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Habitat Annex I Directive hierarchical view > FORESTS > Forests of Temperate Europe > Euro-Siberian steppic woods with Quercus spp

Euro-Siberian steppic woods with Quercus spp

Description (English)

Xero-thermophile oak woods of the plains of southeastern Europe. The climate is very continental, with high changes of temperature. The substrate consists of 'Loess' (Chernozem soils). Quercus robur, Quercus cerris and Quercus pubescens dominate in the treelayer of this habitat type, which is rich in continental stepic vegetation elements and geophytes of the Aceri tatarici-Quercion Zólyomi 1957.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 91I0)
Habitat type Priority
Natura 2000 sites 330 are designated for this habitat type


The distribution map is currently disabled. A new map solution will soon become available. In the meantime, please consult other species distribution map providers listed in the Other resources panel below.

Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status

Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Acer campestre
Flowering Plants Buglossoides purpurocaerulea
Flowering Plants Carex michelii
Flowering Plants Cornus sanguinea
Flowering Plants Crataegus monogyna
Flowering Plants Dactylis polygama
Flowering Plants Euonymus verrucosus
Flowering Plants Geum urbanum
Flowering Plants Ligustrum vulgare
Flowering Plants Polygonatum latifolium
Flowering Plants Prunus spinosa
Flowering Plants Pyrus pyraster
Flowering Plants Quercus cerris
Flowering Plants Quercus petraea
Flowering Plants Quercus pubescens
Flowering Plants Quercus robur
Flowering Plants Rhamnus catharticus
Flowering Plants Sorbus torminalis
Flowering Plants Tanacetum corymbosum
Flowering Plants Ulmus minor
Flowering Plants Vincetoxicum hirundinaria
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Acer campestre Flowering Plants
Buglossoides purpurocaerulea Flowering Plants
Carex michelii Flowering Plants
Cornus sanguinea Flowering Plants
Crataegus monogyna Flowering Plants
Dactylis polygama Flowering Plants
Euonymus verrucosus Flowering Plants
Geum urbanum Flowering Plants
Ligustrum vulgare Flowering Plants
Polygonatum latifolium Flowering Plants
Prunus spinosa Flowering Plants
Pyrus pyraster Flowering Plants
Quercus cerris Flowering Plants
Quercus petraea Flowering Plants
Quercus pubescens Flowering Plants
Quercus robur Flowering Plants
Rhamnus catharticus Flowering Plants
Sorbus torminalis Flowering Plants
Tanacetum corymbosum Flowering Plants
Ulmus minor Flowering Plants
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
AT1102112 Austria Zurndorfer Eichenwald und Hutweide Map
AT1110137 Austria Neusiedler See - Nordöstliches Leithagebirge Map
AT1123323 Austria Mattersburger Hügelland Map
AT1125129 Austria Parndorfer Platte - Heideboden Map
AT1206A00 Austria Weinviertler Klippenzone Map
AT1213000 Austria Pannonische Sanddünen Map
AT1214000 Austria Hundsheimer Berge Map
AT1220000 Austria Feuchte Ebene - Leithaauen Map
BG0000102 Bulgaria Dolinata na reka Batova Map
BG0000104 Bulgaria Provadiysko - Royaksko plato Map
BG0000106 Bulgaria Harsovska reka Map
BG0000107 Bulgaria Suha reka Map
BG0000168 Bulgaria Ludogorie Map
BG0000169 Bulgaria Ludogorie - Srebarna Map
