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Arborescent matorral with Laurus nobilis

Description (English)

Humid arborescent matorral with tall laurel (Laurus nobilis). The syntaxa of the Spanish types are: Quercetea ilicis, Querco-Oleion sylvestris: Viburno tini-Fraxinetum orni lauretosum nobilis (southern mountains of Valencia); Quercion ilicis:Lauro-Quercetum ilicis facies of Laurus nobilis (from the Asturias to the Basque Country).

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 5230)
Habitat type Priority
Natura 2000 sites 109 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status

Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Arbutus unedo
Flowering Plants Ceratonia siliqua
Flowering Plants Fraxinus ornus
Flowering Plants Laurus nobilis
Flowering Plants Olea europaea var. sylvestris
Flowering Plants Phillyrea latifolia
Flowering Plants Quercus ilex
Flowering Plants Viburnum tinus
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Arbutus unedo Flowering Plants
Ceratonia siliqua Flowering Plants
Fraxinus ornus Flowering Plants
Laurus nobilis Flowering Plants
Olea europaea var. sylvestris Flowering Plants
Phillyrea latifolia Flowering Plants
Quercus ilex Flowering Plants
Viburnum tinus Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
ES0000073 Spain Costa Brava de Mallorca Map
ES0000085 Spain Ribadeo Map
ES0000086 Spain Ría de Ortigueira e Ladrido Map
ES0000144 Spain Urdaibaiko itsasadarra / Ría de Urdaibai Map
ES0000176 Spain Costa da Morte (Norte) Map
ES0000225 Spain Sa Costera Map
ES0000258 Spain Costa de Ferrolterra - Valdoviño Map
ES0000317 Spain Penarronda-Barayo Map
ES0000319 Spain Ría de Ribadesella-Ría de Tinamayor Map
ES0000372 Spain Costa da Mariña occidental Map
ES1110001 Spain Ortigueira - Mera Map
ES1110002 Spain Costa Ártabra Map
ES1110003 Spain Fragas do Eume Map
ES1110005 Spain Costa da Morte Map
ES1110006 Spain Complexo húmido de Corrubedo Map
ES1110008 Spain Carnota - Monte Pindo Map
ES1110010 Spain Estaca de Bares Map
ES1110011 Spain Esteiro do Tambre Map
ES1110012 Spain Monte e lagoa de Louro Map
ES1120001 Spain Ancares - Courel Map
ES1120002 Spain Río Eo Map
ES1120014 Spain Canón do Sil Map
ES1120017 Spain Costa da Mariña occidental Map
ES1130002 Spain Macizo Central Map
ES1140001 Spain Sistema fluvial Ulla - Deza Map
ES1140005 Spain Monte Aloia Map
ES1200001 Spain Picos de Europa (Asturias) Map
ES1200006 Spain Ría de Villaviciosa Map
ES1200016 Spain Ría del Eo Map
ES1300002 Spain Montaña oriental Map
ES1300003 Spain Rias occidentales y Duna de Oyambre Map
ES1300005 Spain Dunas del Puntal y Estuario del Miera Map
ES1300006 Spain Costa central y Ría de Ajo Map
ES1300010 Spain Río Pas Map
ES1300011 Spain Río Asón Map
ES1300015 Spain Río Miera Map
ES2130006 Spain Urdaibaiko ibai sarea / Red fluvial de Urdaibai Map
ES2130007 Spain Urdaibaiko itsasertzak eta padurak / Zonas litorales y marismas de Urdaibai Map
ES2130008 Spain Urdaibaiko artadi kantauriarrak / Encinares cantábricos de Urdaibai Map
ES2200024 Spain Ríos Ega-Urederra Map
ES2200029 Spain Sierra de Codés Map
ES2200030 Spain Tramo medio del río Aragón Map
ES5110010 Spain Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Map
