Rivers with muddy banks with Chenopodion rubri pp and Bidention pp vegetation

Description (English)

Muddy river banks of plain to submontane levels, with annual pioneer nitrophilous vegetation of the Chenopodion rubri p.p. and the Bidention p.p. alliances. During the spring and at the beginning of the summer, corresponding sites look like muddy banks without any vegetation (late development in the year). If the conditions are not favourable, this vegetation has a weak development or could be completely absent.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 3270)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Alpine - Poor
Atlantic - Bad
Black Sea - Good
Boreal - Poor
Continental - Poor
Mediterranean - Poor
Pannonian - Good
Steppic - Good
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 902 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Bidens frondosa
Flowering Plants Chenopodium rubrum
Flowering Plants Polygonum lapathifolium
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Bidens frondosa Flowering Plants
Chenopodium rubrum Flowering Plants
Polygonum lapathifolium Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
AT1122916 Austria Lafnitztal Map
AT1201A00 Austria Waldviertler Teich-, Heide- und Moorlandschaft Map
AT1202000 Austria March-Thaya-Auen Map
AT1204000 Austria Donau-Auen östlich von Wien Map
AT1205A00 Austria Wachau Map
AT1207A00 Austria Kamp- und Kremstal Map
AT1216000 Austria Tullnerfelder Donau-Auen Map
AT1218000 Austria Machland Süd Map
AT1219000 Austria Niederösterreichische Alpenvorlandflüsse Map
AT1220000 Austria Feuchte Ebene - Leithaauen Map
AT2208000 Austria Lafnitztal - Neudauer Teiche Map
AT2213000 Austria Steirische Grenzmur mit Gamlitzbach und Gnasbach Map
AT2225000 Austria Demmerkogel-Südhänge, Wellinggraben mit Sulm-, Saggau- und Laßnitzabschnitten und Pößnitzbach Map
AT3105000 Austria Unterer Inn Map
AT3119000 Austria Auwälder am Unteren Inn Map
AT3132000 Austria Machland Nord Map
AT3304000 Austria Karwendel Map
AT3305000 Austria Ötztaler Alpen Map
BE2200037 Belgium Uiterwaarden langs de Limburgse Maas met Vijverbroek Map
BE2300006 Belgium Schelde- en Durmeëstuarium van de Nederlandse grens tot Gent Map
BE34003C0 Belgium Vallée de l'Ourthe entre Hotton et Barvaux-sur-Ourthe Map
BE34042C0 Belgium Bassin de la Semois de Bouillon à Alle Map
BE34046C0 Belgium Bassin de la Semois de Florenville à Auby Map
BE35021C0 Belgium Vallée de la Lesse en aval de Houyet Map
BE35045C0 Belgium Vallée de la Semois en aval d'Alle Map
BG0000182 Bulgaria Orsoya Map
BG0000192 Bulgaria Reka Tundzha 1 Map
BG0000199 Bulgaria Tsibar Map
BG0000232 Bulgaria Batin Map
BG0000239 Bulgaria Obnova - Karaman dol Map
BG0000241 Bulgaria Srebarna Map
BG0000334 Bulgaria Ostrov Map
BG0000335 Bulgaria Karaboaz Map
BG0000377 Bulgaria Kalimok - Brashlen Map
BG0000396 Bulgaria Persina Map
BG0000425 Bulgaria Reka Sazliyka Map
BG0000503 Bulgaria Reka Lom Map
BG0000508 Bulgaria Reka Skat Map
BG0000517 Bulgaria Portitovtsi - Vladimirovo Map
BG0000524 Bulgaria Orizishteto Map
BG0000525 Bulgaria Timok Map
BG0000529 Bulgaria Marten - Ryahovo Map
BG0000530 Bulgaria Pozharevo - Garvan Map
BG0000532 Bulgaria Ostrov Bliznatsi Map
BG0000533 Bulgaria Ostrovi Kozloduy Map
BG0000534 Bulgaria Ostrov Chayka Map
BG0000578 Bulgaria Reka Maritsa Map
BG0000610 Bulgaria Reka Yantra Map
BG0000613 Bulgaria Reka Iskar Map
BG0000614 Bulgaria Reka Ogosta Map
BG0001007 Bulgaria Strandzha Map
BG0001013 Bulgaria Skrino Map
BG0001021 Bulgaria Reka Mesta Map
BG0001042 Bulgaria Iskarski prolom - Rzhana Map
CZ0214017 Czech Republic Karlštejn - Koda Map
CZ0323159 Czech Republic Plzeň - Zábělá Map
CZ0410020 Czech Republic Ramena Ohře Map
CZ0420012 Czech Republic Želinský meandr Map
CZ0424111 Czech Republic Labské údolí Map
CZ0424141 Czech Republic Porta Bohemica Map
CZ0624068 Czech Republic Strážnická Morava Map
CZ0624095 Czech Republic Údolí Dyje Map
CZ0624119 Czech Republic Soutok - Podluží Map
DE2526302 Germany Heuckenlock/Schweenssand Map
DE2526305 Germany Hamburger Unterelbe Map
DE2526332 Germany Elbe zwischen Geesthacht und Hamburg Map
DE2527303 Germany Borghorster Elblandschaft Map
DE2527391 Germany Besenhorster Sandberge und Elbinsel Map
DE2528331 Germany Elbeniederung zwischen Schnackenburg und Geesthacht Map
DE2627301 Germany Zollenspieker/Kiebitzbrack Map
DE2628392 Germany Elbe mit Hohem Elbufer von Tesperhude bis Lauenburg mit angr. Fl. Map
DE2630303 Germany Elbtallandschaft und Sudeniederung bei Boizenburg Map
DE2809331 Germany Ems Map
DE2833301 Germany Werder Besandten Map
DE2833306 Germany Elbtallandschaft und Löcknitzniederung bei Dömitz Map
DE2933301 Germany Werder Kietz Map
DE2934302 Germany Lenzen-Wustrower Elbniederung Map
DE2934304 Germany Werder Mödlich Map
DE2935301 Germany Aland-Elbe-Niederung nördlich Seehausen Map
DE2935304 Germany Elbdeichvorland Jagel Map
DE2935306 Germany Elbe Map
DE2951302 Germany Unteres Odertal Map
DE3021331 Germany Aller (mit Barnbruch), untere Leine, untere Oker Map
DE3036301 Germany Elbaue Beuster-Wahrenberg Map
DE3036304 Germany Elbdeichvorland Map
DE3138301 Germany Elbaue Werben und Alte Elbe Kannenberg Map
DE3151301 Germany Oderwiesen Neurüdnitz Map
DE3238302 Germany Elbaue zwischen Sandau und Schönhausen Map
DE3252301 Germany Odervorland Gieshof Map
DE3319332 Germany Teichfledermaus-Gewässer im Raum Nienburg Map
DE3352301 Germany Oderaue Kienitz Map
DE3353301 Germany Oderaue Genschmar Map
DE3437302 Germany Elbaue zwischen Derben und Schönhausen Map
DE3453301 Germany Oderinsel Kietz Map
