland Map
AT1301000 Austria Nationalpark Donau-Auen (Wiener Teil) Map
AT1207A00 Austria Kamp- und Kremstal Map
AT1303000 Austria Landschaftsschutzgebiet Liesing (Teil A, B und C) Map
AT1201A00 Austria Waldviertler Teich-, Heide- und Moorlandschaft Map
AT1219000 Austria Niederösterreichische Alpenvorlandflüsse Map
AT2208000 Austria Lafnitztal - Neudauer Teiche Map
AT1110137 Austria Neusiedler See - Nordöstliches Leithagebirge Map
AT1217A00 Austria Strudengau - Nibelungengau Map
AT1216000 Austria Tullnerfelder Donau-Auen Map
AT1122916 Austria Lafnitztal Map
AT1202000 Austria March-Thaya-Auen Map
AT1215000 Austria Bisamberg Map
AT1210A00 Austria Steinfeld Map
AT1204000 Austria Donau-Auen östlich von Wien Map
AT2225000 Austria Demmerkogel-Südhänge, Wellinggraben mit Sulm-, Saggau- und Laßnitzabschnitten und Pößnitzbach Map
ROSCI0384 Romania Râul Târnava Mică Map
ROSCI0406 Romania Zarandul de Est Map
ROSCI0379 Romania Râul Suceava Map
ROSCI0295 Romania Dealurile Clujului de Est Map
FR2601017 France Val de Loire bocager Map
FR8202006 France Prairies humides et forêts alluviales du Val de Saône aval Map
FR7200737 France Le Boudouyssou Map
HUBN22096 Hungary Tiszaújvárosi ártéri erdők Map
SKUEV1278 Slovakia Brezovske Karpaty Map
SKUEV1362 Slovakia Pieskovcové chrbty Map
SKUEV0568 Slovakia Borotová Map
SKUEV1375 Slovakia Krasin Map
SKUEV1125 Slovakia Gajarské alúvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0563 Slovakia Sifflovske Map
SKUEV0527 Slovakia Gachovec Map
SKUEV1311 Slovakia Kačenky Map
SKUEV1173 Slovakia Kotlina Map
SKUEV1297 Slovakia Brezinky Map
SKUEV0513 Slovakia Bencov mlyn Map
SKUEV1387 Slovakia Beskyd Map
SKUEV0642 Slovakia Javornícky hrebeň Map
SKUEV0669 Slovakia Drieňové Map
HR2001289 Croatia Davor - livade Map
HR2000633 Croatia Crnačko polje Map
HR2000416 Croatia Lonjsko polje Map
HR5000014 Croatia Gornji tok Drave Map
HR2000572 Croatia Kloštarski (Kalinovački) peski Map
HR2001348 Croatia Dolina Sutle kod Razvora Map
HR2000543 Croatia Vlažne livade uz potok Bračana (Žonti) Map
HR2001002 Croatia Čepelovačke livade Map
HR2001346 Croatia Međimurje Map
HR2001293 Croatia Livade kod Grubišnog Polja Map
HR2001308 Croatia Donji tok Drave Map
HR2000642 Croatia Kupa Map
HR2001224 Croatia Malodapčevačke livade Map
HR2001292 Croatia Livade kod Čaglina Map
HR2001220 Croatia Livade uz potok Injaticu Map
HR2001288 Croatia Pričac - Lužani Map
HR2001409 Croatia Livade uz Bednju II Map
HR2000394 Croatia Kopački rit Map
HR2000415 Croatia Odransko polje Map
HR2001298 Croatia Vejalnica i Krč Map
HR2000583 Croatia Medvednica Map
HR2000371 Croatia Vršni dio Ivančice Map
HR2000648 Croatia Drežničko polje Map
HR2000372 Croatia Dunav - Vukovar Map
HR2001412 Croatia Livade uz Bednju V Map
HR2000619 Croatia Mirna i šire područje Butonige Map
HR2001408 Croatia Livade uz Bednju I Map
HR2000580 Croatia Papuk Map
HR2001411 Croatia Livade uz Bednju IV Map
HR2001069 Croatia Kanjon Une Map
HR2001285 Croatia Gornja Garešnica Map
HR2001410 Croatia Livade uz Bednju III Map
HR2000463 Croatia Dolina Une Map
HR2001353 Croatia Lokve-Sunger-Fužine Map
HR2001309 Croatia Dunav S od Kopačkog rita Map
