Polygon mires

English name: Polygon mires

Description (English)

Complex mires of the arctic and subarctic patterned by surface microrelief of large, 10 to 30 m in diameter, low-centre or high-centre polygons formed by the juxtaposition of dry, 0.3 to 0.5 m high, ridges covered by shrubs, hypnoid mosses and sphagna, and of wet hollows occupied by grasses, sedges, mosses and sphagna. Polygon mires occur mainly outside Europe, in tundra where the mean annual temperature is below -1°C.

EUNIS habitat classification
Interpretation Manual of the habitats targeted by Resolution No. 4

Quick facts

EUNIS habitat type code D3.3
Bern Convention Resolution 4 habitat type (used for designation of Emerald sites)

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Name Definition Other names Reference
Oxycocco microcarpi-Empetrion hermaphroditi Nordhagen ex Du Rietz 1954 Bogs of boreal-arctic zones and in alpine belt in nemoral mountain ranges of Eurasia Eu-Fuscion Du Rietz 1950 (orig. form); Oxycocco-Empetrion hermaphroditi Nordhagen 1936; Oxycocco-Empetrion hermaphroditi Nordhagen 1943; Vaccinion microcarpi Julve 1992; Oxycocco-Empetrion hermaphroditi Nordhagen ex Hadac et Vána 1967 Schaminee et al, 2012
Sphagnion cuspidati Krajina 1934 Vegetation of stagnant, acid, dystrophic waters in pools of bogs on deep peats of Europe Caricion rotundatae Kalliola 1939; Droserion intermediae Succow 1974; Molinio caeruleae-Rhynchosporion albae (Koch 1926) de Foucault 1984; Leuko-Scheuchzerion palustris Nordhagen 1943; Rhynchosporion albae sensu auct., non Koch 1926; Scheuchzerio-Rhynchosporion albae Duvigneaud 1949; Scheuchzerion palustris Nordhagen 1936; Scheuchzerion palustris Nordhagen 1937; Scheuchzerion palustris Nordhagen ex Tx. 1937; Sphagnion cuspidati Krajina 1933; Stygio-Caricion limosae Nordhagen 1943; Scheuchzerio-Rhynchosporion albae (Koch 1926) Succow 1974 Schaminee et al, 2012
Caricion fuscae Koch 1926 Fen meadows with dominating sedges and forbs on non-calcareous soils of temperate Europe and high-altitudes of Mediterranean Caricion canescenti-fuscae Nordhagen 1936 nom. mut. propos.; Agrostio caninae-Caricion curtae Julve 1993; Anagallido tenellae-Juncion bulbosi Br.-Bl. 1967; Calamagrostion neglectae Palczynski 1975; Carici-Nardion V. Randelovic 1998; Carici-Narthecion scardici Horvat 1936; Caricion canescenti-fuscae Nordhagen ex Tx. 1937; Caricion canescenti-goodenowii Nordhagen 1936; Caricion canescenti-goodenowii Nordhagen 1937; Caricion nigrae Koch 1926 nom. mut. propos.; Comaro palustris-Juncion effusi Passarge 1999; Drepanocladion exannulati Krajina 1933; Drepanocladion exannulati Krajina 1934; Eriophorion scheuchzeri Hadac 1939; Narthecion scardici Horvat 1936; Narthecion scardici Horvat 1960; Narthecion scardici Horvat ex Lakušic 1968; Narthecion scardici Horvat ex Lakušic 1970; Ranunculo-Caricion fuscae Passarge 1978; Rhynchosporion albae Koch 1926 nom. dubium propos.; Sphagnion teretis Succow 1974; Caricion canescenti-nigrae Nordhagen ex Tx. 1937 nom. mut. propos.; Anagallido tenellae-Juncion acutiflori Br.-Bl. 1967 nom. corr. propos.; Caricion curto-nigrae (Koch 1926) Westhoff et Den Held 1969; Parvocaricion canescentis-fuscae Duvigneaud et Vanden Berghen 1945; Caricion canescenti-nigrae Nordhagen 1936 nom. mut. propos. Schaminee et al, 2012
Sphagno-Tomentypnion Dahl 1956 Calcium-rich fens of boreal zone and mountains of Central Europe Betulo nanae-Tomentypnion nitentis Smagin 1999; Bistorto-Caricion diandrae Smagin 2007; Caricion demissae Rybnícek 1964; Caricion pulicaris Passarge 1964; Caricion tumidicarpae Rybnícek 1964 Schaminee et al, 2012
Caricion lasiocarpae Vanden Berghen in Lebrun et al. 1949 Mesotrophic sedge fens of wet sites on peat and mineral soils of Europe Acrocladio-Caricion Succow 1974; Caricion diandrae Palczynski 1975; Eriophorion gracilis Preising in Oberd. 1957; Junco acutiflori-Caricion lasiocarpae Julve 1993; Junco subnodulosi-Caricion lasiocarpae Julve 1993; Stygio-Caricion limosae Nordhagen 1943 p.p.; Caricion chordorrhizo-lasiocarpae (Vanden Berghen in Lebrun et al. 1949) Julve 1993; Meeseo-Caricion limosae (Preising in Oberd. 1957) Passarge 1978; Carici lasiocarpae-Eriophorion vaginati Voroiov et al. 1997 Schaminee et al, 2012
Caricion atrofusco-saxatilis Nordhagen 1943 Small-sedge calcareous fens of Alps and European Arctic Caricion atrofuscae Nordhagen 1935; Caricion bicoloris Nordhagen 1935; Caricion bicoloris-atrofuscae Nordhagen 1936 Schaminee et al, 2012

Species mentioned in habitat description

Not available

Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 200112 54.A Polygon mires same
CORINE Land Cover 4.1.2. Peatbogs n/a
Ramsar Wetland Types U Non-forested peatlands wider
For relation to plant communities (syntaxa), see Vegetation types


Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200410 D3.3 Polygon mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200308 D3.3 Polygon mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200202 D3.3 Polygon mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 199910 D3.3 Polygon mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 199811 D3.3 Polygon mires same
EUNIS Habitat Classification 199712 X05 Polygon mires same
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 199905 54.A Polygon mires same
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 1997 54.A Polygon mires same
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 1996 54.A   same
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 1993 54.A   same
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