Vall Alta de Serradell-Serra de Sant Gervàs

Quick facts

Source and more information: Natura 2000 Standard Data Form



Species summary

Nature directives' species in this site (25)
Species group Number
Birds 21
Invertebrates 3
Mammals 1

Habitat types

Habitat type code Habitat type english name Cover [ha]
3240 Alpine rivers and their ligneous vegetation with Salix elaeagnos 94.2321
3250 Constantly flowing Mediterranean rivers with Glaucium flavum 1
3260 Water courses of plain to montane levels with the Ranunculion fluitantis and Callitricho-Batrachion vegetation 0.1
4060 Alpine and Boreal heaths 40.909
5110 Stable xero-thermophilous formations with Buxus sempervirens on rock slopes (Berberidion pp) 1014.82
5210 Arborescent matorral with Juniperus spp 26.9717
6170 Alpine and subalpine calcareous grasslands 39.928
6210 Semi-natural dry grasslands and scrubland facies on calcareous substrates (Festuco-Brometalia) (* important orchid sites) 187.832
6410 Molinia meadows on calcareous, peaty or clayey-silt-laden soils (Molinion caeruleae) 1
6420 Mediterranean tall humid grasslands of the Molinio-Holoschoenion 0.4
6510 Lowland hay meadows (Alopecurus pratensis, Sanguisorba officinalis) 8.89055
8210 Calcareous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation 1082.72
9020 Fennoscandian hemiboreal natural old broad-leaved deciduous forests Quercus, Tilia, Acer, Fraxinus or Ulmus) rich in epiphytes 0
9130 Asperulo-Fagetum beech forests 0.2
9150 Medio-European limestone beech forests of the Cephalanthero-Fagion 274.933
9240 Quercus faginea and Quercus canariensis Iberian woods 978.465
92A0 Salix alba and Populus alba galleries 1.6
9340 Quercus ilex and Quercus rotundifolia forests 785.822
9530 (Sub-) Mediterranean pine forests with endemic black pines 237.529
9580 Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods 0.1

Designation information

NATURA 2000 is the ecological network for the conservation of wild animals and plant species and natural habitats of Community importance within the Union. It consists of sites classified under the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive (the Nature Directives).

NATURA 2000 site under

Birds Directive 2009/147/EC (SPA) Under Birds directive
  • Date classified as Special Protection Area (SPA)
March 2005
Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC (SCI) Under Habitats directive
  • Date proposed as Site of Community Importance (SCI)
November 1996
  • Date confirmed as Site of Community Importance
July 2006
Date designated as Special Area of Conservation (SAC) November 2014
Date of Standard data form update December 2014

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Data download The Natura 2000 dataset is available from the European Environment Agency website
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