BG0000171 Bulgaria Ludogorie - Boblata Map
BG0000173 Bulgaria Ostrovche Map
BG0000180 Bulgaria Boblata Map
BG0000181 Bulgaria Reka Vit Map
BG0000231 Bulgaria Belenska gora Map
BG0000239 Bulgaria Obnova - Karaman dol Map
BG0000240 Bulgaria Studenets Map
BG0000339 Bulgaria Rabrovo Map
BG0000340 Bulgaria Tsar Petrovo Map
BG0000432 Bulgaria Golyama reka Map
BG0000497 Bulgaria Archar Map
BG0000500 Bulgaria Voynitsa Map
BG0000507 Bulgaria Deleyna Map
BG0000509 Bulgaria Tsibritsa Map
BG0000521 Bulgaria Makresh Map
BG0000522 Bulgaria Vidinski park Map
BG0000523 Bulgaria Shishentsi Map
BG0000530 Bulgaria Pozharevo - Garvan Map
BG0000573 Bulgaria Kompleks Kaliakra Map
BG0000602 Bulgaria Kabiyuk Map
BG0000608 Bulgaria Lomovete Map
BG0000611 Bulgaria Yazovir Gorni Dabnik Map
BG0000613 Bulgaria Reka Iskar Map
BG0001042 Bulgaria Iskarski prolom - Rzhana Map
CZ0210010 Czech Republic Housina Map
CZ0210101 Czech Republic Dymokursko Map
CZ0210107 Czech Republic Krnčí a Voleška Map
CZ0210175 Czech Republic Žlunice - Skochovice Map
CZ0214002 Czech Republic Karlické údolí Map
CZ0214015 Czech Republic Vůznice Map
CZ0214017 Czech Republic Karlštejn - Koda Map
CZ0214050 Czech Republic Žehuňsko Map
CZ0414127 Czech Republic Hradiště Map
CZ0420041 Czech Republic Skalky u Třebutiček Map
CZ0420069 Czech Republic Dětanský chlum Map
CZ0420073 Czech Republic Údolí Podbradeckého potoka Map
CZ0420165 Czech Republic Velký vrch - Černodoly Map
CZ0420455 Czech Republic Lhota Map
CZ0420456 Czech Republic Ostrý Map
CZ0420459 Czech Republic Košťálov Map
CZ0510441 Czech Republic Binov - Bobří soutěska Map
CZ0614131 Czech Republic Údolí Oslavy a Chvojnice Map
CZ0614134 Czech Republic Údolí Jihlavy Map
CZ0620037 Czech Republic Sivický les Map
CZ0620101 Czech Republic Mikulovický les Map
CZ0620103 Czech Republic Věteřovská vrchovina Map
CZ0620120 Czech Republic Zlobice Map
CZ0620169 Czech Republic Ochůzky - Nedánov Map
CZ0620177 Czech Republic Kapánsko Map
CZ0624060 Czech Republic Pouzdřanská step - Kolby Map
CZ0624062 Czech Republic Černecký a Milonický hájek Map
CZ0624064 Czech Republic Krumlovský les Map
CZ0624069 Czech Republic Strabišov - Oulehla Map
CZ0624070 Czech Republic Hodonínská doubrava Map
CZ0624072 Czech Republic Čertoryje Map
CZ0624096 Czech Republic Podyjí Map
CZ0624100 Czech Republic Milovický les Map
CZ0624101 Czech Republic Kuntínov Map
CZ0624114 Czech Republic Přední kout Map
CZ0720013 Czech Republic Babí hora Map
CZ0720016 Czech Republic Kovářův žleb - Obora Map
CZ0720420 Czech Republic Rudický les Map
CZ0724087 Czech Republic Újezdecký les Map
CZ0724090 Czech Republic Bílé Karpaty Map
HUBN20001 Hungary Bükk-fennsík és a Lök-völgy Map
HUBN20002 Hungary Hór-völgy, Déli-Bükk Map
HUBN20004 Hungary Szarvaskő Map
HUBN20005 Hungary Kisgyőri Ásottfa-tető - Csókás-völgy Map
HUBN20007 Hungary Kisgyőri Halom-vár-Csincse-völgy - Cseh-völgy Map
HUBN20008 Hungary Vár-hegy - Nagy-Eged Map
HUBN20009 Hungary Tard környéki erdőssztyepp Map
HUBN20010 Hungary Szomolyai Kaptár-rét Map
HUBN20011 Hungary Ostoros-patak menti erdőspuszta Map
HUBN20013 Hungary Hevesaranyosi-fedémesi dombvidék Map
HUBN20015 Hungary Izra-völgy és az Arlói-tó Map
HUBN20025 Hungary Nagybarcai Liget-hegy és sajóvelezdi Égett-hegy Map
HUBN20034 Hungary Borsodi-Mezőség Map
