Calaminarian grasslands of the Violetalia calaminariae

Description (English)

Generally open natural or semi-natural grasslands 1) on natural rock outcrops, rich in heavy metals (e.g. zinc, lead), 2) river gravels and shingles, 3) on old terrils or spoil heaps around mines. These open grasslands are characterised by a highly specialised flora, with subspecies and ecotypes adapted to heavy metals. The threatened endemic taxa are generally absent from the pioneer vegetation of younger terrils. This pioneer vegetation is not considered to be a priority.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 6130)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Alpine - Unknown
Atlantic - Bad
Continental - Poor
Mediterranean - Bad
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 92 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Armeria maritima
Flowering Plants Festuca ophioliticola
Flowering Plants Minuartia verna
Flowering Plants Silene vulgaris
Flowering Plants Thlaspi caerulescens
Flowering Plants Viola calaminaria
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Armeria maritima Flowering Plants
Festuca ophioliticola Flowering Plants
Minuartia verna Flowering Plants
Silene vulgaris Flowering Plants
Thlaspi caerulescens Flowering Plants
Viola calaminaria Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
AT1108813 Austria Bernstein - Lockenhaus - Rechnitz Map
AT1205A00 Austria Wachau Map
AT2216000 Austria Kirchkogel bei Pernegg Map
AT2236000 Austria Ober- und Mittellauf der Mur mit Puxer Auwald, Puxer Wand und Gulsen Map
AT2254000 Austria Serpentingebiete bei Kraubath an der Mur Map
BE33006C0 Belgium Vallée de la Gueule en aval de Kelmis Map
BE33007C0 Belgium Vallée de la Gueule en amont de Kelmis Map
BE33014C0 Belgium Vallée de l'Ourthe entre Comblain-au-Pont et Angleur Map
BE33016C0 Belgium Basse vallée de la Vesdre Map
BE33018C0 Belgium Coteaux calcaires de Theux et le Rocheux Map
DE3713301 Germany Silberberg Map
DE3713331 Germany Hüggel, Heidhornberg und Roter Berg Map
DE3927302 Germany Innerste-Aue (mit Kahnstein) Map
DE3929331 Germany Harly, Ecker und Okertal nördlich Vienenburg Map
DE4029301 Germany Ecker- und Okertal Map
DE4127301 Germany Schwermetallrasen bei Lautenthal Map
DE4129302 Germany Nationalpark Harz (Niedersachsen) Map
DE4228331 Germany Sieber, Oder, Rhume Map
DE4229331 Germany Bachtäler im Oberharz um Braunlage Map
DE4330301 Germany Harzer Bachtäler Map
DE4335301 Germany Kupferschieferhalden bei Hettstedt Map
DE4336306 Germany Saaledurchbruch bei Rothenburg Map
DE4419303 Germany Bleikuhlen und Wäschebachtal Map
DE4432301 Germany Buntsandstein- und Gipskarstlandschaft bei Questenberg im Südharz Map
DE4434301 Germany Gipskarstlandschaft Pölsfeld und Breiter Fleck im Südharz Map
DE4434302 Germany Kupferschieferhalden bei Klostermansfeld Map
DE4434303 Germany Kupferschieferhalden bei Wimmelburg Map
DE4535303 Germany Schwermetallrasen bei Hornburg Map
DE4616301 Germany Halden bei Ramsbeck Map
DE4617303 Germany Kalkkuppen bei Brilon Map
DE4634303 Germany Bottendorfer Hügel Map
DE4914303 Germany Grubengelände Littfeld Map
DE4945301 Germany Oberes Freiberger Muldetal Map
DE4945303 Germany Schwermetallhalden bei Freiberg Map
DE5203302 Germany Werther Heide, Napoleonsweg Map
DE5203303 Germany Brockenberg Map
