Boreal Baltic islets and small islands

Description (English)

Groups of skerries, islets or single small islands, mainly in the outer archipelago or offshore areas. Composed of Precambrian, metamorphic bedrock, till or sediment. The vegetation of boreal Baltic islets and small islands is influenced by the brackish water environment, the ongoing land upheaval (in areas with intense land upheaval) and the climate conditions. The vegetation types are influenced by wind, dry weather, salt and many hours of sunlight. Land-upheaval causes a succession of different vegetation types. Bare bedrock is common. A lot of small islands have no trees. The vegetation is usually very sparse and consists often of mosaic-like pioneer vegetation communities. In some islands the species are favored by nitrogenous excrement from birds. Many of the plants are xerophytic and lichens are common. Temporary or permanent rockpools are common and these are inhabited by a variety of aquatic plant and animal species. Boreal Baltic islets and small islands are important nesting sites for birds and resting sites for seals. The surrounding sublittoral vegetation is also included in the type 1620.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 1620)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Boreal - Poor
Continental - Poor
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 220 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Algae Ceramium tenuicorne
Algae Chorda filum
Algae Cladophora glomerata
Algae Cladophora rupestris
Algae Fucus vesiculosus
Algae Furcellaria lumbricalis
Algae Pilayella littoralis
Birds Alca torda
Birds Arenaria interpres
Birds Cepphus grylle
Birds Larus fuscus
Birds Stercorarius parasiticus
Birds Sterna caspia
Birds Uria aalge
Conifers Juniperus communis
Flowering Plants Agrostis stolonifera
Flowering Plants Allium schoenoprasum
Flowering Plants Cochlearia danica
Flowering Plants Lemna minor
Flowering Plants Sedum acre
Flowering Plants Sedum telephium
Flowering Plants Silene viscosa
Flowering Plants Viola tricolor
Invertebrates Balanus improvisus
Invertebrates Mytilus edulis
Mammals Halichoerus grypus
Mammals Phoca hispida
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Ceramium tenuicorne Algae
Chorda filum Algae
Cladophora glomerata Algae
Cladophora rupestris Algae
Fucus vesiculosus Algae
Furcellaria lumbricalis Algae
Pilayella littoralis Algae
Alca torda Razorbill Birds
Arenaria interpres Turnstone Birds
Cepphus grylle Black Guillemot Birds
Larus fuscus Lesser Black-backed Gull Birds
Stercorarius parasiticus Artic Skua Birds
Sterna caspia Caspian Tern Birds
Uria aalge Guillemot Birds
Juniperus communis Conifers
Agrostis stolonifera Flowering Plants
Allium schoenoprasum Flowering Plants
Cochlearia danica Flowering Plants
Lemna minor Flowering Plants
Sedum acre Flowering Plants
Sedum telephium Flowering Plants
Silene viscosa Flowering Plants
Viola tricolor Flowering Plants
Balanus improvisus Invertebrates
Mytilus edulis Invertebrates
Halichoerus grypus Grey seal Mammals
Phoca hispida Ringed seal Mammals

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
EE0010126 Estonia Prangli Map
EE0010129 Estonia Pakri Map
EE0010140 Estonia Suurupi Map
EE0010154 Estonia Krassi Map
EE0010171 Estonia Kolga lahe Map
EE0010173 Estonia Lahemaa Map
EE0040002 Estonia Väinamere Map
EE0040112 Estonia Paope Map
EE0040113 Estonia Vanamõisa Map
EE0040122 Estonia Kõrgessaare-Mudaste Map
EE0040201 Estonia Nõva-Osmussaare Map
EE0040313 Estonia Kihnu Map
EE0040328 Estonia Manilau-Hanilaiu Map
EE0040351 Estonia Luitemaa Map
EE0040358 Estonia Sorgu Map
EE0040363 Estonia Tõstamaa Map
EE0040401 Estonia Abruka Map
EE0040402 Estonia Allirahu Map
