Boreal Baltic coastal meadows

Description (English)

Coastal meadows, mostly with low growing plant communities in the geolittoral zone, sometimes interspersed with salt patches, salinity is low (brackish water), tide hardly exists but influence from land upheaval occurs. Most of the areas were traditionally used for mowing or grazing, thus enlarging the areas and keeping the vegetation low, rich in vascular plants and suitable for nesting waders. Characteristically the vegetation occurs in distinct zones, with saline vegetation closest to the sea.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 1630)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Boreal - Unfavourable-Bad
Continental - Unfavourable-Bad
Habitat type Priority
Natura 2000 sites 408 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2007-2012 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Favourable: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Unfavourable-Inadequate: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Unfavourable-Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Birds Tringa totanus
Ferns Ophioglossum vulgatum
Flowering Plants Agrostis stolonifera
Flowering Plants Alisma wahlenbergii
Flowering Plants Arctophila fulva
Flowering Plants Blysmus rufus
Flowering Plants Bolboschoenus maritimus
Flowering Plants Calamagrostis stricta
Flowering Plants Carex glareosa
Flowering Plants Carex halophila
Flowering Plants Carex mackenziei
Flowering Plants Carex nigra
Flowering Plants Carex paleacea
Flowering Plants Centaurium littorale
Flowering Plants Centaurium pulchellum
Flowering Plants Deschampsia bottnica
Flowering Plants Eleocharis parvula
Flowering Plants Eleocharis uniglumis
Flowering Plants Euphrasia bottnica
Flowering Plants Festuca rubra
Flowering Plants Hippuris tetraphylla
Flowering Plants Juncus gerardi
Flowering Plants Odontites litoralis
Flowering Plants Plantago maritima
Flowering Plants Primula nutans
Flowering Plants Primula sibirica
Flowering Plants Puccinellia phryganoides
Flowering Plants Salicornia europaea
Flowering Plants Spergularia salina
Flowering Plants Triglochin maritima
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Tringa totanus Redshank Birds
Ophioglossum vulgatum Ferns
Agrostis stolonifera Flowering Plants
Alisma wahlenbergii Flowering Plants
Arctophila fulva Flowering Plants
Blysmus rufus Flowering Plants
Bolboschoenus maritimus Flowering Plants
Calamagrostis stricta Flowering Plants
Carex glareosa Flowering Plants
Carex halophila Flowering Plants
Carex mackenziei Flowering Plants
Carex nigra Flowering Plants
Carex paleacea Flowering Plants
Centaurium littorale Flowering Plants
Centaurium pulchellum Flowering Plants
Deschampsia bottnica Flowering Plants
Eleocharis parvula Flowering Plants
Eleocharis uniglumis Flowering Plants
Euphrasia bottnica Flowering Plants
Festuca rubra Flowering Plants
Hippuris tetraphylla Flowering Plants
Juncus gerardi Flowering Plants
Odontites litoralis Flowering Plants
Plantago maritima Flowering Plants
Primula nutans Flowering Plants
Primula sibirica Flowering Plants
Puccinellia phryganoides Flowering Plants
Salicornia europaea Flowering Plants
