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Depressions on peat substrates of the Rhynchosporion

Description (English)

Highly constant pioneer communities of humid exposed peat or, sometimes, sand, with Rhynchospora alba, Rhynchospora fusca, Drosera intermedia, Drosera rotundifolia, Lycopodiella inundata, forming on stripped areas of blanket bogs or raised bogs, but also on naturally seep- or frost-eroded areas of wet heaths and bogs, in flushes and in the fluctuation zone of oligotrophic pools with sandy, slightly peaty substratum. These communities are similar, and closely related, to those of shallow bog hollows (Pal. 51.122) and of transition mires (Pal. 54.57).

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 7150)
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 951 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status

Species mentioned in habitat description

Ferns Lycopodiella inundata
Flowering Plants Drosera intermedia
Flowering Plants Drosera rotundifolia
Flowering Plants Rhynchospora alba
Flowering Plants Rhynchospora fusca
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Lycopodiella inundata Ferns
Drosera intermedia Flowering Plants
Drosera rotundifolia Flowering Plants
Rhynchospora alba Flowering Plants
Rhynchospora fusca Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
AT1203A00 Austria Ötscher - Dürrenstein Map
AT2104000 Austria Sablatnig Moor Map
AT2115000 Austria Hochmoor bei St. Lorenzen Map
AT2121000 Austria Höfleinmoor Map
AT2212000 Austria Wörschacher Moos und ennsnahe Bereiche Map
AT3123000 Austria Wiesengebiete und Seen im Alpenvorland Map
AT3130000 Austria Hornspitzmoore Map
AT3140000 Austria Gerlhamer Moor Map
AT3141000 Austria Mooswiesen am Irrsee Map
AT3142000 Austria Egelsee und Egelseemoor in Unterach Map
AT3201014 Austria Wallersee-Wengermoor Map
AT3203010 Austria Winklmoos Map
AT3204002 Austria Sieben-Möser/Gerlosplatte Map
AT3213003 Austria Gerzkopf Map
AT3214000 Austria Rotmoos-Käfertal Map
AT3222000 Austria Moore am Überling Map
AT3304000 Austria Karwendel Map
AT3305000 Austria Ötztaler Alpen Map
AT3308000 Austria Schwemm Map
AT3402000 Austria Rheindelta Map
AT3406000 Austria Witmoos Map
AT3407000 Austria Fohramoos Map
AT3412000 Austria Verwall Map
AT3413000 Austria Wiegensee Map
AT3421000 Austria Gsieg - Obere Mähder Map
AT3423000 Austria Soren, Gleggen-Köblern, Schweizer Ried und Birken-Schwarzes Zeug Map
BE2100015 Belgium Kalmthoutse Heide Map
BE2100016 Belgium Klein en Groot Schietveld Map
BE2100017 Belgium Bos- en heidegebieden ten oosten van Antwerpen Map
BE2100019 Belgium Het Blak, Kievitsheide, Ekstergoor en nabijgelegen Kamsalamanderhabitats Map
BE2100020 Belgium Heesbossen, Vallei van Marke en Merkske en Ringven met valleigronden langs de Heerlese Loop Map
BE2100024 Belgium Vennen, heiden en moerassen rond Turnhout Map
BE2100026 Belgium Valleigebied van de Kleine Nete met brongebieden, moerassen en heiden Map
BE2200028 Belgium De Maten Map
BE2200029 Belgium Vallei- en brongebied van de Zwarte Beek, Bolisserbeek en Dommel met heide en vengebieden. Map
BE2200030 Belgium Mangelbeek en heide- en vengebieden tussen Houthalen en Gruitrode Map
BE2200031 Belgium Valleien van de Laambeek, Zonderikbeek, Slangebeek en Roosterbeek met vijvergebieden. Map
BE2200032 Belgium Hageven met Dommelvallei, Beverbeekse Heide, Warmbeek en Wateringen Map
BE2200033 Belgium Abeek met aangrenzende moerasgebieden Map
BE2200034 Belgium Itterbeek met Brand, Jagersborg en Schootsheide en Bergerven Map
BE2200035 Belgium Mechelse Heide en vallei van de Ziepbeek Map
BE2400014 Belgium Demervallei Map
BE32012C0 Belgium Bord nord du bassin de la Haine Map
BE33025C0 Belgium Fagnes du Nord-Est Map
BE33032C0 Belgium Fagnes de Malchamps et de Stoumont Map
BE33035C0 Belgium Plateau des Hautes-Fagnes Map
BE33036C0 Belgium Fagnes de la Roer Map
BE33037C0 Belgium Camp militaire d'Elsenborn Map
BE34014C0 Belgium Fagne de la Crépale et prairies de Malempré Map
BE34016C0 Belgium Fagnes de Samrée et de Tailles Map
BE34017C0 Belgium Fagnes de Bihain Map
BE34029C0 Belgium Haute-Wamme et Masblette Map
BE34030C0 Belgium Forêt de Freyr Map
BE34037C0 Belgium Haute-Lomme Map
BE34057C0 Belgium Marais de la Haute-Semois et Bois de Heinsch Map
BE34058C0 Belgium Camp militaire de Lagland Map
CZ0310080 Czech Republic Dvořiště Map
CZ0313128 Czech Republic Nadějská soustava Map
CZ0314023 Czech Republic Třeboňsko - střed Map
CZ0314109 Czech Republic Ruda Map
CZ0410038 Czech Republic Mechové údolí Map
CZ0410150 Czech Republic Soos Map
CZ0514042 Czech Republic Jestřebsko - Dokesko Map
CZ0514669 Czech Republic Poselský a Mariánský rybník Map
DE1119303 Germany Süderlügumer Binnendünen Map
DE1121391 Germany NSG Fröslev-Jardelunder Moor Map
DE1123392 Germany Blixmoor Map
DE1323301 Germany NSG Hechtmoor Map
DE1324391 Germany Wellspanger-Loiter-Oxbek-System und angrenzende Wälder Map
DE1523353 Germany Karlshofer Moor Map
DE1526353 Germany Naturwald Stodthagen und angrenzende Hochmoore Map
DE1623303 Germany Fockbeker Moor Map
DE1623392 Germany Binnendünen- und Moorlandschaft im Sorgetal Map
DE1723302 Germany Dachsberg bei Wittenmoor Map
DE1825302 Germany Wennebeker Moor und Langwedel Map
DE1826301 Germany NSG Dosenmoor Map
DE1840301 Germany Dänschenburger Moor und Teufelsmoor bei Gresenhorst Map
DE1846303 Germany Moore zwischen Greifswald und Miltzow Map
DE1923304 Germany Moore bei Christinenthal Map
DE1927352 Germany Tarbeker Moor Map
DE1941301 Germany Recknitz- und Trebeltal mit Zuflüssen Map
DE2022302 Germany Vaaler Moor und Herrenmoor Map
DE2024301 Germany Heiden und Dünen bei Störkathen Map