HR2000570 Croatia Crni jarki Map
HR2001286 Croatia Orljavac Map
IT4070027 Italy Bacino dell'ex-fornace di Cotignola e Fiume Senio Map
IT4020027 Italy Cronovilla Map
IT4050031 Italy Cassa di espansione del Torrente Samoggia Map
PLH220052 Poland Dolina Słupi Map
SI3000306 Slovenia Dravinja s pritoki Map
SI3000302 Slovenia Osrednje Slovenske gorice Map
SI3000297 Slovenia Mišja dolina Map
IT1120030 Italy Sponde fluviali di Palazzolo vercellese Map
IT1180032 Italy Bric Montariolo Map
PLH180055 Poland Enklawy Puszczy Sandomierskiej Map
PLH080028 Poland Krośnieńska Dolina Odry Map
DE6918311 Germany Mittlerer Kraichgau Map
AT2145000 Austria Motschulagraben Map
BE34048C0 Belgium Bassin de la Semois de Jamoigne à Chiny Map
BE34046C0 Belgium Bassin de la Semois de Florenville à Auby Map
BE34065C0 Belgium Bassin supérieur de la Vire et du Ton Map
BE34066C0 Belgium Vallée du Ton et Côte bajocienne de Montquintin à Ruette Map
BE34067C0 Belgium Forêts et marais bajociens de Baranzy à Athus Map
BE34063C0 Belgium Vallées de la Chevratte Map
BE34064C0 Belgium Vallées de la Vire et du Ton Map
BE34061C0 Belgium Vallées de Laclaireau et du Rabais Map
BE34060C0 Belgium Bassin supérieur de la Chevratte Map
BE34050C0 Belgium Bassin de la Semois entre Tintigny et Jamoigne Map
BE34051C0 Belgium Vallées du Ruisseau de Mellier et de la Mandebras Map
BE34053C0 Belgium Bassin de l'Attert Map
BE34055C0 Belgium Vallée du Ruisseau de Breuvanne Map
BE34054C0 Belgium Bassin de la Marche Map
BE34056C0 Belgium Bassin de la Semois de Etalle à Tintigny Map
BE34057C0 Belgium Marais de la Haute-Semois et Bois de Heinsch Map
BE34039C0 Belgium Haute-Sûre Map
DE6723311 Germany Ohrn-, Kupfer- und Forellental Map
DE6521311 Germany Elzbachtal und Odenwald Neckargerach Map
DE6718311 Germany Nördlicher Kraichgau Map
DE7912311 Germany Mooswälder bei Freiburg Map
DE6820311 Germany Heuchelberg und östlicher Kraichgau Map
DE6522311 Germany Seckachtal und Schefflenzer Wald Map
DE6223311 Germany Unteres Taubertal Map
IT5120105 Italy Bonifica della Gherardesca Map
LTVIN0036 Lithuania Vilnios šlaitai ties Pūčkoriais Map
LTVIN0035 Lithuania Kaukysos upės slėnis Map
ROSCI0440 Romania Valea Șardului Map
SKUEV0894 Slovakia Za horkou Map
SKUEV0903 Slovakia Kyselova a Mnichova uboc Map
SKUEV0802 Slovakia Zavlacna Map
SKUEV0857 Slovakia Micinske travertiny Map
SKUEV2376 Slovakia Vrsatske bradla Map
SKUEV2165 Slovakia Kutsky les Map
SKUEV0969 Slovakia Hradne luky Map
SKUEV2368 Slovakia Brezovska dolina Map
SKUEV0803 Slovakia Hrehorkove Map
SKUEV2315 Slovakia Skalicke aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0860 Slovakia Iliasska dolina Map
SKUEV2367 Slovakia Holubyho kopanice Map
SKUEV0809 Slovakia Smatlova Map
SKUEV0905 Slovakia Holicske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0805 Slovakia Hajnica Map
SKUEV0806 Slovakia Babina Map
SKUEV0813 Slovakia Trokanovo Map
SKUEV0896 Slovakia Pod Ciertazou Map
SKUEV0900 Slovakia Uchanok Map
SKUEV0897 Slovakia Belusky Map
PLC020002 Poland Łęgi Odrzańskie Map
HR2001509 Croatia Donji Emovci Map
FR8202010 France Lac du Bourget et marais de Chautagne Map
LTSIU0018 Lithuania Vainuto miškai Map