DE3536302 Germany Tanger-Mittel- und Unterlauf Map
DE3553307 Germany Lebuser Odertal Map
DE3553308 Germany Oder-Neiße Ergänzung Map
DE3637301 Germany Elbaue bei Bertingen Map
DE3736301 Germany Elbaue südlich Rogätz mit Ohremündung Map
DE3754303 Germany Mittlere Oder Map
DE3936301 Germany Elbaue zwischen Saalemündung und Magdeburg Map
DE3954301 Germany Oder-Neiße Map
DE4037302 Germany Elbaue Steckby-Lödderitz Map
DE4102302 Germany NSG Salmorth, nur Teilfläche Map
DE4103302 Germany NSG Emmericher Ward Map
DE4138301 Germany Kühnauer Heide und Elbaue zwischen Aken und Dessau Map
DE4140304 Germany Dessau-Wörlitzer Elbauen Map
DE4142301 Germany Elbaue zwischen Griebo und Prettin Map
DE4152302 Germany Peitzer Teiche Map
DE4203302 Germany Kalflack Map
DE4203303 Germany NSG Grietherorter Altrhein Map
DE4204302 Germany NSG Lohwardt/Reckerfeld, Hübsche Grändort, nur Teilfl., mit Erw. Map
DE4204306 Germany NSG Gut Grindt u. NSG Rheinaue zw. Km 830,7 - 833,2 , nur Teilfl. Map
DE4209302 Germany Lippeaue Map
DE4239302 Germany Untere Muldeaue Map
DE4244301 Germany Alte Elster und Rohrbornwiesen bei Premsendorf Map
DE4305301 Germany NSG Bislicher Insel, nur Teilfläche Map
DE4305303 Germany NSG Rheinvorland bei Perrich Map
DE4311301 Germany In den Kämpen, Im Mersche und Langerner Hufeisen Map
DE4340301 Germany Muldeaue oberhalb Pouch Map
DE4340302 Germany Vereinigte Mulde und Muldeauen Map
DE4342301 Germany Elbtal zwischen Mühlberg und Greudnitz Map
DE4354301 Germany Neißeaue Map
DE4405301 Germany Rhein-Fischschutzzonen zwischen Emmerich und Bad Honnef Map
DE4405303 Germany NSG Rheinvorland im Orsoyer Rheinbogen, mit Erweiterung Map
DE4422350 Germany Holzapetal Map
DE4454302 Germany Neißegebiet Map
DE4545301 Germany Elbtal zwischen Schöna und Mühlberg Map
DE4545302 Germany Elbdeichvorland Mühlberg-Stehla Map
DE4552302 Germany Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft Map
DE4606301 Germany Die Spey Map
DE4819301 Germany Kellerwald Map
DE4842302 Germany Muldentäler oberhalb des Zusammenflusses Map
DE4844301 Germany Unteres Zschopautal Map
DE4917350 Germany Obere Eder Map
DE5003301 Germany Kellenberg und Rur zwischen Flossdorf und Broich Map
DE5104301 Germany Indemündung Map
DE5108301 Germany Wahner Heide Map
DE5109302 Germany Agger Map
DE5208301 Germany Siegaue und Siegmündung Map
DE5210303 Germany Sieg Map
DE5212302 Germany Sieg Map
DE5304301 Germany Ruraue von Heimbach bis Obermaubach Map
DE5328305 Germany Werra bis Treffurt mit Zuflüssen Map
DE5409301 Germany Mündungsgebiet der Ahr Map
DE5510301 Germany Mittelrhein Map
DE5511301 Germany NSG Urmitzer Werth Map
DE5733371 Germany Steinach- und Föritztal und Rodach von Fürth a.B. bis Marktzeuln Map
DE5819308 Germany Erlensee bei Erlensee und Bulau bei Hanau Map
DE5820301 Germany Kinzigaue von Langenselbold Map
DE5833371 Germany Maintal von Theisau bis Lichtenfels Map
DE5908301 Germany Mosel Map
DE5912302 Germany Lorcher Werth Map
DE5914303 Germany Rheinniederung Mainz-Bingen Map
DE5914350 Germany Mariannenaue Map
DE5914351 Germany Wanderfischgebiete im Rhein Map
DE5929372 Germany Mainaue zwischen Eltmann und Haßfurt Map
DE5935303 Germany Blumenau bei Bad Berneck Map
DE6014301 Germany Winkeler Aue Map
DE6016302 Germany NSG Kisselwörth und Sändchen Map
DE6016306 Germany Ginsheimer Altrhein Map
DE6116304 Germany Oberrhein von Worms bis Mainz Map
DE6116350 Germany Kühkopf-Knoblochsaue Map
DE6212303 Germany Nahetal zwischen Simmertal und Bad Kreuznach Map
DE6216303 Germany Hammer-Aue von Gernsheim und Groß-Rohrheim Map
DE6316401 Germany Lampertheimer Altrhein Map
DE6405303 Germany Serriger Bachtal und Leuk und Saar Map
DE6416301 Germany Rheinniederung Ludwigshafen-Worms Map
DE6517341 Germany Unterer Neckar Heidelberg - Mannheim Map
DE6616304 Germany Rheinniederung Speyer-Ludwigshafen Map
DE6622341 Germany Jagsttal bei Schöntal und Klosterwald Map
DE6623341 Germany Jagsttal Dörzbach - Krautheim Map
DE6625341 Germany Taubergrund Weikersheim - Niederstetten Map
DE6709302 Germany Bliesaue zwischen Blieskastel und Bliesdalheim Map
DE6716301 Germany Rheinniederung Germersheim-Speyer Map
DE6716341 Germany Rheinniederung von Philippsburg bis Mannheim Map
DE6724341 Germany Jagsttal Langenburg - Mulfingen Map
DE6741371 Germany Chamb, Regentalaue und Regen zwischen Roding und Donaumündung Map
DE6816301 Germany Hördter Rheinaue Map
DE6816341 Germany Rheinniederung von Karlsruhe bis Philippsburg Map
DE6825341 Germany Jagst bei Kirchberg und Brettach Map
DE6915301 Germany Rheinniederung Neuburg-Wörth Map
DE6924342 Germany Schwäbisch Haller Bucht Map
DE6926341 Germany Crailsheimer Hart und Reusenberg Map
DE7015341 Germany Rheinniederung zwischen Wintersdorf und Karlsruhe Map
DE7016343 Germany Oberwald und Alb in Karlsruhe Map
DE7040371 Germany Donau und Altwässer zwischen Regensburg und Straubing Map
DE7119341 Germany Strohgäu und unteres Enztal Map
DE7123341 Germany Welzheimer Wald Map
DE7136304 Germany Donauauen zwischen Ingolstadt und Weltenburg Map
DE7142301 Germany Donauauen zwischen Straubing und Vilshofen Map
DE7218341 Germany Calwer Heckengäu Map
DE7233372 Germany Donauauen mit Gerolfinger Eichenwald Map
DE7243302 Germany Isarmündung Map
DE7313341 Germany Westliches Hanauer Land Map
DE7329301 Germany Donauauen Blindheim-Donaumünster Map
DE7344301 Germany Unteres Vilstal Map
DE7440371 Germany Vilstal zwischen Vilsbiburg und Marklkofen Map
DE7512341 Germany Rheinniederung von Wittenweier bis Kehl Map
DE7513341 Germany Untere Schutter und Unditz Map
DE7519341 Germany Neckar und Seitentäler bei Rottenburg Map