Spergularia salina Flowering Plants
Triglochin maritima Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
EE0010126 Estonia Prangli Map
EE0010129 Estonia Pakri Map
EE0010140 Estonia Suurupi Map
EE0010171 Estonia Kolga lahe Map
EE0010173 Estonia Lahemaa Map
EE0010188 Estonia Aegna saare Map
EE0040002 Estonia Väinamere Map
EE0040112 Estonia Paope Map
EE0040113 Estonia Vanamõisa Map
EE0040122 Estonia Kõrgessaare-Mudaste Map
EE0040124 Estonia Tareste Map
EE0040135 Estonia Kõpu Map
EE0040201 Estonia Nõva-Osmussaare Map
EE0040305 Estonia Kabli Map
EE0040312 Estonia Kastna Map
EE0040313 Estonia Kihnu Map
EE0040328 Estonia Manilau-Hanilaiu Map
EE0040330 Estonia Metsapoole Map
EE0040348 Estonia Rannaniidu Map
EE0040349 Estonia Raespa Map
EE0040351 Estonia Luitemaa Map
EE0040352 Estonia Varbla Map
EE0040356 Estonia Sõmeri Map
EE0040363 Estonia Tõstamaa Map
EE0040401 Estonia Abruka Map
EE0040412 Estonia Kahtla-Kübassaare Map
EE0040414 Estonia Karala-Pilguse Map
EE0040418 Estonia Kasti lahe Map
EE0040420 Estonia Kaunispe Map
EE0040428 Estonia Koorunõmme Map
EE0040432 Estonia Küdema lahe Map
EE0040436 Estonia Laidunina Map
EE0040440 Estonia Lindmetsa Map
EE0040441 Estonia Kaugatoma-Lõu Map
EE0040442 Estonia Mäe Map
EE0040443 Estonia Mullutu-Loode Map
EE0040445 Estonia Nässumaa Map
EE0040452 Estonia Pammana Map
EE0040457 Estonia Rannaniidi Map
EE0040458 Estonia Ranna-Põitse Map
EE0040461 Estonia Riksu ranniku Map
EE0040462 Estonia Ruhnu Map
EE0040467 Estonia Sepamaa Map
EE0040469 Estonia Siiksaare-Oessaare Map
EE0040472 Estonia Sutu lahe Map
EE0040476 Estonia Tagamõisa Map
EE0040486 Estonia Väikese väina Map
EE0040490 Estonia Vesitükimaa Map
EE0040496 Estonia Vilsandi Map
FI0100002 Finland Tapelsåsen-Lindöviken-Heimlax Map
FI0100005 Finland Tammisaaren ja Hangon saariston ja Pohjanpitäjänlahden merensuojelualue Map
FI0100006 Finland Tulliniemen linnustonsuojelualue Map
FI0100017 Finland Inkoon saaristo Map
FI0100024 Finland Medvastö-Stormossen Map
FI0100026 Finland Kirkkonummen saaristo (SCI) Map
FI0100027 Finland Espoonlahti-Saunalahti Map
FI0100028 Finland Laajalahden lintuvesi Map
FI0100062 Finland Vanhankaupunginlahden lintuvesi Map
FI0100063 Finland Kallahden harju-, niitty- ja vesialueet Map
FI0100065 Finland Mustavuoren lehto ja Östersundomin lintuvedet Map
FI0100077 Finland Söderskärin ja Långörenin saaristo Map
FI0100078 Finland Pernajanlahtien ja Pernajan saariston merensuojelualue Map
FI0100083 Finland Vahterpään fladat Map
FI0200033 Finland Kasalanjokisuu Map
FI0200037 Finland Tapilanlahti Map
FI0200040 Finland Kolkanaukko Map
FI0200041 Finland Kulju Map
FI0200046 Finland Houtskärin lehdot Map
FI0200047 Finland Iniön saaret Map
FI0200052 Finland Åvensorin lehto Map
FI0200057 Finland Ruissalon lehdot Map
FI0200060 Finland Rauvolanlahti Map
FI0200063 Finland Lenholm Map
FI0200064 Finland Seilin saaristo Map
FI0200065 Finland Pakinaisten saaristo Map
FI0200071 Finland Keistiön fladat Map
FI0200072 Finland Uudenkaupungin saaristo Map
FI0200073 Finland Rauman saaristo Map
FI0200074 Finland Luvian saaristo Map
FI0200075 Finland Gummandooran saaristo Map
FI0200076 Finland Pooskerin saaristo Map