DE2050303 Germany Ostusedomer Hügelland Map
DE2117331 Germany Küstenheiden und Krattwälder bei Cuxhaven Map
DE2124301 Germany Klein Offenseth-Bokelsesser Moor Map
DE2127302 Germany Birkenmoor bei Groß Niendorf Map
DE2130303 Germany Moore in der Palinger Heide Map
DE2218301 Germany Ahlen-Falkenberger Moor, Seen bei Bederkesa Map
DE2220301 Germany Balksee und Randmoore, Nordahner Holz Map
DE2226391 Germany Alstersystem bis Itzstedter See und Nienwohlder Moor Map
DE2306301 Germany Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer Map
DE2311331 Germany Ochsenweide, Schafhauser Wald und Feuchtwiesen bei Esens Map
DE2317302 Germany Dorumer Moor Map
DE2324304 Germany NSG Tävsmoor / Haselauer Moor Map
DE2325301 Germany Ohmoor Map
DE2326301 Germany Wittmoor Map
DE2330391 Germany Salemer Moor und angrenzende Wälder und Seen Map
DE2410301 Germany Ewiges Meer, Großes Moor bei Aurich Map
DE2418301 Germany Sellstedter See und Ochsentriftmoor Map
DE2421331 Germany Hohes Moor Map
DE2423301 Germany Feerner Moor Map
DE2429353 Germany Kleinstmoore bei Hornbek Map
DE2430302 Germany Rosengartener Moor Map
DE2433301 Germany Grambower Moor Map
DE2511332 Germany Kollrunger Moor und Klinge Map
DE2517301 Germany Placken-, Königs- und Stoteler Moor Map
DE2519301 Germany Wollingster See mit Randmoor Map
DE2520332 Germany Spreckenser Moor Map
DE2528331 Germany Elbeniederung zwischen Schnackenburg und Geesthacht Map
DE2543301 Germany Seen, Moore und Wälder des Müritz-Gebietes Map
DE2613301 Germany Lengener Meer, Stapeler Moor, Baasenmeers-Moor Map
DE2619302 Germany Springmoor, Heilsmoor Map
DE2620301 Germany Huvenhoopssee, Huvenhoopsmoor Map
DE2628331 Germany Ilmenau mit Nebenbächen Map
DE2646305 Germany Wälder bei Feldberg mit Breitem Luzin und Dolgener See Map
DE2710331 Germany Wolfmeer Map
DE2715301 Germany Ipweger Moor, Gellener Torfmöörte Map
DE2717301 Germany Heide und Heideweiher auf der Rekumer Geest Map
DE2717331 Germany Garlstedter Moor und Heidhofer Teiche Map
DE2717332 Germany Brundorfer Moor Map
DE2718332 Germany Untere Wümmeniederung, untere Hammeniederung mit Teufelsmoor Map
DE2721301 Germany Bullensee, Hemelsmoor Map
DE2723301 Germany Großes Moor bei Wistedt Map
DE2723331 Germany Wümmeniederung Map
DE2725301 Germany Lüneburger Heide Map
DE2727331 Germany Laubwälder am Einemhof und Kranichmoor Map
DE2744301 Germany Thymen Map
DE2744307 Germany Moore und Seen bei Wesenberg Map
DE2744309 Germany Schwarzer See östlich Priepert (MV) Map
DE2745303 Germany Kastavenseen-Molkenkammersee Map
DE2813331 Germany Fintlandsmoor und Dänikhorster Moor Map
DE2814332 Germany Everstenmoor Map
DE2815331 Germany Sager Meer, Ahlhorner Fischteiche und Lethe Map
DE2820301 Germany Wiestetal, Glindbusch, Borchelsmoor Map
DE2844301 Germany Stechlin Map
DE2846301 Germany Kleine Schorfheide - Havel Map
DE2847301 Germany Großer Briesensee Map
DE2910301 Germany Krummes Meer, Aschendorfer Obermoor Map
DE2911301 Germany Leegmoor Map
DE2911302 Germany Esterweger Dose Map
DE2915331 Germany Tannersand und Gierenberg Map
DE2922301 Germany Großes und Weißes Moor Map
DE2923331 Germany Moor am Schweinekobenbach Map
DE2924331 Germany Riensheide Map
DE2943302 Germany Rheinsberger Rhin und Hellberge Map
DE2947302 Germany Bollwinwiesen/Großer Gollinsee Map
DE2948304 Germany Poratzer Moränenlandschaft Map
DE2949302 Germany Grumsiner Forst/Redernswalde Map
DE3010331 Germany Stillgewässer bei Kluse Map
DE3012301 Germany Markatal mit Bockholter Dose Map
DE3019331 Germany Okeler Sandgrube Map
DE3021332 Germany Sandgrube bei Walle Map
DE3022331 Germany Lehrde und Eich Map
DE3023301 Germany Grundloses Moor Map
DE3026301 Germany Örtze mit Nebenbächen Map
DE3026302 Germany Moor- und Heidegebiete im Truppenübungsplatz Munster-Süd Map
DE3047301 Germany Kienhorst/Köllnseen/Eichheide Map
DE3050301 Germany Brodowin-Oderberg Map
DE3110301 Germany Tinner Dose, Sprakeler Heide Map
DE3122301 Germany Vehmsmoor Map
DE3124301 Germany Moor- und Heidegebiete im Truppenübungsplatz Bergen-Hohne Map
DE3125301 Germany Großes Moor bei Becklingen Map
DE3126331 Germany Heiden und Magerrasen in der Südheide Map
DE3127331 Germany Lutter, Lachte, Aschau (mit einigen Nebenbächen) Map
DE3129301 Germany Bullenkuhle Map
DE3130331 Germany Kammmolch-Biotop nordöstlich Langenbrügge Map
DE3210301 Germany Stadtveen, Kesselmoor, Süd-Tannenmoor Map
DE3216301 Germany Goldenstedter Moor Map
DE3218332 Germany Pastorendiek und Amphibiengewässer nördlich Schwaförden Map
DE3224331 Germany Meißendorfer Teiche, Ostenholzer Moor Map
DE3226301 Germany Bornriethmoor Map
DE3227301 Germany Breites Moor Map
DE3227331 Germany Kleingewässer bei Dalle Map
DE3309331 Germany Esterfelder Moor bei Meppen Map
DE3312332 Germany Börsteler Wald und Teichhausen Map
DE3315331 Germany Diepholzer Moor Map
DE3317301 Germany Neustädter Moor Map
DE3326331 Germany Henneckenmoor bei Scheuen Map
DE3346304 Germany Tegeler Fließtal Map
DE3409331 Germany Moorschlatts und Heiden in Wachendorf Map
DE3411332 Germany Swatte Poele Map
DE3416301 Germany Rehdener Geestmoor Map
DE3420331 Germany Steinhuder Meer (mit Randbereichen) Map
DE3423331 Germany Helstorfer, Otternhagener und Schwarzes Moor Map
DE3424301 Germany Bissendorfer Moor Map
DE3425301 Germany Trunnenmoor Map
DE3430301 Germany Vogelmoor Map
DE3434301 Germany Jävenitzer Moor Map
DE3508301 Germany Heseper Moor, Engdener Wüste Map
DE3525331 Germany Altwarmbüchener Moor Map
DE3528301 Germany Fahle Heide, Gifhorner Heide Map
DE3608301 Germany Syen-Venn Map
DE3613301 Germany Grasmoor Map
DE3613331 Germany Achmer Sand Map
DE3618301 Germany Großes Torfmoor, Altes Moor Map
DE3644302 Germany Moosfenn Map