HUBN20038 Hungary Kerecsendi Berek-erdő és Lógó-part Map
HUBN21094 Hungary Bujáki Hényeli-erdő és Alsó-rét Map
HUDD20029 Hungary Kisszékelyi-dombság Map
HUDD20040 Hungary Tengelici homokvidék Map
HUDD20071 Hungary Paksi tarka sáfrányos Map
HUDI20023 Hungary Gödöllői-dombság Map
HUDI20025 Hungary Hajta mente Map
HUDI20031 Hungary Lajoskomáromi löszvölgyek Map
HUDI20034 Hungary Duna és ártere Map
HUDI20035 Hungary Nagykőrösi pusztai tölgyesek Map
HUDI20047 Hungary Szigeti homokok Map
HUDI20049 Hungary Szentgyörgypuszta Map
HUDI20051 Hungary Turjánvidék Map
HUDI20052 Hungary Érd-százhalombattai táblarög Map
HUDI20053 Hungary Velencei-hegység Map
HUFH20009 Hungary Gönyüi-homokvidék Map
HUHN20002 Hungary Hortobágy Map
HUHN20008 Hungary Kismarja - Pocsaj - Esztári-gyepek Map
HUHN20011 Hungary Hencidai Csere-erdő Map
HUHN20013 Hungary Közép-Bihar Map
HUHN20016 Hungary Kék-Kálló-völgye Map
HUHN20017 Hungary Hajdúbagosi-legelő Map
HUHN20019 Hungary Bánki-erdő Map
HUHN20021 Hungary Halápi Álló-hegy Map
HUHN20022 Hungary Rauchbauer-erdő Map
HUHN20023 Hungary Hármashegyi-tölgyesek Map
HUHN20025 Hungary Kőrises - Jónás-rész Map
HUHN20028 Hungary Csohos-tó Map
HUHN20032 Hungary Gúti-erdő Map
HUHN20033 Hungary Debrecen-hajdúböszörményi tölgyesek Map
HUHN20035 Hungary Ömbölyi-erdő és Fényi-erdő Map
HUHN20037 Hungary Bátorligeti-láp Map
HUHN20044 Hungary Jászdózsai Pap-erdő Map
HUHN20045 Hungary Kaszonyi-hegy - Dédai-erdő Map
HUHN20051 Hungary Eret-hegy Map
HUHN20058 Hungary Teremi-erdő Map
HUHN20063 Hungary Baktai-erdő Map
HUHN20073 Hungary Jászárokszállási szikesek Map
HUHN20109 Hungary Sóstói-erdő Map
HUHN20141 Hungary Tiszaigar - Tiszaörsi Körtvélyes Map
HUHN21162 Hungary Jászalsószentgyörgyi erdő Map
HUHN21164 Hungary Liget-legelő Map
HUKM20011 Hungary Körösközi erdők Map
HUKM20013 Hungary Bélmegyeri Fás-puszta Map
HUKM20019 Hungary Dél-Bihari szikesek Map
HUKN20002 Hungary Peszéri-erdő Map
HUKN20003 Hungary Felső-kiskunsági turjánvidék Map
HUKN20006 Hungary Nagynyíri-erdő Map
HUKN20008 Hungary Déli-Homokhátság Map
HUKN20018 Hungary Jánoshalma-kunfehértói erdők Map
HUKN20034 Hungary Nyárlőrinci erdő Map
PLC140001 Poland Puszcza Kampinoska Map
PLC200004 Poland Puszcza Białowieska Map
PLH020020 Poland Przełomy Pełcznicy pod Książem Map
PLH020021 Poland Wzgórza Kiełczyńskie Map
PLH020034 Poland Dobromierz Map
PLH020037 Poland Góry i Pogórze Kaczawskie Map
PLH020040 Poland Masyw Ślęży Map
PLH020043 Poland Przełom Nysy Kłodzkiej koło Morzyszowa Map
PLH020062 Poland Góry Bardzkie Map
PLH020084 Poland Dolina Dolnej Baryczy Map
PLH040003 Poland Solecka Dolina Wisły Map
PLH040007 Poland Jezioro Gopło Map
PLH040011 Poland Dybowska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH040028 Poland Ostoja Barcińsko-Gąsawska Map
PLH040029 Poland Równina Szubińsko-Łabiszyńska Map
PLH040038 Poland Stary Zagaj Map
PLH040039 Poland Włocławska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH040041 Poland Wydmy Kotliny Toruńskiej Map
PLH040043 Poland Leniec w Barbarce Map
PLH040045 Poland Dziki Ostrów Map
PLH060007 Poland Gościeradów Map
PLH060024 Poland Torfowisko Sobowice Map
PLH060045 Poland Przełom Wisły w Małopolsce Map
PLH060069 Poland Wierzchowiska Map
PLH060074 Poland Putnowice Map
PLH060083 Poland Szczecyn Map
PLH060100 Poland Tarnoszyn Map
