Endemic forests with Juniperus spp

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 9560)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Alpine - Good
Atlantic - Good
Continental - Bad
Macaronesian - Poor
Mediterranean - Poor
Habitat type Priority
Natura 2000 sites 215 are designated for this habitat type

Description (English)

Medium altitude forest formations dominated by Juniperus spp.
Pal. 42.A2 Spanish juniper woods (Juniperon thuriferae): Forest formations dominated by Juniperus thuriferae of Spain (calcareous substrates in the supra-Mediterranean levels of the Iberian Range and neighbouring plateaux, often with Pinus sylvestris, Pinus salzmannii, Juniperus hemisphaerica and Berberis hispanica; enclaves on the periphery of and within the Sierra de Guadarrama, occurring both on rare local limestone deposits and in a few siliceous stations; dry, warm, rocky, calcareous southern slopes of the Cordillera Cantabrica, between the Rio Pisuerga and the Rio Luna, with Juniperus nana, Juniperus sabina, Berberis vulgaris ssp. cantabrica, Rhamnus alpinus, Viburnum lantana; gypsiferous soils of the Ebro basin, with Rhamnus lycioides; clay soils of the Campo de Montiel; Sierra Taibilla), southern France (Montagne de Rie); warm calcareous supra-Mediterranean slopes of the south-western Alps, in Drôme, Hautes-Alpes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, between 700 and 1200 metres; warm calcareous supra-Mediterranean slopes of the Isère valley, in the western Alps, between 300 and 500 metres; valleys in the interior of Corsica -Pinnera, Rudda, Pruniccia - sometimes mixed with Pinus laricio.
Pal. 42.A3 Grecian juniper woods (Juniperetum excelsae): Forest formations dominated by Juniperus excelsa, of the Ostryo-Carpinion zone of the mountains of northern Greece (up to 900-1000m, around lake Prespa).
Pal. 42.A4 Stinking juniper woods: Forest formations dominated by Juniperus foetidissima on adrets of the upper supra-Mediterranean level in Greece.
Pal. 42.A5 Syrian juniper woods: Juniperus drupacea woods of the northern slopes of Mount Parnon, Greece.
Pal. 42.A8 Macaronesian juniper woods: Juniperus cedrus formations of the high altitudes in Tenerife, La Palma, Gomera, Gran Canaria, restricted to steep rocky slopes; Juniperus phoenicea formations of Tenerife, La Palma, Hierro, Gran Canaria, La Gomera (Maytenio-Juniperion phoeniceae p.); endemic Juniperus brevifolia formations of the Azores (Juniperion brevifoliae p.).

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Conifers Juniperus brevifolia
Conifers Juniperus cedrus
Conifers Juniperus drupacea
Conifers Juniperus excelsa
Conifers Juniperus foetidissima
Conifers Juniperus hemisphaerica
Conifers Juniperus nana
Conifers Juniperus oxycedrus
Conifers Juniperus phoenicea
Conifers Juniperus sabina
Conifers Juniperus thurifera
Conifers Pinus laricio
Conifers Pinus salzmannii
Conifers Pinus sylvestris
Flowering Plants Berberis hispanica
Flowering Plants Rhamnus alpinus
Flowering Plants Rhamnus lycioides
Flowering Plants Viburnum lantana
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Juniperus brevifolia Conifers
Juniperus cedrus Conifers
Juniperus drupacea Conifers
Juniperus excelsa Conifers
Juniperus foetidissima Conifers