DE7712341 Germany Taubergießen, Elz und Ettenbach Map
DE7823341 Germany Donau zwischen Munderkingen und Riedlingen Map
DE7920342 Germany Oberes Donautal zwischen Beuron und Sigmaringen Map
DE8017341 Germany Nördliche Baaralb und Donau bei Immendingen Map
DE8032371 Germany Ammersee-Südufer und Raistinger Wiesen Map
DE8140371 Germany Moore südlich des Chiemsees Map
DE8220342 Germany Überlinger See und Bodenseeuferlandschaft Map
DE8411341 Germany Wälder bei Wyhlen Map
DE8423341 Germany Bodenseeuferlandschaft östlich Friedrichshafen Map
DK004X218 Denmark Køge Å Map
DK004X219 Denmark Tryggevælde Ådal Map
DK006Y275 Denmark Suså med Tystrup-Bavelse Sø og Slagmosen Map
DK007X298 Denmark Spællinge Ådal, Døndal og Helligdomsklipperne Map
DK00CX037 Denmark Borris Hede Map
DK00DY149 Denmark Gudenå og Gjern Bakker Map
DK00DY152 Denmark Salten Å, Salten Langsø, Mossø og søer syd for Salten Langsø og dele af Gudenå Map
DK00DY262 Denmark Silkeborgskovene Map
DK00FX114 Denmark Uggerby Klitplantage og Uggerby Å's udløb Map
DK00FX115 Denmark Kærsgård Strand, Vandplasken og Liver Å Map
DK00FX121 Denmark Svinkløv Klitplantage og Grønne Strand Map
ES0000014 Spain Monfragüe y las Dehesas del Entorno Map
ES0000019 Spain Aiguamolls de l'Alt Empordà Map
ES0000049 Spain Los Alcornocales Map
ES0000376 Spain Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Map
ES0000436 Spain A Limia Map
ES0000437 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES1110003 Spain Fragas do Eume Map
ES1110004 Spain Encoro de Abegondo - Cecebre Map
ES1110015 Spain Río Anllóns Map
ES1110016 Spain Río Tambre Map
ES1120001 Spain Ancares - Courel Map
ES1120002 Spain Río Eo Map
ES1120003 Spain Parga - Ladra - Támoga Map
ES1120010 Spain Negueira Map
ES1120011 Spain Ría de Foz - Masma Map
ES1120012 Spain Río Landro Map
ES1120013 Spain Río Ouro Map
ES1120014 Spain Canón do Sil Map
ES1130001 Spain Baixa Limia Map
ES1130005 Spain Río Támega Map
ES1130007 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES1140001 Spain Sistema fluvial Ulla - Deza Map
ES1140007 Spain Baixo Miño Map
ES1140011 Spain Gándaras de Budiño Map
ES1140015 Spain Sobreirais do Arnego Map
ES1300002 Spain Montaña oriental Map
ES1300007 Spain Marismas de Santoña, Victoria y Joyel Map
ES1300010 Spain Río Pas Map
ES1300015 Spain Río Miera Map
ES1300021 Spain Valles altos del Nansa y Saja y Alto Campoo Map
ES2110006 Spain Baia ibaia / Río Baia Map
ES2110008 Spain Ebro ibaia / Río Ebro Map
ES2110010 Spain Zadorra ibaia / Río Zadorra Map
ES2200012 Spain Río Salazar Map
ES2200014 Spain Río Bidasoa Map
ES2200023 Spain Río Baztan y Regata Artesiaga Map
ES2200025 Spain Sistema fluvial de los ríos Irati, Urrobi y Erro Map
ES2200027 Spain Ríos Eska y Biniés Map
ES2200030 Spain Tramo medio del río Aragón Map
ES2200035 Spain Tramos Bajos del Aragón y del Arga Map
ES2200040 Spain Río Ebro Map
ES3110002 Spain Cuenca del río Lozoya y Sierra Norte Map
ES4110115 Spain Valle del Tiétar Map
ES4120072 Spain Riberas del Río Arlanzón y afluentes Map
ES4130065 Spain Riberas del Río Órbigo y afluentes Map
ES4130079 Spain Riberas del Río Esla y afluentes Map
ES4140077 Spain Riberas del Río Carrión y afluentes Map
ES4140082 Spain Riberas del Río Pisuerga y afluentes Map
ES4150032 Spain El Rebollar Map
ES4150064 Spain Riberas de los Ríos Huebra, Yeltes, Uces y afluentes Map
ES4150085 Spain Riberas del Río Tormes y afluentes Map
ES4150096 Spain Arribes del Duero Map
ES4150107 Spain Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Map
ES4150108 Spain Quilamas Map
ES4150121 Spain Riberas del Río Alagón y afluentes Map
ES4150125 Spain Riberas del Río Agadón Map
ES4150126 Spain Valle del Cuerpo de Hombre Map
ES4150127 Spain Riberas del Río Águeda Map
ES4160109 Spain Sierra de Guadarrama Map
ES4170083 Spain Riberas del Río Duero y afluentes Map
ES4170144 Spain Riberas del Río Cidacos y afluentes Map
ES4180017 Spain Riberas de Castronuño Map
ES4180069 Spain Riberas del Río Cea Map
ES4180070 Spain Riberas del Río Cega Map
ES4180081 Spain Riberas del Río Adaja y afluentes Map
ES4190067 Spain Riberas del Río Tera y afluentes Map
ES4190074 Spain Riberas del Río Aliste y afluentes Map
ES4190102 Spain Cañones del Duero Map
ES4250001 Spain Sierra de San Vicente y valles del Tiétar y Alberche Map
ES4320077 Spain Monfragüe Map
ES5110001 Spain Massís del Montseny Map
ES5110005 Spain Sistema Transversal català Map
ES5110010 Spain Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Map
ES5110011 Spain Serres del Litoral Septentrional Map
ES5110012 Spain Montserrat-Roques Blanques-riu Llobregat Map
ES5110013 Spain Serres del Litoral central Map
ES5110018 Spain Valls de l'Anoia Map
ES5120001 Spain Alta Garrotxa - Massís de les Salines Map
ES5120003 Spain Serra Cavallera Map
ES5120004 Spain Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa Map
ES5120005 Spain Riu Llobregat d'Empordà Map
ES5120012 Spain Les Guilleries Map
ES5120014 Spain L'Albera Map
ES5120017 Spain Estany de Sils-Ribera de Santa Coloma Map
ES5120018 Spain Muntanyes de Rocacorba-Puig de la Banya del Boc Map
ES5120020 Spain Riu Llémena Map
ES5120021 Spain Riu Fluvià Map
ES5120029 Spain Riu Brugent Map
ES5130007 Spain Riberes de l'Alt Segre Map
ES5130013 Spain Aiguabarreig Segre-Cinca Map
ES5130014 Spain Aiguabarreig Segre-Noguera Pallaresa Map
ES5130020 Spain Aiguabarreig Segre-Noguera Ribagorçana Map
ES5130021 Spain Secans de la Noguera Map
ES5140009 Spain Tivissa-Vandellòs-Llaberia Map
ES5140010 Spain Riberes i Illes de l'Ebre Map
ES5140015 Spain Riu Siurana i planes del Priorat Map
ES6120015 Spain Acebuchales de La Campiña Sur de Cádiz Map
