Sub-Pannonic steppic grasslands

Description (English)

Steppic grasslands, dominated by tussock-grasses, chamaephytes and perennials of the alliance Festucion vallesiacae and related syntaxa. These xerothermal communities are developed on southern exposed slopes with AC-soils on rocky substrate and on clay-sandy sedimentation layers enriched with gravels. They are partially of natural, partially of anthropogenic origin.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 6240)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Alpine - Bad
Atlantic - Poor
Black Sea - Poor
Continental - Bad
Pannonian - Bad
Habitat type Priority
Natura 2000 sites 471 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Allium flavum
Flowering Plants Alyssum alyssoides
Flowering Plants Artemisia austriaca
Flowering Plants Astragalus austriacus
Flowering Plants Astragalus onobrychis
Flowering Plants Carex humilis
Flowering Plants Chrysopogon gryllus
Flowering Plants Daphne cneorum
Flowering Plants Festuca rupicola
Flowering Plants Festuca valesiaca
Flowering Plants Gagea pusilla
Flowering Plants Globularia cordifolia
Flowering Plants Helianthemum canum
Flowering Plants Hesperis tristis
Flowering Plants Iris pumila
Flowering Plants Medicago minima
Flowering Plants Oxytropis pilosa
Flowering Plants Poa badensis
Flowering Plants Potentilla arenaria
Flowering Plants Ranunculus illyricus
Flowering Plants Scorzonera austriaca
Flowering Plants Seseli hippomarathrum
Flowering Plants Stipa capillata
Flowering Plants Stipa joannis
Flowering Plants Teucrium chamaedrys
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Allium flavum Flowering Plants
Alyssum alyssoides Flowering Plants
Artemisia austriaca Flowering Plants
Astragalus austriacus Flowering Plants
Astragalus onobrychis Flowering Plants
Carex humilis Flowering Plants
Chrysopogon gryllus Flowering Plants
Daphne cneorum Flowering Plants
Festuca rupicola Flowering Plants
Festuca valesiaca Flowering Plants
Gagea pusilla Flowering Plants
Globularia cordifolia Flowering Plants
Helianthemum canum Flowering Plants
Hesperis tristis Flowering Plants
Iris pumila Flowering Plants
Medicago minima Flowering Plants
Oxytropis pilosa Flowering Plants
Poa badensis Flowering Plants
Potentilla arenaria Flowering Plants
Ranunculus illyricus Flowering Plants
Scorzonera austriaca Flowering Plants
Seseli hippomarathrum Flowering Plants
Stipa capillata Flowering Plants
Stipa joannis Flowering Plants
Teucrium chamaedrys Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
AT1101112 Austria Nickelsdorfer Haidel Map
AT1102112 Austria Zurndorfer Eichenwald und Hutweide Map
AT1103112 Austria Parndorfer Heide Map
AT1106218 Austria Siegendorfer Pußta und Heide Map
AT1110137 Austria Neusiedler See - Nordöstliches Leithagebirge Map
AT1125129 Austria Parndorfer Platte - Heideboden Map
AT1202000 Austria March-Thaya-Auen Map
AT1204000 Austria Donau-Auen östlich von Wien Map
AT1205A00 Austria Wachau Map