DE3708302 Germany Gildehauser Venn Map
DE3708303 Germany Rüenberger Venn Map
DE3708331 Germany Kleingewässer Achterberg Map
DE3709301 Germany Harskamp Map
DE3748307 Germany Dubrow Map
DE3749304 Germany Griesenseen Map
DE3806301 Germany Lüntener Fischteich u. Ammeloer Venn Map
DE3807301 Germany Amtsvenn u. Hündfelder Moor Map
DE3807302 Germany Witte Venn, Krosewicker Grenzwald Map
DE3807303 Germany Graeser Venn - Gut Moorhof Map
DE3845304 Germany Schulzensee Map
DE3849301 Germany Milaseen Map
DE3849303 Germany Kienheide Map
DE3849304 Germany Laie - Langes Luch Map
DE3853301 Germany Klautzke-See und Waldmoore mit Kobbelke Map
DE3906301 Germany Zwillbrocker Venn u. Ellewicker Feld Map
DE3907301 Germany Schwattet Gatt Map
DE3948301 Germany Luchsee Map
DE3949303 Germany Meiereisee und Kriegbuschwiesen Map
DE3950303 Germany Teufelsluch Map
DE3952301 Germany Reicherskreuzer Heide und Schwanensee Map
DE4008302 Germany Fürstenkuhle im Weissen Venn Map
DE4050301 Germany Nördliches Spreewaldrandgebiet Map
DE4051301 Germany Lieberoser Endmoräne und Staakower Läuche Map
DE4053303 Germany Krayner Teiche/Lutzketal Map
DE4053305 Germany Pastlingsee Ergänzung Map
DE4108303 Germany Weißes Venn / Geisheide Map
DE4118301 Germany Senne mit Stapelager Senne Map
DE4205301 Germany Grosses Veen Map
DE4209301 Germany Gagelbruch Borkenberge Map
DE4209304 Germany Truppenübungsplatz Borkenberge Map
DE4247302 Germany Lehmannsteich Map
DE4247303 Germany Lugkteichgebiet Map
DE4247304 Germany Heidegrund Grünswalde Map
DE4248304 Germany Tannenbusch und Teichlandschaft Groß Mehßow Map
DE4248305 Germany Sandteichgebiet Map
DE4305304 Germany Schwarzes Wasser Map
DE4306302 Germany NSG - Komplex In den Drevenacker Dünen, mit Erweiterung Map
DE4342304 Germany Presseler Heidewald- und Moorgebiet Map
DE4447303 Germany Der Loben Map
DE4447305 Germany Hohenleipisch Map
DE4453303 Germany Reuthener Moor Map
DE4543301 Germany Teiche um Neumühle Map
DE4550301 Germany Dubringer Moor Map
DE4552301 Germany Truppenübungsplatz Oberlausitz Map
DE4552302 Germany Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft Map
DE4554301 Germany Raklitza und Teiche bei Rietschen Map
DE4554303 Germany Niederspreer Teichgebiet und Kleine Heide Hähnichen Map
DE4603301 Germany Krickenbecker Seen - Kl. De Witt-See Map
DE4623331 Germany Bachtäler im Kaufunger Wald Map
DE4648304 Germany Dammühlenteichgebiet Map
DE4649305 Germany Saleskbachniederung unterhalb Grüngräbchen Map
DE4650302 Germany Jeßnitz und Thury Map
DE4650305 Germany Deutschbaselitzer Großteichgebiet Map
DE4654301 Germany Doras Ruh Map
DE4702301 Germany Elmpter Schwalmbruch Map
DE4752301 Germany Teiche zwischen Neschwitz und Großdubrau Map
DE4755301 Germany Teiche und Feuchtgebiete nordöstlich Kodersdorf Map
DE4802301 Germany Lüsekamp und Boschbeek Map
DE4807304 Germany Further Moor Map
DE5002301 Germany Teverener Heide Map
DE5237301 Germany NSG Frießnitzer See - Struth Map
DE5314303 Germany NSG Krombachtalsperre Map
DE5403301 Germany Perlenbach-Fuhrtsbachtal Map
DE5526371 Germany Bayerische Hohe Rhön Map
DE5631372 Germany Feuchtgebiete um Rottenbach Map
DE6109303 Germany Idarwald Map
DE6320371 Germany Drei Seen im oberen Breitenbachtal bei Breitenbuch Map
DE6338301 Germany Lohen im Manteler Forst mit Schießlweiher und Straßweiherkette Map
DE6511301 Germany Westricher Moorniederung Map
DE6640301 Germany Kulzer Moos Map
DE6740302 Germany Waldweihergebiet im Postloher Forst Map
DE6812301 Germany Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald Map
DE7148301 Germany Bischofsreuter Waldhufen Map
DE7148302 Germany Moore bei Finsterau und Philippsreuth Map
DE7315311 Germany Talschwarzwald zwischen Bühlertal und Forbach Map
DE7316341 Germany Kaltenbronner Enzhöhen Map
DE7415311 Germany Wilder See - Hornisgrinde und Oberes Murgtal Map
DE7732301 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Haspelmoor' Map
DE7939371 Germany Moore um Wasserburg Map
DE7942301 Germany Heigermoos Map
DE8023341 Germany Feuchtgebiete um Altshausen Map
DE8025341 Germany Wurzacher Ried und Rohrsee Map
DE8032372 Germany Moore und Wälder westlich Dießen Map
DE8033371 Germany Moränenlandschaft zwischen Ammersee und Starnberger See Map
DE8038371 Germany Rotter Forst und Rott Map
DE8038372 Germany Moore nördlich Bad Aibling Map
DE8039371 Germany Murn, Murner Filz und Eiselfinger See Map
DE8040371 Germany Moorgebiet von Eggstätt-Hemhof bis Seeon Map
DE8041302 Germany Alz vom Chiemsee bis Altenmarkt Map
DE8113341 Germany Belchen Map
DE8114311 Germany Hochschwarzwald um den Feldberg und Bernauer Hochtal Map
DE8114341 Germany Hochschwarzwald um Hinterzarten Map
DE8122342 Germany Pfrunger Ried und Seen bei Illmensee Map
DE8124341 Germany Altdorfer Wald Map
DE8133301 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Osterseen' Map
DE8134372 Germany Loisachleiten Map
DE8135371 Germany Moore zwischen Dietramszell und Deining Map
DE8138372 Germany Moore um Raubling Map
DE8139371 Germany Simsseegebiet Map
DE8140371 Germany Moore südlich des Chiemsees Map
DE8140372 Germany Chiemsee Map
DE8142371 Germany Moore im Salzach-Hügelland Map
DE8214343 Germany Oberer Hotzenwald Map
DE8224311 Germany Feuchtgebiete bei Waldburg und Kißlegg Map
DE8226341 Germany Feuchtgebietskomplexe nördlich Isny Map
DE8228301 Germany Kempter Wald mit Oberem Rottachtal Map
DE8230371 Germany Moore um Bernbeuren Map
DE8232371 Germany Grasleitner Moorlandschaft Map
DE8233301 Germany Moor- und Drumlinlandschaft zwischen Hohenkasten und Antdorf Map
DE8234371 Germany Moore um Penzberg Map
DE8235301 Germany Ellbach- und Kirchseemoor Map
DE8235371 Germany Attenloher Filzen und Mariensteiner Moore Map