ES6120025 Spain Río Iro Map
ES6130015 Spain Río Guadalquivir -Tramo Medio Map
FR1100805 France Marais des basses vallées de la Juine et de l'Essonne Map
FR2100296 France Prairies, Marais et bois alluviaux de la Bassée Map
FR2100297 France Prairies et bois alluviaux de la basse vallée alluviale de l'Aube Map
FR2200357 France Moyenne vallée de la Somme Map
FR2200383 France Prairies alluviales de l'Oise de la Fère à Sempigny Map
FR2200390 France Marais de la Souche Map
FR2300123 France Boucles de la Seine Aval Map
FR2302006 France Iles et berges de la Seine en Seine-Maritime Map
FR2302007 France Iles et berges de la Seine dans l'Eure Map
FR2400520 France Coteaux, bois et marais calcaires de la Champagne Berrichonne Map
FR2400524 France Forêt d'Orléans et périphérie Map
FR2400528 France Vallée de la Loire de Tavers à Belleville-sur-Loire Map
FR2400548 France La Loire de Candes Saint Martin à Mosnes Map
FR2400561 France Vallée du Cher et coteaux, forêt de Grosbois Map
FR2400565 France Vallée de la Loire de Mosnes à Tavers Map
FR2500099 France Haute vallée de l'Orne et affluents Map
FR2600965 France Vallées de la Loire et de l'Allier entre Cher et Nièvre Map
FR2600966 France Val de Loire nivernais Map
FR2600979 France Dunes continentales, tourbière de la Truchère et prairies de la Basse Seille Map
FR2600980 France Prairies, bocage, milieux tourbeux et landes sèches de la vallée de la Belaine Map
FR2600981 France Prairies inondables de la basse vallée du Doubs jusqu'à l'amont de Navilly Map
FR2601012 France Gîtes et habitats à chauves-souris en Bourgogne Map
FR2601014 France Bocages, forêts et milieux humides des Amognes et du bassin de la Machine Map
FR2601016 France Bocage, forêts et milieux humides du bassin de la Grosne et du Clunisois Map
FR2601017 France Val de Loire bocager Map
FR3100479 France Falaises et dunes de Wimereux, estuaire de la Slack, Garennes et Communaux d'Ambleteuse-Audresselles Map
FR4100183 France Forêts des Argonnelles Map
FR4100190 France Forêts et étangs du Bambois Map
FR4100208 France Cours d'eau, tourbières, rochers et forêts des Vosges du nord et souterrain de Ramstein Map
FR4100227 France Vallée de la Moselle (secteur Chatel-Tonnoy) Map
FR4100233 France Vallée du Madon (secteur Haroué / Pont-Saint-Vincent), du Brenon et carrières de Xeuilley Map
FR4100234 France Vallée de la Meuse (secteur de Stenay) Map
FR4100236 France Vallée de la Meuse (secteur Sorcy Saint-Martin) Map
FR4100238 France Vallée de la Meurthe de la Voivre à Saint-Clément et tourbière de la Basse Saint-Jean Map
FR4100244 France Vallées de la Sarre, de l'Albe et de l'Isch - marais de Francaltroff Map
FR4201795 France La Moder et ses affluents Map
FR4201796 France La Lauter Map
FR4201797 France Secteur Alluvial Rhin-Ried-Bruch, Bas-Rhin Map
FR4202000 France Secteur Alluvial Rhin-Ried-Bruch, Haut-Rhin Map
FR4301306 France Bresse jurassienne Map
FR4301323 France Basse vallée du Doubs Map
FR4301338 France Pelouses de la région vésulienne et vallée de la Colombine Map
FR4301342 France Vallée de la Saône Map
FR4301344 France Vallée de la Lanterne Map
FR4301346 France Plateau des mille étangs Map
FR4301350 France Étangs et Vallées du Territoire de Belfort Map
FR5200621 France Estuaire de la Loire Map
FR5200622 France Vallée de la Loire de Nantes aux Ponts-de-Cé et ses annexes Map
FR5200624 France Marais de l'Erdre Map
FR5200629 France Vallée de la Loire des Ponts-de-Cé à Montsoreau Map
FR5200646 France Alpes Mancelles Map
FR5300002 France Marais de Vilaine Map
FR5302014 France Vallée du Canut Map
FR5400472 France Moyenne vallée de la Charente et Seugnes et Coran Map
FR5402004 France Basse vallée de la Gartempe Map
FR5402009 France Vallée de la Charente entre Angoulème et Cognac et ses principaux affluents (SOLOIRE, BOEME, ECHELLE) Map
FR7200660 France La Dordogne Map
FR7200661 France Vallée de l'Isle de Périgueux à sa confluence avec la Dordogne Map
FR7200662 France Vallée de la Dronne de Brantôme à sa confluence avec l'Isle Map
FR7200685 France Vallée et palus du Moron Map
FR7200686 France Marais du Bec d'Ambès Map
FR7200700 France La Garonne en Nouvelle-Aquitaine Map
FR7200714 France Zones humides de l'arrière dune des pays de Born et de Buch Map
FR7200715 France Zones humides de l'ancien étang de Lit-et-Mixe Map
FR7200720 France Barthes de l'Adour Map
FR7200724 France L'Adour Map
FR7200786 France La Nive Map
FR7200790 France Le Saison (cours d'eau) Map
FR7200793 France Le Gave d'Ossau Map
FR7200806 France Réseau hydrographique du Midou et du Ludon Map
FR7300847 France Vallée du Tarn (de Brousse jusqu'aux gorges) Map
FR7300850 France Gorges de la Dourbie Map
FR7300889 France Vallée de l'Adour Map
FR7300898 France Vallée de la Dordogne quercynoise Map
FR7300922 France Gaves de Pau et de Cauterets (et gorge de Cauterets) Map
FR7301631 France Vallées du Tarn, de l'Aveyron, du Viaur, de l'Agout et du Gijou Map
FR7301822 France Garonne, Ariège, Hers, Salat, Pique et Neste Map
FR7401103 France Vallée de la Dordogne sur l'ensemble de son cours et affluents Map
FR7401130 France Gorges de la Grande Creuse Map
FR8201650 France Etournel et defilé de l'Ecluse Map
FR8201653 France Basse vallée de l'Ain, confluence Ain-Rhône Map
FR8201656 France Bois de Païolive et Basse Vallée du Chassezac Map
FR8201677 France Milieux alluviaux du Rhône aval Map
FR8201679 France Rivière du Roubion Map
FR8201711 France Massif du Mont Vuache Map
FR8201715 France Vallée de l'Arve Map
FR8201718 France Les Usses Map
FR8201719 France Delta de la Dranse Map
