Quercus suber forests

Description (English)

West-Mediterranean silicicolous forests dominated by Quercus suber, usually more thermophile and hygrophile than Pal. 45.3.
Pal. 45.21 Tyrrhenian cork-oak forests:
Quercion suberis
Mostly meso-Mediterranean Quercus suber forests of Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, France and northeastern Spain. They are most often degraded to arborescent matorral (Pal. 32.11).
Pal. 45.22 South-western Iberian cork-oak forests:
Quercion fagineo-suberis
Quercus suber forests, often with Quercus faginea or Quercus canariensis, of the south-western quadrant of the Iberian peninsula.
Pal. 45.23 North-western Iberian cork-oak forests:
Very local, exiguous Quercus suber enclaves in the Quercus pyrenaica forest area of the valleys of the Sil and of the Mino (Galicia).
Pal. 45.24 Aquitanian cork-oak woodland:
Isolated Quercus suber-dominated stands occurring either as a facies of dunal pine-cork oak forests or in a very limited area of the eastern Landes.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 9330)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Atlantic - Poor
Mediterranean - Bad
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 323 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Quercus canariensis
Flowering Plants Quercus faginea
Flowering Plants Quercus pyrenaica
Flowering Plants Quercus suber
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Quercus canariensis Flowering Plants
Quercus faginea Flowering Plants
Quercus pyrenaica Flowering Plants
Quercus suber Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
ES0000014 Spain Monfragüe y las Dehesas del Entorno Map
ES0000019 Spain Aiguamolls de l'Alt Empordà Map
ES0000024 Spain Doñana Map
ES0000031 Spain Sierra de Grazalema Map
ES0000049 Spain Los Alcornocales Map
ES0000050 Spain Sierra de Hornachuelos Map
ES0000051 Spain Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Map
ES0000052 Spain Sierra Pelada y Rivera del Aserrador Map
ES0000053 Spain Sierra Norte de Sevilla Map
ES0000068 Spain Embalse de Orellana y Sierra de Pela Map
ES0000069 Spain Embalse de Cornalvo y Sierra Bermeja Map
ES0000070 Spain Sierra de San Pedro Map
ES0000071 Spain Llanos de Cáceres y Sierra de Fuentes Map
ES0000072 Spain Sierra Grande de Hornachos Map
ES0000090 Spain Sierra Morena Map
ES0000325 Spain Campiña sur - Embalse de Arroyo Conejos Map
ES0000329 Spain Embalse de Valdecañas Map
ES0000334 Spain Sierras Centrales y Embalse de Alange Map
ES0000335 Spain Sierras de Peñalsordo y Capilla Map
ES0000337 Spain Estrecho Map
ES0000355 Spain Hurdes Map
ES0000356 Spain Riberos del Almonte Map
ES0000367 Spain La Serena y Sierras Periféricas Map
ES0000368 Spain Río Tajo Internacional y Riberos Map
ES0000369 Spain Llanos de Alcantara y Brozas Map
ES0000370 Spain Sierra de Gata y Valle de las Pilas Map
ES0000376 Spain Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Map
ES0000396 Spain Embalse de Horno-Tejero Map
ES0000407 Spain Nacimiento del Río Gevora Map
ES0000434 Spain Canchos de Ramiro y Ladronera Map
ES0000451 Spain Montdúver-Marjal de la Safor Map
ES0000468 Spain Serra d'Espadà (ZEPA) Map
ES0000469 Spain Serra Calderona (ZEPA) Map
ES1120001 Spain Ancares - Courel Map
ES1120010 Spain Negueira Map
ES1120014 Spain Canón do Sil Map
ES1130001 Spain Baixa Limia Map