Juniperus hemisphaerica Conifers
Juniperus nana Conifers
Juniperus oxycedrus Conifers
Juniperus phoenicea Conifers
Juniperus sabina Conifers
Juniperus thurifera Conifers
Pinus laricio Conifers
Pinus salzmannii Conifers
Pinus sylvestris Conifers
Berberis hispanica Flowering Plants
Rhamnus alpinus Flowering Plants
Rhamnus lycioides Flowering Plants
Viburnum lantana Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
BG0000366 Bulgaria Kresna - Ilindentsi Map
BG0001030 Bulgaria Rodopi - Zapadni Map
CY2000005 Cyprus MADARI - PAPOUTSA Map
ES0000017 Spain Cuenca de Gallocanta Map
ES0000103 Spain El Hierro Map
ES0000104 Spain Gorreta y Salmor Map
ES0000106 Spain Teno Map
ES0000107 Spain Montes y cumbre de Tenerife Map
ES0000108 Spain Los Órganos Map
ES0000109 Spain Anaga Map
ES0000110 Spain Ayagaures y Pilancones Map
ES0000114 Spain Cumbres y acantilados del norte de La Palma Map
ES0000115 Spain Hoces del Río Duratón Map
ES0000124 Spain Sierra de Illón y Foz de Burgui Map
ES0000160 Spain Hoz del río Gritos y páramos de Las Valeras Map
ES0000164 Spain Sierra de Ayllón Map
ES0000165 Spain Valle y salinas del Salado Map
ES0000166 Spain Barranco del Dulce Map
ES0000180 Spain Estepas de Monegrillo y Pina Map
ES0000295 Spain Sierra de Alcubierre Map
ES0000299 Spain Desfiladeros del Río Jalón Map
ES0000303 Spain Desfiladeros del Río Martín Map
ES0000306 Spain Río Guadalope - Maestrazgo Map
ES0000307 Spain Puertos de Beceite Map
ES0000308 Spain Parameras de Pozondón Map
ES0000309 Spain Montes Universales - Sierra del Tremedal Map
ES0000341 Spain Los Órganos Map
ES0000448 Spain Hontanar-La Ferriza Map
ES0000449 Spain Alto Turia y Sierra del Negrete Map
ES0000452 Spain Meca-Mugrón-San Benito Map
ES0000456 Spain Moratillas-Almela Map
ES0000463 Spain Cabeço d'Or i la Grana Map
ES0000465 Spain L'Alt Maestrat, Tinença de Benifassà, Turmell i Vallivana Map
ES0000466 Spain Penyagolosa (ZEPA) Map
ES0000481 Spain Foces de Benasa y Burgui Map
ES0000539 Spain Montes de Alfajarín y Saso de Osera Map
ES2410076 Spain Sierras de Alcubierre y Sigena Map
ES2420030 Spain Sabinares del Puerto de Escadón Map
ES2420036 Spain Puertos de Beceite Map
ES2420037 Spain Sierra de Javalambre Map
ES2420038 Spain Castelfrío - Mas de Tarín Map
ES2420039 Spain Rodeno de Albarracín Map
ES2420113 Spain Parque Cultural del Río Martín Map
ES2420114 Spain Saladas de Alcañiz Map
ES2420118 Spain Río Algars Map
ES2420119 Spain Els Ports de Beseit Map
ES2420120 Spain Sierra de Fonfría Map
ES2420122 Spain Sabinar de El Villarejo Map
ES2420123 Spain Sierra Palomera Map
ES2420124 Spain Muelas y Estrechos del Río Guadalope Map
ES2420126 Spain Maestrazgo y Sierra de Gúdar Map
ES2420129 Spain Sierra de Javalambre II Map
ES2420131 Spain Los Yesares y Laguna de Tortajada Map
ES2420134 Spain Sabinar de San Blas Map
ES2420135 Spain Cuenca del Ebrón Map
ES2420136 Spain Sabinares de Saldón y Valdecuenca Map
ES2420138 Spain Valdecabriel - Las Tejeras Map
ES2420140 Spain Estrechos del Guadalaviar Map
ES2420141 Spain Tremedales de Orihuela Map
ES2420142 Spain Sabinar de Monterde de Albarracín Map
ES2420146 Spain Cueva de La Solana Map
ES2430028 Spain Moncayo Map
ES2430047 Spain Sierras de Leyre y Orba Map
ES2430083 Spain Montes de Alfajarín - Saso de Osera Map