AT1206A00 Austria Weinviertler Klippenzone Map
AT1207A00 Austria Kamp- und Kremstal Map
AT1209A00 Austria Westliches Weinviertel Map
AT1211A00 Austria Wienerwald - Thermenregion Map
AT1212A00 Austria Nordöstliche Randalpen: Hohe Wand - Schneeberg - Rax Map
AT1213000 Austria Pannonische Sanddünen Map
AT1214000 Austria Hundsheimer Berge Map
AT1217A00 Austria Strudengau - Nibelungengau Map
AT1301000 Austria Nationalpark Donau-Auen (Wiener Teil) Map
AT1304000 Austria Bisamberg (Wiener Teil) Map
AT2223000 Austria Pölshof bei Pöls Map
BG0000100 Bulgaria Plazh Shkorpilovtsi Map
BG0000104 Bulgaria Provadiysko - Royaksko plato Map
BG0000106 Bulgaria Harsovska reka Map
BG0000107 Bulgaria Suha reka Map
BG0000117 Bulgaria Kotlenska planina Map
BG0000138 Bulgaria Kamenitsa Map
BG0000149 Bulgaria Rishki prohod Map
BG0000151 Bulgaria Aytoska planina Map
BG0000166 Bulgaria Vrachanski Balkan Map
BG0000168 Bulgaria Ludogorie Map
BG0000169 Bulgaria Ludogorie - Srebarna Map
BG0000178 Bulgaria Ticha Map
BG0000181 Bulgaria Reka Vit Map
BG0000213 Bulgaria Tarnovski visochini Map
BG0000216 Bulgaria Emen Map
BG0000233 Bulgaria Studena reka Map
BG0000239 Bulgaria Obnova - Karaman dol Map
BG0000240 Bulgaria Studenets Map
BG0000247 Bulgaria Nikopolsko plato Map
BG0000263 Bulgaria Skalsko Map
BG0000275 Bulgaria Yazovir Stamboliyski Map
BG0000382 Bulgaria Shumensko plato Map
BG0000393 Bulgaria Ekokoridor Kamchia - Emine Map
BG0000396 Bulgaria Persina Map
BG0000421 Bulgaria Preslavska planina Map
BG0000593 Bulgaria Bilernitsite Map
BG0000601 Bulgaria Kalenska peshtera Map
BG0000602 Bulgaria Kabiyuk Map
BG0000608 Bulgaria Lomovete Map
BG0000610 Bulgaria Reka Yantra Map
BG0000613 Bulgaria Reka Iskar Map
BG0000615 Bulgaria Devetashko plato Map
BG0000618 Bulgaria Vidima Map
BG0001014 Bulgaria Karlukovo Map
BG0001037 Bulgaria Pastrina Map
BG0001040 Bulgaria Zapadna Stara planina i Predbalkan Map
CZ0614134 Czech Republic Údolí Jihlavy Map
CZ0620001 Czech Republic Bezourek Map
CZ0620002 Czech Republic Člupy Map
CZ0620006 Czech Republic Kameníky Map
CZ0620014 Czech Republic Přední kopaniny Map
CZ0620018 Czech Republic Větrníky Map
CZ0620048 Czech Republic Skalky u Sedlece Map
CZ0620049 Czech Republic Paví kopec Map
CZ0620051 Czech Republic Šlapanické slepence Map
CZ0620147 Czech Republic Miroslavské kopce Map
CZ0620162 Czech Republic Ječmeniště Map
CZ0620419 Czech Republic Na Adamcích Map
CZ0622223 Czech Republic U kapličky Map
CZ0624020 Czech Republic Stránská skála Map
CZ0624043 Czech Republic Stolová hora Map
CZ0624065 Czech Republic Květnice Map
CZ0624100 Czech Republic Milovický les Map
CZ0624101 Czech Republic Kuntínov Map
CZ0624104 Czech Republic Děvín Map
CZ0624114 Czech Republic Přední kout Map
CZ0624115 Czech Republic Kamenný vrch u Kurdějova Map
CZ0624128 Czech Republic Krumlovsko-rokytenské slepence Map
CZ0624130 Czech Republic Moravský kras Map
CZ0624234 Czech Republic Svatý kopeček u Mikulova Map
CZ0624236 Czech Republic Jižní svahy Hádů Map
