Dry heaths

English name: Dry heaths

Description (English)

Heaths on siliceous, podsolic, rarely- or never-waterlogged soils in moist Atlantic and sub-Atlantic climates of the plains and low mountains of Western and Central Europe.

EUNIS habitat classification
Interpretation Manual of the habitats targeted by Resolution No. 4

Quick facts

EUNIS habitat type code F4.2
Bern Convention Resolution 4 habitat type (used for designation of Emerald sites)
Relation to Annex I habitat types (EU Habitats Directive)

Vegetation types

Relation to vegetation types (syntaxa)

Name Definition Other names Reference
Genisto-Vaccinion Br.-Bl. 1926 Montane to subalpine heath of atlantic and subcontinental regions of Europe Genisto-Vaccinion Br.-Bl. ex Schaminée 1993 Schaminee et al, 2012
Daboecion cantabricae (Dupont ex Rivas-Mart. 1979) Rivas-Mart. et al. in Loidi et al.1997 Hiberno-Cantabrian and French Biscayan humid-superhumid ericoid heath over acid ferric-humic podsols Daboecion cantabricae Dupont 1975; Daboecion cantabricae (Dupont ex Rivas-Mart. 1979) Rivas-Mart., Fernández-González et Loidi 1999 Schaminee et al, 2012
Empetrion nigri Schubert ex Westhoff et Den Held 1969 Heath of coastal atlantic regions of Western and Europe and southern Sweden Empetrion boreale Bøcher 1943; Empetrion nigri Schubert 1960 Schaminee et al, 2012
Genistion pilosae Bøcher 1943 Low-altitude heath of atlantic to subcontinental regions of Europe Vaccinion myrtilli Böcher ex Bridgewater et Shimwell 1973; Genistion pilosae Duvigneaud 1942 (sensu Schubert 2001); Callunion Borza 1963; Callunion Borza et Boscaui 1965; Callunion balticum Bøcher 1943; Euphorbio-Callunion Schubert 1960; Euphorbio-Callunion Schubert ex Passarge 1964; Genistio-Callunion Bøcher 1943; Genistion tinctorio-germanicae de Foucault 1990; Genistion tinctorio-germanicae de Foucault 2009; Genisto-Callunion Bøcher 1943; Genisto-Vaccinion vitis-ideae Br.-Bl. 1926; Myrtillion boreale Bøcher 1943; Pohlio-Callunion Shimwell 1973; Senecioni-Rumicion acetosellae Passarge 1981; Vaccinio-Callunion Moore in Mhic Daeid 1976; Vaccinio-Genistion pilosae Duvigneaud 1943; Vaccinion vitis-idaeae Bøcher 1943; Calluno-Genistion pilosae subatlanticum Duvigneaud 1944; Calluno-Arctostaphylion uvae-ursi Tx. et Preising 1949; Calluno-Genistion Duvigneaud 1944 (sensu Schubert 2001) Schaminee et al, 2012
Ulicion minoris Malcuit 1929 Gorse heath of atlantic region of Western Europe Dactylido maritimae-Ulicion maritimi Géhu 1975; Ulici-Ericion ciliaris Géhu 1973; Ulicion Luquet 1926; Ulicion gallii Géhu 1963; Ulicion maritimi Géhu et Franck 1985; Ulicion nanae euatlanticum Duvigneaud 1944; Ulicion nanae-gallii Bridgewater 1971; Dactylido oceanicae-Ulicion maritimi Géhu 1975 nom. mut. propos. Schaminee et al, 2012
Ericion arboreae (Rivas-Mart. ex Rivas-Mart. et al. 1986) Rivas-Mart. 1987 Mediterranean thermo-mesomediterranean neutro- to acidophilous mesophilous macchia Schaminee et al, 2012
Ericion cinereae Böcher 1940 Bell-heather heaths of subatlantic to atlantic regions of Western Europe Ulici-Ericion cinereae Géhu 1973 Schaminee et al, 2012
Ericion umbellatae Br.-Bl. in Br.-Bl. et al. 1952 Thermo-supramediterranean subhumid north-central and eastern Iberian and Provencasl low silicicolous heath Cisto salviifoliae-Ericion cineraeae Géhu in Bardat et al. 2004; Ericion australis Bellot et Casaseca in Bellot 1968; Cistion hirsuti Br.-Bl. et al. 1965; Ericion aragonensis Rivas-Mart. 1962; Genisto-Ericion aragonensis Rivas-Mart. 1962; Halimio-Ulicion Rothmaler 1954; Pterospartion Rothmaler 1943 Schaminee et al, 2012

Species mentioned in habitat description

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Other classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
Palaearctic Habitat Classification 200112 31.2 European dry heaths same
CORINE Land Cover 3.2.2. Moors and heathland n/a
Phase 1 habitat classification (UK) 1993 D12 Dry dwarf shrub heath: basic overlap
Phase 1 habitat classification (UK) 1993 E18 Bog: dry modified overlap
Phase 1 habitat classification (UK) 1993 D11 Dry dwarf shrub heath: acid overlap
Phase 1 habitat classification (UK) 1993 D1 Dry dwarf shrub heath overlap
Milieux Naturels de Suisse 1998 5.4.1 Lande subatlantique acidophile same
Biotopes of the Czech Republic 2001 T8.1 SUCHÁ VŘESOVIŠTĚ NÍŽIN A PAHORKATIN (Dry lowland and colline heaths) narrower
For relation to plant communities (syntaxa), see Vegetation types
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