FI0200077 Finland Ouran saaristo Map
FI0200079 Finland Kokemäenjoen suisto Map
FI0200080 Finland Preiviikinlahti Map
FI0200081 Finland Kuuminaistenniemi Map
FI0200083 Finland Kiskonjoen vesistö Map
FI0200090 Finland Saaristomeri Map
FI0200104 Finland Houtskarin pohjoiset saaret Map
FI0200105 Finland Houtskärin nummisaaret Map
FI0200112 Finland Langstet Map
FI0200131 Finland Merikarvian laitumet Map
FI0200169 Finland Hallonnäs Map
FI0200172 Finland Katanpää Map
FI0200185 Finland Ajolan laitumet Map
FI0200193 Finland Örö Map
FI0408001 Finland Itäisen Suomenlahden saaristo ja vedet Map
FI0408010 Finland Klaavun rantaniitty Map
FI0425005 Finland Pappilansaari-Lupinlahti Map
FI0425006 Finland Suviranta Map
FI0800054 Finland Petolahdenjokisuisto Map
FI0800056 Finland Vassorfjärden Map
FI0800064 Finland Lapuanjokisuisto-Bådaviken Map
FI0800112 Finland Lapväärtin kosteikot Map
FI0800130 Finland Merenkurkun saaristo Map
FI0800132 Finland Luodon saaristo Map
FI0800133 Finland Uudenkaarlepyyn saaristo Map
FI0800134 Finland Kristiinankaupungin saaristo Map
FI0800135 Finland Närpiön saaristo Map
FI0800136 Finland Kokkolan saaristo (SCI) Map
FI0800141 Finland Brymsören Map
FI0800154 Finland Pohjoislahden metsä Map
FI1000003 Finland Rummelön-Harrbådan Map
FI1000004 Finland Laajalahti Map
FI1000005 Finland Rahjan saaristo Map
FI1000007 Finland Vihas-Keihäslahti Map
FI1000010 Finland Maakannuskarinlahti ja Viirretjoen suisto Map
FI1000012 Finland Kalajoen suisto Map
FI1000017 Finland Vattajanniemi Map
FI1100201 Finland Hailuoto, pohjoisranta Map
FI1100202 Finland Kirkkosalmi Map
FI1100203 Finland Isomatala-Maasyvänlahti Map
FI1100204 Finland Ojakylänlahti ja Kengänkari Map
FI1100405 Finland Laitakari-Häyrysenniemi-Purjekari Map
FI1100600 Finland Hiastinlahti Map
FI1100601 Finland Iijoen suisto Map
FI1100602 Finland Röyttä Map
FI1102200 Finland Liminganlahti Map
FI1103000 Finland Kempeleenlahden ranta Map
FI1103002 Finland Letonniemi Map
FI1103200 Finland Akionlahti Map
FI1103400 Finland Olkijokisuu-Pattijoen pohjoishaara Map
FI1104201 Finland Parhalahti-Syölätinlahti ja Heinikarinlampi Map
FI1104202 Finland Rajalahti-Perilahti Map
FI1104203 Finland Sunin alue Map
FI1104600 Finland Raahen saaristo Map
FI1105201 Finland Säärenperä ja Karinkannanmatala Map
FI1105202 Finland Siikajoen lintuvedet ja suot Map
FI1300302 Finland Perämeren saaret Map
FI1301911 Finland Pajukari-Uksei-Alkunkarinlahti Map
FI1400001 Finland Ramsholmen Map
FI1400004 Finland Espholm Map
FI1400005 Finland Nåtö - Jungfruskär Map
FI1400023 Finland Idö Map
FI1400056 Finland Idö - Brunnskär Map
FI1400059 Finland Södra Järsö Map
FI1400061 Finland Västra Espholm Map
LV0301700 Latvia Piejura Map
LV0302800 Latvia Engures ezers Map
LV0303500 Latvia Pape Map
LV0507800 Latvia Liepajas ezers Map
LV0509100 Latvia Randu plavas Map
LV0513100 Latvia Babites ezers Map
LV0518300 Latvia Vecdaugava Map
LV0524600 Latvia Jaunciems Map
LV0530800 Latvia Lielupes grivas plavas Map
LV0900700 Latvia Ainazi - Salacgriva Map
SE0110002 Sweden Käringboda Map
SE0110003 Sweden Tullgarn, ost Map
SE0110005 Sweden Häringe-Hammersta Map
SE0110015 Sweden Sandemar Map