DE2549301 Germany Eiskellerberge - Os bei Malchow Map
DE2549302 Germany Köhntoptal Map
DE2549304 Germany Mühlbach Beeke Map
DE2549305 Germany Malchower Os (MV) Map
DE2650301 Germany Randowhänge bei Schmölln Map
DE2651301 Germany Storkower Os und östlicher Bürgersee bei Penkun Map
DE2747302 Germany Stromgewässer Map
DE2748301 Germany Charlottenhöhe Map
DE2750301 Germany Randow-Welse-Bruch Map
DE2750304 Germany Zichower Wald - Weinberg Map
DE2750306 Germany Randowtal bei Grünz und Schwarze Berge Map
DE2751301 Germany Piepergrund Map
DE2751302 Germany Große Hölle Map
DE2752301 Germany Trockenrasen Geesow Map
DE2752302 Germany Salveytal Map
DE2752303 Germany Silberberge Map
DE2752304 Germany Stettiner Berge Map
DE2846301 Germany Kleine Schorfheide - Havel Map
DE2848302 Germany Eulenberge Map
DE2848304 Germany Schwemmpfuhl Map
DE2849304 Germany Steinhöfel-Schmiedeberg-Friedrichsfelde Map
DE2851301 Germany Müllerberge Map
DE2851302 Germany Trockenrasen Jamikow Map
DE2851303 Germany Welsetalhänge bei Kunow Map
DE2851304 Germany Trockenrasen Groß Pinnow Map
DE2943302 Germany Rheinsberger Rhin und Hellberge Map
DE2950301 Germany Breitenteichsche Mühle Map
DE2950305 Germany Trockenrasen Schildberge Map
DE2951302 Germany Unteres Odertal Map
DE3050301 Germany Brodowin-Oderberg Map
DE3050302 Germany Tiefer See Map
DE3050304 Germany Koppelberg Altgalow (Westteil) Map
DE3050305 Germany Buchsee Map
DE3148302 Germany Buckowseerinne Map
DE3149301 Germany Kanonen- und Schloßberg, Schäfergrund Map
DE3149304 Germany Finowtal - Ragöser Fließ Map
DE3150301 Germany Pimpinellenberg Map
DE3150303 Germany Gabower Hangkante Map
DE3150304 Germany Trockenhänge Oderberg-Liepe Map
DE3240302 Germany Gollenberg Map
DE3249302 Germany Oderbruchrand Bad Freienwalde Map
DE3250301 Germany Trockenrasen Wriezen und Biesdorfer Kehlen Map
DE3250302 Germany Hutelandschaft Altranft-Sonnenburg Map
DE3342301 Germany Paulinenauer Luch Map
DE3342303 Germany Paulinenauer Luch Ergänzung Map
DE3350302 Germany Batzlower Mühlenfließ - Büchnitztal Map
DE3435302 Germany Spitzberg südwestlich Klinke Map
DE3439303 Germany Milower Berg Map
DE3449301 Germany Herrensee, Lange-Damm-Wiesen und Barnimhänge Map
DE3450305 Germany Rotes Luch Tiergarten Map
DE3450307 Germany Schermützelsee Map
DE3452302 Germany Wilder Berg bei Seelow Map
DE3542303 Germany Deetzer Hügel Ergänzung Map
DE3542304 Germany Steppenhügel im Havelland Map
DE3549301 Germany Löcknitztal Map
DE3549303 Germany Maxsee Map
DE3551302 Germany Lietzener Mühlental Map
DE3552304 Germany Langer Grund-Kohlberg Map
DE3552306 Germany Oderhänge Mallnow Map
DE3553301 Germany Oderberge Map
DE3553303 Germany Zeisigberg Map
DE3553305 Germany Priesterschlucht Map
DE3553306 Germany Trockenrasen am Oderbruch Map
DE3553307 Germany Lebuser Odertal Map
DE3653303 Germany Fauler See / Markendorfer Wald Map
DE3734301 Germany Olbe- und Bebertal südlich Haldensleben Map
DE3744301 Germany Nuthe-Nieplitz-Niederung Map
DE3830301 Germany Heeseberg-Gebiet Map