FR8201749 France Milieux alluviaux et aquatiques de l'île de la Platière Map
FR8201758 France Lignon, Vizezy, Anzon et leurs affluents Map
FR8201765 France Milieux alluviaux et aquatiques de la Loire Map
FR8301015 France Vallée de l'Allier nord Map
FR8301016 France Vallée de l'Allier sud Map
FR8301017 France Basse Sioule Map
FR8301032 France Zones alluviales de la confluence Dore-Allier Map
FR8301034 France Gorges de la Sioule Map
FR8301038 France Val d'Allier - Alagnon Map
FR8301057 France Gorges de la Dordogne, de l'Auze et de la Sumène Map
FR8301067 France Vallées et Gîtes de la Sianne et du Bas Alagnon Map
FR8301072 France Val d'Allier Limagne Brivadoise Map
FR8301074 France Val d'Allier / Vieille Brioude / Langeac Map
FR8301075 France Gorges de l'Allier et affluents Map
FR8301080 France Gorges de l'Arzon Map
FR8301088 France Haute vallée du Lignon Map
FR8301091 France Dore et affluents Map
FR9101465 France Complexe lagunaire de Canet Map
FR9301502 France Steppique Durancien et Queyrassin Map
FR9301519 France Le Buech Map
FR9301533 France L'Asse Map
FR9301576 France L'Aigues (ou Eygues ou Aygues) Map
FR9301577 France L'Ouvèze et le Toulourenc Map
FR9301578 France La Sorgue et l'Auzon Map
FR9301587 France Le Calavon et l'Encrème Map
FR9301589 France La Durance Map
FR9301590 France Le Rhône aval Map
FR9301616 France Grand canyon du Verdon - plateau de la Palud Map
FR9302007 France Valensole Map
FR9400577 France Rivière et vallée du Fango Map
HR2000372 Croatia Dunav - Vukovar Map
HR2001309 Croatia Dunav S od Kopačkog rita Map
HR2001311 Croatia Sava nizvodno od Hrušćice Map
HR5000014 Croatia Gornji tok Drave Map
HUAN20004 Hungary Hernád-völgy és Sajóládi-erdő Map
HUAN20006 Hungary Sajó-völgy Map
HUBF20015 Hungary Marcal-medence Map
HUBF20043 Hungary Mura mente Map
HUBN20029 Hungary Girincsi Nagy-erdő Map
HUBN20032 Hungary Tiszakeszi-morotva Map
HUBN20062 Hungary Középső-Ipoly-völgy Map
HUBN20069 Hungary Kesznyéteni Sajó-öböl Map
HUBN20071 Hungary Bodrogzug és Bodrog hullámtere Map
HUBN20078 Hungary Pácini Mosonna-erdő Map
HUBN20081 Hungary Long-erdő Map
HUBN22096 Hungary Tiszaújvárosi ártéri erdők Map
HUDD20007 Hungary Kelet-Dráva Map
HUDD20008 Hungary Ormánsági erdők Map
HUDD20023 Hungary Tolnai Duna Map
HUDD20032 Hungary Gemenc Map
HUDD20034 Hungary Balatonendrédi dombok Map
HUDD20045 Hungary Béda-Karapancsa Map
HUDD20054 Hungary Nyugat-Dráva Map
HUDD20056 Hungary Közép-Dráva Map
HUDI20034 Hungary Duna és ártere Map
HUDI20047 Hungary Szigeti homokok Map
HUDI20052 Hungary Érd-százhalombattai táblarög Map
HUFH20010 Hungary Répce mente Map
HUFH20011 Hungary Rába Map
HUFH30004 Hungary Szigetköz Map
HUHN20001 Hungary Felső-Tisza Map
HUHN20003 Hungary Tisza-tó Map
HUHN20015 Hungary Közép-Tisza Map
HUHN20079 Hungary Pusztamizsei-erdő Map
HUHN20154 Hungary Csépa-szelevényi gyepek Map
HUHN20155 Hungary Cserkei Nagy-fertő Map
HUHN20156 Hungary Tiszasasi Láp-legelő Map
HUHN20158 Hungary Tiszakürt-tiszainokai gyepek Map
HUHN20160 Hungary Gőgő-Szenke Map
HUKM20008 Hungary Maros Map
HUKM20015 Hungary Hortobágy-Berettyó Map
HUKM20016 Hungary Sebes-Körös Map
HUKM20017 Hungary Hármas-Körös Map
HUKN20031 Hungary Alsó-Tisza hullámtér Map
HUON20008 Hungary Rába és Csörnöc-völgy Map
HUON20018 Hungary Őrség Map
IE0000051 Ireland Lough Gash Turlough SAC Map
IE0000108 Ireland The Gearagh SAC Map
IE0000238 Ireland Caherglassaun Turlough SAC Map
IE0000252 Ireland Coole-Garryland Complex SAC Map
IE0000301 Ireland Lough Lurgeen Bog/Glenamaddy Turlough SAC Map
IE0000318 Ireland Peterswell Turlough SAC Map
IE0000611 Ireland Lough Funshinagh SAC Map
IT1110005 Italy Vauda Map
IT1110014 Italy Stura di Lanzo Map
IT1110015 Italy Confluenza Po - Pellice Map
IT1110018 Italy Confluenza Po - Orco - Malone Map
IT1110021 Italy Laghi di Ivrea Map
IT1110050 Italy Mulino Vecchio (fascia fluviale del Po) Map
IT1110070 Italy Meisino (confluenza Po - Stura) Map
IT1120005 Italy Garzaia di Carisio Map
IT1120023 Italy Isola di Santa Maria Map
IT1120030 Italy Sponde fluviali di Palazzolo vercellese Map
IT1130004 Italy Lago di Bertignano (Viverone) e stagno presso la strada per Roppolo Map
IT1140001 Italy Fondo Toce Map
IT1150001 Italy Valle del Ticino Map
IT1160003 Italy Oasi di Crava Morozzo Map
IT1160009 Italy Confluenza Po - Bronda Map
IT1170003 Italy Stagni di Belangero (Asti) Map
IT1180002 Italy Torrente Orba Map
IT1180004 Italy Greto dello Scrivia Map
IT1180005 Italy Ghiaia Grande (Fiume Po) Map
IT1180027 Italy Confluenza Po - Sesia - Tanaro Map
IT1180028 Italy Fiume Po - tratto vercellese alessandrino Map
IT1180031 Italy Basso Scrivia Map
IT1321205 Italy Rocchetta Cairo Map
IT1322326 Italy Foresta Cadibona Map
IT1323014 Italy Monte Spinarda - Rio Nero Map
IT2010014 Italy Turbigaccio, Boschi di Castelletto e Lanca di Bernate Map
IT2050005 Italy Boschi della Fagiana Map
IT2080002 Italy Basso corso e sponde del Ticino Map
IT2080026 Italy Siti riproduttivi di Acipenser naccarii Map
IT2080301 Italy Boschi del Ticino Map
IT2080501 Italy Risaie della Lomellina Map
IT2080701 Italy Po da Albaredo Arnaboldi ad Arena Po Map
IT2080702 Italy Po di Monticelli Pavese e Chignolo Po Map
IT2080703 Italy Po di Pieve Porto Morone Map
IT2090503 Italy Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda Map
IT2090701 Italy Po di San Rocco al Porto Map
IT2090702 Italy Po di Corte S. Andrea Map
IT20A0003 Italy Palata Menasciutto Map
IT20A0004 Italy Le Bine Map
IT20A0006 Italy Lanche di Azzanello Map
IT20A0007 Italy Bosco della Marisca Map
IT20A0008 Italy Isola Uccellanda Map
IT20A0009 Italy Bosco di Barco Map