SE0110017 Sweden Tyresta-Åva Map
SE0110041 Sweden Ängsö Map
SE0110078 Sweden Bergbofjärden-Häverö Prästäng Map
SE0110080 Sweden Kålsö Map
SE0110082 Sweden Reveln-Kolguskär Map
SE0110087 Sweden Villinge Boskapsö Map
SE0110088 Sweden Bullerö-Bytta Map
SE0110101 Sweden Fifång Map
SE0110113 Sweden Riddersholm Map
SE0110118 Sweden Rånö Ängsholme Map
SE0110119 Sweden Stegsholm Map
SE0110155 Sweden Ytteräng Map
SE0110199 Sweden Varnöfladen Map
SE0110225 Sweden Fiskarudden Map
SE0110249 Sweden Lidö Map
SE0110266 Sweden Rotholma Map
SE0110268 Sweden Rörvik Map
SE0110284 Sweden Söderfladen Map
SE0110294 Sweden Västerängen Map
SE0110299 Sweden Katthavet Map
SE0110306 Sweden Koholmen Map
SE0110318 Sweden Botten Map
SE0110325 Sweden Ledarön Map
SE0110327 Sweden Nora Holmäng Map
SE0110329 Sweden Skanssundet Map
SE0110385 Sweden Arholma-Idö Map
SE0210019 Sweden Hållnäskusten Map
SE0210045 Sweden Hovön-Alnön Map
SE0210052 Sweden Fagerön Map
SE0210212 Sweden Billudden Map
SE0210220 Sweden Kallriga Map
SE0210222 Sweden Ängskär, Bondskäret Map
SE0210227 Sweden Skaten-Rångsen Map
SE0210228 Sweden Örskär Map
SE0210249 Sweden Högbådan Map
SE0210250 Sweden Gräsö gård Map
SE0210251 Sweden Eriksdal-Lönnholmen Map
SE0210256 Sweden Idön Map
SE0210257 Sweden Rävsten Map
SE0210264 Sweden Sundsäng Map
SE0210270 Sweden Slada Map
SE0210280 Sweden Björns skärgård Map
SE0210282 Sweden Gårdskärskusten Map
SE0210285 Sweden Ledskär Map
SE0210286 Sweden Långsandsörarna Map
SE0210313 Sweden Öster-Mörtarö Map
SE0210324 Sweden Sjöhagen Map
SE0210326 Sweden Raggarön Map
SE0220020 Sweden Strandstuviken Map
SE0220021 Sweden Sjösakärren Map
SE0220034 Sweden Tullgarn södra Map
SE0220115 Sweden Marsviken-Marsäng Map
SE0220118 Sweden Labro ängar Map
SE0220119 Sweden Linudden Map
SE0220122 Sweden Västra Djupvik Map
SE0220129 Sweden Skärgårdsreservaten Map
SE0220218 Sweden Stendörren Map
SE0220231 Sweden Rågö Map
SE0220439 Sweden Askö Map
SE0220440 Sweden Borgmästarholmen Map
SE0220603 Sweden Jungfruvassen Map
SE0230055 Sweden Sankt Anna och Gryts skärgårdar Map
SE0230090 Sweden Bråviken yttre Map
SE0230126 Sweden Svensksundsviken Map
SE0230135 Sweden Eknön Map
SE0230138 Sweden Åsvikelandet-Kvädö Map
SE0230142 Sweden Bokö Map
SE0230158 Sweden Djursö Map
SE0230159 Sweden Ängelholm Map
SE0230167 Sweden Jonsberg Map
SE0230171 Sweden Skenäs Map
SE0230180 Sweden Herrborum Map
SE0230192 Sweden Stjärnö-Fågelvik Map
SE0230199 Sweden Kattedal Map
SE0230236 Sweden Djurön Map
SE0230261 Sweden Svensmarö Map
SE0230294 Sweden Ramsdal Map
SE0230321 Sweden Malmölandets ekbackar Map
SE0230328 Sweden Missjö Map
SE0230376 Sweden Bråxvik Map
SE0230378 Sweden Ramnö- och Utsättersfjärden Map
SE0230395 Sweden Arnö (delar av) Map
SE0330024 Sweden Halltorp Map
SE0330032 Sweden Örarevet Map
SE0330052 Sweden Sladö-Äskeskär Map
SE0330054 Sweden Beijershamn och Svansholmarna Map
SE0330068 Sweden Lindö Map
SE0330084 Sweden Södviken Map
SE0330099 Sweden Björnö Map
SE0330108 Sweden Ottenby NR Map
SE0330109 Sweden Eckelsudde Map
SE0330116 Sweden Borga hage Map
SE0330122 Sweden Trollskogen Map
SE0330123 Sweden Värnanäs skärgård Map
SE0330126 Sweden Vållö Map
SE0330131 Sweden Segersgärde Map