DE3853302 Germany Trockenhänge Lawitz Map
DE4031301 Germany Huy nördlich Halberstadt Map
DE4132301 Germany Harslebener Berge und Steinholz nordwestlich Quedlinburg Map
DE4132303 Germany Sand-Silberscharten-Standorte bei Quedlinburg Map
DE4135302 Germany Weinberggrund bei Hecklingen Map
DE4232301 Germany Teufelsmauer nördlich Thale Map
DE4233301 Germany Gegensteine und Schierberge bei Ballenstedt Map
DE4235302 Germany Trockenhänge im Wippertal bei Sandersleben Map
DE4332302 Germany Selketal und Bergwiesen bei Stiege Map
DE4334303 Germany Brummtal bei Quenstedt Map
DE4335301 Germany Kupferschieferhalden bei Hettstedt Map
DE4336306 Germany Saaledurchbruch bei Rothenburg Map
DE4342301 Germany Elbtal zwischen Mühlberg und Greudnitz Map
DE4430304 Germany Rüdigsdorfer Schweiz - Harzfelder Holz - Hasenwinkel Map
DE4431305 Germany NSG Alter Stolberg Map
DE4431320 Germany Pfaffenköpfe Map
DE4436301 Germany Trockenrasenhänge nördlich des Süßen Sees Map
DE4437302 Germany Porphyrkuppenlandschaft nordwestlich Halle Map
DE4438302 Germany Porphyrkuppen Burgstetten bei Niemberg Map
DE4535303 Germany Schwermetallrasen bei Hornburg Map
DE4535304 Germany Stollen und Trockenrasen bei Unterfarnstädt Map
DE4536302 Germany Salziger See nördlich Röblingen am See Map
DE4536303 Germany Muschelkalkhänge westlich Halle Map
DE4536304 Germany Salzatal bei Langenbogen Map
DE4537301 Germany Saale-, Elster-, Luppe-Aue zwischen Merseburg und Halle Map
DE4631302 Germany Hainleite - Wipperdurchbruch - Kranichholz Map
DE4632302 Germany Kyffhäuser - Badraer Schweiz - Solwiesen Map
DE4634302 Germany Ziegelrodaer Buntsandsteinplateau Map
DE4634303 Germany Bottendorfer Hügel Map
DE4635301 Germany Schmoner Busch, Spielberger Höhe und Elsloch südlich Querfurt Map
DE4732301 Germany Trockenrasen-Komplex nordöstlich Herrnschwende Map
DE4733301 Germany Westliche Schmücke - Spatenberge Map
DE4733302 Germany Moorberg und Ziegenbeil nördlich Battgendorf Map
DE4734302 Germany Trockenrasen am Wendelstein Map
DE4734320 Germany Hohe Schrecke - Finne Map
DE4735305 Germany Dissaugraben bei Wetzendorf Map
DE4735306 Germany Trockenhänge bei Steigra Map
DE4735307 Germany Unstrutaue bei Burgscheidungen Map
DE4736301 Germany Trockenrasenflächen bei Karsdorf und Glockenseck Map
DE4736302 Germany Neue Göhle und Trockenrasen nördlich Freyburg Map
DE4736305 Germany Schafberg und Nüssenberg bei Zscheiplitz Map
DE4746302 Germany Täler südöstlich Lommatzsch Map
DE4829301 Germany Keuperhügel und Unstrutniederung bei Mühlhausen Map
DE4830302 Germany NSG Unstruttal zwischen Nägelstedt und Großvargula Map
DE4832301 Germany Kahler Berg und Drachenschwanz bei Tunzenhausen Map
DE4833301 Germany Brembacher Weinberge - Klausberg - Scherkonde Map
DE4835307 Germany Finne-Hänge bei Auerstedt Map
DE4836301 Germany Tote Täler südwestlich Freyburg Map
DE4836303 Germany Göttersitz und Schenkenholz nördlich Bad Kösen Map
DE4836304 Germany Saale-Ilm-Platten bei Bad Kösen Map