IT20A0013 Italy Lanca di Gerole Map
IT20A0014 Italy Lancone di Gussola Map
IT20A0015 Italy Bosco Ronchetti Map
IT20A0016 Italy Spiaggioni di Spinadesco Map
IT20A0017 Italy Scolmatore di Genivolta Map
IT20A0019 Italy Barco Map
IT20A0401 Italy Riserva Regionale Bosco Ronchetti Map
IT20A0402 Italy Riserva Regionale Lanca di Gerole Map
IT20A0501 Italy Spinadesco Map
IT20A0502 Italy Lanca di Gussola Map
IT20A0503 Italy Isola Maria Luigia Map
IT20B0001 Italy Bosco Foce Oglio Map
IT20B0004 Italy Lanche di Gerra Gavazzi e Runate Map
IT20B0010 Italy Vallazza Map
IT20B0015 Italy Pomponesco Map
IT20B0401 Italy Parco Regionale Oglio Sud Map
IT20B0402 Italy Riserva Regionale Garzaia di Pomponesco Map
IT20B0501 Italy Viadana, Portiolo, San Benedetto Po e Ostiglia Map
IT3120061 Italy La Rocchetta Map
IT3120079 Italy Lago di Loppio Map
IT3120117 Italy Ontaneta di Croviana Map
IT3120118 Italy Lago (Val di Fiemme) Map
IT3120120 Italy Bassa Valle del Chiese Map
IT3120156 Italy Adige Map
IT3260018 Italy Grave e Zone umide della Brenta Map
IT3320030 Italy Bosco di Golena del Torreano Map
IT4010006 Italy Meandri di San Salvatore Map
IT4010011 Italy Fiume Trebbia da Perino a Bobbio Map
IT4010016 Italy Basso Trebbia Map
IT4010017 Italy Conoide del Nure e Bosco di Fornace vecchia Map
IT4010018 Italy Fiume Po da Rio Boriacco a Bosco Ospizio Map
IT4020001 Italy Boschi di Carrega Map
IT4020003 Italy Torrente Stirone Map
IT4020012 Italy Monte Barigazzo, Pizzo d'Oca Map
IT4020013 Italy Belforte, Corchia, Alta Val Manubiola Map
IT4020014 Italy Monte Capuccio, Monte Sant'Antonio Map
IT4020017 Italy Aree delle risorgive di Viarolo, Bacini di Torrile, Fascia golenale del Po Map
IT4020019 Italy Golena del Po presso Zibello Map
IT4020021 Italy Medio Taro Map
IT4020022 Italy Basso Taro Map
IT4020024 Italy San Genesio Map
IT4020025 Italy Parma Morta Map
IT4020027 Italy Cronovilla Map
IT4030009 Italy Gessi Triassici Map
IT4030011 Italy Casse di espansione del Secchia Map
IT4030013 Italy Fiume Enza da La Mora a Compiano Map
IT4030015 Italy Valli di Novellara Map
IT4030020 Italy Golena del Po di Gualtieri, Guastalla e Luzzara Map
IT4030023 Italy Fontanili di Gattatico e Fiume Enza Map
IT4040003 Italy Sassi di Roccamalatina e di Sant'Andrea Map
IT4040004 Italy Sassoguidano, Gaiato Map
IT4040006 Italy Poggio Bianco Dragone Map
IT4040009 Italy Manzolino Map
IT4040010 Italy Torrazzuolo Map
IT4040011 Italy Cassa di espansione del Fiume Panaro Map
IT4040012 Italy Colombarone Map
IT4040014 Italy Valli Mirandolesi Map
IT4040015 Italy Valle di Gruppo Map
IT4040017 Italy Valle delle Bruciate e Tresinaro Map
IT4050001 Italy Gessi Bolognesi, Calanchi dell'Abbadessa Map
IT4050003 Italy Monte Sole Map
IT4050011 Italy Media Valle del Sillaro Map
IT4050012 Italy Contrafforte Pliocenico Map
IT4050016 Italy Abbazia di Monteveglio Map
IT4050018 Italy Golena San Vitale e Golena del Lippo Map
IT4050022 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Medicina e Molinella Map
IT4050023 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Budrio e Minerbio Map
IT4050024 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Bentivoglio, S. Pietro in Casale, Malalbergo e Baricella Map
IT4050025 Italy Biotopi e Ripristini ambientali di Crevalcore Map
IT4050026 Italy Bacini ex-zuccherificio di Argelato e Golena del Fiume Reno Map
IT4050029 Italy Boschi di San Luca e Destra Reno Map
IT4050032 Italy Monte dei Cucchi, Pian di Balestra Map
IT4060001 Italy Valli di Argenta Map
IT4060005 Italy Sacca di Goro, Po di Goro, Valle Dindona, Foce del Po di Volano Map
IT4060009 Italy Bosco di Sant'Agostino o Panfilia Map
IT4060016 Italy Fiume Po da Stellata a Mesola e Cavo Napoleonico Map
IT4060017 Italy Po di Primaro e Bacini di Traghetto Map
IT4070001 Italy Punte Alberete, Valle Mandriole Map
IT4070010 Italy Pineta di Classe Map
IT4070020 Italy Bacini ex - zuccherificio di Mezzano Map
IT4070021 Italy Biotopi di Alfonsine e Fiume Reno Map
IT4070022 Italy Bacini di Russi e Fiume Lamone Map
IT4070027 Italy Bacino dell'ex-fornace di Cotignola e Fiume Senio Map
IT4080006 Italy Meandri del Fiume Ronco Map
IT4080009 Italy Selva di Ladino, Fiume Montone, Terra del Sole Map
IT4080011 Italy Rami del Bidente, Monte Marino Map
IT4080013 Italy Montetiffi, Alto Uso Map
IT4080014 Italy Rio Mattero e Rio Cuneo Map
IT4090002 Italy Torriana, Montebello, Fiume Marecchia Map
IT4090003 Italy Rupi e Gessi della Valmarecchia Map
IT4090004 Italy Monte S. Silvestro, Monte Ercole e Gessi di Sapigno, Maiano e Ugrigno Map
IT4090005 Italy Fiume Marecchia a Ponte Messa Map
IT5110001 Italy Valle del Torrente Gordana Map
IT5120010 Italy Valle del Serra - Monte Altissimo Map
IT5120011 Italy Valle del Giardino Map
IT5120014 Italy Monte Corchia - Le Panie Map
IT5120015 Italy Praterie primarie e secondarie delle Apuane Map
IT5120017 Italy Lago e Padule di Massacciuccoli Map
IT5120020 Italy Padule di Verciano, Prati alle Fontane e Padule delle Monache Map
IT5120101 Italy Ex alveo del Lago di Bientina Map
IT5130007 Italy Padule di Fucecchio Map
IT5130009 Italy Tre Limentre - Reno Map
IT5140003 Italy Conca di Firenzuola Map
IT5140004 Italy Giogo - Colla di Casaglia Map
IT5140006 Italy Bosco ai Frati Map
IT5140011 Italy Stagni della Piana Fiorentina e Pratese Map
IT5150003 Italy Appennino pratese Map
IT5160022 Italy Monti Livornesi Map
IT5170006 Italy Macchia di Tatti - Berignone Map
IT5170007 Italy Fiume Cecina da Berignone a Ponteginori Map
IT5170008 Italy Complesso di Monterufoli Map
IT5170009 Italy Lago di Santa Luce Map
IT5180008 Italy Sasso di Simone e Simoncello Map