DE8237371 Germany Leitzachtal Map
DE8240302 Germany Bärnseemoor Map
DE8240371 Germany Mettenhamer Filz, Süssener und Lanzinger Moos mit Extensivwiesen Map
DE8241372 Germany Östliche Chiemgauer Alpen Map
DE8314341 Germany Alb zum Hochrhein Map
DE8325341 Germany Bodenmöser und Hengelesweiher Map
DE8327301 Germany Moore im Wirlinger Wald Map
DE8329302 Germany Weihermoos Holzleuten Map
DE8329303 Germany Sulzschneider Moore Map
DE8330371 Germany Urspringer Filz,Premer Filz und Viehweiden Map
DE8331301 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Moore um die Wies' Map
DE8331303 Germany Trauchberger Ach, Moore und Wälder am Nordrand des Ammergebirges Map
DE8332301 Germany Murnauer Moos Map
DE8332371 Germany Moore im oberen Ammertal Map
DE8332372 Germany Moränenlandschaft zwischen Staffelsee und Baiersoien Map
DE8428301 Germany Hühnermoos Map
DE8430301 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Bannwaldsee' Map
DE8431371 Germany Ammergebirge Map
DE8434372 Germany Jachenau und Extensivwiesen bei Fleck Map
DE8526302 Germany Piesenkopfmoore Map
DE8527301 Germany Hörnergruppe Map
DE8528301 Germany Allgäuer Hochalpen Map
DK003X204 Denmark Teglstrup Hegn og Hammermølle Skov Map
DK003X207 Denmark Gribskov Map
DK003X210 Denmark Kattehale mose Map
DK003X279 Denmark Kongens Lyng Map
DK005X221 Denmark Sejerø Bugt og Saltbæk Vig Map
DK005X226 Denmark Store Åmose, Skarresø og Bregninge Å Map
DK006X239 Denmark Horreby Lyng Map
DK006Y231 Denmark Holmegårds Mose Map
DK007X246 Denmark Dueodde Map
DK008X196 Denmark Store Øresø, Sortesø og Iglesø Map
DK009X058 Denmark Hostrup Sø, Assenholm Mose og Felsted Vestermark Map
DK009X181 Denmark Sølsted Mose Map
DK00AX048 Denmark Hedeområder ved Store Råbjerg Map
DK00AX054 Denmark Vejen Mose Map
DK00AX172 Denmark Blåbjerg Egekrat, Lyngbos Hede og Hennegårds Klitter Map
DK00AX173 Denmark Kallesmærsk Hede, Grærup Langsø, Fiilsø og Kærgård Klitplantage Map
DK00AX175 Denmark Nørholm Hede, Nørholm Skov og Varde Å øst for Varde Map
DK00AY176 Denmark Vadehavet med Ribe Å, Tved Å og Varde Å vest for Varde Map
DK00BX289 Denmark Ringive Kommuneplantage Map
DK00BY165 Denmark Harrild Hede, Ulvemosen og heder i Nørlund Plantage Map
DK00BY171 Denmark Randbøl Hede og klitter i Frederikshåb Plantage Map
DK00CX037 Denmark Borris Hede Map
DK00CX158 Denmark Skånsø og Tranemose Map
DK00CX159 Denmark Heder og klitter på Skovbjerg Bakkeø Map
DK00CX164 Denmark Mose ved Karstoft Å Map
DK00CX285 Denmark Flynder Å og heder i Klosterhede Plantage Map
DK00CY163 Denmark Ringkøbing Fjord og Nymindestrømmen Map
DK00DZ153 Denmark Sepstrup Sande, Vrads Sande, Velling Skov og Palsgård Skov Map
DK00EX138 Denmark Brandstrup Mose Map
DK00EX143 Denmark Mønsted og Daugbjerg Kalkgruber og Mønsted Ådal Map
DK00EX287 Denmark Kongenshus Hede Map
DK00EY134 Denmark Lovns Bredning, Hjarbæk Fjord og Skals, Simested og Nørre Ådal, Skravad Bæk Map
DK00EY288 Denmark Hessellund Hede Map
DK00FX005 Denmark Råbjerg Mile og Hulsig Hede Map
DK00FX010 Denmark Strandenge på Læsø og havet syd herfor Map
DK00FX118 Denmark Holtemmen, Højsande og Nordmarken Map
DK00FX125 Denmark Lille Vildmose, Tofte Skov og Høstemark Skov Map
DK00FX126 Denmark Rold Skov, Lindenborg Ådal og Madum Sø Map
DK00FX342 Denmark Jerup Hede, Råbjerg og Tolshave Mose Map
EE0010104 Estonia Paunküla Map
EE0010106 Estonia Põhja-Kõrvemaa Map
EE0010108 Estonia Laukesoo Map
EE0010113 Estonia Maapaju Map
EE0010121 Estonia Valgejärve Map
EE0010124 Estonia Ruila Map
EE0010125 Estonia Vääna Map
EE0010133 Estonia Orkjärve Map
EE0010173 Estonia Lahemaa Map
EE0020205 Estonia Ohepalu Map
EE0020305 Estonia Pilkuse Map
EE0020306 Estonia Konuvere Map
EE0020307 Estonia Selja-Põdra Map
EE0020312 Estonia Linnuraba Map
EE0020313 Estonia Jalase Map
EE0020314 Estonia Salavalge-Tõrasoo Map
EE0020315 Estonia Taarikõnnu Map
EE0020316 Estonia Rabivere Map
EE0020321 Estonia Ridaküla Map
EE0020324 Estonia Mahtra Map
EE0020325 Estonia Kõnnumaa Map
EE0020327 Estonia Mukri Map
EE0020328 Estonia Linnumängu Map
EE0020329 Estonia Piiumetsa Map
EE0020335 Estonia Kastna-Rapla Map
EE0020337 Estonia Nõlvasoo Map
EE0020338 Estonia Avaste Map
EE0040114 Estonia Tilga Map
EE0040116 Estonia Pihla-Kaibaldi Map
EE0040119 Estonia Leigri Map
EE0040120 Estonia Tihu Map
EE0040202 Estonia Suursoo-Leidissoo Map
EE0040203 Estonia Marimetsa-Õmma Map
EE0040205 Estonia Kuke-Kiili Map
EE0040209 Estonia Käntu-Kastja Map
EE0040210 Estonia Luiste Map
EE0040212 Estonia Mustjärve raba Map
EE0040213 Estonia Lihula Map
EE0040214 Estonia Tuhu Map
EE0040302 Estonia Metsaääre Map
EE0040306 Estonia Kaisma Map
EE0040324 Estonia Lavassaare Map
EE0040326 Estonia Lindi Map
EE0040331 Estonia Mõrdama Map
EE0040334 Estonia Nedrema Map
EE0040336 Estonia Nätsi-Võlla Map
EE0040338 Estonia Oese soo Map
EE0040351 Estonia Luitemaa Map
EE0040357 Estonia Tellissaare Map
EE0040361 Estonia Tõhela-Ermistu Map
EE0040369 Estonia Sookuninga Map
EE0040370 Estonia Nigula Map
EE0040375 Estonia Valgeraba Map
EE0040407 Estonia Järise Map
EE0040425 Estonia Koigi Map
EE0040489 Estonia Vedruka raba Map
EE0060114 Estonia Nõmme raba Map
EE0060115 Estonia Iidva Map
EE0060116 Estonia Väätsa Map
EE0060119 Estonia Kõrvemaa Map
EE0060202 Estonia Mõdriku-Roela Map
EE0060209 Estonia Tudusoo Map
EE0060219 Estonia Sämi Map
EE0060221 Estonia Viitna Map
EE0070103 Estonia Muraka Map
EE0070104 Estonia Sirtsi Map
EE0070106 Estonia Puhatu Map
EE0070112 Estonia Aseri Map
EE0070124 Estonia Selisoo Map
EE0070171 Estonia Agusalu Map
EE0080172 Estonia Endla Map
EE0080203 Estonia Meelva Map
EE0080204 Estonia Meenikunno Map
EE0080209 Estonia Kirmsi Map
EE0080213 Estonia Tahkjärve soo Map
