Kingdom: Plantae > Division: Tracheophyta > Class: Equisetopsida > Order: Dicranales > Family: Dicranaceae > Genus: Campylopus > Species: Campylopus pilifer

Campylopus pilifer Bridel, 1819

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Threat status Europe Not evaluated (IUCN)

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Threat and conservation status

This species has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List

Natura 2000 sites

Not available

Legal status

Not listed in legal texts

Common names and synonyms

The species has no common names
Synonym Author
Campylopus polytrichoides de Notaris, 1838
Campylopus acrocaulon (C. Müller) Paris, 1894
Campylopus angustifolius Warnstorf, 1915
Campylopus arbogastii Renauld & Cardot in Renauld, 1891
Campylopus atro-sordidus C. Müller ex Brotherus, 1897
Campylopus bessonii Renauld & Cardot in Renauld, 1891
Campylopus bewsii Sim, 1926
Campylopus calochlorus Brotherus & Thériot, 1924
Campylopus cinchonae Paris, 1900
Campylopus civa Lorentz, 1864
Campylopus eckendorffii Thériot & Potier de la Varde, 1949
Campylopus erectus (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.
Campylopus ericetorum (Mitten) Jaeger, 1880
Campylopus griseolus (C. Müller) Paris, 1900
Campylopus hispidus Renauld & Cardot, 1890
Campylopus hoehnelii (C. Müller) Brotherus, 1894
Campylopus introflexus (Hedwig) Bridel, 1819
Campylopus introflexus var. polytrichoides (De Notaris) Giacomini, 1947
Campylopus leucobasis Paris, 1900
Campylopus leucotrichus Sullivant & Lesquereux, 1856
Campylopus liebmannii (C. Müller) W. P. Schimper in Bescherelle, 1872
Campylopus longipilus Bridel, 1826
Campylopus luridus W. P. Schimper in Bescherelle, 1872
Campylopus lutescens (C. Müller) Jaeger, 1872
Campylopus pachycomus Bescherelle, 1880
Campylopus pilosissimus W. P. Schimper in Bescherelle, 1872
Campylopus poicilophyllus Naveau
Campylopus purpurascens Lorentz, 1864
Campylopus schweinfurthi C. Müller
Campylopus sommieri Bott.
Campylopus strictus Schimp.
Campylopus subbartramiaceus Müll. Hal.
Campylopus subintroflexus Kindberg, 1898
Campylopus subproliferus C. Müller in Renauld & Cardot, 1893
Campylopus symonsii Sim, 1926
Campylopus tenellus Rehmann
Campylopus transvaaliensis Rehmann
Campylopus trichodes Lorentz, 1864
Campylopus trichodes var. perlamellosus Dixon, 1922
Campylopus tricolor (C. Müller) Jaeger, 1872
Campylopus tullgrenii Renauld & Cardot, 1902
Campylopus turgidus Rehmann
Campylopus vaporarius Bolle
Campylopus vitzliputzli Lorentz, 1864
Campylopus weisiopsis (C. Müller) Paris, 1900
Dicranum acrocaulon C. Müller, 1888
Dicranum erectum C. Müller
Dicranum ericetorum Mitten, 1859
Dicranum griseolum C. Müller, 1899
Dicranum hoehnelii C. Müller, 1890
Dicranum introflexum Hedwig, 1801
Dicranum liebmannii C. Müller, 1851
Dicranum lutescens C. Müller, 1851
Dicranum purpureo-aureum C. Müller, 1899
Dicranum tricolor C. Müller, 1853
Dicranum weisiopsis C. Müller, 1899

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