ES2430089 Spain Sierra de Nava Alta - Puerto de La Chabola Map
ES2430097 Spain Río Matarranya Map
ES2430105 Spain Hoces del Río Mesa Map
ES2430106 Spain Los Romerales - Cerropozuelo Map
ES2430109 Spain Hoces de Torralba - Río Piedra Map
ES3110002 Spain Cuenca del río Lozoya y Sierra Norte Map
ES3110004 Spain Cuenca del río Manzanares Map
ES4120091 Spain Sabinares del Arlanza Map
ES4130003 Spain Picos de Europa en Castilla y León Map
ES4130035 Spain Valle de San Emiliano Map
ES4130050 Spain Montaña Central de León Map
ES4140011 Spain Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre-Montaña Palentina Map
ES4140053 Spain Montes del Cerrato Map
ES4160019 Spain Sierra de Ayllón Map
ES4160043 Spain Cueva de los Murciélagos Map
ES4160058 Spain Sabinares de Somosierra Map
ES4160084 Spain Riberas del Río Duratón Map
ES4160104 Spain Hoces del Río Riaza Map
ES4160109 Spain Sierra de Guadarrama Map
ES4160111 Spain Valles del Voltoya y el Zorita Map
ES4170029 Spain Sabinares Sierra de Cabrejas Map
ES4170056 Spain Sabinares de Ciria-Borobia Map
ES4170057 Spain Sabinares del Jalón Map
ES4170083 Spain Riberas del Río Duero y afluentes Map
ES4170120 Spain Páramo de Layna Map
ES4170135 Spain Cañón del Río Lobos Map
ES4170142 Spain Encinares de Tiermes Map
ES4180070 Spain Riberas del Río Cega Map
ES4180130 Spain El Carrascal Map
ES4210008 Spain Sierra de Alcaraz y Segura y cañones del Segura y del Mundo Map
ES4210017 Spain Lagunas de Ruidera Map
ES4230001 Spain Rentos de Orchova y vertientes del Turia Map
ES4230005 Spain Sabinares de Campillos - Sierra y Valdemorillo de la Sierra Map
ES4230013 Spain Hoces del Cabriel, Guadazaón y ojos de Moya Map
ES4230014 Spain Serranía de Cuenca Map
ES4230015 Spain Sierra del Santerón Map
ES4240007 Spain Sierra de Pela Map
ES4240009 Spain Valle del río Cañamares Map
ES4240015 Spain Valle del Tajuña en Torrecuadrada Map
ES4240016 Spain Alto Tajo Map
ES4240017 Spain Parameras de Maranchón, hoz del Mesa y Aragoncillo Map
ES4240020 Spain Montes de Picaza Map
ES4240022 Spain Sabinares rastreros de Alustante - Tordesilos Map
ES5130003 Spain Alt Pallars Map
ES5222004 Spain Curs alt del riu Millars Map
ES5223002 Spain L'Alt Maestrat Map
ES5223004 Spain Penyagolosa Map
ES5232004 Spain Rius del Racó d'Ademús Map
ES5232006 Spain Alto Túria Map
ES5233001 Spain Tinença de Benifassà, Turmell i Vallivana Map
ES5233006 Spain Puebla de San Miguel Map
ES5233008 Spain Sabinar de Alpuente Map
ES5233009 Spain Sierra del Negrete Map
ES5233035 Spain Arroyo Cerezo Map
ES7010008 Spain Güigüí Map
ES7020001 Spain Mencáfete Map
ES7020003 Spain Tibataje Map
ES7020004 Spain Risco de Las Playas Map
ES7020006 Spain Timijiraque Map
ES7020009 Spain Guelguén Map
ES7020010 Spain Las Nieves Map
ES7020022 Spain Tamanca Map
ES7020024 Spain Juan Mayor Map
ES7020025 Spain Barranco del Agua Map
ES7020030 Spain Majona Map
ES7020032 Spain Roque Cano Map
ES7020033 Spain Roque Blanco Map
ES7020035 Spain Barranco del Cabrito Map
ES7020037 Spain Lomo del Carretón Map
ES7020044 Spain Ijuana Map
ES7020046 Spain Los Roques de Anaga Map
ES7020051 Spain Barranco del Infierno Map
ES7020054 Spain Corona Forestal Map
ES7020055 Spain Barranco de Fasnia y Güímar Map
ES7020061 Spain Roque de Jama Map
ES7020065 Spain Montaña de Tejina Map