ES1130002 Spain Macizo Central Map
ES1140001 Spain Sistema fluvial Ulla - Deza Map
ES1140007 Spain Baixo Miño Map
ES1140015 Spain Sobreirais do Arnego Map
ES1200036 Spain Alcornocales del Navia Map
ES1300001 Spain Liébana Map
ES2120007 Spain Garate-Santa Barbara Map
ES4110115 Spain Valle del Tiétar Map
ES4120030 Spain Montes Obarenes Map
ES4130117 Spain Montes Aquilanos y Sierra de Teleno Map
ES4150096 Spain Arribes del Duero Map
ES4150100 Spain Campo de Azaba Map
ES4150107 Spain Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Map
ES4150121 Spain Riberas del Río Alagón y afluentes Map
ES4190033 Spain Sierra de la Culebra Map
ES4210016 Spain Sierra del Relumbrar y estribaciones de Alcaraz Map
ES4220003 Spain Ríos de la cuenca media del Guadiana y laderas vertientes Map
ES4220017 Spain Alcornocal de Zumajo Map
ES4220019 Spain Bonales de la comarca de Los Montes del Guadiana Map
ES4250001 Spain Sierra de San Vicente y valles del Tiétar y Alberche Map
ES4250005 Spain Montes de Toledo Map
ES4250013 Spain Rios de la margen izquierda del Tajo y berrocales del Tajo Map
ES4310004 Spain Dehesas de Jerez Map
ES4310008 Spain Estena Map
ES4310009 Spain Puerto Peña - los Golondrinos Map
ES4310010 Spain La Serena Map
ES4310026 Spain Río Guadiana Alto - Zujar Map
ES4310042 Spain Sierra de Siruela Map
ES4310048 Spain Corredor del Lacara Map
ES4310075 Spain Rivera de Taliga Map
ES4320001 Spain Canchos de Ramiro Map
ES4320002 Spain Cedillo y Río Tajo Internacional Map
ES4320011 Spain Las Hurdes Map
ES4320013 Spain Granadilla Map
ES4320016 Spain Río Aljucen Alto Map
ES4320018 Spain Río Almonte Map
ES4320037 Spain Sierra de Gata Map
ES4320038 Spain Sierra de Gredos y Valle del Jerte Map
ES4320039 Spain Sierra de las Villuercas y Valle del Guadarranque Map
ES4320047 Spain Sierras de Risco Viejo Map
ES4320070 Spain Río Guadalupejo Map
ES4320077 Spain Monfragüe Map
ES5110001 Spain Massís del Montseny Map
ES5110005 Spain Sistema Transversal català Map
ES5110007 Spain Riu i Estanys de Tordera Map
ES5110011 Spain Serres del Litoral Septentrional Map
ES5110024 Spain Serra de Collserola Map
ES5120001 Spain Alta Garrotxa - Massís de les Salines Map
ES5120005 Spain Riu Llobregat d'Empordà Map
ES5120007 Spain Cap de Creus Map
ES5120009 Spain Basses de l'Albera Map
ES5120010 Spain Les Gavarres Map
ES5120011 Spain Riberes del Baix Ter Map
ES5120012 Spain Les Guilleries Map
ES5120013 Spain Massís de les Cadiretes Map
ES5120014 Spain L'Albera Map
ES5120015 Spain Litoral del Baix Empordà Map
ES5120017 Spain Estany de Sils-Ribera de Santa Coloma Map
ES5120018 Spain Muntanyes de Rocacorba-Puig de la Banya del Boc Map
ES5120020 Spain Riu Llémena Map
ES5120023 Spain Rieres de Xuclà i Riudelleques Map
ES5222001 Spain Serra d'Espadà Map
ES5232002 Spain Serra Calderona Map
ES5233015 Spain Serres del Montdúver i Marxuquera Map
ES6110005 Spain Sierra de Cabrera-Bédar Map
ES6120015 Spain Acebuchales de La Campiña Sur de Cádiz Map
ES6120019 Spain Río Salado de Conil Map
ES6130001 Spain Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro Map
ES6130003 Spain Sierra de Santa Eufemia Map
ES6130005 Spain Suroeste de La Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro Map
ES6130006 Spain Guadalmellato Map
ES6130007 Spain Guadiato-Bembézar Map
ES6130012 Spain Río Zújar Map