DE4931301 Germany Trockenrasen nordwestlich Erfurt Map
DE5030301 Germany Seeberg - Siebleber Teich Map
DE5049301 Germany Meuschaer Höhe Map
DE5131303 Germany Drei Gleichen Map
DE6014302 Germany Kalkflugsandgebiet Mainz-Ingelheim Map
DE6017303 Germany Rotböhl Map
DE6027371 Germany Unkenbachaue mit Sulzheimer Gipshügel und Grettstädter Wiesen Map
DE6117301 Germany Griesheimer Düne und Eichwäldchen Map
DE6117302 Germany Düne am Ulvenberg von Darmstadt-Eberstadt Map
DE6117304 Germany Ehemaliger August-Euler-Flugplatz von Darmstadt Map
DE6117306 Germany Weißer Berg bei Darmstadt und Pfungstadt Map
DE6117307 Germany Pfungstädter Düne Map
DE6117309 Germany Beckertanne von Darmstadt mit angrenzender Fläche Map
DE6124372 Germany Maintalhänge zwischen Gambach und Veitshöchheim Map
DE6212303 Germany Nahetal zwischen Simmertal und Bad Kreuznach Map
DE6217302 Germany Seeheimer Düne Map
DE6217303 Germany Im Dulbaum bei Alsbach Map
DE6217306 Germany Düne 'Neben Schenkenäcker' zwischen Seeheim und Jugenheim Map
DE6309301 Germany Obere Nahe Map
DE6414301 Germany Kalkmagerrasen zwischen Ebertsheim und Grünstadt Map
DE6428371 Germany Gipshügel bei Külsheim und Wüstphül Map
DE6812301 Germany Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald Map
DE7911341 Germany Kaiserstuhl Map
HR2000372 Croatia Dunav - Vukovar Map
HR2000728 Croatia Biljsko groblje Map
HR2000730 Croatia Bistrinci Map
HR2001309 Croatia Dunav S od Kopačkog rita Map
HR2001500 Croatia Stepska staništa kod Bapske Map
HR2001501 Croatia Stepska staništa kod Opatovca Map
HUAN20001 Hungary Aggteleki-karszt és peremterületei Map
HUAN20002 Hungary Rakaca-völgy és oldalvölgyei Map
HUAN20003 Hungary Bódva-völgy és a Sas-patak-völgye Map
HUAN20006 Hungary Sajó-völgy Map
HUAN21009 Hungary Mádi-Kakas-hegy Map
HUBF20001 Hungary Keleti-Bakony Map
HUBF20002 Hungary Papod és Miklád Map
HUBF20003 Hungary Kab-hegy Map
HUBF20004 Hungary Agár-tető Map
HUBF20006 Hungary Tihanyi-félsziget Map
HUBF20007 Hungary Monostorapáti Fekete-hegy Map
HUBF20008 Hungary Csatár-hegy és Miklós Pál hegy Map
HUBF20012 Hungary Sásdi-rét Map
HUBF20014 Hungary Pécselyi medence Map
HUBF20016 Hungary Öreg-hegyi riviéra Map
HUBF20017 Hungary Kádártai dolomitmezők Map
HUBF20018 Hungary Megye-hegy Map
HUBF20020 Hungary Szent György hegy Map
HUBF20021 Hungary Péti-hegy Map
HUBF20022 Hungary Mogyorós-hegy Map
HUBF20023 Hungary Hajmáskéri Törökcsapás Map
HUBF20026 Hungary Tótvázsonyi Bogaras Map
HUBF20027 Hungary Nemesvámosi Szár-hegy Map
HUBF20033 Hungary Dörögdi-medence Map
HUBF20034 Hungary Balatonfüredi-erdő Map
HUBF20035 Hungary Keszthelyi-hegység Map
HUBF30001 Hungary Északi-Bakony Map
HUBN20001 Hungary Bükk-fennsík és a Lök-völgy Map
HUBN20002 Hungary Hór-völgy, Déli-Bükk Map
HUBN20004 Hungary Szarvaskő Map
HUBN20005 Hungary Kisgyőri Ásottfa-tető - Csókás-völgy Map
HUBN20006 Hungary Miskolctapolcai Tatár-árok - Vörös-bérc Map
HUBN20007 Hungary Kisgyőri Halom-vár-Csincse-völgy - Cseh-völgy Map
HUBN20008 Hungary Vár-hegy - Nagy-Eged Map