EE0040412 Estonia Kahtla-Kübassaare Map
EE0040414 Estonia Karala-Pilguse Map
EE0040418 Estonia Kasti lahe Map
EE0040421 Estonia Kerju Map
EE0040432 Estonia Küdema lahe Map
EE0040441 Estonia Kaugatoma-Lõu Map
EE0040452 Estonia Pammana Map
EE0040461 Estonia Riksu ranniku Map
EE0040462 Estonia Ruhnu Map
EE0040469 Estonia Siiksaare-Oessaare Map
EE0040472 Estonia Sutu lahe Map
EE0040486 Estonia Väikese väina Map
EE0040490 Estonia Vesitükimaa Map
EE0040496 Estonia Vilsandi Map
EE0060220 Estonia Uhtju Map
EE0060271 Estonia Toolse Map
FI0100005 Finland Tammisaaren ja Hangon saariston ja Pohjanpitäjänlahden merensuojelualue Map
FI0100006 Finland Tulliniemen linnustonsuojelualue Map
FI0100017 Finland Inkoon saaristo Map
FI0100026 Finland Kirkkonummen saaristo (SCI) Map
FI0100077 Finland Söderskärin ja Långörenin saaristo Map
FI0100078 Finland Pernajanlahtien ja Pernajan saariston merensuojelualue Map
FI0100089 Finland Kallbådanin luodot ja vesialue Map
FI0200046 Finland Houtskärin lehdot Map
FI0200064 Finland Seilin saaristo Map
FI0200067 Finland Lövskärsfjärdenin reunasaaret Map
FI0200072 Finland Uudenkaupungin saaristo Map
FI0200073 Finland Rauman saaristo Map
FI0200074 Finland Luvian saaristo Map
FI0200075 Finland Gummandooran saaristo Map
FI0200076 Finland Pooskerin saaristo Map
FI0200077 Finland Ouran saaristo Map
FI0200080 Finland Preiviikinlahti Map
FI0200090 Finland Saaristomeri Map
FI0200105 Finland Houtskärin nummisaaret Map
FI0200112 Finland Langstet Map
FI0200146 Finland Lohm-Kulm-Ängö Map
FI0200193 Finland Örö Map
FI0408001 Finland Itäisen Suomenlahden saaristo ja vedet Map
FI0800130 Finland Merenkurkun saaristo Map
FI0800132 Finland Luodon saaristo Map
FI0800133 Finland Uudenkaarlepyyn saaristo Map
FI0800134 Finland Kristiinankaupungin saaristo Map
FI0800135 Finland Närpiön saaristo Map
FI0800136 Finland Kokkolan saaristo (SCI) Map
FI0800160 Finland Ängesholmen Map
FI1000005 Finland Rahjan saaristo Map
FI1000017 Finland Vattajanniemi Map
FI1100203 Finland Isomatala-Maasyvänlahti Map
FI1100204 Finland Ojakylänlahti ja Kengänkari Map
FI1100602 Finland Röyttä Map
FI1102200 Finland Liminganlahti Map
FI1104600 Finland Raahen saaristo Map
FI1105201 Finland Säärenperä ja Karinkannanmatala Map
FI1300302 Finland Perämeren saaret Map
FI1400003 Finland Svartnö - Kaja Map
FI1400005 Finland Nåtö - Jungfruskär Map
FI1400006 Finland Björkör Map
FI1400007 Finland Sandskär Map
FI1400009 Finland Granö Map
FI1400010 Finland Långskär - Sandskär Map
FI1400012 Finland Blåskären - Salungarna - Stora Bredgrundet Map
FI1400013 Finland Stora Lökskär Map
FI1400015 Finland Lillnäsberget - Tingö Map
FI1400023 Finland Idö Map
FI1400028 Finland Skålklobbarna Map
FI1400029 Finland Gadden Map
FI1400030 Finland Södra Sandbäck Map
FI1400031 Finland Ytterstberg Map
FI1400032 Finland Norrö Map
FI1400035 Finland Märrkallarna - Åbergsgrynnan - Mjölskärskallen Map
FI1400039 Finland Idskär - Mellanskär - Skatan Map
FI1400040 Finland Klåvskär Map
FI1400042 Finland Långör - Östra Sundskär Map
FI1400047 Finland Signilskär - Märket Map
FI1400048 Finland Läggningsbådan Map
FI1400054 Finland Mörskär Map
FI1400056 Finland Idö - Brunnskär Map
FI1400057 Finland Örskär - Fjällskär Map
FI1400058 Finland Lågskär Map
FI1400062 Finland Knöppelskär - Pargrund - Kråkskär Map
FI1400064 Finland Rannö Map
FI1400067 Finland Vikarskären Map
SE0110085 Sweden Utö Map
SE0110086 Sweden Fjärdlång Map
SE0110087 Sweden Villinge Boskapsö Map
SE0110088 Sweden Bullerö-Bytta Map
SE0110092 Sweden Stora Nassa Map
SE0110096 Sweden Svenska Högarna Map
SE0110111 Sweden Huvudskär Map
SE0110124 Sweden Svenska Björn Map
SE0110140 Sweden Norrpada Map
SE0110147 Sweden Tullviksbäcken Map