ES5110011 Spain Serres del Litoral Septentrional Map
ES5110012 Spain Montserrat-Roques Blanques-riu Llobregat Map
ES5110024 Spain Serra de Collserola Map
ES5120013 Spain Massís de les Cadiretes Map
ES5213042 Spain Valls de la Marina Map
ES5233013 Spain Serra de Corbera Map
ES5233015 Spain Serres del Montdúver i Marxuquera Map
ES5310028 Spain Es Binis Map
ES5310127 Spain Costa Brava de Tramuntana Map
IT5160008 Italy Monte Calvi di Campiglia Map
IT51A0025 Italy Monte Argentario, Isolotto di Porto Ercole e Argentarola Map
IT5320007 Italy Monte Conero Map
IT5320015 Italy Monte Conero Map
IT6020026 Italy Forre alveali dell'Alta Sabina Map
IT6030004 Italy Valle di Rio Fiume Map
IT6030005 Italy Comprensorio Tolfetano-Cerite-Manziate Map
IT6030016 Italy Antica Lavinium - Pratica di Mare Map
IT6030022 Italy Bosco di Palo Laziale Map
IT6030084 Italy Castel Porziano (Tenuta presidenziale) Map
IT7120213 Italy Montagne dei Fiori e di Campli e Gole del Salinello Map
IT9310027 Italy Fiume Rosa Map
IT9310303 Italy Pollino e Orsomarso Map
IT9340090 Italy Fiumara di Brattirò (Valle Ruffa) Map
ITA010010 Italy Monte San Giuliano Map
ITA010014 Italy Sciare di Marsala Map
ITA010022 Italy Complesso Monti di Santa Ninfa - Gibellina e Grotta di Santa Ninfa Map
ITA020007 Italy Boschi Ficuzza e Cappelliere, Vallone Cerasa, Castagneti Mezzojuso Map
ITA020011 Italy Rocche di Castronuovo, Pizzo Lupo, Gurghi di S. Andrea Map
ITA020012 Italy Valle del Fiume Oreto Map
ITA020020 Italy Querceti sempreverdi di Geraci Siculo e Castelbuono Map
ITA020035 Italy Monte Genuardo e Santa Maria del Bosco Map
ITA020048 Italy Monti Sicani, Rocca Busambra e Bosco della Ficuzza Map
ITA020050 Italy Parco delle Madonie Map
ITA060008 Italy Contrada Giammaiano Map
ITA080002 Italy Alto corso del Fiume Irmino Map
ITA090015 Italy Torrente Sapillone Map
ITA090023 Italy Monte Lauro Map
ITB011102 Italy Catena del Marghine e del Goceano Map
ITB020040 Italy Valle del Temo Map
ITB021101 Italy Altopiano di Campeda Map
ITB023037 Italy Costa e Entroterra di Bosa, Suni e Montresta Map
ITB023050 Italy Piana di Semestene, Bonorva, Macomer e Bortigali Map
ITB023051 Italy Altopiano di Abbasanta Map
ITB031104 Italy Media Valle del Tirso e Altopiano di Abbasanta - Rio Siddu Map
ITB032201 Italy Riu Sos Mulinos - Sos Lavros - M. Urtigu Map
ITB041105 Italy Foresta di Monte Arcosu Map
ITB044009 Italy Foresta di Monte Arcosu Map
MT0000004 Malta Il-Maqluba (limiti tal-Qrendi) Map
MT0000018 Malta L-Inħawi tal-Buskett u tal-Girgenti Map
MT0000024 Malta Rdumijiet ta' Malta: Ir-Ramla taċ-Ċirkewwa sal-Ponta ta' Bengħisa Map
PTCON0001 Portugal Peneda / Gerês Map
PTCON0008 Portugal Sintra / Cascais Map
PTCON0010 Portugal Arrábida / Espichel Map
PTCON0014 Portugal Serra da Estrela Map
PTCON0015 Portugal Serras d'Aire e Candeeiros Map
PTCON0016 Portugal Cambarinho Map
PTCON0037 Portugal Monchique Map
PTCON0045 Portugal Sicó / Alvaiázere Map
PTCON0047 Portugal Serras da Freita e Arada Map
PTCON0048 Portugal Serra de Montejunto Map
PTCON0051 Portugal Complexo do Açor Map
PTCON0055 Portugal Dunas de Mira, Gândara e Gafanhas Map
PTCON0059 Portugal Rio Paiva Map
PTCON0060 Portugal Serra da Lousã Map

Protected sites

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