PLH060106 Poland Obuwik w Uroczysku Świdów Map
PLH080002 Poland Rynna Jezior Obrzańskich Map
PLH080014 Poland Nowosolska Dolina Odry Map
PLH080015 Poland Ujście Ilanki Map
PLH100001 Poland Dąbrowa Grotnicka Map
PLH100002 Poland Dąbrowa Świetlista w Pernie Map
PLH100003 Poland Lasy Spalskie Map
PLH100007 Poland Załęczański Łuk Warty Map
PLH100019 Poland Dąbrowy Świetliste koło Redzenia Map
PLH100027 Poland Dąbrowy w Marianku Map
PLH120056 Poland Kwiatówka Map
PLH140002 Poland Baranie Góry Map
PLH140003 Poland Dąbrowa Radziejowska Map
PLH140004 Poland Dąbrowy Seroczyńskie Map
PLH140011 Poland Ostoja Nadbużańska Map
PLH140016 Poland Dolina Dolnej Pilicy Map
PLH140024 Poland Dąbrowy Ceranowskie Map
PLH140026 Poland Dzwonecznik w Kisielanach Map
PLH140028 Poland Gołobórz Map
PLH140031 Poland Las Jana III Sobieskiego Map
PLH140035 Poland Puszcza Kozienicka Map
PLH140045 Poland Świetliste dąbrowy i grądy w Jabłonnej Map
PLH180012 Poland Ostoja Przemyska Map
PLH180019 Poland Dąbrowa koło Zaklikowa Map
PLH200002 Poland Narwiańskie Bagna Map
PLH200008 Poland Dolina Biebrzy Map
PLH200018 Poland Czerwony Bór Map
PLH200024 Poland Ostoja Narwiańska Map
PLH220033 Poland Dolna Wisła Map
PLH220094 Poland Dolina Wierzycy Map
PLH260003 Poland Ostoja Nidziańska Map
PLH260004 Poland Ostoja Przedborska Map
PLH260014 Poland Dolina Bobrzy Map
PLH260019 Poland Dolina Kamiennej Map
PLH260024 Poland Krzemionki Map
PLH260027 Poland Ostoja Gaj Map
PLH260029 Poland Ostoja Kozubowska Map
PLH260034 Poland Ostoja Szaniecko-Solecka Map
PLH260041 Poland Wzgórza Chęcińsko-Kieleckie Map
PLH280012 Poland Ostoja Lidzbarska Map
PLH280048 Poland Ostoja Piska Map
PLH280052 Poland Ostoja Napiwodzko-Ramucka Map
PLH300001 Poland Biedrusko Map
PLH300003 Poland Dąbrowy Obrzyckie Map
PLH300004 Poland Dolina Noteci Map
PLH300009 Poland Ostoja Nadwarciańska Map
PLH300010 Poland Ostoja Wielkopolska Map
PLH300011 Poland Puszcza Bieniszewska Map
PLH300012 Poland Rogalińska Dolina Warty Map
PLH300026 Poland Pojezierze Gnieźnieńskie Map
PLH300033 Poland Dolina Mogielnicy Map
PLH300034 Poland Dolina Swędrni Map
PLH300040 Poland Dolina Łobżonki Map
PLH300053 Poland Lasy Żerkowsko-Czeszewskie Map
PLH300054 Poland Struga Białośliwka Map
PLH300055 Poland Dębowa Góra Map
PLH320020 Poland Wzgórza Bukowe Map
PLH320037 Poland Dolna Odra Map
ROSCI0011 Romania Braniștea Catârilor Map
ROSCI0020 Romania Câmpia Careiului Map
ROSCI0021 Romania Câmpia Ierului Map
ROSCI0022 Romania Canaralele Dunării Map
ROSCI0039 Romania Ciuperceni - Desa Map
ROSCI0043 Romania Comana Map
ROSCI0045 Romania Coridorul Jiului Map
ROSCI0055 Romania Dealul Cetății Lempeș - Mlaștina Hărman Map
ROSCI0071 Romania Dumbrăveni - Valea Urluia - Lacul Vederoasa Map
ROSCI0099 Romania Lacul Știucilor - Sic - Puini - Bonțida Map
ROSCI0123 Romania Munții Măcinului Map
ROSCI0136 Romania Pădurea Bejan Map
ROSCI0139 Romania Pădurea Breana - Roșcani Map
ROSCI0140 Romania Pădurea Călugărească Map
ROSCI0143 Romania Pădurea de gorun și stejar de la Dosul Fânațului Map
ROSCI0149 Romania Pădurea Eseschioi - Lacul Bugeac Map
ROSCI0151 Romania Pădurea Gârboavele Map
ROSCI0159 Romania Pădurea Homița Map
ROSCI0160 Romania Pădurea Icușeni Map
ROSCI0162 Romania Lunca Siretului Inferior Map
ROSCI0163 Romania Pădurea Mogoș - Mâțele Map