IT5180012 Italy Valle dell'Inferno e Bandella Map
IT5180013 Italy Ponte a Buriano e Penna Map
IT5180019 Italy Vasche dell'ex-zuccherificio di Castiglion Fiorentino e Colmata di Brolio Map
IT5190006 Italy Alta Val di Merse Map
IT5190007 Italy Basso Merse Map
IT5190008 Italy Lago di Montepulciano Map
IT5190009 Italy Lago di Chiusi Map
IT5190010 Italy Lucciolabella Map
IT5190011 Italy Crete dell'Orcia e del Formone Map
IT5190014 Italy Ripa d'Orcia Map
IT51A0003 Italy Val di Farma Map
IT51A0018 Italy Monte Labbro e alta valle dell'Albegna Map
IT51A0019 Italy Alto corso del Fiume Fiora Map
IT51A0021 Italy Medio corso del Fiume Albegna Map
IT5210003 Italy Fiume Tevere tra San Giustino e Pierantonio Map
IT5210018 Italy Lago Trasimeno Map
IT5210022 Italy Fiume Tescio (parte alta) Map
IT5210024 Italy Fiume Topino (Bagnara - Nocera Umbra) Map
IT5210025 Italy Ansa degli Ornari (Perugia) Map
IT5210054 Italy Fiume Tevere tra Monte Molino e Pontecuti (Tevere Morto) Map
IT5210061 Italy Torrente Naia Map
IT5210070 Italy Lago Trasimeno Map
IT5210072 Italy Palude di Colfiorito Map
IT5220001 Italy Bagno Minerale (Parrano) Map
IT5220005 Italy Lago di Corbara Map
IT5220011 Italy Zona umida di Alviano Map
IT5220018 Italy Lago di Piediluco - Monte Caperno Map
IT5220022 Italy Lago di San Liberato Map
IT5220024 Italy Valle del Tevere: Laghi di Corbara - Alviano Map
IT5220026 Italy Lago di Piediluco - Monte Maro Map
IT5310003 Italy Monti Sasso Simone e Simoncello Map
IT5310012 Italy Montecalvo in Foglia Map
IT5310014 Italy Valle Avellana Map
IT5310015 Italy Tavernelle sul Metauro Map
IT5310016 Italy Gola del Furlo Map
IT5310022 Italy Fiume Metauro da Piano di Zucca alla foce Map
IT5310025 Italy Calanchi e praterie aride della media Valle del Foglia Map
IT5310028 Italy Tavernelle sul Metauro Map
IT5310029 Italy Furlo Map
IT5320008 Italy Selva di Castelfidardo Map
IT5320009 Italy Fiume Esino in località Ripa Bianca Map
IT5330005 Italy Monte Castel Manardo - Tre Santi Map
IT5330010 Italy Piana di Pioraco Map
IT5330020 Italy Monte Pennino - Scurosa Map
IT5330024 Italy Selva dell'Abbadia di Fiastra Map
IT5340002 Italy Boschi tra Cupramarittima e Ripatransone Map
IT5340003 Italy Monte dell'Ascensione Map
IT5340012 Italy Boschi ripariali del Tronto Map
IT5340015 Italy Montefalcone Appennino - Smerillo Map
IT5340018 Italy Fiume Tronto tra Favalanciata e Acquasanta Map
IT6020011 Italy Laghi Lungo e Ripasottile Map
IT7120022 Italy Fiume Mavone Map
IT7120081 Italy Fiume Tordino (medio corso) Map
IT7120082 Italy Fiume Vomano (da Cusciano a Villa Vomano) Map
IT7130105 Italy Rupe di Turrivalignani e Fiume Pescara Map
IT7130214 Italy Lago di Penne Map
IT7140127 Italy Fiume Trigno (medio e basso corso) Map
IT7140129 Italy Parco Nazionale della Maiella Map
IT7140203 Italy Maiella Map
IT7140210 Italy Monti Frentani e Fiume Treste Map
IT7140215 Italy Lago di Serranella e Colline di Guarenna Map
IT8010027 Italy Fiumi Volturno e Calore Beneventano Map
IT8010029 Italy Fiume Garigliano Map
IT8050013 Italy Fiume Mingardo Map
IT8050021 Italy Medio corso del Fiume Sele - Persano Map
IT8050046 Italy Monte Cervati e dintorni Map
IT8050049 Italy Fiumi Tanagro e Sele Map
IT9210141 Italy Lago La Rotonda Map
IT9310047 Italy Fiumara Trionto Map
IT9330107 Italy Dune di Isca Map
IT9350132 Italy Fiumara di Melito Map
IT9350145 Italy Fiumara Amendolea (incluso Roghudi, Chorio e Rota Greco) Map
IT9350146 Italy Fiumara Buonamico Map
IT9350147 Italy Fiumara Laverde Map
IT9350163 Italy Pietra Cappa - Pietra Lunga - Pietra Castello Map
IT9350164 Italy Torrente Vasi Map
ITA030004 Italy Bacino del Torrente Letojanni Map
ITA030019 Italy Tratto Montano del Bacino della Fiumara di Agrò Map
ITA030021 Italy Torrente San Cataldo Map
ITA030037 Italy Fiumara di Floresta Map
LTJUR0013 Lithuania Nemuno slėnis ties Kalveliais Map
LTJUR0014 Lithuania Nemuno slėnis ties Palėkiais Map
LTPAN0012 Lithuania Nevėžio vidurupio slėnis Map
LTPAS0003 Lithuania Mūšos slėnis žemiau Raudonpamūšio Map
LTPRI0010 Lithuania Nemuno kilpos Map
LTSIU0013 Lithuania Nemuno delta Map
LTTAU0018 Lithuania Šaltaičių kaimo apylinkės Map
LV0200100 Latvia Gaujas nacionalais parks Map
LV0302100 Latvia Abavas senleja Map
LV0507100 Latvia Ventas ieleja Map
LV0600400 Latvia Augsdaugava Map
LV0600700 Latvia Ziemelgauja Map
NL1000015 Netherlands Haringvliet Map
NL2003021 Netherlands Hollands Diep Map
NL2003030 Netherlands Uiterwaarden Lek Map
NL2003037 Netherlands Oude Maas Map
NL2014067 Netherlands Rijntakken Map
NL3000040 Netherlands Biesbosch Map
NL3004001 Netherlands Loevestein, Pompveld & Kornsche Boezem Map
NL9801075 Netherlands Grensmaas Map
PLC020002 Poland Łęgi Odrzańskie Map
PLC080001 Poland Ujście Warty Map
PLH020034 Poland Dobromierz Map
PLH020036 Poland Dolina Widawy Map
PLH020061 Poland Dzika Orlica Map
PLH040003 Poland Solecka Dolina Wisły Map
PLH040011 Poland Dybowska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH040012 Poland Nieszawska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH060030 Poland Izbicki Przełom Wieprza Map
PLH060045 Poland Przełom Wisły w Małopolsce Map
PLH060051 Poland Dolny Wieprz Map
PLH060097 Poland Dolina Dolnej Tanwi Map
PLH080002 Poland Rynna Jezior Obrzańskich Map
PLH080006 Poland Ujście Noteci Map
PLH080012 Poland Kargowskie Zakola Odry Map
PLH080013 Poland Łęgi Słubickie Map
PLH080014 Poland Nowosolska Dolina Odry Map
PLH080028 Poland Krośnieńska Dolina Odry Map
PLH100008 Poland Dolina Środkowej Pilicy Map
PLH100015 Poland Dolina Rawki Map
PLH140005 Poland Dolina Wkry Map