SE0330132 Sweden Kvarntorpet Map
SE0330143 Sweden Störlinge sjömarker Map
SE0330144 Sweden Tjusby sjömarker Map
SE0330146 Sweden Husvalla sjömarker Map
SE0330154 Sweden Nabbelund Map
SE0330158 Sweden Horsö-Värsnäs Map
SE0330164 Sweden Rågö (Västerviks skärgård) Map
SE0330166 Sweden Högenäs orde Map
SE0330172 Sweden Lövö Map
SE0330174 Sweden Sydöstra Ölands sjömarker Map
SE0330180 Sweden Furön Map
SE0330186 Sweden Björkö Map
SE0330196 Sweden Högby hamn Map
SE0330214 Sweden Bottorpskusten Map
SE0330216 Sweden Korsgårdens biotopskyddsområden Map
SE0330217 Sweden Värnanäs Map
SE0330253 Sweden Södra Malmö Map
SE0330263 Sweden Strömsrum Map
SE0330264 Sweden Åkerby-Runstens sjömarker Map
SE0330265 Sweden Kapelludden Map
SE0330266 Sweden Egby sjömarker Map
SE0340010 Sweden Näsrevet Map
SE0340016 Sweden Hummelbosholm Map
SE0340017 Sweden Närsholmen Map
SE0340018 Sweden Ugnen Map
SE0340021 Sweden Laus holmar Map
SE0340064 Sweden Brucebo Map
SE0340073 Sweden Furilden Map
SE0340090 Sweden Hall-Hangvar Map
SE0340094 Sweden Langhammars Map
SE0340096 Sweden Norsholmen Map
SE0340098 Sweden Grötlingboudd-Ytterholmen Map
SE0340099 Sweden Faludden Map
SE0340104 Sweden Yttre Stockviken Map
SE0340105 Sweden Södra Grötlingboudd Map
SE0340106 Sweden Sigdesholm Map
SE0340114 Sweden Ålarve Map
SE0340120 Sweden Bästeträsk Map
SE0340127 Sweden Skenholmen Map
SE0340149 Sweden Gannarveviken Map
SE0340153 Sweden Marpesträsk Map
SE0340154 Sweden Asunden Map
SE0340156 Sweden Liste-Hammars Map
SE0340161 Sweden Austerrum Map
SE0340162 Sweden Flisviken Map
SE0340163 Sweden Näsudden Map
SE0340165 Sweden Kronholmen Map
SE0340167 Sweden Lausvik Map
SE0340170 Sweden Petesvik Map
SE0410042 Sweden Tromtö-Almö Map
SE0410062 Sweden Valje Map
SE0410066 Sweden Spraglehall Map
SE0410088 Sweden Järnavik Map
SE0410089 Sweden Sonekulla Map
SE0410094 Sweden Skärva Map
SE0410098 Sweden Järkö Map
SE0410099 Sweden Hästholmen-Öppenskär Map
SE0410100 Sweden Senora Svenö Map
SE0410101 Sweden Uttorp Map
SE0410104 Sweden Torhamns udde Map
SE0410113 Sweden Isaks kläpp Map
SE0410114 Sweden Knösö Map
SE0410121 Sweden Lindö udde Map
SE0410123 Sweden Eriksberg Map
SE0410124 Sweden Bockön-Mjöön Map
SE0410125 Sweden Fölsö Map
SE0410130 Sweden Stora Rom Map
SE0410134 Sweden Tjärö Map
SE0410156 Sweden Sillnäs Map
SE0410157 Sweden Kråkenabben Map
SE0410173 Sweden Smygen Map
SE0410174 Sweden Gömarken Map
SE0410175 Sweden Map
SE0410176 Sweden Blötö-Kidö Map
SE0410181 Sweden Stora Hammar-Varö-Lillö Map
SE0410188 Sweden Björkenabben Map
SE0410211 Sweden Vångsö-Biskopsmåla Map
SE0410221 Sweden Idholm Map
SE0410222 Sweden Östra Möcklö Map
SE0410224 Sweden Utlängan Map
SE0410225 Sweden Sandhamn Map
SE0410226 Sweden Valludden Map
SE0410231 Sweden Ryamad Map
SE0420129 Sweden Simris strandängar Map
SE0420134 Sweden Stenshuvud Map
SE0420274 Sweden Edenryd Map
SE0420275 Sweden Tostebergakusten Map
SE0420276 Sweden Östra Hammaren-Käringören Map
SE0420307 Sweden Helge å Map
SE0630026 Sweden Orarna Map
SE0630028 Sweden Harkskärsfjärden Map
SE0630089 Sweden Hölick Map
SE0630155 Sweden Stenöorn Map
SE0630166 Sweden Axmar-Gåsholma Map
SE0630172 Sweden Gnarps Masugn Map