EE0080234 Estonia Mustoja Map
EE0080301 Estonia Pähklisaare Map
EE0080323 Estonia Peipsiveere Map
EE0080374 Estonia Alam-Pedja Map
EE0080420 Estonia Koorküla Map
EE0080501 Estonia Rubina Map
EE0080504 Estonia Teringi Map
EE0080510 Estonia Leppoja Map
EE0080573 Estonia Parika Map
EE0080574 Estonia Soomaa Map
EE0080601 Estonia Luhasoo Map
EE0080613 Estonia Haanja Map
EE0080614 Estonia Sadramõtsa Map
EE0080671 Estonia Karula Map
ES0000164 Spain Sierra de Ayllón Map
ES0000176 Spain Costa da Morte (Norte) Map
ES0000374 Spain Ancares Map
ES0000376 Spain Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Map
ES0000437 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES1110002 Spain Costa Ártabra Map
ES1110003 Spain Fragas do Eume Map
ES1110005 Spain Costa da Morte Map
ES1110008 Spain Carnota - Monte Pindo Map
ES1110013 Spain Xubia - Castro Map
ES1110014 Spain Serra do Careón Map
ES1120001 Spain Ancares - Courel Map
ES1120003 Spain Parga - Ladra - Támoga Map
ES1120009 Spain Monte Maior Map
ES1120010 Spain Negueira Map
ES1120015 Spain Serra do Xistral Map
ES1130001 Spain Baixa Limia Map
ES1130002 Spain Macizo Central Map
ES1130003 Spain Bidueiral de Montederramo Map
ES1130007 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES1130008 Spain Pena Maseira Map
ES1140008 Spain Brañas de Xestoso Map
ES1140011 Spain Gándaras de Budiño Map
ES1140013 Spain Serra do Candán Map
ES1140014 Spain Serra do Cando Map
ES1200042 Spain Sierra Plana de la Borbolla Map
ES1200044 Spain Turbera de la Molina Map
ES1300016 Spain Sierra del Escudo Map
ES2110019 Spain Izki Map
ES2200015 Spain Regata de Orabidea y turbera de Arxuri Map
ES3110004 Spain Cuenca del río Manzanares Map
ES4110002 Spain Sierra de Gredos Map
ES4120049 Spain Bosques del Valle de Mena Map
ES4120088 Spain Montes de Valnera Map
ES4120090 Spain Embalse del Ebro - Monte Hijedo Map
ES4120092 Spain Sierra de la Demanda Map
ES4120093 Spain Humada-Peña Amaya Map
ES4130003 Spain Picos de Europa en Castilla y León Map
ES4130010 Spain Sierra de los Ancares Map
ES4150064 Spain Riberas de los Ríos Huebra, Yeltes, Uces y afluentes Map
ES4150107 Spain Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Map
ES4160019 Spain Sierra de Ayllón Map
ES4170029 Spain Sabinares Sierra de Cabrejas Map
ES4170116 Spain Sierras de Urbión y Cebollera Map
ES4170135 Spain Cañón del Río Lobos Map
ES4190033 Spain Sierra de la Culebra Map
ES4190105 Spain Lago de Sanabria y alrededores Map
ES4190110 Spain Sierra de la Cabrera Map
ES4190134 Spain Lagunas de Tera y Vidriales Map
ES4220019 Spain Bonales de la comarca de Los Montes del Guadiana Map
ES4250005 Spain Montes de Toledo Map
ES4320038 Spain Sierra de Gredos y Valle del Jerte Map
FR1100796 France Forêt de Rambouillet Map
FR2100270 France Rièzes du plateau de Rocroi Map
FR2100273 France Tourbières du plateau ardennais Map
FR2100274 France Marais et pelouses du tertiaire au nord de Reims Map
FR2200391 France Landes de Versigny Map
FR2200395 France Collines du Laonnois oriental Map
FR2200396 France Tourbière et coteaux de Cessières Montbavin Map
FR2300122 France Marais Vernier, Risle Maritime Map
FR2300123 France Boucles de la Seine Aval Map
FR2400518 France Massifs forestiers et rivières du Pays-Fort Map
FR2400524 France Forêt d'Orléans et périphérie Map
FR2400534 France Grande Brenne Map
FR2400535 France Vallée de l'Anglin et affluents Map
FR2400558 France Domaine de Chambord Map
FR2400559 France Bois de Sudais Map
FR2402001 France Sologne Map
FR2402007 France Complexe du Changeon et de la Roumer Map
FR2500081 France Havre de Saint-Germain-sur-Ay et Landes de Lessay Map
FR2500088 France Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin - Baie des Veys Map
FR2500100 France Sites d'Ecouves Map
FR2500106 France Forets, etangs et tourbieres du Haut-Perche Map
FR2600987 France Milieux humides, forêts, pelouses et habitats à Chauves-souris du Morvan Map
FR2600993 France Étangs à Cistude d'Europe du Charolais Map
FR3100491 France Landes, mares et bois acides du Plateau de Sorrus Saint Josse, prairies alluviales et bois tourbeux en aval de Montreuil Map
FR3100507 France Forêts de Raismes / Saint Amand / Wallers et Marchiennes et plaine alluviale de la Scarpe Map
FR4100196 France Massif du Grand Ventron Map
FR4100202 France Massif forestier de Longegoutte Map
FR4100204 France Secteur du Tanet Gazon du Faing Map
FR4100206 France Tourbière de Machais et cirque de Blanchemer Map
FR4100207 France Etang et tourbière de la Demoiselle Map
FR4100208 France Cours d'eau, tourbières, rochers et forêts des Vosges du nord et souterrain de Ramstein Map
FR4100209 France Tourbière du Champâtre Map
FR4100210 France Tourbière de Jemnaufaing Map
FR4100211 France Tourbière de la Bouyère Map
FR4100212 France Landes et tourbières du camp militaire de Bitche Map
FR4201796 France La Lauter Map
FR4201798 France Massif forestier de Haguenau Map
FR4201802 France Champ du Feu Map
FR4201807 France Hautes Vosges Map
FR4301280 France Vallées du Drugeon et du Haut-Doubs Map
FR4301281 France Combes Derniers Map
FR4301283 France Vallons de la Drésine et de la Bonavette Map
FR4301308 France Vallée de l'Orbe Map
FR4301309 France Tourbières et lacs de Chapelle-des-Bois et de Bellefontaine les Mortes Map
FR4301310 France Combe du Lac Map
FR4301313 France Grandvaux Map
FR4301344 France Vallée de la Lanterne Map
FR4301346 France Plateau des mille étangs Map
FR4301347 France Forêts, landes et marais des Ballons d'Alsace et de Servance Map
FR4301348 France Piémont vosgien Map
FR4301350 France Étangs et Vallées du Territoire de Belfort Map
FR5200624 France Marais de l'Erdre Map
FR5200640 France Forêt de Multonne, corniche de Pail Map