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Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Cuivré des marais French EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Czerwonzyk nieparek Polish Van Swaay, C.A.M. & Warren, M.S.
Große Feuerfalter German EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Großer Feuerfalter German Van Swaay, C.A.M. & Warren, M.S.
Grote vuurvlinder Dutch Van Swaay, C.A.M. & Warren, M.S.
Large Copper English EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
le Grand Cuivré French Van Swaay, C.A.M. & Warren, M.S.
Manto grande Spanish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Stor ildfugl Danish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Synonym Author
Chrysophanus dispar Haworth, 1803
Chrysophanus rutilus Werneburg, 1864
Heodes dispar Haworth, 1803
Thersamolycaena dispar Haworth, 1803
Thersamonia dispar Haworth, 1803
Chrysophanus batavus Oberthür, 1923
Papilio rutilus Werneburg, 1864

Other resources

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GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Habitats Directive Art. 17-2006 summary
ITIS search Interagency Taxonomic Information System
NCBI search National Center for Biotechnology Information
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External data

Reportnet deliveries

Files delivered through Reportnet with relevance to this species.

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Released Coverage Envelope File
2015-07-31 Greece Habitats Directive Article 17 29_12_2014 submission GR GR_species_reports-15723-10453.xml
2014-01-08 Luxembourg Article 17 report 92/43/CEE 2007_2012 Luxembourg LU_species_reports-13823-134519.xml
2014-01-07 Hungary HU_Art_17_report_2013_second round_10_31 HU_species_report_art17
2014-01-04 Romania RO Art.17 2007-2012 Report from 31 December 2013 RO_species_reports.xml
2013-12-30 Lithuania Third LT report on Art.17,2007-2012 LT_species_reports-131230-135438.xml
2013-12-27 Bulgaria BG_habitats_report_2007-2012 Species reports
2013-12-20 Germany German national report 2013 DE_species_reports.xml
2013-12-18 Netherlands NL 2013 report art. 17 NL_species_reports_2013-12-09compleet2.xml
2013-12-17 Slovakia Art 17 report for the period 2007 - 2012 - second delivery SK_species_reports-131217-132945.xml
2013-12-16 Slovenia SI_Article_17_Report_2013_2nd_submission SI_species_reports-131216-13555.xml
2013-12-09 Poland Habitats Directive Art. 17 Report PL_species_reports.xml
2013-12-04 Italy 3rd Italian national report 2013 IT_species_reports.xml
2013-10-18 Latvia LATVIA_2007-2012 LV_species_reports-131018-113252.xml
2013-10-11 Austria Art 17 HD AT_species_reports-13916-161758.xml
2013-10-07 Finland Habitat directive reporting (FI) 2007-2012 FI_species_reports.xml
2013-09-18 France Rapport France 2013 FR_species_reports.xml
2013-09-17 Estonia Eesti2013 EE_species_reports-13917-14855.xml
2013-09-16 Belgium Second Release Art17 Belgium BE_species_reports-13916-154440.xml
2013-08-23 Czechia CZ_Rep_HDArt17_2013_2nd_submission:corrected CZ_species_reports.xml
2008-04-14 Estonia eesti Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2008-04-10 Germany German national report Lycaena dispar
2008-03-21 Slovenia Article 17 Report Lycaena dispar
2008-03-17 Netherlands NL Report HR 2007 Lycaena dispar
2008-03-05 Italy Italy Lycaena dispar
2008-03-04 Hungary delivery_report_art_17_HU Lycaena dispar
2008-03-03 Lithuania Buveiniu direktyvos igyvendinimo ataskaita Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2008-02-28 France rapport France Lycaena dispar
2008-02-22 Greece Hellas Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2008-02-22 Austria Article 17 report Austria Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2008-02-22 Slovakia report under habitats directive Lycaena dispar
2008-01-16 Belgium Natura 2000 habitat report Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2008-01-15 Luxembourg Article 17 report 92/43/CEE Luxembourg Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2008-01-11 Finland Suomi virallinen Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2007-10-02 Latvia LATVIA 2001-2006 Lycaena dispar
2007-10-01 Poland Report on Implementation Measures Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
2007-10-01 Czechia Species and Habitats Species questionnaire for Lycaena dispar
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