ES7020070 Spain Barranco de Erques Map
ES7020071 Spain Montaña de la Centinela Map
ES7020074 Spain Los Campeches, Tigaiga y Ruiz Map
ES7020088 Spain Sabinar de Puntallana Map
ES7020089 Spain Sabinar de La Galga Map
ES7020095 Spain Anaga Map
ES7020096 Spain Teno Map
ES7020097 Spain Teselinde-Cabecera de Vallehermoso Map
ES7020098 Spain Montaña del Cepo Map
ES7020099 Spain Frontera Map
ES7020101 Spain Laderas de Enchereda Map
ES7020102 Spain Barranco de Charco Hondo Map
ES7020104 Spain Valle Alto de Valle Gran Rey Map
ES7020106 Spain Cabecera Barranco de Aguajilva Map
ES7020107 Spain Cuenca de Benchijigua-Guarimiar Map
ES7020109 Spain Barrancos del Cedro y Liria Map
ES7020110 Spain Barranco de Niágara Map
ES7020112 Spain Barranco de las Hiedras-El Cedro Map
ES7020115 Spain Laderas de Chío Map
ES7020118 Spain Barranco de Icor Map
ES7020121 Spain Barranco Madre del Agua Map
FR7300884 France Zones rupestres xérothermiques du bassin de Marignac, Saint-Béat, pic du Gar, montagne de Rié Map
FR8201684 France Milieux alluviaux et aquatiques et gorges de la moyenne vallée de la Drôme et du Bez Map
FR8201689 France Forêts alluviales, rivière et gorges de l'Eygues Map
FR8201694 France Pelouses, fourrés et forêts de Larran, du Pied du Mulet et de la montagne de Chabre Map
FR8201695 France Pelouses et habitats rocheux des gorges de Pommerol Map
FR8201738 France Plaine de Bourg d'Oisans et ses versants Map
FR9301502 France Steppique Durancien et Queyrassin Map
FR9301514 France Ceüse - montagne d'Aujour - Pic de Crigne - montagne de Saint-Genis Map
FR9301525 France Coste Plane - Champerous Map
FR9301530 France Cheval Blanc - Montagne de Boules - Barre des Dourbes Map
FR9301545 France Venterol - Piégut - Grand Vallon Map
FR9301547 France Grand Coyer Map
FR9301556 France Massif du Lauvet d'Ilonse et des Quatre Cantons - Dome de Barrot - Gorges du Cians Map
FR9301559 France Le Mercantour Map
FR9301561 France Marguareis - La Brigue - Fontan - Saorge Map
FR9400576 France Massif montagneux du Cinto Map
GR2320008 Greece OROS ERYMANTHOS Map
GR2450002 Greece OROS GKIONA Map
GR2530004 Greece OROS OLIGYRTOS Map
IT1160056 Italy Alpi Marittime Map
ITB021103 Italy Monti del Gennargentu Map
PTCON0021 Portugal Rios Sabor e Maçãs Map
PTCON0022 Portugal Douro Internacional Map
PTCON0023 Portugal Morais Map
PTCON0043 Portugal Romeu Map
PTCON0049 Portugal Barrocal Map
PTFAI0004 Portugal Caldeira e Capelinhos - Ilha do Faial Map
PTFLO0002 Portugal Zona Central - Morro Alto - Ilha das Flores Map
PTJOR0014 Portugal Costa NE e Ponta do Topo - Ilha de S. Jorge Map
PTMAD0001 Portugal Laurissilva da Madeira Map
PTMAD0002 Portugal Maciço Montanhoso Central da Ilha da Madeira Map
PTMAD0003 Portugal Ponta de S. Lourenço Map
PTPIC0009 Portugal Montanha do Pico, Prainha e Caveiro - Ilha do Pico Map
PTPOR0002 Portugal Pico Branco - Porto Santo Map
PTTER0017 Portugal Serra Santa Bárbara e Pico Alto - Ilha da Terceira Map
PTZPE0023 Portugal Caldeira e Capelinhos - Ilha do Faial Map
PTZPE0027 Portugal Zona Central do Pico - Ilha do Pico Map
PTZPE0037 Portugal Rios Sabor e Maçãs Map
PTZPE0038 Portugal Douro Internacional e Vale do Águeda Map
PTZPE0047 Portugal Vale do Guadiana Map
PTZPE0050 Portugal Cabo Espichel Map

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