FR5200647 France Vallée du Narais, forêt de Bercé et ruisseau du Dinan Map
FR5200648 France Massif forestier de Vibraye Map
FR5200649 France Vallée du Loir de Vaas à Bazouges Map
FR5300003 France Complexe de l'est des montagnes noires Map
FR5300004 France Rivière le Douron Map
FR5300005 France Forêt de Paimpont Map
FR5300007 France Têtes de bassin du Blavet et de l'Hyères Map
FR5300013 France Monts d'Arrée centre et est Map
FR5300014 France Complexe du Menez Hom Map
FR5300028 France Ria d'Etel Map
FR5300037 France Forêt de Lorge, landes de Lanfains, cime de Kerchouan Map
FR5300039 France Forêt du Cranou, Menez Meur Map
FR5400422 France Landes de Touverac - Saint-Vallier Map
FR5400437 France Landes de Montendre Map
FR5400453 France Landes du Pinail Map
FR5400460 France Brandes de Montmorillon Map
FR5400465 France Landes de Cadeuil Map
FR7200681 France Zones humides de l'arrière dune du littoral girondin Map
FR7200696 France Domaine départemental d'Hostens Map
FR7200697 France Boisements à chênes verts des dunes du littoral girondin Map
FR7200708 France Lagunes de Saint-Magne et Louchats Map
FR7200709 France Lagunes de Saint-Symphorien Map
FR7200714 France Zones humides de l'arrière dune des pays de Born et de Buch Map
FR7200716 France Zones humides de l'Étang de Léon Map
FR7200717 France Zones humides de l'arrière dune du Marensin Map
FR7200720 France Barthes de l'Adour Map
FR7200721 France Vallées de la Grande et de la Petite Leyre Map
FR7200722 France Réseau hydrographique des affluents de la Midouze Map
FR7200723 France Champ de tir de Captieux Map
FR7200727 France Tourbière de Mées Map
FR7200743 France Massif du Ger et du Lurien Map
FR7200749 France Montagnes du Barétous Map
FR7200753 France Forêt d'Iraty Map
FR7200754 France Montagnes de Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Map
FR7200756 France Montagnes des Aldudes Map
FR7200759 France Massif du Mondarrain et de l'Artzamendi Map
FR7200760 France Massif de la Rhune et de Choldocogagna Map
FR7200766 France Vallon du Clamondé Map
FR7200793 France Le Gave d'Ossau Map
FR7200797 France Réseau hydrographique du Gat Mort et du Saucats Map
FR7200806 France Réseau hydrographique du Midou et du Ludon Map
FR7200809 France Réseau hydrographique de la Haute Dronne Map
FR7300870 France Tourbières du Lévezou Map
FR7300928 France Pic Long Campbielh Map
FR7300936 France Tourbière et lac de Lourdes Map
FR7300940 France Tourbière de Clarens Map
FR7300946 France Tourbières du Margnès Map
FR7300948 France Le Montalet Map
FR7401104 France Tourbière de Négarioux Malsagne Map
FR7401105 France Landes et zones humides de la Haute Vézère Map
FR7401123 France Tourbières et fonds tourbeux de Bonnefond Péret Bel Air Map
FR7401128 France Vallée de la Gioune Map
FR7401135 France Tourbière de la source du ruisseau des Dauges Map
FR7401145 France Landes et zones humides autour du lac de Vassivière Map
FR7401146 France Vallée du Taurion et affluents Map
FR7401148 France Haute-vallée de la Vienne Map
FR8201634 France Lande tourbeuse des Oignons Map
FR8201637 France Marais de Lavours Map
FR8201641 France Milieux remarquables du Bas Bugey Map
FR8201660 France Plateau de Montselgues Map
FR8201707 France Plateau de Loëx Map
FR8201712 France Le Salève Map
FR8201722 France Zones humides du Bas Chablais Map
FR8201728 France Tourbière du Grand Lemps Map
FR8201756 France Parties sommitales du Forez et hautes chaumes Map
FR8201757 France Forêts et tourbières des Monts de la Madeleine Map
FR8201761 France Tourbières du Pilat et landes de Chaussitre Map
FR8301012 France Gorges du Haut-Cher Map
FR8301019 France Monts de la Madeleine Map
FR8301021 France Forêt de Troncais Map
FR8301039 France Artense Map
FR8301056 France Tourbières et zones humides du nord-est du massif cantalien Map
FR8301060 France Zones humides de la région de Riom-es-Montagne Map
FR8301069 France Aubrac Map
FR8302003 France Marais du Cassan et de Prentegarde Map
FR9101352 France Plateau de l'Aubrac Map
FR9101361 France Mont Lozère Map
HR2001001 Croatia Cret Blatuša Map
HR2001331 Croatia Šaševa - cret Map
IE0000140 Ireland Fawnboy Bog/Lough Nacung SAC Map
IE0000197 Ireland West of Ardara/Maas Road SAC Map
IE0000231 Ireland Barroughter Bog SAC Map
IE0000248 Ireland Cloonmoylan Bog SAC Map
IE0000285 Ireland Kilsallagh Bog SAC Map
IE0000296 Ireland Lisnageeragh Bog and Ballinastack Turlough SAC Map
IE0000297 Ireland Lough Corrib SAC Map
IE0000301 Ireland Lough Lurgeen Bog/Glenamaddy Turlough SAC Map
IE0000324 Ireland Rosroe Bog SAC Map
IE0000326 Ireland Shankill West Bog SAC Map
IE0000365 Ireland Killarney National Park, Macgillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment SAC Map
IE0000391 Ireland Ballynafagh Bog SAC Map
IE0000476 Ireland Carrowmore Lake Complex SAC Map
IE0000497 Ireland Flughany Bog SAC Map
IE0000500 Ireland Glenamoy Bog Complex SAC Map
IE0000522 Ireland Lough Gall Bog SAC Map
IE0000566 Ireland All Saints Bog and Esker SAC Map
IE0000572 Ireland Clara Bog SAC Map
IE0000575 Ireland Ferbane Bog SAC Map
IE0000580 Ireland Mongan Bog SAC Map
IE0000581 Ireland Moyclare Bog SAC Map
IE0000582 Ireland Raheenmore Bog SAC Map
IE0000585 Ireland Sharavogue Bog SAC Map
IE0000592 Ireland Bellanagare Bog SAC Map
IE0000595 Ireland Callow Bog SAC Map
IE0000597 Ireland Carrowbehy/Caher Bog SAC Map
IE0000600 Ireland Cloonchambers Bog SAC Map
IE0000604 Ireland Derrinea Bog SAC Map
IE0000614 Ireland Cloonshanville Bog SAC Map
IE0000641 Ireland Ballyduff/Clonfinane Bog SAC Map
IE0000647 Ireland Kilcarren-Firville Bog SAC Map
IE0000679 Ireland Garriskil Bog SAC Map
IE0001242 Ireland Carrownagappul Bog SAC Map