PLH140011 Poland Ostoja Nadbużańska Map
PLH140029 Poland Kampinoska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH140032 Poland Ostoja Nadliwiecka Map
PLH180020 Poland Dolina Dolnego Sanu Map
PLH180049 Poland Tarnobrzeska Dolina Wisły Map
PLH180052 Poland Wisłoka z dopływami Map
PLH180053 Poland Dolna Wisłoka z Dopływami Map
PLH200002 Poland Narwiańskie Bagna Map
PLH200008 Poland Dolina Biebrzy Map
PLH200023 Poland Dolina Pisy Map
PLH200024 Poland Ostoja Narwiańska Map
PLH220033 Poland Dolna Wisła Map
PLH220036 Poland Dolina Łupawy Map
PLH220038 Poland Dolina Wieprzy i Studnicy Map
PLH260003 Poland Ostoja Nidziańska Map
PLH260014 Poland Dolina Bobrzy Map
PLH260016 Poland Dolina Czarnej Nidy Map
PLH260018 Poland Dolina Górnej Pilicy Map
PLH260032 Poland Ostoja Sobkowsko-Korytnicka Map
PLH260039 Poland Wzgórza Kunowskie Map
PLH260040 Poland Lasy Cisowsko-Orłowińskie Map
PLH280001 Poland Dolina Drwęcy Map
PLH280007 Poland Zalew Wiślany i Mierzeja Wiślana Map
PLH300001 Poland Biedrusko Map
PLH300003 Poland Dąbrowy Obrzyckie Map
PLH300004 Poland Dolina Noteci Map
PLH300009 Poland Ostoja Nadwarciańska Map
PLH300010 Poland Ostoja Wielkopolska Map
PLH300012 Poland Rogalińska Dolina Warty Map
PLH300016 Poland Bagno Chlebowo Map
PLH300038 Poland Dolina Cybiny Map
PLH300045 Poland Ostoja Pilska Map
PLH300053 Poland Lasy Żerkowsko-Czeszewskie Map
PLH300054 Poland Struga Białośliwka Map
PLH300055 Poland Dębowa Góra Map
PLH320004 Poland Dolina Iny koło Recza Map
PLH320005 Poland Dolina Krąpieli Map
PLH320007 Poland Dorzecze Parsęty Map
PLH320018 Poland Ujście Odry i Zalew Szczeciński Map
PLH320019 Poland Wolin i Uznam Map
PLH320022 Poland Dolina Radwi, Chocieli i Chotli Map
PLH320025 Poland Dolina Piławy Map
PLH320037 Poland Dolna Odra Map
PTCON0001 Portugal Peneda / Gerês Map
PTCON0002 Portugal Montesinho / Nogueira Map
PTCON0005 Portugal Paul de Arzila Map
PTCON0019 Portugal Rio Minho Map
PTCON0026 Portugal Rio Vouga Map
PTCON0029 Portugal Cabeção Map
PTCON0030 Portugal Caia Map
PTCON0031 Portugal Monfurado Map
PTCON0055 Portugal Dunas de Mira, Gândara e Gafanhas Map
PTZPE0002 Portugal Serra do Gerês Map
PTZPE0003 Portugal Montesinho / Nogueira Map
ROSCI0006 Romania Balta Mică a Brăilei Map
ROSCI0012 Romania Brațul Măcin Map
ROSCI0020 Romania Câmpia Careiului Map
ROSCI0021 Romania Câmpia Ierului Map
ROSCI0022 Romania Canaralele Dunării Map
ROSCI0039 Romania Ciuperceni - Desa Map
ROSCI0043 Romania Comana Map
ROSCI0045 Romania Coridorul Jiului Map
ROSCI0049 Romania Crișul Negru Map
ROSCI0050 Romania Crișul Repede amonte de Oradea Map
ROSCI0065 Romania Delta Dunării Map
ROSCI0068 Romania Diosig Map
ROSCI0104 Romania Lunca Inferioară a Crișului Repede Map
ROSCI0105 Romania Lunca Joasă a Prutului Map
ROSCI0108 Romania Lunca Mureșului Inferior Map
ROSCI0109 Romania Lunca Timișului Map
ROSCI0131 Romania Oltenița - Mostiștea - Chiciu Map
ROSCI0162 Romania Lunca Siretului Inferior Map
ROSCI0206 Romania Porțile de Fier Map
ROSCI0213 Romania Râul Prut Map
ROSCI0214 Romania Râul Tur Map
ROSCI0222 Romania Sărăturile Jijia Inferioară - Prut Map
ROSCI0278 Romania Bordușani - Borcea Map
ROSCI0290 Romania Coridorul Ialomiței Map
ROSCI0322 Romania Muntele Șes Map
ROSCI0354 Romania Platforma Cotmeana Map
ROSCI0426 Romania Pădurea Ștorobăneasa Map
SI3000215 Slovenia Mura Map
SI3000220 Slovenia Drava Map
SI3000232 Slovenia Notranjski trikotnik Map
SI3000306 Slovenia Dravinja s pritoki Map
SKCHVU007 Slovakia Dunajske luhy Map
SKCHVU016 Slovakia Zahorske Pomoravie Map
SKUEV0006 Slovakia Latorica Map
SKUEV0090 Slovakia Dunajske luhy Map
SKUEV0113 Slovakia Dlhe luky Map
SKUEV0116 Slovakia Jakubovske rybniky Map
SKUEV0124 Slovakia Bogdalicky vrch Map
SKUEV0125 Slovakia Gajarske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0148 Slovakia Vlara Map
SKUEV0163 Slovakia Rudava Map
SKUEV0165 Slovakia Kutsky les Map
SKUEV0166 Slovakia Ciglat Map
SKUEV0168 Slovakia Horny les Map
SKUEV0173 Slovakia Kotlina Map
SKUEV0177 Slovakia Smolzie Map
SKUEV0178 Slovakia V studienkach Map
SKUEV0219 Slovakia Malina Map
SKUEV0236 Slovakia Bodrog Map
SKUEV0253 Slovakia Vah Map
SKUEV0293 Slovakia Klucovske rameno Map
SKUEV0311 Slovakia Kacenky Map
SKUEV0312 Slovakia Devinske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0313 Slovakia Devinske jazero Map
SKUEV0314 Slovakia Morava Map
SKUEV0315 Slovakia Skalicke aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0317 Slovakia Rozporec Map
SKUEV0382 Slovakia Turiec a Blatnicky potok Map
SKUEV0393 Slovakia Dunaj Map
SKUEV0397 Slovakia Vah pri Zamarovciach Map
SKUEV0513 Slovakia Bencov mlyn Map
SKUEV0820 Slovakia Dolny tok Hrona Map
SKUEV0822 Slovakia Maly Dunaj Map
SKUEV0824 Slovakia Dolny tok Ipla Map
SKUEV0846 Slovakia Tisa Map
SKUEV0852 Slovakia Vah pri Hlohovci Map
SKUEV0905 Slovakia Holicske aluvium Moravy Map
SKUEV0928 Slovakia Stredny tok Hornadu Map
SKUEV0939 Slovakia Horny tok Ondavy Map
SKUEV0944 Slovakia Hornadske meandre Map
SKUEV0951 Slovakia Stredny tok Popradu Map
SKUEV1125 Slovakia Gajarské alúvium Moravy Map
SKUEV1182 Slovakia Číčovské luhy Map
SKUEV1293 Slovakia Klucovske rameno Map
SKUEV1311 Slovakia Kačenky Map
SKUEV2090 Slovakia Dunajske luhy Map
SKUEV2393 Slovakia Dunaj Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Relation to habitat classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
German Federal List of Biotopes 230605 Zeitweilig trockenfallende Schlammfläche an fließenden Gewässern (krautreich, P026) not defined
European Environment Agency (EEA)
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