HUBN20009 Hungary Tard környéki erdőssztyepp Map
HUBN20010 Hungary Szomolyai Kaptár-rét Map
HUBN20011 Hungary Ostoros-patak menti erdőspuszta Map
HUBN20012 Hungary Egerbakta - Bátor környéki erdők Map
HUBN20013 Hungary Hevesaranyosi-fedémesi dombvidék Map
HUBN20015 Hungary Izra-völgy és az Arlói-tó Map
HUBN20018 Hungary Upponyi-szoros Map
HUBN20019 Hungary Csernely-patak völgye Map
HUBN20020 Hungary Sátai Tőkés-völgy Map
HUBN20021 Hungary Domaházai Hangony-patak völgye Map
HUBN20025 Hungary Nagybarcai Liget-hegy és sajóvelezdi Égett-hegy Map
HUBN20043 Hungary Verpeléti Vár-hegy Map
HUBN20046 Hungary Gyöngyösi Sár-hegy Map
HUBN20047 Hungary Mátra északi letörése Map
HUBN20048 Hungary Gyöngyöstarjáni Világos-hegy és Rossz-rétek Map
HUBN20049 Hungary Mátrabérc - fallóskúti-rétek Map
HUBN20050 Hungary Gyöngyöspatai Havas Map
HUBN20051 Hungary Nyugat-Mátra Map
HUBN20052 Hungary Apci Somlyó Map
HUBN20053 Hungary Petőfibányai Kopasz-hegy Map
HUBN20055 Hungary Szentkúti Meszes-tető Map
HUBN20056 Hungary Tepke Map
HUBN20057 Hungary Bézma Map
HUBN20058 Hungary Bujáki Csirke-hegy és Kántor-rét Map
HUBN20059 Hungary Szandai Várhegy Map
HUBN20060 Hungary Sóshartyáni Hencse-hegy Map
HUBN20064 Hungary Salgó Map
HUBN20065 Hungary Gortva-völgy Map
HUBN20072 Hungary Tokaji Kopasz-hegy Map
HUBN20073 Hungary Bodrogszegi Várhegy Map
HUBN20074 Hungary Tállyai Patócs-hegy - Sátor-hegy Map
HUBN20075 Hungary Sárospataki Mandulás Map
HUBN20077 Hungary Erdőbényei - olaszliszkai magyar nőszirmos sztyepprétek Map
HUBN20084 Hungary Központi-Zempléni-hegység Map
HUBN20087 Hungary Baskói rétek Map
HUBN21094 Hungary Bujáki Hényeli-erdő és Alsó-rét Map
HUBN21095 Hungary Nagylóci Kő-hegy Map
HUDD20003 Hungary Villánykövesdi Fekete-hegy Map
HUDD20006 Hungary Szársomlyó Map
HUDD20011 Hungary Szekszárdi-dombvidék Map
HUDD20012 Hungary Geresdi-dombvidék Map
HUDD20019 Hungary Mernyei-erdő Map
HUDD20030 Hungary Mecsek Map
HUDD20042 Hungary Köröshegyi erdők Map
HUDD20064 Hungary Ságvári dombok Map
HUDI20009 Hungary Budai-hegység Map
HUDI20010 Hungary Budaörsi kopárok Map
HUDI20013 Hungary Csolnoki löszgyepek Map
HUDI20015 Hungary Déli-Gerecse Map
HUDI20016 Hungary Epöli szarmata vonulat Map
HUDI20017 Hungary Érd-tétényi plató Map
HUDI20018 Hungary Északi-Gerecse Map
HUDI20020 Hungary Gerecse Map
HUDI20028 Hungary Kirvai löszgyepek Map
HUDI20030 Hungary Központi-Gerecse Map
HUDI20034 Hungary Duna és ártere Map
HUDI20037 Hungary Nyakas-tető szarmata vonulat Map
HUDI20038 Hungary Nyugat-Cserhát és Naszály Map
HUDI20039 Hungary Pilis és Visegrádi-hegység Map
HUDI20040 Hungary Gödöllői-dombság peremhegyei Map
HUDI20047 Hungary Szigeti homokok Map
HUDI20053 Hungary Velencei-hegység Map
HUDI30001 Hungary Vértes Map
HUDI30002 Hungary Zámolyi-medence Map
HUFH20003 Hungary Fertőmelléki dombsor Map
HUFH20006 Hungary Dudlesz-erdő Map
HUFH20008 Hungary Pannonhalmi-dombság Map
HUHN20045 Hungary Kaszonyi-hegy - Dédai-erdő Map
HUON20001 Hungary Ság-hegy Map