ES6130013 Spain Barrancos del Río Retortillo Map
ES6130017 Spain Alto Guadiato Map
ES6150009 Spain Doñana Norte y Oeste Map
ES6150021 Spain Corredor Ecológico del Río Tinto Map
ES6150022 Spain Rivera de Chanza Map
ES6150023 Spain Dehesa de Torrecuadros y Arroyo de Pilas Map
ES6150025 Spain Mina Carpio Map
ES6160003 Spain Cascada de Cimbarra Map
ES6160005 Spain Despeñaperros Map
ES6160006 Spain Sierra de Andújar Map
ES6160008 Spain Cuencas del Rumblar, Guadalén y Guadalmena Map
ES6170004 Spain Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Map
ES6170005 Spain Sierra Crestellina Map
ES6170006 Spain Sierra de Las Nieves Map
ES6170009 Spain Sierras de Alcaparaín y Aguas Map
ES6170010 Spain Sierras Bermeja y Real Map
ES6170011 Spain Sierra Blanca Map
ES6170012 Spain Sierra de Camarolos Map
ES6170016 Spain Valle del Río del Genal Map
ES6170017 Spain Río de Castor Map
ES6170019 Spain Río Verde Map
ES6170020 Spain Río Guadaiza Map
ES6170021 Spain Río Guadalmina Map
ES6170022 Spain Río Fuengirola Map
ES6170024 Spain Río Guadalmansa Map
ES6170025 Spain Río Real Map
ES6170026 Spain Río del Padrón Map
ES6170027 Spain Arroyo de La Cala Map
ES6170029 Spain Río Manilva Map
ES6170031 Spain Río Guadiaro Map
ES6170038 Spain Montes de Málaga Map
ES6180004 Spain Sierra de Alanís Map
ES6180005 Spain Corredor Ecológico del Río Guadiamar Map
ES6180015 Spain Mina El Abrevadero Map
ES6310001 Spain Calamocarro-Benzú Map
FR7200713 France Dunes modernes du littoral landais de Capbreton à Tarnos Map
FR9101481 France Côte rocheuse des Albères Map
FR9101483 France Massif des Albères Map
FR9301572 France Dôme de Biot Map
FR9301574 France Gorges de la Siagne Map
FR9301610 France Cap Sicie - Six Fours Map
FR9301613 France Rade d'Hyères Map
FR9301622 France La plaine et le massif des Maures Map
FR9301624 France Corniche Varoise Map
FR9301625 France Forêt de Palayson - bois du Rouet Map
FR9301626 France Val d'Argens Map
FR9301627 France Embouchure de l'Argens Map
FR9301628 France Esterel Map
FR9400570 France Agriates Map
FR9400571 France Étang de Biguglia Map
FR9400580 France Marais del Sale, zones humides périphériques et forêt littorale de Pinia Map
FR9400581 France Étang de Palo et cordon dunaire Map
FR9400584 France Marais de Lavu Santu et littoral de Fautea Map
FR9400587 France Iles Cerbicale et frange littoral Map
FR9400588 France Suberaie de Ceccia/Porto-Vecchio Map
FR9400592 France Ventilegne-la Trinite de Bonifacio-Fazzio Map
FR9400598 France Massif du Tenda et forêt de Stella Map
FR9400601 France Aliso-Oletta Map
FR9400602 France Basse vallée du Tavignano Map
FR9400606 France Pinarellu : dunes et étangs de Padulatu et Padulatu Tortu Map
FR9400607 France Baie de San Ciprianu : étangs d'Arasu et îles San Ciprianu et ilot Cornuta Map
FR9400608 France Mares temporaires du terrain militaire de Frasselli/Bonifacio Map
FR9400609 France Iles et pointe Bruzzi, étangs de Chevanu et d'Arbitru Map
FR9400612 France Punta Calcina Map
FR9400615 France Delta de l'Oso, punta di Benedettu et Mura dell'Unda Map
FR9400619 France Campo dell'Oro (Ajaccio) Map
IT1323201 Italy Finalese - Capo Noli Map
IT1323203 Italy Rocca dei Corvi - Mao - Mortou Map
IT1324007 Italy Monte Ciazze Secche Map
IT1333308 Italy Punta Manara Map
IT1343412 Italy Deiva - Bracco - Pietra di Vasca - Mola Map