DE5203305 Germany Bärenstein Map
DE5203306 Germany Hammerberg Map
DE5203307 Germany Münsterbachtal, Münsterbusch Map
DE5203308 Germany Schlangenberg Map
DE5203309 Germany Steinbruchbereich Bernhardshammer und Binsfeldhammer Map
DE5203310 Germany Brander Wald Map
DE5214303 Germany Bergwiesen Lippe mit Buchheller- und Mischebachtal Map
DE5305303 Germany Griesberg Map
DE5405301 Germany Kallmuther Berg Map
DE5405305 Germany Tanzberg Map
DE5608303 Germany Wacholderheiden der Osteifel Map
FR3100504 France Pelouses métallicoles de la plaine de la Scarpe Map
FR3100505 France Pelouses métallicoles de Mortagne du Nord Map
FR7300821 France Vallée de l'Isard, mail de Bulard, pics de Maubermé, de Serre-Haute et du Crabère Map
FR7300923 France Moun Né de Cauterets, pic de Cabaliros Map
FR8201698 France Contamines Montjoie - Miage - Tré la Tête Map
FR9101384 France Gorges de la Vis et de la Virenque Map
IE0000365 Ireland Killarney National Park, Macgillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment SAC Map
IE0001926 Ireland East Burren Complex SAC Map
IE0002122 Ireland Wicklow Mountains SAC Map
IE0002158 Ireland Kenmare River SAC Map
IE0002258 Ireland Silvermines Mountains West SAC Map
IT1110013 Italy Monti Pelati e Torre Cives Map
IT1180026 Italy Capanne di Marcarolo Map
IT1331104 Italy Parco dell'Aveto Map
IT1331402 Italy Beigua - Monte Dente - Gargassa - Pavaglione Map
IT1331501 Italy Praglia - Pracaban - Monte Leco - Punta Martin Map
IT1331578 Italy Beigua - Turchino Map
IT1331909 Italy Monte Zatta - Passo Bocco - Passo Chiapparino - Monte Bossea Map
IT1343511 Italy Monte Cornoviglio - Monte Fiorito - Monte Dragnone Map
IT2080024 Italy Sassi Neri - Pietra Corva Map
IT4010002 Italy Monte Menegosa, Monte Lama, Groppo di Gora Map
IT4010003 Italy Monte Nero, Monte Maggiorasca, La Ciapa Liscia Map
IT4010004 Italy Monte Capra, Monte Tre Abati, Monte Armelio, Sant'Agostino, Lago di Averaldi Map
IT4010005 Italy Pietra Parcellara e Pietra Perduca Map
IT4010007 Italy Roccia Cinque Dita Map
IT4010011 Italy Fiume Trebbia da Perino a Bobbio Map
IT4010013 Italy Monte Dego, Monte Veri, Monte delle Tane Map
IT4020006 Italy Monte Prinzera Map
IT4020007 Italy Monte Penna, Monte Trevine, Groppo, Groppetto Map
IT4020008 Italy Monte Ragola, Lago Moò, Lago Bino Map
IT4020011 Italy Groppo di Gorro Map
IT4020013 Italy Belforte, Corchia, Alta Val Manubiola Map
IT4020020 Italy Crinale dell'Appennino parmense Map
IT5150002 Italy Monte Ferrato e Monte Iavello Map
IT5170005 Italy Montenero Map
IT5170008 Italy Complesso di Monterufoli Map
IT5180009 Italy Monti Rognosi Map
IT5190007 Italy Basso Merse Map
IT51A0003 Italy Val di Farma Map
NL9801041 Netherlands Geuldal Map
PLH020011 Poland Rudawy Janowickie Map
PLH120091 Poland Armeria Map
PLH120092 Poland Pleszczotka Map
PLH240003 Poland Podziemia Tarnogórsko-Bytomskie Map
SI3000030 Slovenia Žerjav - Dolina smrti Map

Protected sites

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Relation to habitat classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
National Vegetation Classification (UK) OV37 Festuca ovina-Minuartia verna community not defined
German Federal List of Biotopes 3405a Natürliche und halbnatürliche Schwermetallrasen. not defined
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