IE0001818 Ireland Lough Forbes Complex SAC Map
IE0001922 Ireland Bellacorick Bog Complex SAC Map
IE0001932 Ireland Mweelrea/Sheeffry/Erriff Complex SAC Map
IE0001992 Ireland Tamur Bog SAC Map
IE0002006 Ireland Ox Mountains Bogs SAC Map
IE0002008 Ireland Maumturk Mountains SAC Map
IE0002031 Ireland The Twelve Bens/Garraun Complex SAC Map
IE0002034 Ireland Connemara Bog Complex SAC Map
IE0002047 Ireland Cloghernagore Bog and Glenveagh National Park SAC Map
IE0002110 Ireland Corliskea/Trien/Cloonfelliv Bog SAC Map
IE0002298 Ireland River Moy SAC Map
IE0002331 Ireland Mouds Bog SAC Map
IE0002332 Ireland Coolrain Bog SAC Map
IE0002333 Ireland Knockacoller Bog SAC Map
IE0002338 Ireland Drumalough Bog SAC Map
IE0002339 Ireland Ballynamona Bog and Corkip Lough SAC Map
IE0002340 Ireland Moneybeg and Clareisland Bogs SAC Map
IE0002341 Ireland Ardagullion Bog SAC Map
IE0002342 Ireland Mount Hevey Bog SAC Map
IE0002343 Ireland Tullaher Lough and Bog SAC Map
IE0002346 Ireland Brown Bog SAC Map
IE0002347 Ireland Camderry Bog SAC Map
IE0002348 Ireland Clooneen Bog SAC Map
IE0002349 Ireland Corbo Bog SAC Map
IE0002350 Ireland Curraghlehanagh Bog SAC Map
IE0002351 Ireland Moanveanlagh Bog SAC Map
IE0002352 Ireland Monivea Bog SAC Map
IE0002353 Ireland Redwood Bog SAC Map
IE0002354 Ireland Tullaghanrock Bog SAC Map
IE0002356 Ireland Ardgraigue Bog SAC Map
IT1110005 Italy Vauda Map
IT1110034 Italy Laghi di Meugliano e Alice Map
IT1120004 Italy Baraggia di Rovasenda Map
IT1130003 Italy Baraggia di Candelo Map
IT1140007 Italy Boleto - M.te Avigno Map
IT1150002 Italy Lagoni di Mercurago Map
IT1150007 Italy Baraggia di Piano Rosa Map
IT1160057 Italy Alte Valli Pesio e Tanaro Map
IT1180026 Italy Capanne di Marcarolo Map
IT1331104 Italy Parco dell'Aveto Map
IT1331402 Italy Beigua - Monte Dente - Gargassa - Pavaglione Map
IT1331501 Italy Praglia - Pracaban - Monte Leco - Punta Martin Map
IT1331578 Italy Beigua - Turchino Map
IT2010001 Italy Lago di Ganna Map
IT2010016 Italy Val Veddasca Map
IT2010401 Italy Parco Regionale Campo dei Fiori Map
IT2040025 Italy Pian Gembro Map
IT3110016 Italy Biotopo Wiesermoos Map
IT3110020 Italy Biotopo Monte Covolo - Alpe di Nemes Map
IT3120019 Italy Lago Nero Map
IT3120020 Italy Palu' Longa Map
IT3120023 Italy Sorte di Bellamonte Map
IT3120024 Italy Zona Umida Valfloriana Map
IT3120028 Italy Pra delle Nasse Map
IT3120031 Italy Masi Carretta Map
IT3120032 Italy I Mughi Map
IT3120046 Italy Prati di Monte Map
IT3120048 Italy Laghetto di Vedes Map
IT3120056 Italy Palu' Longia Map
IT3120091 Italy Albere' di Tenna Map
IT3120160 Italy Lagorai Map
IT3120167 Italy Torbiere alta Val Rendena Map
IT3120169 Italy Torbiere del Lavaze' Map
IT3120170 Italy Monte Barco - Le Grave Map
IT3230006 Italy Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna' Map
IT3230017 Italy Monte Pelmo - Mondeval - Formin Map
IT3230060 Italy Torbiere di Danta Map
IT3230067 Italy Aree palustri di Melere - Monte Gal e boschi di Col d'Ongia Map
IT3230089 Italy Dolomiti del Cadore e del Comelico Map
IT5120018 Italy Lago di Sibolla Map
IT5120019 Italy Monte Pisano Map
IT5140010 Italy Bosco di Chiusi e Paduletta di Ramone Map
IT5170003 Italy Cerbaie Map
LTAKMB001 Lithuania Kamanų pelkė Map
LTPLU0010 Lithuania Rietavo miškai Map
LTSIR0004 Lithuania Šešuolėlių miškas Map
LTZAR0024 Lithuania Gražutės regioninis parkas Map
LV0000130 Latvia Ziemelu purvi Map
LV0100300 Latvia Grinu dabas rezervats Map
LV0100400 Latvia Krustkalnu dabas rezervats Map
LV0100500 Latvia Teicu dabas rezervats Map
LV0200100 Latvia Gaujas nacionalais parks Map
LV0200200 Latvia Kemeru nacionalais parks Map
LV0200300 Latvia Sliteres nacionalais parks Map
LV0302200 Latvia Salacas ieleja Map
LV0303500 Latvia Pape Map
LV0304800 Latvia Vecumu mezi Map
LV0413300 Latvia Ezernieku karsta kritenes Map
LV0500100 Latvia Skibu purvs Map
LV0500500 Latvia Dunezera purvs Map
LV0500800 Latvia Mazzalvites purvs Map
LV0501100 Latvia Lepuru purvs Map
LV0501200 Latvia Sloku purvs Map
LV0501600 Latvia Tetersalas purvs Map
LV0502100 Latvia Baltais purvs Map
LV0502200 Latvia Orlovas (Erglu) purvs Map
LV0502400 Latvia Zodanu purvs Map
LV0502600 Latvia Stompaku purvi Map
LV0504300 Latvia Baltmuizas purvs Map
LV0505400 Latvia Aizdumbles purvs Map
LV0505500 Latvia Supes purvs Map
LV0505600 Latvia Nomavas purvs Map
LV0505800 Latvia Spulgu purvs Map
LV0506000 Latvia Saltais purvs Map
LV0506100 Latvia Tirelu purvs Map
LV0506200 Latvia Slapjo salu purvs Map
LV0506300 Latvia Sverinu purvs Map
LV0506400 Latvia Gargrodes purvs Map
LV0506500 Latvia Rozu purvs Map
LV0506600 Latvia Melnais purvs Map
LV0507400 Latvia Brienamais purvs Map
LV0508300 Latvia Dunika Map
LV0508400 Latvia Purgailu purvs Map
LV0509500 Latvia Dzerves purvs Map
LV0509700 Latvia Lielpurvs Map
LV0509800 Latvia Niedraju-Pilkas purvs Map
LV0510000 Latvia Maizezers Map
LV0510300 Latvia Klesniku purvs Map
LV0510400 Latvia Gulbju un Platpirovas purvs Map
LV0511600 Latvia Lielsalas purvs Map
LV0512300 Latvia Asinieku purvs Map
LV0513400 Latvia Lielie Kangari Map
LV0514500 Latvia Zemgalu purvs Map
LV0515300 Latvia Karku purvs Map
LV0515900 Latvia Vadainu purvs Map
LV0516000 Latvia Oleru purvs Map
LV0517000 Latvia Klanu purvs Map
LV0517100 Latvia Plucu tirelis Map
LV0517200 Latvia Sarnates purvs Map
LV0517300 Latvia Naglu un Ansinu purvs Map
LV0517400 Latvia Tisezers Map
LV0518500 Latvia Lielais un Pemmes purvs Map
LV0518600 Latvia Lielais Marku purvs Map
LV0518700 Latvia Laugas purvs Map
LV0518900 Latvia Stiklu purvi Map
LV0519000 Latvia Aklais purvs Map
LV0519100 Latvia Kreicu purvs Map
LV0519800 Latvia Cenas tirelis Map
LV0520000 Latvia Abeli Map