HUON20014 Hungary Gércei tufagyűrű és láprét Map
IT1110030 Italy Oasi xerotermiche della Val di Susa-Orrido di Chianocco Map
IT1110055 Italy Arnodera - Colle Montabone Map
IT1110081 Italy Monte Musiné e Laghi di Caselette Map
IT1201000 Italy Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso Map
IT1202020 Italy Mont Avic e Mont Emilius Map
IT1203020 Italy Lago di Lolair Map
IT1203030 Italy Formazioni Steppiche della Cote de Gargantua Map
IT1203050 Italy Lago di Villa Map
IT1205030 Italy Pont D'ael Map
IT1205061 Italy Stazione di Astragalus alopecurus di Cogne Map
IT1205064 Italy Vallone del Grauson Map
IT1205065 Italy Vallone dell'Urtier Map
IT1205090 Italy Ambienti xerici di Grand Brison - Cly Map
IT2040008 Italy Cime di Plator e Monte delle Scale Map
IT2040044 Italy Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT3110001 Italy Biotopo Vegetazione Steppica Tartscher Leiten Map
IT3110002 Italy Biotopo Ontaneto di Sluderno Map
IT3110010 Italy Biotopo Vegetazione Steppica Sonnenberg Map
IT3110011 Italy Val di Fosse nel Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa Map
IT3110035 Italy Biotopo Castelfeder Map
IT3110042 Italy Prati Aridi Rocciosi di Agumes Map
IT3110044 Italy Biotopo Sonnenberg Vegetazione Steppica Schlanderser Leiten Map
IT3110045 Italy Biotopo Sonnenberg Vegetazione Steppica Kortscher Leiten Map
IT3110053 Italy Biotopo Tartscher Bühel - Biotop Tartscher Bühel Map
IT3120112 Italy Arnago Map
IT3120122 Italy Gocciadoro Map
ROSCI0019 Romania Călimani - Gurghiu Map
ROSCI0035 Romania Cheile Turzii Map
ROSCI0040 Romania Coasta Lunii Map
ROSCI0079 Romania Fânațele de pe Dealul Corhan - Săbed Map
ROSCI0093 Romania Insulele Stepice Șura Mică - Slimnic Map
ROSCI0147 Romania Pădurea de stejar pufos de la Mirăslău Map
ROSCI0187 Romania Pajiștile lui Suciu Map
ROSCI0210 Romania Râpa Lechința Map
ROSCI0211 Romania Podișul Secașelor Map
ROSCI0214 Romania Râul Tur Map
ROSCI0218 Romania Dealul Mocrei - Rovina - Ineu Map
ROSCI0227 Romania Sighișoara - Târnava Mare Map
ROSCI0236 Romania Strei - Hațeg Map
ROSCI0238 Romania Suatu - Cojocna - Crairât Map
ROSCI0295 Romania Dealurile Clujului de Est Map
ROSCI0297 Romania Dealurile Târnavei Mici - Bicheș Map
ROSCI0300 Romania Fânațele Pietroasa - Podeni Map
ROSCI0301 Romania Bogata Map
ROSCI0322 Romania Muntele Șes Map
ROSCI0331 Romania Pajiștile Balda - Frata - Miheșu de Câmpie Map
ROSCI0333 Romania Pajiștile Sărmășel - Milaș - Urmeniș Map
ROSCI0346 Romania Pajiștea Ciacova Map
ROSCI0348 Romania Pajiștea Jebel Map
ROSCI0396 Romania Dealul Pădurea Murei - Sângeorzu Nou Map
ROSCI0402 Romania Valea din Sânandrei Map
ROSCI0408 Romania Zau de Câmpie Map
ROSCI0416 Romania Măgura Bătarci Map
ROSCI0418 Romania Movilele de la Iacobeni Map
ROSCI0429 Romania Pajiștile de la Moriști și Cojocna Map
ROSCI0430 Romania Pajiștile de la Tiur Map
ROSCI0431 Romania Pajiștile dintre Șeica Mare și Veșeud Map
SKCHVU003 Slovakia Cerová vrchovina - Porimavie Map
SKCHVU014 Slovakia Male Karpaty Map
