Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Passeriformes > Family: Alaudidae > Genus: Chersophilus > Species: Chersophilus duponti

Dupont's Lark - Chersophilus duponti (Vieillot, 1820)

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Quick facts

Threat status Europe Vulnerable (IUCN)
EU Population status
Protected by EU Birds Directive and 2 other international agreements
Natura 2000 sites 62 are designated for this species
Breeding habitats
  • heathland and shrub
  • sparsely vegetated land
Natura 2000 species code A430


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Threat and EU population status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

EU population status

The status of the population at the EU level was evaluated at the species level; this was based on the reports delivered by Member States under Article 12 of the Birds Directive (see fact sheet below). The EU status assessment can cover several subspecies/subspecific population units. For more information, please consult the species fact sheet and link below.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered
Population status categories for bird species under the Birds Directive
Near Threatened, declining or depleted
Threatened (i.e. vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, regionally extinct)
Unknown or not evaluated

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
ES0000017 Spain Cuenca de Gallocanta Map
ES0000021 Spain Secans de Mas de Melons-Alfés Map
ES0000045 Spain Sierra Alhamilla Map
ES0000046 Spain Cabo de Gata-Níjar Map
ES0000047 Spain Desierto de Tabernas Map
ES0000091 Spain ZEPA Humedales de La Mancha Map
ES0000094 Spain Parameras de Maranchón, hoz del Mesa y Aragoncillo Map
ES0000115 Spain Hoces del Río Duratón Map
ES0000118 Spain Arribes del Duero - ZEPA Map
ES0000136 Spain Estepas de Belchite - El Planerón - La Lomaza Map
ES0000160 Spain Hoz del río Gritos y páramos de Las Valeras Map
ES0000161 Spain Laguna de El Hito Map
ES0000163 Spain Sierra de Altomira Map
ES0000180 Spain Estepas de Monegrillo y Pina Map
ES0000181 Spain La Retuerta y Saladas de Sástago Map
ES0000183 Spain El Basal, Las Menorcas y Llanos de Cardiel Map
ES0000203 Spain Altos de Barahona - ZEPA Map
ES0000206 Spain Cañones del Duero - ZEPA Map
ES0000255 Spain Páramo de Layna - ZEPA Map
ES0000263 Spain Llano de las Cabras Map
ES0000300 Spain Río Huerva y Las Planas Map
ES0000302 Spain Parameras de Blancas Map
ES0000303 Spain Desfiladeros del Río Martín Map
ES0000304 Spain Parameras de Campo Visiedo Map
ES0000305 Spain Parameras de Alfambra Map
ES0000306 Spain Río Guadalope - Maestrazgo Map
ES0000308 Spain Parameras de Pozondón Map
ES2430101 Spain Muelas del Jiloca: El Campo y La Torreta Map
ES4160008 Spain Hoces del Río Riaza - ZEPA Map
ES6110002 Spain Karst en Yesos de Sorbas Map
ES2420114 Spain Saladas de Alcañiz Map
ES6110008 Spain Sierras de Gádor y Enix Map
ES5233006 Spain Puebla de San Miguel Map
ES5233035 Spain Arroyo Cerezo Map
ES2430032 Spain El Planerón Map
ES2430091 Spain Planas y Estepas de La Margen derecha del Ebro Map
ES2430090 Spain Dehesa de Rueda - Montolar Map
ES2200042 Spain Peñadil, Montecillo y Monterrey Map
ES0000389 Spain Rentos de Orchova y vertientes del Turia Map
ES4240017 Spain Parameras de Maranchón, hoz del Mesa y Aragoncillo Map
ES6320002 Spain Barranco del Nano Map
ES2420112 Spain Las Planetas-Claverías Map
ES6110007 Spain La Serrata de Cabo de Gata Map
ES2430082 Spain Monegros Map
ES4210011 Spain Saladares de Cordovilla y Agramón y laguna de Alboraj Map
ES2200037 Spain Bardenas Reales Map
ES2420124 Spain Muelas y Estrechos del Río Guadalope Map
ES0000390 Spain San Clemente Map
ES2430083 Spain Montes de Alfajarín - Saso de Osera Map
ES2420133 Spain Loma de Centellas Map
ES2430153 Spain La Lomaza de Belchite Map
ES2200041 Spain Balsa del Pulguer Map
ES4240023 Spain Lagunas y parameras del Señorío de Molina Map
ES2410075 Spain Basal de Ballobar y Balsalet de Don Juan Map
ES2430080 Spain El Castellar Map
ES6140001 Spain Sierra de Baza Map
ES2430106 Spain Los Romerales - Cerropozuelo Map
ES4240007 Spain Sierra de Pela Map
ES0000448 Spain Hontanar-La Ferriza Map
ES5130040 Spain Secans de Mas de Melons-Alfés Map
ES0000489 Spain ZEPA Valle y salinas del Salado Map
ES0000539 Spain Montes de Alfajarín y Saso de Osera Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Allodola del Dupont Italian Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Alondra de Dupont Spanish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Calhandra de Dupont Portuguese Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Dupont lerche German Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Dupont's Lark English Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Dupontlärka Swedish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Dupontlerche German EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Duponts Leeuwerik Dutch Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Duponts lærke Danish EC-DGXI.d2, ETC/NC
Kaitanokkakiuru Finnish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Sirli de Dupont French Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
Skowronek sierpodzioby Polish Hagemeijer, W.J.M. & Blair, M.J.
No synonyms available.

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External data

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