SE0110211 Sweden Arsläjan Map
SE0110260 Sweden Samnäsfjärden Map
SE0210019 Sweden Hållnäskusten Map
SE0210220 Sweden Kallriga Map
SE0210222 Sweden Ängskär, Bondskäret Map
SE0210227 Sweden Skaten-Rångsen Map
SE0210228 Sweden Örskär Map
SE0210248 Sweden Grillskäret Map
SE0210249 Sweden Högbådan Map
SE0210270 Sweden Slada Map
SE0210280 Sweden Björns skärgård Map
SE0210286 Sweden Långsandsörarna Map
SE0220028 Sweden Hävringe-Källskären Map
SE0220034 Sweden Tullgarn södra Map
SE0220129 Sweden Skärgårdsreservaten Map
SE0220215 Sweden Bokö-Oxnö Map
SE0220218 Sweden Stendörren Map
SE0220231 Sweden Rågö Map
SE0220439 Sweden Askö Map
SE0220509 Sweden Kråmö Map
SE0230055 Sweden Sankt Anna och Gryts skärgårdar Map
SE0230090 Sweden Bråviken yttre Map
SE0230126 Sweden Svensksundsviken Map
SE0230138 Sweden Åsvikelandet-Kvädö Map
SE0230142 Sweden Bokö Map
SE0230328 Sweden Missjö Map
SE0230370 Sweden Stora Rimmö Map
SE0230394 Sweden Södra Lunda Map
SE0330049 Sweden Misterhult Map
SE0330052 Sweden Sladö-Äskeskär Map
SE0330054 Sweden Beijershamn och Svansholmarna Map
SE0330068 Sweden Lindö Map
SE0330084 Sweden Södviken Map
SE0330106 Sweden Storö Map
SE0330123 Sweden Värnanäs skärgård Map
SE0330126 Sweden Vållö Map
SE0330127 Sweden Virbo med Ekö Map
SE0330131 Sweden Segersgärde Map
SE0330143 Sweden Störlinge sjömarker Map
SE0330144 Sweden Tjusby sjömarker Map
SE0330158 Sweden Horsö-Värsnäs Map
SE0330159 Sweden Örö Sankor Map
SE0330164 Sweden Rågö (Västerviks skärgård) Map
SE0330172 Sweden Lövö Map
SE0330174 Sweden Sydöstra Ölands sjömarker Map
SE0330180 Sweden Furön Map
SE0330186 Sweden Björkö Map
SE0330187 Sweden Jutskär Map
SE0330189 Sweden Stora Grindö Map
SE0330190 Sweden Städsholmen Map
SE0330191 Sweden Trässö Map
SE0330253 Sweden Södra Malmö Map
SE0410040 Sweden Utklippan Map
SE0410042 Sweden Tromtö-Almö Map
SE0410046 Sweden Bräkne-Hoby skärgård Map
SE0410047 Sweden Björkeskärven Map
SE0410071 Sweden Stärnö Map
SE0410099 Sweden Hästholmen-Öppenskär Map
SE0410104 Sweden Torhamns udde Map
SE0410113 Sweden Isaks kläpp Map
SE0410124 Sweden Bockön-Mjöön Map
SE0410134 Sweden Tjärö Map
SE0410163 Sweden Tärnö-Harö-Brorsö Map
SE0410175 Sweden Map
SE0410181 Sweden Stora Hammar-Varö-Lillö Map
SE0410211 Sweden Vångsö-Biskopsmåla Map
SE0410212 Sweden Gåsfeten Map
SE0410233 Sweden Elleholm Map
SE0420274 Sweden Edenryd Map
SE0420275 Sweden Tostebergakusten Map
SE0420276 Sweden Östra Hammaren-Käringören Map
SE0630026 Sweden Orarna Map
SE0630027 Sweden Eggegrund och Gråsjälsbådan Map
SE0630068 Sweden Agön-Kråkön Map
SE0630089 Sweden Hölick Map
SE0630139 Sweden Långvind Map
SE0630166 Sweden Axmar-Gåsholma Map
SE0630170 Sweden Vitörarna Map
SE0630172 Sweden Gnarps Masugn Map
SE0630173 Sweden Gran Map
SE0630240 Sweden Vitgrund-Norrskär Map
SE0710042 Sweden Högbonden Map
SE0710056 Sweden Trysunda Map
SE0710143 Sweden Gnäggen Map
SE0710199 Sweden Grönviksmyran Map
SE0810001 Sweden Kronören Map
SE0810002 Sweden Bonden Map
SE0810003 Sweden Snöanskärgården Map
SE0810009 Sweden Strömbäck-Kont Map
SE0810010 Sweden Holmöarna Map
SE0810011 Sweden Skeppsviksskärgården Map
SE0810031 Sweden Rataskär Map
SE0810033 Sweden Hertsånger Map
SE0810034 Sweden Bjuröklubb Map
SE0810365 Sweden Ostnäs Map
SE0810441 Sweden Skallön Map
SE0810456 Sweden Klubben-Rickleån Map
SE0820004 Sweden Stor-Räbben Map
SE0820035 Sweden Rödkallen-SörÄspen Map
SE0820301 Sweden Trutskär Map
SE0820303 Sweden Likskär Map
SE0820306 Sweden Kluntarna Map
SE0820313 Sweden Båtöfjärden Map
SE0820314 Sweden Harufjärden Map
SE0820327 Sweden Kalix yttre skärgård Map
SE0820330 Sweden Vargödraget Map
SE0820629 Sweden Bondöfjärden Map
SE0820710 Sweden Kraaseli Map

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