IT1345005 Italy Portovenere - Riomaggiore - S. Benedetto Map
IT5120019 Italy Monte Pisano Map
IT5160008 Italy Monte Calvi di Campiglia Map
IT5160102 Italy Elba orientale Map
IT5170102 Italy Campi di alterazione geotermica di M.Rotondo e Sasso Pisano Map
IT5190006 Italy Alta Val di Merse Map
IT5190007 Italy Basso Merse Map
IT51A0003 Italy Val di Farma Map
IT51A0005 Italy Lago dell'Accesa Map
IT51A0008 Italy Monte d'Alma Map
IT51A0009 Italy Monte Leoni Map
IT51A0016 Italy Monti dell'Uccellina Map
IT51A0026 Italy Laguna di Orbetello Map
IT6010036 Italy Sughereta di Tuscania Map
IT6030005 Italy Comprensorio Tolfetano-Cerite-Manziate Map
IT6030021 Italy Sughereta del Sasso Map
IT6030028 Italy Castel Porziano (querceti igrofili) Map
IT6030043 Italy Monti Lepini Map
IT6030053 Italy Sughereta di Castel di Decima Map
IT6030084 Italy Castel Porziano (Tenuta presidenziale) Map
IT6040004 Italy Bosco Polverino Map
IT6040005 Italy Sugherete di S. Vito e Valle Marina Map
IT6040013 Italy Lago di Sabaudia Map
IT6040016 Italy Promontorio del Circeo (Quarto Caldo) Map
IT6040017 Italy Promontorio del Circeo (Quarto Freddo) Map
IT6040023 Italy Promontorio Gianola e Monte di Scauri Map
IT6040043 Italy Monti Ausoni e Aurunci Map
IT9140004 Italy Bosco I Lucci Map
IT9140006 Italy Bosco di Santa Teresa Map
IT9340086 Italy Lago dell'Angitola Map
IT9350135 Italy Vallata del Novito e Monte Mutolo Map
IT9350176 Italy Monte Campanaro Map
IT9350177 Italy Monte Scrisi Map
IT9350300 Italy Costa Viola Map
ITA010008 Italy Complesso Monte Bosco e Scorace Map
ITA010013 Italy Bosco di Calatafimi Map
ITA010017 Italy Capo San Vito, Monte Monaco, Zingaro, Faraglioni Scopello, Monte Sparacio Map
ITA010029 Italy Monte Cofano, Capo San Vito e Monte Sparagio Map
ITA020002 Italy Boschi di Gibilmanna e Cefalù Map
ITA020003 Italy Boschi di San Mauro Castelverde Map
ITA020007 Italy Boschi Ficuzza e Cappelliere, Vallone Cerasa, Castagneti Mezzojuso Map
ITA020017 Italy Complesso Pizzo Dipilo e Querceti su calcare Map
ITA020018 Italy Foce del Fiume Pollina e Monte Tardara Map
ITA020020 Italy Querceti sempreverdi di Geraci Siculo e Castelbuono Map
ITA020021 Italy Montagna Longa, Pizzo Montanello Map
ITA020026 Italy Monte Pizzuta, Costa del Carpineto, Moarda Map
ITA020027 Italy Monte Iato, Kumeta, Maganoce e Pizzo Parrino Map
ITA020030 Italy Monte Matassaro, Monte Gradara e Monte Signora Map
ITA020032 Italy Boschi di Granza Map
ITA020033 Italy Monte San Calogero (Termini Imerese) Map
ITA020035 Italy Monte Genuardo e Santa Maria del Bosco Map
ITA020038 Italy Sugherete di Contrada Serradaino Map
ITA020039 Italy Monte Cane, Pizzo Selva a Mare, Monte Trigna Map
ITA020048 Italy Monti Sicani, Rocca Busambra e Bosco della Ficuzza Map
ITA020049 Italy Monte Pecoraro e Pizzo Cirina Map
ITA020050 Italy Parco delle Madonie Map
ITA030001 Italy Stretta di Longi Map
ITA030007 Italy Affluenti del Torrente Mela Map
ITA030011 Italy Dorsale Curcuraci, Antennamare Map
ITA030013 Italy Rocche di Alcara Li Fusi Map
ITA030014 Italy Pizzo Fau, Monte Pomiere, Pizzo Bidi e Serra della Testa Map
ITA030015 Italy Valle del Fiume Caronia, Lago Zilio Map
ITA030016 Italy Pizzo della Battaglia Map
ITA030017 Italy Vallone Laccaretta e Urio Quattrocchi Map
ITA030018 Italy Pizzo Michele Map
ITA030022 Italy Lecceta di S. Fratello Map
ITA030033 Italy Capo Calavà Map