SKCHVU017 Slovakia Muranska planina - Stolica Map
SKCHVU022 Slovakia Polana Map
SKCHVU025 Slovakia Slanske vrchy Map
SKCHVU027 Slovakia Slovensky kras Map
SKCHVU036 Slovakia Volovske vrchy Map
SKUEV0032 Slovakia Ladmovske vapence Map
SKUEV0035 Slovakia Cebovska lesostep Map
SKUEV0036 Slovakia Litava Map
SKUEV0104 Slovakia Homolske Karpaty Map
SKUEV0105 Slovakia Spisskopodhradske travertiny Map
SKUEV0128 Slovakia Rokos Map
SKUEV0130 Slovakia Zobor Map
SKUEV0131 Slovakia Gymes Map
SKUEV0137 Slovakia Zahrada Map
SKUEV0158 Slovakia Modry vrch Map
SKUEV0175 Slovakia Sedliska Map
SKUEV0184 Slovakia Burdov Map
SKUEV0200 Slovakia Klenovsky Vepor Map
SKUEV0216 Slovakia Sitno Map
SKUEV0245 Slovakia Boky Map
SKUEV0247 Slovakia Rohy Map
SKUEV0259 Slovakia Stara hora Map
SKUEV0261 Slovakia Dedinska hora Map
SKUEV0263 Slovakia Hodrusska hornatina Map
SKUEV0265 Slovakia Sut Map
SKUEV0266 Slovakia Skalka Map
SKUEV0267 Slovakia Biele hory Map
SKUEV0271 Slovakia Sandorky Map
SKUEV0274 Slovakia Baske Map
SKUEV0278 Slovakia Brezovske Karpaty Map
SKUEV0280 Slovakia Devinska Kobyla Map
SKUEV0284 Slovakia Teplicke strane Map
SKUEV0322 Slovakia Finticke svahy Map
SKUEV0326 Slovakia Strahulka Map
SKUEV0328 Slovakia Stredne Pohornadie Map
SKUEV0330 Slovakia Dunitova skalka Map
SKUEV0342 Slovakia Drienovec Map
SKUEV0343 Slovakia Plesivske strane Map
SKUEV0345 Slovakia Kecovske skrapy Map
SKUEV0346 Slovakia Pod Straznym hrebenom Map
SKUEV0347 Slovakia Domicke skrapy Map
SKUEV0348 Slovakia Cierna Moldava Map
SKUEV0350 Slovakia Brzotinske skaly Map
SKUEV0352 Slovakia Hrusovska lesostep Map
SKUEV0353 Slovakia Plesivska planina Map
SKUEV0355 Slovakia Fabianka Map
SKUEV0356 Slovakia Horny vrch Map
SKUEV0357 Slovakia Cerova vrchovina Map
SKUEV0358 Slovakia Sovi hrad Map
SKUEV0362 Slovakia Pieskovcove chrbty Map
SKUEV0366 Slovakia Driencansky kras Map
SKUEV0380 Slovakia Tematinske vrchy Map
SKUEV0390 Slovakia Puste pole Map
SKUEV0392 Slovakia Brezovska stran Map
SKUEV0566 Slovakia Beckovske Skalice Map
SKUEV0567 Slovakia Turecky vrch Map
SKUEV0669 Slovakia Drieňové Map
SKUEV0708 Slovakia Primovské skaly Map
SKUEV0737 Slovakia Palanta Map
SKUEV0806 Slovakia Babina Map
SKUEV0811 Slovakia Omsenska Baba Map
SKUEV0814 Slovakia Hubovo Map
SKUEV0823 Slovakia Sovie vinohrady Map
SKUEV0853 Slovakia Chtelnicke syslovisko Map
SKUEV0868 Slovakia Vcelar Map
SKUEV0870 Slovakia Horsianska dolina Map
SKUEV0872 Slovakia Jedzina Map
SKUEV0875 Slovakia Cierny hrad Map
SKUEV0877 Slovakia Maly Bahorec Map
SKUEV0879 Slovakia Lupka Map
SKUEV0889 Slovakia Medovarske dubiny Map
SKUEV0890 Slovakia Pirovske Map
SKUEV0891 Slovakia Domanicke strane Map
SKUEV0911 Slovakia Vrchna hora Map
SKUEV0917 Slovakia Dlhy vrch Map
SKUEV0932 Slovakia Simonka Map
SKUEV0965 Slovakia Viniansky hradny vrch Map
SKUEV1362 Slovakia Pieskovcové chrbty Map
SKUEV2366 Slovakia Driencansky kras Map
SKUEV2392 Slovakia Brezovska stran Map

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