LV0520500 Latvia Mazie Kangari Map
LV0521800 Latvia Kirbas purvs Map
LV0522600 Latvia Aizkraukles purvi un mezi Map
LV0523300 Latvia Dzelves - Krona purvs Map
LV0523400 Latvia Ances purvi un mezi Map
LV0524100 Latvia Mezole Map
LV0525200 Latvia Linezers Map
LV0525300 Latvia Verenes purvi Map
LV0525400 Latvia Gainu purvs Map
LV0525600 Latvia Zvarde Map
LV0525900 Latvia Jaunanna Map
LV0526200 Latvia Palsu purvs Map
LV0526500 Latvia Eiduku purvs Map
LV0526800 Latvia Sedas purvs Map
LV0527000 Latvia Melnsalas purvs Map
LV0528500 Latvia Kaigu purvs Map
LV0528700 Latvia Melna ezera purvs Map
LV0531200 Latvia Ruksu purvs Map
LV0533000 Latvia Druvinu tirelis Map
LV0533500 Latvia Klagatu purvs Map
LV0533700 Latvia Kalna purvs Map
LV0536600 Latvia Lubana mitrajs Map
LV0600100 Latvia Vecpiebalga Map
LV0600200 Latvia Veclaicene Map
LV0600800 Latvia Adazi Map
LV0826800 Latvia Melderupites mezi Map
NL1000022 Netherlands Kempenland-West Map
NL1000024 Netherlands Strabrechtse Heide & Beuven Map
NL1000028 Netherlands Maasduinen Map
NL1000029 Netherlands Brunssummerheide Map
NL2000008 Netherlands Meinweg Map
NL2003001 Netherlands Aamsveen Map
NL2003003 Netherlands Achter de Voort, Agelerbroek & Voltherbroek Map
NL2003007 Netherlands Bergvennen & Brecklenkampse Veld Map
NL2003009 Netherlands Boetelerveld Map
NL2003026 Netherlands Langstraat Map
NL2003027 Netherlands Lemselermaten Map
NL2003029 Netherlands Lonnekermeer Map
NL2003032 Netherlands Mantingerzand Map
NL2003044 Netherlands Stelkampsveld Map
NL2003050 Netherlands Wijnjeterper Schar Map
NL2003052 Netherlands Witte Veen Map
NL3000070 Netherlands Dwingelderveld Map
NL3000401 Netherlands Kampina & Oisterwijkse Vennen Map
NL3004005 Netherlands Landgoederen Brummen Map
NL9801004 Netherlands Bakkeveense Duinen Map
NL9801009 Netherlands Drentsche Aa-gebied Map
NL9801016 Netherlands Borkeld Map
NL9801017 Netherlands Vecht- en Beneden-Reggegebied Map
NL9801019 Netherlands Buurserzand & Haaksbergerveen Map
NL9801021 Netherlands Dinkelland Map
NL9801023 Netherlands Veluwe Map
NL9801035 Netherlands Weerter- en Budelerbergen & Ringselven Map
NL9801036 Netherlands Leenderbos, Groote Heide & De Plateaux Map
NL9801055 Netherlands Brabantse Wal Map
NL9801064 Netherlands Springendal & Dal van de Mosbeek Map
NL9801071 Netherlands Holtingerveld Map
NL9803011 Netherlands Drents-Friese Wold & Leggelderveld Map
NL9803015 Netherlands Sallandse Heuvelrug Map
NL9803073 Netherlands Regte Heide & Riels Laag Map
PLC020001 Poland Karkonosze Map
PLC120003 Poland Torfowiska Orawsko-Nowotarskie Map
PLH020014 Poland Torfowisko pod Zieleńcem Map
PLH020049 Poland Żwirownie w Starej Olesznej Map
PLH020050 Poland Dolina Dolnej Kwisy Map
PLH020063 Poland Wrzosowiska Świętoszowsko-Ławszowskie Map
PLH020072 Poland Uroczyska Borów Dolnośląskich Map
PLH020090 Poland Dąbrowy Kliczkowskie Map
PLH060011 Poland Krowie Bagno Map
PLH060013 Poland Ostoja Poleska Map
PLH060017 Poland Roztocze Środkowe Map
PLH060031 Poland Uroczyska Lasów Janowskich Map
PLH060034 Poland Uroczyska Puszczy Solskiej Map
PLH060043 Poland Lasy Sobiborskie Map
PLH060097 Poland Dolina Dolnej Tanwi Map
PLH080039 Poland Mierkowskie Wydmy Map
PLH080051 Poland Brożek Map
PLH080054 Poland Nowogrodzkie Przygiełkowisko Map
PLH080055 Poland Przygiełkowiska Koło Gozdnicy Map
PLH080056 Poland Diabelski Staw koło Radomicka Map
PLH080060 Poland Uroczyska Borów Zasieckich Map
PLH080071 Poland Ostoja Barlinecka Map
PLH140035 Poland Puszcza Kozienicka Map
PLH160005 Poland Bory Niemodlińskie Map
PLH200003 Poland Ostoja Suwalska Map
PLH200006 Poland Ostoja Knyszyńska Map
PLH220003 Poland Białogóra Map
PLH220014 Poland Kurze Grzędy Map
PLH220017 Poland Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie Map
PLH220020 Poland Pełcznica Map
PLH220022 Poland Pływające wyspy pod Rekowem Map
PLH220024 Poland Przymorskie Błota Map
PLH220027 Poland Staniszewskie Błoto Map
PLH220034 Poland Jeziora Wdzydzkie Map
PLH220035 Poland Jezioro Krasne Map
PLH220036 Poland Dolina Łupawy Map
PLH220038 Poland Dolina Wieprzy i Studnicy Map
PLH220052 Poland Dolina Słupi Map
PLH220063 Poland Bielawa i Bory Bażynowe Map
PLH220077 Poland Młosino-Lubnia Map
PLH240038 Poland Dolina Białej Przemszy Map
PLH240046 Poland Bagna w Nowej Wsi Map
PLH260001 Poland Dolina Krasnej Map
PLH260004 Poland Ostoja Przedborska Map
PLH260015 Poland Dolina Czarnej Map
PLH280001 Poland Dolina Drwęcy Map
PLH280016 Poland Ostoja Borecka Map
PLH280048 Poland Ostoja Piska Map
PLH300009 Poland Ostoja Nadwarciańska Map
PLH300016 Poland Bagno Chlebowo Map
PLH300019 Poland Torfowisko Rzecińskie Map
PLH300021 Poland Poligon w Okonku Map
PLH300026 Poland Pojezierze Gnieźnieńskie Map
PLH300041 Poland Ostoja Przemęcka Map
PLH300045 Poland Ostoja Pilska Map
PLH320001 Poland Bobolickie Jeziora Lobeliowe Map
PLH320007 Poland Dorzecze Parsęty Map
PLH320008 Poland Janiewickie Bagno Map
PLH320012 Poland Kemy Rymańskie Map
PLH320013 Poland Ostoja Goleniowska Map
PLH320016 Poland Słowińskie Błoto Map
PLH320017 Poland Trzebiatowsko-Kołobrzeski Pas Nadmorski Map
PLH320022 Poland Dolina Radwi, Chocieli i Chotli Map
PLH320039 Poland Jeziora Czaplineckie Map
PLH320040 Poland Jezioro Bobięcińskie Map
PTCON0001 Portugal Peneda / Gerês Map
PTCON0034 Portugal Comporta / Galé Map
PTCON0039 Portugal Serra D'Arga Map
PTZPE0002 Portugal Serra do Gerês Map
ROSCI0002 Romania Apuseni Map
ROSCI0112 Romania Mlaca Tătarilor Map
SI3000042 Slovenia Jezerc pri Logatcu Map
SI3000079 Slovenia Češeniške gmajne z Rovščico Map
SI3000087 Slovenia Zelenci Map
SI3000232 Slovenia Notranjski trikotnik Map

Protected sites

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