ITA030038 Italy Serra del Re, Monte Soro e Biviere di Cesarò Map
ITA030042 Italy Monti Peloritani, Dorsale Curcuraci, Antennamare e area marina dello stretto di Messina Map
ITA030043 Italy Monti Nebrodi Map
ITA050007 Italy Sughereta di Niscemi Map
ITA050012 Italy Torre Manfria, Biviere e Piana di Gela Map
ITA060004 Italy Monte Altesina Map
ITA060006 Italy Monte Sambughetti, Monte Campanito Map
ITA060009 Italy Bosco di Sperlinga, Alto Salso Map
ITA070005 Italy Bosco di Santo Pietro Map
ITA090022 Italy Bosco Pisano Map
ITA090024 Italy Cozzo Ogliastri Map
ITB010011 Italy Stagno di San Teodoro Map
ITB011102 Italy Catena del Marghine e del Goceano Map
ITB011109 Italy Monte Limbara Map
ITB011113 Italy Campo di Ozieri e Pianure Comprese tra Tula e Oschiri Map
ITB013048 Italy Piana di Ozieri, Mores, Ardara, Tula e Oschiri Map
ITB020040 Italy Valle del Temo Map
ITB020041 Italy Entroterra e zona costiera tra Bosa, Capo Marargiu e Porto Tangone Map
ITB021101 Italy Altopiano di Campeda Map
ITB021156 Italy Monte Gonare Map
ITB023037 Italy Costa e Entroterra di Bosa, Suni e Montresta Map
ITB023049 Italy Monte Ortobene Map
ITB023050 Italy Piana di Semestene, Bonorva, Macomer e Bortigali Map
ITB031104 Italy Media Valle del Tirso e Altopiano di Abbasanta - Rio Siddu Map
ITB032240 Italy Castello di Medusa Map
ITB040028 Italy Punta S'Aliga Map
ITB040029 Italy Costa di Nebida Map
ITB040030 Italy Capo Pecora Map
ITB041105 Italy Foresta di Monte Arcosu Map
ITB041106 Italy Monte dei Sette Fratelli e Sarrabus Map
ITB041111 Italy Monte Linas - Marganai Map
ITB041112 Italy Giara di Gesturi Map
ITB042251 Italy Corongiu de Mari Map
ITB043054 Italy Campidano Centrale Map
ITB043055 Italy Monte dei Sette Fratelli Map
ITB044009 Italy Foresta di Monte Arcosu Map
PTCON0001 Portugal Peneda / Gerês Map
PTCON0003 Portugal Alvão / Marão Map
PTCON0004 Portugal Malcata Map
PTCON0005 Portugal Paul de Arzila Map
PTCON0007 Portugal S. Mamede Map
PTCON0008 Portugal Sintra / Cascais Map
PTCON0009 Portugal Estuário do Tejo Map
PTCON0010 Portugal Arrábida / Espichel Map
PTCON0011 Portugal Estuário do Sado Map
PTCON0012 Portugal Costa Sudoeste Map
PTCON0014 Portugal Serra da Estrela Map
PTCON0015 Portugal Serras d'Aire e Candeeiros Map
PTCON0021 Portugal Rios Sabor e Maçãs Map
PTCON0022 Portugal Douro Internacional Map
PTCON0023 Portugal Morais Map
PTCON0026 Portugal Rio Vouga Map
PTCON0028 Portugal Gardunha Map
PTCON0029 Portugal Cabeção Map
PTCON0031 Portugal Monfurado Map
PTCON0033 Portugal Cabrela Map
PTCON0034 Portugal Comporta / Galé Map
PTCON0037 Portugal Monchique Map
PTCON0042 Portugal Minas de St. Adrião Map
PTCON0043 Portugal Romeu Map
PTCON0045 Portugal Sicó / Alvaiázere Map
PTCON0047 Portugal Serras da Freita e Arada Map
PTCON0048 Portugal Serra de Montejunto Map
PTCON0051 Portugal Complexo do Açor Map
PTCON0053 Portugal Moura / Barrancos Map
PTCON0057 Portugal Caldeirão Map
PTCON0059 Portugal Rio Paiva Map
PTCON0060 Portugal Serra da Lousã Map
PTZPE0002 Portugal Serra do Gerês Map
PTZPE0010 Portugal Estuário do Tejo Map
PTZPE0011 Portugal Estuário do Sado Map
PTZPE0015 Portugal Costa Sudoeste Map
PTZPE0037 Portugal Rios Sabor e Maçãs Map
PTZPE0038 Portugal Douro Internacional e Vale do Águeda Map
PTZPE0045 Portugal Mourão/Moura/Barrancos Map

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