ROSCI0165 Romania Pădurea Pogănești Map
ROSCI0167 Romania Pădurea Roșcani Map
ROSCI0169 Romania Pădurea Seaca - Movileni Map
ROSCI0171 Romania Pădurea și pajiștile de la Mârzești Map
ROSCI0172 Romania Pădurea și Valea Canaraua Fetii - Iortmac Map
ROSCI0173 Romania Pădurea Stârmina Map
ROSCI0183 Romania Pădurea Vlădila Map
ROSCI0201 Romania Podișul Nord Dobrogean Map
ROSCI0202 Romania Silvostepa Olteniei Map
ROSCI0211 Romania Podișul Secașelor Map
ROSCI0227 Romania Sighișoara - Târnava Mare Map
ROSCI0238 Romania Suatu - Cojocna - Crairât Map
ROSCI0290 Romania Coridorul Ialomiței Map
ROSCI0303 Romania Hârtibaciu Sud - Est Map
ROSCI0304 Romania Hârtibaciu Sud - Vest Map
ROSCI0306 Romania Jiana Map
ROSCI0320 Romania Mociar Map
ROSCI0343 Romania Pădurile din Silvostepa Mostiștei Map
ROSCI0422 Romania Pădurea Dandara - Corneanca Map
ROSCI0423 Romania Pădurea Dorobanțul Map
ROSCI0426 Romania Pădurea Ștorobăneasa Map
SKCHVU003 Slovakia Cerová vrchovina - Porimavie Map
SKCHVU014 Slovakia Male Karpaty Map
SKCHVU028 Slovakia Strazovske vrchy Map
SKCHVU031 Slovakia Tribec Map
SKCHVU036 Slovakia Volovske vrchy Map
SKUEV0067 Slovakia Cenkov Map
SKUEV0074 Slovakia Dubnik Map
SKUEV0079 Slovakia Horny haj Map
SKUEV0083 Slovakia Eliasovsky les Map
SKUEV0086 Slovakia Krive hrabiny Map
SKUEV0087 Slovakia Osminy Map
SKUEV0089 Slovakia Martinsky les Map
SKUEV0104 Slovakia Homolske Karpaty Map
SKUEV0120 Slovakia Jasenacke Map
SKUEV0129 Slovakia Cerovina Map
SKUEV0130 Slovakia Zobor Map
SKUEV0131 Slovakia Gymes Map
SKUEV0133 Slovakia Horky Map
SKUEV0134 Slovakia Kulhan Map
SKUEV0158 Slovakia Modry vrch Map
SKUEV0163 Slovakia Rudava Map
SKUEV0172 Slovakia Beznisko Map
SKUEV0180 Slovakia Ludinsky haj Map
SKUEV0209 Slovakia Morske oko Map
SKUEV0226 Slovakia Vanisovec Map
SKUEV0258 Slovakia Tlsty vrch Map
SKUEV0260 Slovakia Masiarsky bok Map
SKUEV0262 Slovakia Cajkovske bralie Map
SKUEV0263 Slovakia Hodrusska hornatina Map
SKUEV0265 Slovakia Sut Map
SKUEV0266 Slovakia Skalka Map
SKUEV0267 Slovakia Biele hory Map
SKUEV0273 Slovakia Vtacnik Map
SKUEV0275 Slovakia Knazi stol Map
SKUEV0276 Slovakia Kuchynska hornatina Map
SKUEV0294 Slovakia Bagovsky vrch Map
SKUEV0316 Slovakia Sranecke piesky Map
SKUEV0322 Slovakia Finticke svahy Map
SKUEV0328 Slovakia Stredne Pohornadie Map
SKUEV0357 Slovakia Cerova vrchovina Map
SKUEV0380 Slovakia Tematinske vrchy Map
SKUEV0503 Slovakia Predhorie Map
SKUEV0847 Slovakia Pozdisovsky chrbat Map
SKUEV0859 Slovakia Lubietovske dubravy Map
SKUEV0867 Slovakia Mochovska cerina Map
SKUEV0869 Slovakia Babsky les Map
SKUEV0874 Slovakia Clnok Map
SKUEV0880 Slovakia Prasicka dubina Map
SKUEV0881 Slovakia Dubnicka Map
SKUEV0882 Slovakia Patianska cerina Map
SKUEV0904 Slovakia Gbelsky les Map
SKUEV0907 Slovakia Peterklin Map
SKUEV0934 Slovakia Gymessky jarok Map
SKUEV0956 Slovakia Luborecske dubiny Map
SKUEV0957 Slovakia Uderinky Map
SKUEV0967 Slovakia Modransko-trnanske pustaky Map
SKUEV1316 Slovakia Šranecké piesky Map
SKUEV1357 Slovakia Cerová vrchovina Map
SKUEV2067 Slovakia Cenkov Map
SKUEV2133 Slovakia Horky Map
SKUEV2294 Slovakia Bagovsky vrch Map

Protected sites

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Relation to habitat classifications

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