Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Actinopterygii > Order: Cypriniformes > Family: Cyprinidae > Genus: Alburnoides > Species: Alburnoides bipunctatus

Bleak - Alburnoides bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)

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Threat status Europe Least Concern (IUCN)
Protected by 1 international agreement
Natura 2000 species code 2500


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Threat and conservation status

IUCN Red List status of threatened species

The IUCN Red List threat status assesses the risk of extinction.

IUCN Red List Category
Not Evaluated
Near Threatened
Regionally Extinct
Not Applicable
Extinct in the Wild
Data Deficient
Least Concern
Critically Endangered

EU conservation status

The EU conservation status is assessed for species mentioned in the EU Habitats Directive annexes. The EU Habitats Directive does not cover this species.

Natura 2000 sites

Not available

Legal status

Legal text Annex Conditions More information
Convention on the conservation of European wildlife and natural habitats (Bern Convention)

Common names and synonyms

Common Name Language Reference
Ablette grise French Fishbase
Alandblecke German Fishbase
Allorella Italian Fishbase
Beldita Romanian Fishbase
Bleak English Fishbase
Breit-Bleck German Fishbase
Bystranka English Fishbase
Bystrjanka Russian Fishbase
Gestippelde alver Dutch Fishbase
Govedarka Bulgarian Fishbase
Krim-Schneider German Fishbase
Latita Romanian Fishbase
Lignette French Fishbase
Louvotte French Fishbase
Lurette French Fishbase
Mesaigne French Fishbase
Noktali inci baligi Turkish Fishbase
Obyknovennaya bystryanka Russian Fishbase
Ouklejka pruhovaná Czech Fishbase
Piekielnica Polish Fishbase
Piekielnica a. szweja Polish Fishbase
Piekielnica wschodnia Polish Fishbase
Pisanka Slovenian Fishbase
Platet French Fishbase
Pliska Serbian Fishbase
Punasalakka Finnish Fishbase
Religieuse French Fishbase
Riffle minnow English Fishbase
Schneider German Fishbase
Spirlin French Fishbase
Strmlaue Norwegian Fishbase
Strömlöja Swedish Fishbase
Strømløje Danish Fishbase
Sujtásos küsz Hungarian Fishbase
Vardarka Macedonian Fishbase
Synonym Author
Ciprinus bipunctatus Bloch, 1782
Cyprinus bipunctatus Bloch, 1782
Cyprinus blochii Nau, 1791
Cyprinus annoni Walbaum, 1792
Cyprinus sanderi Bloch, 1801
Cyprinus gronovii Bloch, 1801
Cyprynus spirlin Lacepède, 1803
Cyrprinus punctatus Shaw, 1804
Cyprinus riemling Hermann, 1804
Aspius fasciatus Nordmann, 1840
Leuciscus baldneri Valenciennes, 1844
Abramis bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)
Alburnus bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)
Aspius bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)
Leuciscus bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)
Spirlinus bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782)
Alburnus maculatus Kessler, 1859
Alburnus eichwaldii Filippi, 1863
Alburnoides bipunctatus rossicus Berg, 1924
Alburnoides bipunctatus prespensis Karaman, 1924
Alburnoides bipunctatus ohridanus Karaman, 1924
Alburnoides bipunctatus smyrnaea Pellegrin, 1927
Alburnoides bipunctatus rossicus natio kubanicus Berg, 1932
Alburnoides bipunctatus tzanevi Chichkoff, 1934
Alburnoides bipunctatus strymonicus Chichkoff, 1940
Alburnoides bipunctatus thessalicus Stephanidis, 1950
Alburnoides bipunctatus armeniensis Dadykyan, 1972
Cyrpinus tinca notha Walbaum, 1792
Cyprinus tinca nota Walbaum, 1792
Cyprinus spirlin Lacepède, 1803
Cyprinus punctatus Shaw, 1804
Alburnus bipunctatus prespensis Karaman, 1924
Alburnus bipunctatus ohridanus Karaman, 1928
Alburnoides bipunctatus fasciatus (Nordman, 1840)
Alburnus bipunctatus eichwaldi De Filippi, 1863
Alburnoides bipunctatus rossicus kubanicus Berg, 1932
Alburnoides rossicus Berg, 1924
Alburnoides maculatus (Kessler, 1859)

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