SE0630178 Sweden Sörsundet Map
SE0630239 Sweden Limön Map
SE0630240 Sweden Vitgrund-Norrskär Map
SE0710016 Sweden Långharsholmen Map
SE0710152 Sweden Stornäset Map
SE0710169 Sweden Tolvösand Map
SE0710221 Sweden Myckeläng hagmark Map
SE0810001 Sweden Kronören Map
SE0810009 Sweden Strömbäck-Kont Map
SE0810010 Sweden Holmöarna Map
SE0810011 Sweden Skeppsviksskärgården Map
SE0810031 Sweden Rataskär Map
SE0810033 Sweden Hertsånger Map
SE0810076 Sweden Utstenarna Map
SE0810365 Sweden Ostnäs Map
SE0810407 Sweden Röjtingssundet Map
SE0810440 Sweden Kågefjärdens havsstrandängar Map
SE0810441 Sweden Skallön Map
SE0820004 Sweden Stor-Räbben Map
SE0820035 Sweden Rödkallen-SörÄspen Map
SE0820104 Sweden Eriksören-Svartholmen Map
SE0820108 Sweden Haparanda skärgård Map
SE0820299 Sweden Säivisnäs Map
SE0820300 Sweden Björn Map
SE0820302 Sweden Granholmen Map
SE0820303 Sweden Likskär Map
SE0820304 Sweden Bådan Map
SE0820305 Sweden Likskäret Map
SE0820306 Sweden Kluntarna Map
SE0820307 Sweden Norr-Äspen Map
SE0820309 Sweden Halsören Map
SE0820312 Sweden Skags-Furuholmen Map
SE0820313 Sweden Båtöfjärden Map
SE0820314 Sweden Harufjärden Map
SE0820316 Sweden Massan Map
SE0820320 Sweden Haparanda Sandskär Map
SE0820321 Sweden Riekkola-Välivaara Map
SE0820322 Sweden Sikören Map
SE0820323 Sweden Bergöfjärden Map
SE0820324 Sweden Hästholmen Map
SE0820327 Sweden Kalix yttre skärgård Map
SE0820329 Sweden Patta Peken Map
SE0820330 Sweden Vargödraget Map
SE0820332 Sweden Holsterörarna Map
SE0820452 Sweden Skrakahällan Map
SE0820456 Sweden Skatabryggan Map
SE0820629 Sweden Bondöfjärden Map
SE0820631 Sweden Vargön Map
SE0820701 Sweden Storgrundet Map
SE0820703 Sweden Kraaseli-Selkäkari Map
SE0820704 Sweden Rånefjärden Map
SE0820709 Sweden Vuonoviken Map
SE0820710 Sweden Kraaseli Map
SE0820712 Sweden Riekkola Map
SE0820724 Sweden Malören Map
SE0820735 Sweden Stora Hepokari Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Relation to habitat classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.521 Atlantic and Baltic brackish saltmarsh communities overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.5 Coastal saltmarshes and saline reedbeds narrower
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.531 Atlantic upper shore communities overlap
EUNIS Habitat Classification 200711 A2.53D Geolittoral wetlands and meadows: saline and brackish reed, rush and sedge stands narrower
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Agrostis stolonifera-Triglochin palustre -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Eleocharis uniglumis-Agrostis stolonifera -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Carex aquatilis-Calamagrostis stricta -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Spergularia salina -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Eleocharis parvula -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Blysmus rufus-Carex viridula-Centaurium spp. -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Juncus gerardii-Festuca rubra -type overlap
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Eleocharis acicularis -type overlap
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